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					                       The Telltale
   Wind - Rudder Indicator and Tale Bearer of
           The Caribbean Sea~mester
    British Virgin Islands, Nevis, Dominica, Les Saintes, Antigua, St
                          Barth’s, Statia, Saba
                 Mini~mester Edition 2006

                                                   Bios: Meet the Crew

                                                   Zack – “Swimmer”

                                                   Famous for his
                                                   Zack’s unique
                                                   lingo has been
Word from the editors                              adopted by the
                                                   crew and will
It’s hard to believe that our trip is almost       continue to keep
over; we’ve experienced so many new                us laughing after
things and will each come away with                we’ve          left
incredible memories and amazing new                Ocean Star. He
friends. For this edition of Telltale we           proudly displays his Irish heritage with a
each decided to write up our favorite              family crest tattoo on his back and a
memory to share it with you…                       permanent sunburn since we left West
                                                   End. Whether it’s raising the sails or
                                                   exploring the new ports, you can always
                                                   count on Zack for his quick wit and
                                                   light-hearted humor. After several stints
                                                   as an EMT and a firefighter, he is
                                                   headed back to school this fall to study
                                                   political science and business.

                                                   Matt – “Extreme”

                                                   As one of the bigger and stronger
                                                   members of our crew, Matt is often
                                                   called upon for the heavy lifting

onboard. He takes sailing very seriously         questions, he could probably tell you
and can often be seen chatting with              anything you wanted to know about
Simon about technicalities at the helm.          Ocean Star and the crew is constantly
However, sailing is about the only thing         testing his knowledge. His newly
that Matt takes seriously; the rest of the       acquired goatee only adds to his persona
time Matt can be found rocketing                 and charm. Jon is one of the many
himself off the                                  crewmembers with no previous sailing
ratlines   doing                                 experience, but this trip has sparked a
crazy      dives,                                deep interest in the yachting world. In
telling                                          port, he could often be found checking
ridiculous jokes                                 out the other boats on the docks.
or entertaining                                  Although he is
us with hilarious                                heading back
impersonations                                   to cold New
of his family,                                   England
friends and of                                   winters,    the
course Will.                                     experiences he
                                                 has      shared
Priscilla – “Cilla” “Silly”                      with the crew
                                                 on our many
Priscilla                                        adventures
embodies the                                     won’t soon be
energetic                                        forgotten.
who keeps the                                    Whitney – “Crazy Eights” “Whitballs”
group upbeat
and motivated.                                   Although she
Every                                            seems quiet at
morning starts                                   first, Whitney
with a big                                       opens up with
smile and lots                                   an unexpected
of pep and every night ends with that            sense        of
same enthusiastic attitude. You can              humor;      she
often find her doing back flips on the           keeps        us
beach or using her gymnastics                    entertained
background to teach others her crazy             with        her
inverted tricks. She joins the crew all          encyclopedic
the way from California, bringing a little       knowledge of
bit of the golden state to Ocean Star.           American pop-culture and music. Her
Everyday is a cheer with Priscilla.              quick wit and spunk allow her to go
                                                 round for round with any wisecracking
Jon – “Johnny Boy” “Wee Man”                     challenger, taking in and dishing out the
                                                 attitude – but always with a smile on her
The perfectionist of the crew, Jon is            face. Though sometimes spacey, she’s
always ready to do anything and take the         always ready to get down and dirty in
bull by the horns. Always full of                the chain locker or sweat up the sails

