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american Notes
by PJ heslIn

                                                                                    Photo: Gage Skidmore
Former Vice-         the Race is over                        ran with this and who took the                deals or Fox political commentat-
President Dan            Now that Romney is the pre-         standard from him with a venge-               ing jobs long after the Presidential
Quale, above,        sumptive Republican nominee it’s        ance? Sarah Palin.                            election is over.
throws his           time to reminisce on how enjoy-              Palin is the bridge that brings              The French version of family
support behind       able the race was. Maybe my             us to the present. Palin wrapped              values is immigration. In this past
Romney at a          memory is short but it seems to me      herself up in the rhetoric of many            election, it seems to me the common
rally in Arizona.    that this last primary was the most     things but especially family values           thread of all the candidates is keep-
                     entertaining GOP or Democratic          with her talk of God, country and             ing France for the French, which
Above right,         primary ever. There was serial          snowmobiles. She also brought                 means placing limits on immi-
Jennie Dallery has   infidelity (amongst more than           with it a dash of “crazy”, or as she          gration. And the person who best
taken over from      one), God telling some of the can-      likes to call it, “rogue”. Before             takes it to this extreme is Marine
Burton Gintell as    didates to run for President and        Palin, a political candidate like             Le Pen. Personally, I find her the
president of the     who to marry, Mormonism and             her would have been a flash in the            candidate with the most political
American Club        Newt Gingrich. The things they          pan but instead of falling back into          charisma but then she starts to
of the Riviera.      were saying and doing were usu-         obscurity she became a celebrity.             speak and it’s all ruined for me.
                     ally reserved for fringe candidates     I believe this is where GOP hope-
                     who you hope and expect will be         fuls took note. Family values was a           voting
                     constitutionally crazy.                 useful tool to talk about God guid-               The second round of the
                         I couldn’t help but think, how      ing your vision for America and it            French Presidential election saw a
a reminder           is it that the Republican Party         didn’t matter if you won or lost              turnout of 81%, which is astonish-
to those who         could become so unhinged? I             an election you could still have a            ingly high when compared to that
have not             think the answer is family values.      career. Even though Palin’s politi-           of the 64% who voted for the 2008
filed 2011           Since 1992, when Dan Quayle             cal career has peaked, she still              American Presidential election, an
                     went after Murphy Brown for             makes a healthy salary as a politi-           election that involved issues such
taxes, George
                     being a single Mom (it didn’t mat-      cal reality star.                             as the worst economic crisis since
                     ter that she wasn’t a real person),          So, this last fleet of Republican        the Great Depression, involvement
(see Reporter        the Republican Party has hoisted        Presidential hopefuls all tried to out        in a few wars across the globe
website) is an       the banner of family values. After      family value each other with talk             and the first African American
american tax         9/11, family values took a backseat     of God and protecting zygotes and             Presidential candidate; one won-
consultant           to security but in the last six years   making sure Americans don’t end               ders what it would take to inspire
registered in        or so it’s back in the driver’s seat.   up marrying animals. And it didn’t            Americans to get out and vote.
France who               In 1992 family values stood         matter how “crazy” they seemed                     Some political scientists and
can help.            for the traditional family unit, and,   because the more they would try               sociologists point a finger at Nixon
                     according to some, their absence        and out family value one another,             for creating voter apathy. They
                     caused the breakdown of “urban”         the more press they’d get. Would              argue that the Watergate cover-up
                     families. Now when family values        it lead to the Republican nomina-             created a loss in faith for American
                     are discussed what they’re really       tion? Who cares? All that attention           leadership. Others say that voter
                     talking about is gay marriage or        would certainly lead to increased             registration is too difficult or that
                     abortion. Bush (the younger one)        personal appearance fees, book                most voters feel disenfranchised

36  RivieRa RepoRteR 151  June/July 2012
                                                                                        George Donnelly, CPA
                                                                                          American Tax Consultant
because they perceive the          interested in what the GOP                                           INCOME TAx
American political system as       is up to overseas visit repub-                                      PREPARATION
being controlled by a small, or if you                                
wealthy, elite. It might be a      want some non-partisan voting                              
practical issue since American     information visit                                    Tel: 04 93 33 84 23 - 06 79 27 92 60
elections are held on a Tuesday                                                                   Member: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
whereas the French elections       the american                        Over 20 years experience             Licensed by the State of California
take place on a Sunday.
     With this in mind, I con-     Club’s new face
tacted William Beachner                Not only do the Republicans
from Democrats Abroad, to          have a new leader but also the
see how American expats can        American Club of the Riviera
vote in the upcoming elec-         (ACR) recently selected a new
tion. Beachner explains that,      President. Jennie Dallery has
first of all, voters need to       been living in France on and
register. The easiest way for      off over the past decade and
American expats to do so is        is pleased to take on the role
to go to        as the head of the 50-year-
and follow the step-by-step        old institution. Although she
instructions there. And he         returned to America and lived
reminds us, due to “changes        in Amsterdam during the past
in the Federal law in recent       ten years Jennie describes her-
years, all Americans, even         self as having an elastic band      Domestic Staff
if they have been registered       attached to her when it comes        and Luxury
before and have voted in pre-      to France. “No matter what, I          Services
vious elections, must register     have to return here.”
again for each election cycle.         Jennie describes herself            on the
Everyone must register this        as a reluctant President of the     French Riviera
year if they want their vote to    ACR. “Frankly, in the past I
be counted in the November         was not interested in seek-
2012 elections.”                   ing fellowship with other                      Personal Placement
     Founded in 2011 in order      Americans abroad but rather,        Property Management Personal Concierge
to empower American voters         integrating and letting the cards

                                                                           Oasis Services
abroad, the Union of Overseas      fall where they may. Yet after
Voters offers training for         a very positive experience in
volunteers and help for over-      Amsterdam with the American
seas voters. Tony Paschall,        women’s club I started to
Union Chair of the organiza-       recognize the advantages of an                                t: 04 94 73 31 62
tion stresses how important        affiliation with an organiza-                       e:
the expat vote is. “Although       tion of compatriots. The expat
absentee ballots have made the     experience is at once unique               
difference in some US federal      for each person and collective
elections, almost one-third of     at the same time. Our cultural
overseas ballots were never        imprint is stronger than the
mailed back to US election         influences of our chosen coun-
officials for counting in 2010
and we intend to change that.”
                                   try of residence. That said, a
                                   club should not be a crutch.
     Organizations like Demo-      People who move abroad have             Moved
crats Abroad also offer Amer-      an obligation to speak the
ican expats the opportunity to     native language and adapt to
help with the registration proc-   the norms.”
ess abroad. Says Beachner:             Last November, ACR
“Americans joining our organ-      hosted the annual Conference
ization can assist us with our     of President’s of American
two major activities: organiz-     Clubs in Cap d’Ail, which
ing events of interest and value   saw representatives from 15
to Americans in our region         European countries. The club
and encouraging and assisting      is open to “Americans and
Americans to register and vote     friends of America” and in the
by absentee ballot.”               next two years Dallery hopes
     See page 46 for William       to broaden the demographic
Beachner’s contact details         of the club and diversify their         Nice • 04 93 29 24 16

or visit      activities. See page 40 for
group/france-riviera. For those    ACR events. n

                                                                                                   June/July 2012  RivieRa RepoRteR 151  37

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