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					                                                                  Avalon Health Care, INC.
                                                        We embrace a reverence for life, and a heart for healing.

                                                     Benson Heights Rehab
     December 2011                       22410 Benson Road SE • Kent, WA 98031 • (253) 852-7755

                                        Give Gifts to Last                                Talk About It: Snow Days
                                           a Lifetime                                     Use this discussion topic to
DEPARTMENT MANAGERS                   Sometimes the best gifts are                     reminisce about your past. Talk
ADMINISTRATOR      GARY MILLER    free. If you’d like to do something                  with your friends about your
DON             HOLLY GEORGE      special for a loved one this                         memories and learn how
ADON              DOREEN BENTZ    holiday season, consider sharing                     everyone’s experiences were
MDS            CINDY W/CARL B     your experiences. Have you                           similar or different.
SOCIAL SERVICES     TONI GOINS    perfected the greatest                                  • Were you happy to get out
ADMISSIONS       JOYCE HARVEY     chocolate chip cookie recipe?                              of school for a snow day?
BUSINESS OFFICE DEANNA ALLEN      Write it on a pretty note card and                      • What kinds of games did
DIETARY          CHRISTY/ROBIN    pass it along. Do you have a trick                         you play in the snow?
MED RECORDS CATHY SIMPSON         for tying the perfect tie every                         • Have you ever made a
ACTIVITIES      JUTTA JENNINGS    time? Show someone! Do you                                 snowman? What did you
MAINTENANCE            TOM LEIR   know the secret to a rewarding                             use for the arms, eyes, nose
HSKP./LAUND.     BRUCE ALSTEEN    marriage? Reveal your wisdom to                            and mouth?
                                  younger lovebirds. Gifts of good                        • Did you have a favorite hill
     HAPPY BIRTHDAY               sense cost nothing and last                                for sledding?
Sandeep K. (dietary)       12/5   a lifetime.                                             • Did you ever have to walk
David T.                   12/5                                                              to school through heavy
Michelle M.                12/7         Positive Thought                                     snow?
Ruth M.                    12/9      “Just don’t give up trying to do
Sandeep K. (LPN)          12/12   what you really want to do.                                   ********************
Jackie H.                 12/12   Where there is love and                                  Due to technical problems,
Carl B.                   12/17   inspiration, I don’t think you can                   there will be no facility photos in
Marion P.                 12/25   go wrong.” —Ella Fitzgerald                          this issue.
Ana M.                    12/26         HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Juana F.                  12/28