during passages. Whitney has inspired             from this Austin native’s big heart. He
everyone with her determination and               can most often be found on deck, day or
optimistic attitude towards life. This fall       night, ready to man a halyard, climb the
she will be returning to her studies at           crow’s nest, or just to talk. The crew
Missouri University, majoring in                  knows him for his many impersonations
English… or maybe business… or                    and his wide-variety of favorite
maybe… well, we’ll see.                           foods…Jarod has assumed the roll of big
                                                  brother for many of the shipmates and is
Emily – “Em” “Noodle”                             most happy when everyone is hanging
                                                  out together. He will be entering his
Emily is our                                      final semester this fall as an
little Ocean                                      Environmental Resource Management
Star                                              major at Texas State and this trip has
buttercup;                                        been a great opportunity for him to get
she         is                                    some exposure to the field.
always the
first one to                                      Travis – “Bama” “Trav”
snuggle up
close     and                                     Travis is our
give         a                                    Alabama
listening ear.                                    angel        but
Em’s                                              relishes    any
upbeat, bubbly, go get ‘em attitude               opportunity to
spreads all around the rest of the crew –         play tricks on
receiving the boats ‘most congenial’              the girls or tell
award. She is loved by all and loves all          mildly
in return. Emily continues to pursue her          inappropriate
education as an English major and hopes           jokes     while
to become a writer or a teacher someday;          hanging out on
we have full confidence she’ll succeed in         deck.        His
anything she does.                                southern drawl and laid-back attitude are
                                                  a refreshing break from the fast-paced
Jarod – “Rodney”                                  life aboard Ocean Star. You can often
                                                  find him reading one of many different
                             They      say        books on top of the chart house but don’t
                               everything         let his quiet demeanor fool you, he’s
                             from Texas           always eager to help anywhere he can.
                             is big…that          Travis is the oldest crewmember on
                             is,    except        board, currently in his second year of
                             for Jarod.           law school and after seeing his passion
                             He may be            for the law there is little doubt in our
                             smaller in           minds that he will be a brilliant lawyer.
                             stature but
                             that doesn’t
                             take away

Audrey – “Audge”                                  Nova Scotia for her first year of college,
                                                  hoping to study marine biology… just
Never                                             another adventure, eh?
afraid to
speak her                                         Jess – “Beaker” “Raisins”
Audrey is                                         Beaker,     also
our West                                          known as Jess,
Coast dose                                        is our dive
of     sass.                                      instructor and
Whether                                           oceanography
it’s hiking                                       teacher.    She
a mountain                                        also acts as our
or battling                                       boat     mother
the waves, she is always ready for a              and     resident
challenge. As an outdoor enthusiast, she          “wedgeitarian”
was our go-to girl for fire building at our       who       makes
Green Island beach barbecue and can               sure we get our
always help out with knot tying and               daily dose of
raising the sails. Although she’s used to         raisins. She hails all the way from
colder climates and snowboarding out              England and keeps the crew laughing
West, she’s taken to the laid-back                with her accent and British idioms. She
Caribbean lifestyle and vibe.                     is very outgoing, talkative and focused.
                                                  She takes care of a lot of the behind the
Jessica – “Juvie” “Canadia”                       scenes work for the crew such as
                                                  provisioning, web updates and helps the
Even though                                       crew stay focused on the tasks at hand.
she’s     the                                     Most of all, however, she loves sharing
youngest of                                       her passion for the marine world with all
our     crew,                                     of us, with special emphasis on the
Jess        is                                    Spiny Headed Blenny, and has devoted
mature                                            her life to the preservation of marine
beyond her                                        habitats and spreading awareness about
years – a                                         resource conservation.
original. Her
for science
and diving have excited and inspired us
all. Always first to volunteer, Jess has
also perfected her skills as an ‘object
overboard’ rescuer. She’s also developed
an eclectic taste for music based on a
variety of genres introduced by other
shipmates. This fall Jess heads off the

Simon – “Spencer”                                 crew with assertive orders but the rest of
                                                  the time she spreads her contagious
Simon is the                                      smile and laugh throughout the boat.
skipper of
Ocean Star,                                       Mike – “Miguel”
keeping her
on a steady                                       Mike       is
course      no                                    one of the
matter what                                       two
the weather.                                      scientists
His                                               on board
personality                                       Ocean
is much like                                      Star
his helming                                       instilling
ability, steady and true. But don’t let his       his love of
mellow and somewhat soft-spoken                   the
persona fool you: his quick wit never             undersea
fails to catch us off guard. You may find         world in us
him playing guitar on the stern, making           through
the dish team laugh during a squall,              class lectures and diving adventures.
riding a wave in St. Barth’s, or reading          He keeps us entertained with his jovial
about famous ocean adventures in the              accent and dry British humor, although
cockpit.                                          we are working with him to adopt some
                                                  “sweet” American slang. He is new to
Kate – “Jelly”                                    Ocean Star this summer and his passion
                                                  to teach and learn is only surpassed by
Kate is our                                       his love for the British actress Kiera
feisty      first                                 Knightley. Despite being new, Mike has
mate on board                                     been a valued member of the crew –
the good ship                                     learning the ropes and sharing the laughs
Ocean Star. A                                     alongside the rest of us.
shipmate, she
knows more
than just the
ropes aboard.
graduating from college, she spent one
year traveling the world, training and
testing for her Yachtmaster certification.
Since then she has spent her time
chasing the sun around the world and
brings many life lessons and hilarious
stories from her many adventures to the
crew.     Kate is able to command the

