; Smartcard INTRODUCING Reward Recognition Initiative Leader’s Overview What
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Smartcard INTRODUCING Reward Recognition Initiative Leader’s Overview What

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Reward & Recognition Initiative

Leader’s Overview

What Does it Take to be Number-One in Service Excellence?

As a Leader at Providence Medical Center and Saint John Hospital…
 One of your key responsibilities is
building an environment that fosters service excellence. and you, our leaders, have the key to driving service excellence!

 Everyone needs a “license to serve”

What are the Goals of License to Serve “I XL 4 U”?
• To strengthen service
excellence, quality improvement and education. collaboration, foster clear and consistent communications and best utilize our time and talents.

• To enhance a spirit of

Why Formalize Recognition?
• Recognize “role modeling” behaviors.

• Create an inviting environment for our
staff, volunteers, physicians and patients. and Saint John.

• Promote consistency within Providence

Non-Monetary Awards to Motivate Staff
• 27% of individuals
improved performance with incentive programs. • 92% of surveyed workers achieved their goals due to incentive programs. • Long-term incentive programs achieve a 44% gain vs. short term at 29%.
Source: “Does Recognition Work?” By Bill Sims Jr.

Show Them Something Besides Money

• Non-monetary incentive

programs work because they are perceived as rewards-the equivalent of a “trophy”. • Research shows that cash rewards do not motivate extra effort because cash is typically spent on necessities. • Cash rewards are taxable at a rate of at least 30%.

Cash Rewards are Spent on…
• • • • • • •
29% Spent on bills 18% Do not remember 11% Household items 11% Savings 9% Special personal treat 5% Vacation 17% Something else

Source: “Guilt and Non-Cash Incentives” By Dr. Jeffrey Scott, University of Waterloo

A New Approach to Achieving Service Excellence: License to Serve “I XL 4 U”
• License to Serve is a reward and recognition
initiative that connects employees, volunteers and physicians to strategies that will impact us well into the future. individuals for role modeling service excellence.

• The focus is on rewarding and recognizing

Through the License to Serve Initiative...
• Employees and volunteers may earn
points redeemable for a selection of gifts from the Award of Excellence Catalog. monthly Grand Prize certificate.

• They‟ll also receive chances at winning a • Physicians also will be invited to
participate in the initiative in the future.

How was This Initiative Developed?
 CEO assembled a team of individuals to
develop „out of the box‟ ideas.

 Team researched and dialogued about

possible ideas for increasing communication.

 Team recommended a comprehensive plan to
address communication, increase morale and build an inviting and fun environment at the hospitals.

How was This Initiative Developed?
 The first way to “connect” with employees
and others is to strengthen the foundation for communication and to focus on key core values and service behaviors. License to Serve accomplishes this strategy.

 PRL, Broadlane, Horizon, HCFS and

ARAMARK employees, along with Providence and Saint John employees, volunteers and physicians are eligible to participate in License to Serve.
further connect, inspire and move our organizations well into the future.

 Team is focusing on other initiatives that will

License to Serve Taskforce
Craig Kraft, PMC-SJH Food Service Catherine Rice, PMC-SJH Business Development Janie Schumaker, PMC Emergency Services Dawn Walters, PMC Quality Management

Carolyn Bowmer, Administration Mike Dorsey, Administration

Brenda Farwell, Human Resources

Monitoring Effectiveness
• Reports will be generated that track the • These reports will indicate who is
participation levels of employees and volunteers. participating, which Department they are affiliated with and which Leaders are participating. the License to Serve Task Force as well as the Senior Leadership Team.

• These reports will be distributed to members of

Leader Expectations
Every other month, you will receive the following materials to help reinforce a core value/service behavior:

 SmartCards with a brief overview of
the core value/service behavior and two True/False questions. core value/service behavior.

 Matching posters that reinforce the

Leader Expectations
 Review the core value/service behavior
 Distribute SmartCards and discuss the
content and questions. during the monthly Department Meeting.

 Answer any questions they have about the
topic or how the Initiative works.

 Encourage participants to record their
answers in a timely manner.

Encourage Participants to Record Their Answers:
• Tell participants, “To record your answers, call
the SmartCard Hotline at 1-866-690-6339.” the Quiz # printed on the SmartCard.”

• “Key in your Employee/Volunteer ID # and • NOTE: Each SmartCard will be “live” for 2
months. For example, the April 2008 card can be called in to the hotline through May 31.

Instant Winners
• Every month, a random number of
Hotline callers will hear a message that they are an instant winner of points. immediately by ordering a gift from the Award of Excellence Catalog or save them up for a higher-level gift. The points will be recorded in an account for each participant. winner, they will earn a chance at a Grand Prize certificate just for calling.

• Callers can use instant winner points

• Even if a participant is not an instant

Remind Participants not to Call More Than Once to Record Answers!
• The SmartCard Hotline will not allow participants to
record answers to a particular SmartCard more than once.

• They may call the hotline any time to check their point
balance. They should select the point query option when prompted. NOTE: These calls do not generate points or entries for a Grand Prize certificate. www.incentivesonline.com/pmc-sjh.

• Point balances can also be checked on-line at • Login with your employee/volunteer ID #.