                                     Motivational Tip: Cook
   HAPPY ANNIVERSARY                    Now, Eat Later
Sharon S.              23 years
                                      Can’t muster the energy to
Kinney L.              14 years
                                  cook dinner after a long day?
Mary N. (LPN)           2 years
                                  Plan and cook your meals before
Brittney J.             2 years
                                  the week begins and store them
Amandeep K.             2 years
                                  in the freezer. Pulling already
Simranpreet K.           1 year
                                  prepared homemade meals out
                                  of the freezer eliminates the labor
                                  after a long, hard day.
                                                                      Europeans added ginger to stale
   Trivia Whiz                                                        bread crumbs to help cement them
                                                                      together and enhance the flavor.
                                                                      During this time, gingerroot was
   New Year’s                                                         commonly known as gingebras, a term
  Eve Traditions                   The Foundation of                  meaning “preserved ginger.” The treat
     Americans have a             Gingerbread Houses                  slowly evolved into a sweet cookie,
few shared New                Before you decorate a gingerbread       and “gingebras” morphed into
Year’s Eve customs,        house with windows made of icing and       “gingerbread.”
some of which date         a roof adorned with gumdrops,                  Delicious decorations. Early German
back more than one         consider how this tasty treat made its     settlers brought the novelty of making
hundred years.             way to America.                            gingerbread houses to America, and
     “Auld Lang Syne.”        Tummy tamer. In ancient times,          the tasty treat became a fun and
Some call it “the most     Malaysians used gingerroot to calm         messy tradition. Usual decorations
famous song no one         upset stomachs and prevent colds. It       include gumdrops, rainbow sprinkles,
knows the words to,”       was also one of the main spices used in    icing and lots of sugary candies.
but most people can        curry recipes and other vegetarian             ’Tis the season to get your fingers
belt out a line or two.    dishes.                                    sticky with icing and decorate your
The tradition of singing      Bread booster. Around 1300,             own gingerbread house.
this song started with
Guy Lombardo when
he performed
                                Old Needle Crafts Gain                needles and different stitches, such as
it in 1929.
                                    New Popularity                    the purl and the stockinette. Beginning
     Ball drop. The ball
                               These days, it seems that everything   knitters often hone their skills on scarves
drop in New York City,
                           is electronic, so the idea of picking up   and caps—perfect winter gifts!
which started in 1907,
                           a needle (or two) and creating an item         Quilting involves sewing several
draws throngs of
                           by hand may seem quaint. But               layers of fabric together. Quilters often
viewers to Times
                           needlework continues to attract fans.      use colorful fabric swatches to make
Square. Millions more
                           You can choose from many types of          intricate designs. Quilts are functional
around the world
                           needlework to enjoy.                       and decorative—many quilters
watch the event live
                               Embroidery is the practice of          purchase special racks to display their
on TV.
                           decorating fabric by making designs        creative handiwork.
     Foods. Some
people consider            with a needle and thread.
collard greens and             Crochet is the process of using a
black-eyed peas            hooked needle to create garments
lucky New Year’s Eve       from yarn. New trends, such as using
choices, because           gigantic needles or recycled yarn, add
they resemble paper        a fun edge, making crochet more
money and coins.           fashionable and appealing to younger
                               Knitting is similar to crochet in
                           several ways, but it involves two
                                            When Gift-Giving Gets Sticky
                                              Holiday ads portray gift-giving as a
                                          heartwarming experience. But in real
                                          life, gift exchanges can be awkward.
                                          Etiquette experts suggest these ways to
                                          cope with uncomfortable gift-giving
    Gifts for Grandkids Dear              situations:
             and Far                          The surprise gift. A neighbor or         Wit & Wisdom
                                          coworker presents you with a present,
    Can’t be with your grandchildren
                                          and you’re empty-handed. Lots of
this holiday season? You can still stay                                                 “A lot of people like
                                          people exchange gifts only with family
connected. Thoughtful, personalized                                                    snow. I find it to be an
                                          and close friends, and you’re not
gifts will let youngsters know they’re                                                  unnecessary freezing
                                          obligated to reciprocate with everyone.
never far from Gramps’ or Nana’s                                                             of water.”
                                          A simple “thank you” will suffice.
heart. Here are some ideas:                                                                 —Carl Reiner
                                              The lopsided exchange. You went to
    What’s cooking. Every family has
                                          five stores to find the pricey scarf your
favorite recipes. Compile some of                                                            “Snow and
                                          cousin wanted. She gives you a pair of
your kitchen’s greatest hits and bind                                                    adolescence are
                                          inexpensive bedroom slippers. Instead
them into a loose-leaf family                                                            the only problems
                                          of making a scene, take the high road
cookbook, leaving room for your                                                           that disappear if
                                          and write a thank-you note. Conversely,
grandchild’s own recipes.                                                                 you ignore them
                                          don’t feel guilty for not blowing your
    Family facts. Scan photographs of                                                      long enough.”
                                          budget to match gifts with a wealthier
your ancestors, write up what you                                                            —Earl Wilson
                                          loved one.
know about their life stories and
                                              The new relationship. You’ve been
compile a guide to family history.                                                     “We build statues out
                                          dating someone for a short time, and
    Page turner. Record yourself                                                       of snow, and weep to
                                          you’re wondering what’s appropriate. A
reading age-appropriate stories and                                                       see them melt.”
                                          gift card with a heartfelt holiday
send them to your grandchildren                                                           —Sir Walter Scott
                                          greeting shows you care without going
with a copy of the book, so they can
read along.                                                                              “Cats are smarter
                                              Unwritten rules often drive holiday
    Memory quilt. Stitch together                                                      than dogs. You can’t
                                          gift-giving habits. Perhaps the most
patches of fabric from items                                                            get eight cats to pull
                                          pervasive: “Once begun, never
meaningful to you and your                                                             a sled through snow.”
                                          undone.” If you’re watching your
grandchild, such as baby blankets                                                           —Jeff Valdez
                                          money or simply don’t have the time or
and well-loved but outgrown articles
                                          energy for holiday shopping, ask your
of clothing. You could even have                                                       “The Eskimos had 52
                                          friends or relatives how they would feel
your favorite photos transferred onto                                                     names for snow
                                          about ending a gift exchange. They just
fabric and include those, as well.                                                        because it was
                                          might be relieved, and a reduction in
                                                                                        important to them;
                                          stress may be their greatest holiday gift.
                                                                                       there ought to be as
                                               Teatime Tames Tension                      many for love.”
                                              When temperatures drop, folks find       —Margaret Atwood
                                          themselves drinking more hot
                                          beverages throughout the day. Instead         “I grew up thinking
                                          of coffee, drink black tea to reduce          of snow as a luxury
                                          stress. Research shows that tea has                you visit.”
                                          tension-taming properties, so warm up            —John Landis
                                          and unwind with a steaming cup of
                                          tea today.
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