                                                 These pools looked as if a five star resort
                                                 had constructed them perfectly into
                                                 place,    complete      with    waterfalls.
                                                 Unfortunately we still had further to trek
                                                 so we reluctantly emerged from the
                                                 warm spa treatment in hope of
                                                 discovering the world’s only boiling
                                                 After miles of exhausting walking
                                                 through treacherous terrain, we finally
                                                 reached what we had all been waiting
                                                 for…the boiling lake. The lake lies off
Boiling Lake Hike - Priscilla Sloan              of a steep cliff, with a waterfall gushing
                                                 in more water; we sat awe struck at the
Dominica is perhaps the most tropical of         beauty of what was masterly created.
all the islands here in the Caribbean, and       This phenomenon occurs because of a
was where we embarked on a hiking                geothermal vent that lies underneath the
adventure       more      beautiful    and       earth’s surface. Also, the closer we
challenging than ever imagined. In               came to reaching the lake the stronger
order to begin our adventure, we first           the smell of sulfur reaching our senses,
enjoyed a thirty-minute cab ride through         but we never let that stop us from
paradise, stopping occasionally to               enjoying the stunning scenery. Just when
reattach the spare tire that kept falling        you think things couldn’t get any better,
off. Nonetheless, we tracked on, while           they did, as the salt fish sandwiches and
rocking out to the fabulous Bob Marley.          peanut butter and jelly (for those who
As soon as we reached the beginning of           were reluctant to taste the local treat)
the trailhead, a heavy rain began,               were prepared. The food completely
relieving some of the heat of the                rejuvenated our bodies for the long way
morning making the temperature perfect           back. Surprisingly, we made record
for hiking. The hike was an estimated            time. Thankfully most of the walk was
six hour long journey through rolling            now downhill, giving us amble time to
hills and changing scenery.            The       embark on an extra special adventure.
beginning of the hike was rich with all          At the bottom of the trail rests what
kinds of vines and trees, looking as if          appears to be like any other peaceful
you were stepping into uncharted                 stream; however, as you swim though
territory (good thing we had our trusty          this stream it begins to create a small
guides to keep us on the straight and            channel. On each side of the channel
narrow, safety first); but as we continued       you see tall rocks that rise about twenty
upward, the jungle began to thin,                feet above your head and lots of jungle
creating an atmosphere more similar to a         trees that add to the natural ambience.
volcano. However, what made this                 Once you reach the end of this amazing
atmosphere so intriguing was the warm            scene you are greeted with a roaring
water that spilled out from the earth’s          waterfall that is absolutely breathtaking.
crust. The warm water collected into             We then discovered the cliff jump. Even
small pools along the trail in the Valley        though the drop was only about twenty
of Desolation, and it was here we were           feet, the steep walls made the drop feel
able to sit and relax our tired muscles.

much longer than it actually was. This          a massive rock cliff was protruding from
unbelievable location also happened to          the ocean. The surrounding landscape
be where scenes from Pirates of the             was used in the movie, Pirates of the
Caribbean 2 were filmed. The boiling            Caribbean. We were briefed for our dive
lake hike has definitely been one of the        and quickly put our gear together. After
most memorable days of the trip and I           our buddy checks we descended about
am sure we will remember it forever.            20 feet to the sandy bottom and
                                                gathered. Our dive instructor then led us
                                                to the edge of the wall. The wall was the
                                                underwater edge of a volcanic crater
                                                descending down 3000 feet into a black
                                                abyss. We swam keeping the wall to our
                                                right slowly making our way down to 70
                                                feet. We saw an abundance of aquatic
                                                life including various fishes, sea turtles,
                                                sea horses, and massive coral clusters.

