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                                 Autho ino Pres                                                  Volume 4; Issue 10
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                                                                                                   December -2012

 The HACSB                                                                                    Temporary               1
 Resourceful Job Hunter
                                                                                              Job Listings          2;3
 Welcome to the December 2012 edition of the HACSB                                            Career Fair           3
 Resourceful Job Hunter. In this edition, you’ll read the pros and cons of a Temp Agency;
                                                                                              Featured Agency       4
 upcoming job/career fair, and of course...job opportunities. Happy Holidays!!!

          Temporary Agencies’ Pros and Cons
In a struggling economy where people are eagerly seeking employment, signing on with         Special
                                                                                                    Points o
a temporary agency is a way to keep money coming in while seeking permanent employ-                          f
ment. Temporary work may also be suitable for students or retirees who do not need
for a full-time job. Working for a temporary agencies offers a variety of pros and             Tempor
                                                                                                       ary Age
                                                                                               Pros an         ncy
cons.                                                                                                  d cons
No Searching (Pro)
Temporary agencies find the work assignments for you, which saves you the time and effort of having to
contact employers yourself. Typically, you will fill out an application at the agency as well as complete an inter-
view process that may include skills testing. When the agency receives a job that fits your skills, someone from
the agency will contact you.

Flexibility (Pro)
Working with a temporary agency allows for a good deal of flexibility. You are not obligated to accept an as-
signment, and the agency will likely work with you to find assignments that fit your schedule. For example, if
you're a student who takes classes in the morning, the agency will attempt to locate jobs for you that require
evening or weekend hours.

Permanent Employment (Pro)
If you're seeking a permanent job, a temporary position can serve as springboard to a new career. Some tempo-
rary jobs are "temp-to-hire," meaning that if the company likes your work they will offer you a full-time posi-
tion after a probationary period or when a position becomes available. You may also develop contacts on the
temporary job that can lead to a full-time position down the road

Dysfunctional Work Environment (Con)
Sometimes, a temporary position is a new position, designed to fill a short-term need, such as working on a spe-
cial project. As a result, the company may not provide adequate training or have the proper organizational
structure in place. The work environment may be chaotic, and supervision may be poor or non-existent. Tempo-
rary workers may not be treated with the same respect as permanent staff

Low Pay (Con)
Temporary positions may offer low pay, because the temporary agency takes a cut from the fee it receives
from the employer. In addition, benefits such as sick time, vacation and insurance are usually not available un-
less the employer decides to offer you a full-time position.

Short Notice (Con)
In some instances, temporary agencies give little notice as to the availability of a job. This means that if you
are unavailable due to a prior commitment, you may need to turn down an assignment at a time when you could
use the money. You may get a phone call very early in the morning, asking you to start an assignment that same
Article by: Chris Joseph, eHow Contributor
                   SunOpta                    Current County-Wide Job Listings...
             (San Bernardino, CA.)
                                                                                                      Corinthian Colleges
               Position available:                 Goodwill Southern California
                                                      (San Bernardino, CA.)                              (Ontario, CA)
             * Executive Assistant
                                                        Positions available                           Positions Available:
   For more information and to apply:
                                                      *Job Coach SET/TEP                          *High School Coordinator
index.cfm?version=1&company_id=16089                         To apply:                     *For more information and to apply; visit:

             Volunteers of America                             .or-                            l.ftl?job=124047&src=JB-10022
                  (Rialto, CA.)             g/ProfExt/index.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.
               Positions Available:          showJob&RID=708&CurrentPage=2&sid=15                          Big Lots
   *Early Head Start Home Visitor                                                                  (Rancho Cucamonga, CA.)
              (Rialto)                               University of Riverside                         Positions Available:
       *Eligibility Technician (Rialto)                                                        *DC Loss Prevention Officer
                                                        Positions available
         *Family Services Worker                                                                           To Apply:
                                                     *Financial Aid Assistant
                                                             To apply:                        wDetails?jobId=5489&pageId=34
                    To Apply:
                                                                                                       UTi Worldwide
                                                                                                       (Ontario, CA.)
             City of San Bernardino                           Esri
                                                                                                      Positions available:
               Position available:                       (Redlands, CA.)
                                                                                                    *Warehouse Associate
        *Human Resource Technician                     Positions available
                                                                                           To receive more information and to apply:
                                                   *Administrative Assistant
                    To Apply:
                                                *Corporate Switchboard Operator
  tysanbernardino/default.cfm?action=v               *Marketing Assistant
         iewJob&jobID=562081                          *Executive Assistant                               =100024
                                                            To apply:
                  Dollar Tree                            https://external-                     BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
                                                       (Rancho Cucamonga, CA.)
             (San Bernardino, CA)
                                                                                                     Positions available:
               Position available:
                                              California State Personnel Board                  *Restaurant Team Members
              *Sales Associates
                                                    (San Bernardino, CA.)                                 To Apply:
                   To Apply:
                                                      Positions Available                     *Office Assistant                 ?source=intranet&JobId=1489&PostDate=11-16-
 ee/cc/                                                                  2012&source=Indeed
 =CCViewDetail&job_REQUISITION_                           To Apply:
 BER=200833&ccid=bupJEdUjsTs=&sou                                                                      AMC Theatres
                                                                                                  (Rancho Cucamonga, CA.)
                                                            Kimco                                    Positions Available:
                                                        (Fontana, CA.)
                                                    Positions Available                                   To apply;
                                               *Shipping and Receiving Clerk
                                                          To Apply:           

