INFORMATION ABOUT THE SERVICE                                              INFORMATION ABOUT PRICING
Your Telstra Pre-Paid mobile phone service gives you access                CALLS, SMS AND MMS CHARGES IN AUSTRALIA
to our network, a mobile phone number, and lets you make and               These are the main charges used to calculate your usage:
receive calls, send and receive messages and access mobile data.
                                                                           Telstra Pre-Paid Cap Encore®:
HANDSET PACK OR SIM STARTER KIT OPTION                                     •	national calls – 39¢ connection fee and 89¢ per 60 seconds or part.
                                                                             A 2-minute standard national mobile call costs $2.17 (incl.
You’ll need to purchase a Telstra handset pack or purchase a SIM Starter     connection fee) on these offers
kit for your Telstra Mobile Network compatible handset to take up a
Pre-Paid mobile offer. Handsets that only operate on the 2100MHz           •	national SMS – 29¢ per message sent per recipient
network are not compatible with our network and can’t access 3G            •	MessageBank® retrieval – 39¢ connection fee and 89¢ per
services (see To set up your handset to get the     60 seconds or part
most from the Telstra Mobile Network, visit       Telstra Pre-Paid Beyond Talk™ and Long Life:
                                                                           •	national calls – 39¢ connection fee and 78¢ per 60 seconds or part.
PRE-PAID MOBILE OFFER OPTIONS                                                A 2-minute standard national mobile call costs $1.95 (incl.
When you activate your SIM Card, you’ll need to choose a Pre-Paid            connection fee) on these offers
mobile offer, then recharge when you need to. You may change your          •	national SMS – 29¢ per message sent per recipient
offer up to 10 times a year without charge.
                                                                           Telstra Pre-Paid Beyond Talk™, Long Life and Telstra Pre-Paid
What’s included                                                            Simplicity®:
Depending on your Pre-Paid mobile offer, when you recharge you’ll          •	MessageBank® retrieval – 39¢ connection fee and 78¢ per
get recharge credit that that you can use on anything in Australia           60 seconds or part
and overseas. You may also get bonuses like Cap Credit, Data, Talk,
                                                                           All offers:
Text and Telstra Text to use while you stay on your offer. More detail
                                                                           •	national MMS – 50¢ per message sent per recipient in Australia.
about what’s included in your bonuses is listed under each offer.
What’s not                                                                 CALLS, SMS AND MMS TO INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS
Your bonuses can’t be used for some things like use overseas,
                                                                           The main charges that apply:
talk/text to satellite numbers, premium numbers (eg 19xx numbers),
operator assisted calls (eg most 12xx numbers), content charges,           •	calls to international numbers – For call rates see
MessageBank® or diverted calls. Any further restrictions are listed
under each offer.                                                          •	SMS to international numbers – 50¢ per message sent per recipient
                                                                           •	MMS to international numbers – 75¢ per message sent per recipient.
If you have a compatible BlackBerry smartphone, you can connect            TELSTRA PRE-PAID CAP ENCORE®
BIS to any Pre-Paid Mobile offer. Just call 125 8887 and then
recharge $40 or more.                                                                                                                               DATA
                                                                             RECHARGE                         TOTAL CREDIT                       CHARGED PER KB
What’s included
Your BIS can be used for 30 days for:
                                                                                  $30              $250 ($30 recharge and $220 Cap Credit)         400MB
•	an unlimited number of emails (up to 10 email accounts
  including an optional BlackBerry email account)                                 $40              $550 ($40 recharge and $510 Cap Credit)         600MB
•	unlimited instant messaging with BBM™, Google®, Yahoo!,                         $50             $1,000 ($50 recharge and $950 Cap Credit)        800MB
  Windows Live® and Facebook Chat
•	unmetered use of many BlackBerry apps from BlackBerry                           $70            $1,500 ($70 recharge and $1,430 Cap Credit)        1.5GB
  AppWorld™.                                                                     $100            $2,000 ($100 recharge and $1,900 Cap Credit)        3GB
You may also be able to browse using the Blackberry Browser
without using your data allowance – check out the Blackberry                              INCLUDES FREE TALK & TEXT EVERY NIGHT
Browsing Tips at for more details.                                   to standard Australian numbers between 6pm and 6am

                                                                                                 All to use in Australia within 30 days.
What’s not
Once your BIS has expired, the standard data rates of your Telstra
                                                                           Your Cap Credit can be used for talk and text to standard Australian and international
Pre-Paid offer will apply. Unlimited BlackBerry email experience may       numbers. You can have a maximum account balance of $300 on this offer and any recharge
vary with large emails, large attachments and/or embedded content.         that takes you above this limit will fail.
BIS excludes use while overseas.