The Wall dive in Dominica - Zach

Arriving in Dominica was like being in a
whole new world. It is difficult to
compare to what we’d seen in the British
Virgin Islands. Even though we didn’t           We made our way around the wall until
go to shore immediately it was obvious          the first person reached half tank level
that Dominica possessed an abundance            and turned around, this time keeping the
of natural beauty. We had big plans to          wall to the left. We slowly made our
explore the water before setting foot on        way up and around the wall. The dive
land. We were fortunate to have Dive            group swam back to the sandy edge of
Dominica pick us up on Ocean Star and           the crater for our 15-foot safety stop.
take us to the dive site. We headed to          This gave us time to practice blowing
the dive site called Witches Point, where       underwater rings with our mouths by

removing our regulator and mouthing              describe how amazing the underwater
the word “Boo.” All the divers made it           world is so thankfully we had Travis and
to the surface safely and we were so             his waterproof camera case. He did an
excited to talk about all we saw under           amazing job of documenting the
the sea.                                         underwater life and everyone is excited
                                                 for him to share his pictures.

                                                 Passage to Les Saints – Matt Patrick

                                                 On this very special day the members of
                                                 Ocean Star found themselves sailing a
                                                 30 nautical mile passage from Dominica
                                                 to Les Saintes. After an adventurous day
                                                 on the beautiful island of Dominica we
                                                 all enjoyed a breakfast of boiled eggs
                                                 that would power us through the day.
                                                 Leaving Dominica the weather was
                                                 slightly rainy, however the forecast
                                                 predicted clear skies. The sail started in
                                                 the calm waters on the leeward side of
                                                 Dominica. Jess went up the crows-nest
                                                 to spot for whales and after the sails
                                                 were raised the rest of the crew worked
                                                 on their oceanography literature reviews
                                                 down below. As we cleared Dominica
                                                 we no longer had the protection from the
                                                 island and the seas began to pick up.
                                                 Typing papers down below became
                                                 more difficult as the boat began to heel
Our surface interval was planned to be
an hour.      We spent it by quickly
motoring by the second oldest village in
Dominica. Soufriere was this small
town nestled by the shoreline. The
French influence was apparent by
looking at the town’s church that was
still standing after enduring several
hundred years of storms. We then
motored to the next dive site called
Champagne. Our dive master pointed
out specifically the hilltops where scenes
from Pirates of the Caribbean II were
filmed. The Champagne dive was not as
deep as the first but we saw some new            As the wind intensified books that were
aquatic life. The group saw an eel,              improperly stowed began flying over our
lobsters, puffer fish and felt some hot          heads falling out of their place in the
thermal vents.       Words can’t fully           salon and students struggled to keep

their computers on their laps. With the          removing many relentless rust streaks.
ocean swells reaching 8 to 10 feet, the          The missing cat was later towed into the
rough seas mixed with (less drowsy)              anchorage missing its mast and rigging.
Dramamine retired two of our valued
crewmembers to their home in the                 The Saints: Ooh La La Français - Jess
fo’c’sle for the rest of the day. After          Daicos
lunch on deck the seas began to pick up
along with the wind. A pod of dolphins           At first sight, The Saints appears to be a
were spotted off our port side coming            quaint little European town - France in
within 5 feet of our boat, they were             the Caribbean - a contrast to the lush
jumping completely out of the water in           island of Dominica. Here we found
between swells. With the wind getting            fresh-baked chocolate croissants in lieu
more extreme, double reefs were put in           of mangoes and sugar cane, and suave
both the foresail and main and the jib           European style in place of Jellies and
was quickly taken down as water                  Dreads.
crashed over the bow. A squall swept             Our adventure begins with the first step
down on the Ocean Star.                          onshore where we are immediately
                                                 immersed in French culture. A walk
                                                 through the narrow, scooter-lined stone
                                                 streets shows us the unique beauty of
                                                 The Saints. This stop also marks Ocean
                                                 Star’s crew’s first encounter with the
                                                 Euro. Kudos must be given to Emily, our
                                                 resident     translator,   who     braved
                                                 exchanges at the bank, lunches for 10,
                                                 and asking the locals what can be done
                                                 for sea urchin punctures (more on this