To Help You Explain to Participants How the Initiative Works …
Participants will receive a letter mailed to their homes explaining how the SmartCard Hotline works, how to earn rewards, how to qualify for Grand Prize certificates and how to order gifts. Directors will receive:
 SmartCards to distribute with a brief overview of how the initiative works and two True/False questions.
 You Did It Right! cards for Leaders.  Award of Excellence catalogs, from which participants may choose gifts. (Be sure to keep a supply of these on-hand.)  Brochure and Resource Card.

Participants can win MORE points with You Did It Right! Cards

Leaders Award You Did It Right! Cards
• When you see an individual demonstrating one of the behaviors
printed on a You Did It Right! Card, give them a card. ID # where it says, “Observer.”

• The Leader awarding the card should write his/her employee • Instruct the participant to call the phone number on the
card, choose “You Did It Right” from the menu and enter the PIN number on the card. points.

• They may hear a message that they have won more award

• Every caller will receive another entry for a Grand Prize

Leaders Also Can Earn Points!
• When participants redeem a You Did It
Right! card, you will receive points.

• You will also be eligible to answer the

SmartCard questions by calling the hotline. When you do, you may hear a message that you have won more award points. You also will receive an entry for a Grand Prize certificate.

How Do Participants Redeem Points?
Refer to the handout from your leader for a point list of gift items. Complete the order form. You may use the form given to you by your leader or go to the start menu on your Department computer. You also may order online at www.incentivesonline.com/pmc-sjh. Points will automatically be deducted from personal accounts when the order is processed. Merchandise is shipped to the participant‟s home by UPS and normally takes one to two weeks after receipt of an order.

Can You Combine Points From You Did It Right! Cards and SmartCard Calls?
Yes! Participants can use all the points in their account from SmartCard and You Did it Right! card calls to the hotline. All award points will automatically be deducted from the participant‟s personal account when orders are filled.

Treat SmartCards and You Did It Right! Cards like Cash!
Remind participants that lost cards cannot be replaced!

How Will Grand Prize Certificates be Awarded?
 The First Grand Prize will be awarded in April 2008 from all the entries generated by SmartCard and You Did It Right! Card calls.

 Additional drawings will be held every month to award a certificate.
 Each Grand Prize certificate is worth 200 award points.

Qualifying to Win a Grand Prize Certificate …
 At the time of the drawing, individuals who have participated in License to Serve are eligible to win.

• Feb. 14, 2008 – Kickoff with Hospital Leaders • March 2008 – Introduction of SmartCard and
distribution at Department Meeting.
Department Meeting.

• April 2008 – April SmartCard distributed at • April 15, 2008 – Grand Prize winner announced. • May 15, 2008 – Grand prize winner announced. • June 2008 – June SmartCard distributed at
Department Meeting.

• June 15, 2008 – Grand prize winner announced.

 Only current employees, volunteers and physicians can redeem points and Grand Prize certificates. If your affiliation with Providence or Saint John ends, you lose all unredeemed points and certificates.

 All new employees will receive information about License to Serve during their orientation.
 To learn more about this initiative, visit www.incentivesonline.com/pmc-sjh.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in License to Serve?


PRL, Broadlane, Horizon, HCFS and ARAMARK employees, along with Providence and Saint John employees, volunteers and physicians are eligible to participate in License to Serve.


What ID # do I use when I call the hotline or order a gift?


Use the employee or volunteer number located on the back of your badge.

Q: A:

What are award points and what do I do with them?

You receive award points when you call the hotline to record answers to SmartCard questions or to redeem a You Did It Right! card. Use the points to order gifts from the Award of Excellence Catalog.

Q: A:

What if I lose my You Did It Right! card before redeeming it?

We‟re sorry, but lost cards cannot be replaced. Once you call the hotline to redeem the card, you may discard it.

Q: A:

How can I know how many points I have?

Call the hotline and choose the point query option or check online at

Login with your ID #.

Q: A:

Can I give my points to another employee or volunteer?

No. Points and Grand Prize certificates are not transferable. If your employment or volunteer status with Providence or Saint John ends, you forfeit all unused award points and certificates.

Q: A:

How will I know I have won a Grand Prize certificate?

You will be notified by your leader that your name was pulled in the drawing. Then, you will be awarded your Grand Prize certificate.

Q: A:

Can you win more than one Grand Prize certificate?

You may only win one Grand Prize certificate per calendar year.

Q: A:

How long does it take to receive a catalog item?

After mailing in your order or ordering online, your gift will be sent by UPS to your residence. This may take one to two weeks.


When I complete a gift order form, how will the Award of Excellence Center know whether I have enough points?


Personal point accounts are checked when orders are received. The points are automatically deducted from your account when the order is filled.

Q: A:

What if I have questions about the program?

Call the Award of Excellence Program at Bill Sims, Inc. at 1-800-275-9171 if you have a question regarding the hotline, point accumulation and gift distribution. This organization is administering License to Serve. For other questions, contact Catherine Rice at ext. 5006.

Remember – It takes ALL of Us to be Number-One In Service Excellence at Providence and Saint John!

For more information for Leaders on how to successfully introduce this new initiative, visit the Leader‟s Page at:


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