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TELSTRA PRE-PAID BEYOND TALK™                                                                         DATA CHARGES
                                                                                                      You use mobile data when you access email, mobile internet and apps
                         BONUS             BONUS                  TELSTRA                  DATA       on your handset. To understand how much data you might need visit
  RECHARGE                TALK              TEXT                    TEXT                    CHARGED
                       CHARGED PER MIN                                                       PER KB
                                                                                                      If the offer you’ve selected doesn’t include bonus data, or you have
        $30                                   200                  1¢ text to              200MB      used up all the bonus data on your offer, data will be charged at
                        200 mins
                                                                Telstra mobiles                       $2 per MB in Australia.
                                                                 (after bonus text
        $40                                   300                    used up)              300MB
                        300 mins

                        500 mins
                                                                                           400MB      OTHER INFORMATION
                                                      Unlimited text
                          Max                          to standard                                    USING YOUR SERVICE OVERSEAS
        $70                                                                                600MB
                        700 mins                        Australian                                    International roaming is already activated on your service.
                                                         numbers                                      While overseas, you can only use your recharge amount.
                        800 mins
                                                                                            1GB       Charges that apply if you use your service overseas are much
                                                                                                      higher than in Australia. They are:
                         All to use in Australia within 30 days.                                      •	Calls while overseas – For call rates while overseas, see
Your Bonus Talk and Bonus Text are for calls and SMS to standard Australian numbers.
Telstra Text is for SMS to standard Telstra numbers. You can have a maximum account                   •	Data while overseas – 1.5¢/kB.
balance of $300 on this offer and any recharge that takes you above this limit will fail.
                                                                                                      CALL AND DATA USAGE
TELSTA PRE-PAID LONG LIFE                                                                             You’ll automatically receive SMS alerts when you’re reaching or have
                                                                                                      reached your credit and bonus limits and when your credit is due to
                                        BONUS                                                         expire. To track your usage, review your calls text and data, you can:
        RECHARGE                     TELSTRA TALK                              EXPIRY
                                          CHARGED PER MIN                                             •	 register for My Account Online at
              $20                               –                               60 days               •	dial #100# from your mobile
                                                                                                      •	by going to on your mobile’s browser
              $30                               –                              6 months
                                                                                                        (select the ‘My’ tab to view details)
              $40                        Max 50 mins                           6 months               •	call 125 8888.

              $50                        Max 100 mins                          6 months               RECHARGE
              $70                        Max 100 mins                         12 months               •	Voucher, credit or debit card – Online (,
                                                                                                        #100#, ‘My’ Tab, 125 8888.
            $100                         Max 200 mins                         12 months
                                                                                                      Other recharge options are available including BPay® and PayPal™.
                                                                                                      Visit for more information.
Bonus Telstra Talk can be used to call standard Telstra numbers.

                                                                                                      UNLOCKING FEE
                                                                                                      If you have purchased a Telstra handset pack and want to use it on
                                                                                                      another network, you’ll need to pay a network unlocking fee. This fee
       $   20                  $   30                       $   50                   $100             is between $50 and $150 (depending on your handset) within the first
      RECHARGE                RECHARGE                  RECHARGE                     RECHARGE         six months. After six months, the fee is $27.50.

        30                      60                          90                       180
         DAYS                    DAYS                       DAYS                         DAYS
                                                                                                        WE’RE HERE TO HELP
                                                                                                        If you have any questions about your offer, technical support,
         0¢                  connection fee to standard Australian
                             and international numbers
                                                                                                        service or connection please log onto
                                                                                                        which includes 24/7 live chat support. Alternatively, please call
                                                                                                        us on 125 8880 or our Disability Enquiry Hotline on 1800 068 424
                             per min (or part) to standard Australian                                   (voice) and 1800 808 981 (TTY).
        15¢                  numbers and from 15¢/min (or part) to
                             standard international numbers                                             Complaints or disputes
                             (2-minute standard national mobile call costs 30¢ on this offer)           If you have a problem or complaint about your service, go to
                                                                                               where you’ll find
        12¢                  to standard Australian numbers
                                                                                                        full contact details and information about how to resolve it.
                                                                                                        Further investigation
                                                                                                        If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you

        20¢                  to standard international numbers
                                                                                                        can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
                                                                                                        by phone on 1800 062 058. For full contact information go
         TEXT                                                                                           online at

        10¢                  data (charged per MB)                                                    This is a summary only – the full legal terms for this plan are is
       PER MB
                                                                                                      available at
                                   All to use in Australia.

Your data usage will be rounded to the nearest MB at the end of each session. You can have
a maximum account balance of $300 on this offer and any recharge that takes you above
this limit will fail.

PayPal™ is a trade mark of PayPal Inc. BPAY® is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd. The BlackBerry and RIM families
of related marks, images and symbols are exclusive properties of and trade marks or registered trade marks
of Research In Motion Limited The spectrum device is a trade mark of Telstra Corporation Limited. ™ and ®
are trade marks and registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited, ABN 33 051 775 556.

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