With winds sustaining 40 knots and
gusting to 65 knots the visibility dropped
to 20 feet. Each crew member was
safely harnessed in. As the wind and
spray pounded our faces we persevered
through the weather. The sea was blown
into the air and the rain pounded the
surface of the ocean giving it a smooth
texture. The moment was truly surreal.
Ocean Star held her course and after an
exciting 30 minutes the worst was over.
We soon heard a “Pan Pan” on the radio,          Shopping was the first order of business
which was translated from French by              for most of the crew (après les
Emily. It called for a missing catamaran         téléphones), we perused jewelry,
with 11 people on board. After arriving          clothing, and souvenir shops -
safely in Les Saintes we gave the boat           replenishing their sarong stocks and
some much needed appreciation                    buying gifts. We boned up on our French

while just generally exploring the town.           they just await the arrival of banana
Priscilla and Travis even opted to trek to         hammocks and mesh aboard the good
a few of the forts nearby. For lunch, ice          ship Ocean Star.
cream and paninis in a little café were a
must.                                              Green Island Beach BBQ - Travis
With a couple hours left ashore and no             Jackson
shops open, the crew hit the beach for a
little R & R in the shade. Of course, the          The crew of Ocean Star eagerly drove
pace seriously quickened when Zack                 our dinghies to shore for a hamburger
returned from his little beach walk with           and hotdog barbeque on the small
over twenty black sea urchin spines                majestic secluded beach of Green Island.
lodged in the sole of his foot. Discussion         The group meticulously gathered
quickly ensued over what would be the              driftwood that had been scattered around
best course of action. The debate was              the uninhabited island. The old dry
settled by a local who expertly advised            pieces of wood would eventually
us, en Français, that a little urine would         become the fuel for our beach bonfire.
do a world of good. Suffice it to say,             The campfire was constructed by our
Zack’s foot made it back to the dinghy in          former Colorado firefighter, Zach. Our
moderately good shape. The same                    chef and sous chef, Whitney and
cannot be said for his Nalgene.                    Priscilla,      barbequed        delicious
                                                   cheeseburgers and hotdogs on the boat
                                                   grills that were carefully placed on the
                                                   rocks of the island’s shore. After the sun
                                                   slowly eased out of the sky to the west,
                                                   Zach ignited our campfire to begin our
                                                   tranquil night. The group mostly sat
                                                   around the glow of the warm firelight in
                                                   seats that were dugout in the sand. The
                                                   group talked about various topics,
                                                   ranging from serious thoughts of future
                                                   plans to lighthearted jokes and
                                                   wisecracks. Even though the crew of
                                                   Ocean Star has only known each other
Our visit to The Saints was not just like          for twenty-five days, the group has
a trip to any other Caribbean island. The          become close friends who are not afraid
Ocean Star crew left this French island            to confide in one another, and this
as different people, with new aspirations          became crystal clear as the group talked
and goals. Jon became inspired to                  and relaxed under the flickering orange
broaden his language horizons, learning            glow of the fire. Eventually, a massage
the French language and waiting for the            chain was formed to ensure that
day when he can say to a girl: “allons             everyone in the group was completely
plonger à la plage”. Zack left with                relaxed.    Shortly after the soothing
visions of his surf shop hottie dancing in         massage chain, the group headed back to
his head, a funny limp (from which he              our home away from home for a
has now almost recovered), and a                   peaceful night of sleep after an amazing
newfound vengeance towards sea                     bonfire on Green Island. The bonfire on
urchins. As for the rest of the crew, well,