Page     2
                                                                                                   The HACSB Resourceful Job Hunter
    Barstow Unified School Dist.
                                             Job Listings Continued...                       Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
         Positions available:
                                                              Chili’s                                (Victorville, CA.)
   *Student Information Systems                           (Barstow, CA)
            Technician                                                                               Position available:
                                                       Positions available:
                                                                                            *Senior Branch Services Specialist
To apply and receive more info, visit:                      *Server
                                                                                                         To Apply:                    *To Go Specialist
rstowusd/default.cfm?action=viewJob                        *Bartender                   dex.cfm?fuseaction=mExternal.showJob&RID
                                                             *Host                             =5576&CurrentPage=1&sid=96

   Victor Valley Community Hospital           To apply and receive more info, visit:                Extra Space Storage
           (Victorville, CA.)                                                                          (Victorville, CA)
          Positions available:
                                             brinker_hourly/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en                    Positions Available:
        *Food Service Worker
                                                                UPS                                 *Assistant Manager
 To apply and receive more info, visit:                    (Barstow, CA)                                  To apply:
                                                        Positions available:                                           
h/index.cfm?fuseaction=search.catego                      *Driver Helper                      s/js_job_details.php?reqid=3439
                                               To apply and receive more info, visit:

                                                       Upcoming Job Fair:

                                    Inland Empire and Riverside County Sales,
                                          Retail and Management Career Fair
                                               When: Tuesday, December 13th, 2012
                                                       Where: Doubletree Hotel
                                             222 North Vineyard Ave. Ontario, CA. 91764
                                                          Upcoming Job Fairs
                                                         Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm
                                                    For more information, visit:

  *Please dress in professional interview attire and have résumés ready !!!*

                                          Event is FREE and open to the public!!

                                                                                                                               Page 3
Volume 4; Issue 10
  Housing Authority of
     the County of
                                                       Featured Spotlight Agency :
    San Bernardino                                               Victor
      Presents...                                     -Employment Opportunities-

                                             The following positions are available through Victor:
                                   Positions in Barstow, CA.
                                   *Bookkeeper *Clinical Supervisor *Family Support Counselor
                                   *Executive Director *Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist
                                   *Office Services Support *Wraparound Facilitator

                                   Positions in Perris, CA
                                   *Clinical Supervisor (Bilingual preferred) *IT Systems Technician
                                   *Peer Counselor

                                   Positions in San Bernardino, CA.
                                   *Clinician *Office Services Support (Bilingual)
      For more assistance in
      applying for any of the
      positions listed in this     Positions in Victorville Campus, CA.
  newsletter and for job-related   *Bookkeeper *Family-Parent Partner *Psychiatric Technician
  workshops/trainings, contact
     one of the Neighborhood
   Network Center Technicians          To apply for any of the positions listed above, please visit:
       *Andrew Guerra-Redlands                      opportunities?company=all&location=all
            (909) 890-5321
                                WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!
                                        Have you obtained a job or received an interview from any opened positions
  *David Medina-Maplewood Homes                           featured in this monthly publication?
          (909) 890-5349
      *Joshua Morgan-Waterman                                   If so, please let us know!
               Gardens                                Please contact: Janice B. Simmons-Rogers at:
                                                       (909) 890-5374 -OR-
            (909) 890-5348

         *Elaine Alvarez-Colton           Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino
             (909) 503-1024                               -Mission Statement-
         “HACSB empowers all individuals and their families in need to
       *Shannon Storm-Barstow           achieve an enriched quality of life by providing housing
                                               opportunities and resources throughout
           (760) 252-5846
                                                         San Bernardino County”

                                                                                              Page 4
Volume 4; Issue 10

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