Green Island will definitely be a                  quick tutorial by resident surfer
heartwarming memory for the entire                 extraordinaire, Simon, the first half of
crew for many years to come!                       the crew hit the water eager to try this
                                                   newest adventure on our six week quest.
                                                   The waves pounded the new surfers as
                                                   we fought our way through the relentless
                                                   break. Countless paddle strokes quickly
                                                   wore through the initial adrenaline rush
                                                   as many of us struggled to make any
                                                   significant progress. All were amazed at
                                                   how much effort it took to simply get in
                                                   a position to start surfing. Some were
                                                   frustrated at first, but by the end of the
                                                   day, the whole crew had fought through
                                                   the tough conditions and gotten a chance
                                                   to catch a rad wave or two.
                                                   A few shipmates caught on super quick
                                                   and walked away at the end of the day
                                                   with tales of their “epic waves.” While
                                                   others just enjoyed the thrill of bursting
                                                   into a furious paddle as that potentially
                                                   perfect wave was spotted just a few
                                                   waves back. The crew took turns,
                                                   rotating between the four surfboards and
                                                   one body board. In between sessions,
                                                   the tired and sun baked gang explored
                                                   the isolated beach, watched the next
                                                   group struggle against the surf and even
                                                   spent some time burying Matt in the
                                                   sand and forming him into a beautiful,
                                                   six-foot-something,       wide-shouldered

Surf Day - John Dioli

The waves glistened under the bright
morning sun as the crew strolled down
the deserted beach on beautiful St.
Barth’s. Surfboards under arm, we all
stared in awe as set after set came
crashing down on the sand. The surf
was up, six foot rollers enticing all of us
to test our abilities to rip over the water        At the end of the day, the crew piled into
with a board under our feet. After a               the van, still reeling from the excitement

of the day. The surf was bigger and               looks forward to the power of being
gnarlier than any of us had imagined.             skipper.
Everyone caught a little bit of surfing
fever that day and stories from the beach         Gopher 1 & 2: Immediately following
rattled about as everyone tried to recount        being the skipper the next day the crew
everything that had happened during our           member is assigned the role of Gopher,
righteous surf adventure on St. Barth’s.          which is the ultimate demotion. The
                                                  crew thinks of this job more as a “go
                                                  for” position. It is the gopher’s job to go
                                                  and get anything that is needed on deck
                                                  for any of our daily activities and to
                                                  clean up all supplies used for meals. This
                                                  job can be fun when the two gophers
                                                  work together. Some gopher teams play
                                                  games when passing down dishes after

                                                  Dish Team (Salt 1& 2, Freshy, Dryer):
                                                  These four team members have the
                                                  crucial role of keeping all our dishes
Take This Job and Love It!!! - Jarod              clean and sanitary, which needless to say
Sprott                                            can be awfully difficult on a schooner at
                                                  sea. Salties use “Big Red” (our large
Every morning before the long days of             bucket), “Little Red” (our stool), some
adventure begin each member of the                soap, and a little elbow grease to remove
Ocean Star crew is assigned a job for the         all of the grime from our pots and pans.
day. Each of these jobs fills a critical          The Freshy gives the clean dishes a
role in the ship’s daily operations. While        quick rinse to get the salt water off them
all the jobs are important, some are more         (such an easy job!). The dryer does
work than others. The jobs are listed on          exactly what you think that they would
the job wheel and rotate everyday. No             be doing, drying the clean dishes.
matter which job you have it is                   Together the dish team keeps our
important that it be taken seriously and          sanitation level high and our mold to a
done well, but that doesn’t mean it can’t         minimum. From time to time fights
be fun!                                           breakout within the dish team with each
                                                  of them being armed rather well. Salties
Skipper: The skipper musters the crew             have the dirty dishwater to splash
after breakfast to announce the day’s             around, the freshy has the high powered
agenda and any other issues that need to          water hose to intimidate potential foes,
be addressed. Throughout the rest of day          and finally the dryer holds the ultimate
the “Skip” is in charge of making sure            weapon in the form of the dish towel. In
that all tasks are completed and are done         the right hands this towel can deliver a
correctly. At the end of the day the              wicked rat-tail at any moment causing
skipper has to write the skipper’s log            the salties and the freshy to surrender
recapping the day’s events. This is a             almost immediately.
fairly easy job and so most of the crew

Engineer: The engineer has a pretty                 before meals are served. With little
important, but relatively easy job. It is           space to operate in the chefs pump out
the engineer’s job to check all the                 delicious treats ranging from pizza to
gauges and fluids for the engine and the            pancakes to brownies to chicken
generator. Also, the engineer must                  parmesan. Everyone picks out their
measure our water supply on board and               menu a few days in advance so that we
if it is below certain level they must run          can get the necessary ingredients. The
the water maker to make more.                       meals are always prepared with lots of
                                                    love and lots of sweat and we all dig in
Deck Team (Bosun, Deckie 1 & 2): The                to the delectable dishes that rise from the
deck team is in charge of keeping the               galley.
deck clean throughout the day, getting
benches and tables set up for dinner, and
any other on deck duties that must be
completed. After every meal, the bosun
and the two deckies grab buckets and
scrub brushes to keep Ocean Star
looking her best. Lifting the buckets can
be challenging, but it is a great workout
for those involved. The bosun is in
charge of the deckies however in most
cases the team works as one cohesive

Dinghy Master / Salon Keeper: This
person is in charge of gathering enough
crew members to raise and lower the
dinghies. They may be asked to drive the
dinghy anywhere that it is needed. As
salon keeper the crew member must
throughout the day store anything that is
left out in the salon or galley. This job is
very fun when there is a lot of dinghy
driving to be done. Plus everyone likes
being called a Dinghy Master!
                                                    Nights out - Audrey Wilson
Head Chef & Sous Chef: Widely
considered the most important jobs on
                                                    All cities have two sides to them, the day
the ship, the chefs are responsible for
                                                    life and the nightlife. Both of which are
keeping the entire crew fed and happy.
                                                    completely different from one another.
Hungry shipmates are not happy
                                                    To get the full experience and culture of
shipmates. Meals are usually the most
                                                    a place is to explore all areas of that city.
anticipated part of the day for the crew.
                                                    Exploring the island by day and listening
Without the chefs this ship would not
                                                    to live music by night.
function. The chefs work diligently in
                                                    Aboard Ocean Star we don’t always get
the galley for about an hour or more
                                                    the chance to experience both of these

lives. But about once a week we are
given a night to hang out as a crew and
see the city come alive. These nights are
much looked forward to and are used to
their full potential. As a member of the
crew you must look out for one another
and be aware of the responsibilities you

                                                 “Ain’t No Soundtrack Large Enough”
                                                 - Whitney Boggs

                                                 Music is an integral part of life for the
                                                 Ocean Star’s Summer 2006 Mini-mester
                                                 crew. Usually heard blasting on the
                                                 coveted stereo down below, it has
                                                 accompanied us while we have
                                                 showered on deck, written late-night
Our first night out was spent at Saba            papers down in the salon, prepared
Rock, a small island with a hotel, bar           lasagna in the galley, washed a multitude
and restaurant right on the water. This          of dishes after scarfing down the day’s
time was spent ordering desserts, drinks,        meals, hung out in the salon during our
playing rounds of pool, and star gazing          down-time on the boat, showed our
in the hammocks. The next night out              appreciation for Ocean Star after long
was at the Green Flash in Dominica, an           passages, and we have even been woken
ocean side restaurant/bar where we               up by our skipper-of-the-day (Travis, on
enjoyed live music and the company of            this occasion) with AC/DC’s “TNT.”
some peace corp volunteers (very true,           The abundant use of iPods and Apple
very true). Turning around and heading           accoutrements by the schooner’s crew
back up north we stopped early in                has fostered our love for all things
Antigua because of weather concerns.             melodious. We pass around our musical
The crew all went to one bar and played          collections to introduce each other to
a few rounds of cards, darts and                 new artists and albums and take turns
pictionary. Last but not least we spent a        connecting our iPods to the stereo in the
night out in the playground of the rich          salon to listen to it all. There is an
and famous (St. Barth’s). We had dinner          extremely wide range of genres that you
at Le Select followed by celebrations for        would hear on board here. So far, we
Matt’s 21st birthday. Some explored              have played hard-core rap, bluegrass,
downtown Gustavia while others went to           Motown,         mainstream       country,
Shell Beach to enjoy each others                 alternative, pop, and a few CDs of Soca,
company listening to the sounds of               the Caribbean’s special brand of music
waves breaking on the shell lined shore.         that is played mostly at Caribbean
                                                 Carnivale. After long passages that
                                                 leave Ocean Star with rust streaks and

dirt, we do “Boat Appreciation” - boat          Squeezes & Showers - Emily Baer
cleaning which sometimes includes a
theme and the appropriate music to make         The first day we all looked hesitantly at
the experience a lot more fun than it           each other, crowded at mid-deck, towels
initially sounds. Last week we decided          and toiletries in hand. Simon had just
to have an ‘80s themed BA during which          explained the showering procedures
Matt treated us to his extensive                aboard Ocean Star; not knowing quite
collection: we heard Flock of Seagulls,         what to make of the situation we all
Yes, Pet Shop Boys, Dire Straits, and           stood awkwardly, dreading having to go
Tears for Fears. One of my favorite             through this everyday for six weeks…
Ocean Star moments was late at night at         On a boat where we make our own water
the beginning of the trip when someone          nightly, for each of us to take a fresh
decided to play “Build Me Up                    water shower is impossible. Instead,
Buttercup” by the Foundations and the           every afternoon around 16:00 we meet
salon turned into a stage, complete with        on deck and jump in together. In the
‘60s      shimmying     and    hairbrush        beginning showering was a pretty quiet
microphones. Memories of this trip              affair. We tended to go quickly about
years from now will certainly be                our washing, shaving and rinsing
incomplete without recalling the                without wanting to draw too much
moments where we all knew the song              attention … however, as the weeks have
that was playing and everyone was               gone by, showering has turned into one
dancing on the deck.                            of the best parts of the day. First of all,
                                                the Caribbean sun beats down on us all
                                                day and jumping into the cool, clear
                                                water is welcome at anytime. The rush
                                                of relief and excitement from hitting the
                                                water is enough to spread a huge smile
                                                on anyone’s face. Over the past few
                                                weeks there have been diving contests,
                                                doggy-paddle races and front-flip
                                                lessons. On a good day, the boys
                                                challenge themselves by climbing the
                                                lower ratlines and catapulting off into
                                                the air. Matt is generally the most gung-
                                                ho about the ratline challenges –
                                                initiating them at any chance. For those
                                                with a little less courage, the cap rails
                                                along the deck are a perfect launching
                                                pad for cannonballs or flips. Whoever is
                                                diving or jumping gets center stage at
                                                that moment and we all crowd around to
                                                watch the aerial acrobatics… cheering
                                                them on and rating their skills. After the
                                                excitement dies down and the actual
                                                washing begins, soaps suds fly and
                                                shampoo gets traded as we laugh and

joke about the day’s events. Recently,             the skipper asks and answers the
the boys have come up with August-                 question, he/she squeezes the hand of the
Mustache-Month and compete with each               person next to them and that next person
other for the most outrageous facial hair.         answers the question… slowly the
For the girls, crowding around the                 question travels around the table and we
shaving bucket has become a ritual as              answer one by one. After everyone has
we gossip and watch in horror as the               answered, we do one last simultaneous
boys sculpt their facial masterpieces.             squeeze and break to eat…
After we wash up, jump in the water to
rinse off and climb back out, we wander
over to the freshwater hose and rinse off
the salt. The freshwater rinse is
sometimes the best part of the shower
but it’s also the quickest. No one ever
wants the shower session to end, so after
the rinse off we lie about on deck, drying
off and soaking up the last rays of the
day’s sun. Slowly and reluctantly, we
each head down below to change and get
ready for dinner…
Even though showering is definitely a
favorite, dinner is also high on the list.
Not only do we get to experience each
other’s culinary enterprises, but we also
get to relax and get to know each other
through squeezes. Much like showering,
the initial idea of ‘squeezes’ was a little
intimidating and awkward… but it’s
been great to get to know each other
through the questions. After we shower
and several minutes before dinner is
actually ready, we all sit down,
underneath the setting sun, and hold
hands. The skipper of the day starts off
the squeeze with thoughts about the day,
random musings and a question. The
question can be about anything the
skipper can come up with; we’ve had
everything from “where do you want to
be in 10 years?” to “If you had to cut off
a body part what would it be?”. They’re
sometimes silly, sometimes serious,
sometimes philosophical and sometimes
just plain facts – but they’re always
questions whose answers tell us a lot
about the person answering them. After


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