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Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Material - Waste Management


                                                                       FACT SHEET
                                                                 February 2012              Page 1 of 3

Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Material
Do Riverside
Accept this

Yes                  Definition
                      Asbestos was a common building product and asbestos fibers are present in many
No                   old construction materials. For example, asbestos is commonly found in insula-
(See Disposal         tion, ceiling and floor tiles, roof shingles, cement, etc. There are two categories
Locations)            of asbestos wastes as described below:

Conditionally        Friable Asbestos Waste
                      Friable asbestos waste includes any waste that contains asbestos in quantities
(See Special
                      greater than 1% which can be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to a powder by
                      hand pressure or in the course of demolition, renovation, transportation, or dis-
                      posal. Friable asbestos waste is regulated as hazardous waste (California Code of
Case by case         Regulations, Title 22, Division 4.5, Chapter 11, Article 3, Section 66261.24) and
(See Approval         must be transported by a licensed hazardous waste hauler and disposed of in an
Process)              appropriate landfill approved for friable asbestos.
                      Non-friable Asbestos Wastes
                      Non-friable asbestos containing material includes any material containing more
                      than 1% asbestos by area, as determined using Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM),
                      that when the material is dry, cannot be crumbled, pulverized or reduced to a
                      powder by hand pressure or in the course of demolition, renovation, transporta-
                      tion, or disposal.
                      Riverside County Landfills are not approved to accept any type of asbestos and
                      asbestos containing materials (ACM).

                      Riverside County Landfill Enforcement
                      Riverside County Landfills enforce the prohibition of asbestos and ACM at all ac-
  Hans Kernkamp,      tive dumping pads and staff notifies a Hazardous Waste Inspector when it is en-
 General Manager-
                      Riverside County Landfill Hazardous Waste Inspectors inspect incoming demolition
   Chief Engineer
                      or renovation waste loads to verify the absence of hazardous or otherwise prohib-
                      ited material in the waste. Hazardous Waste Inspectors have received training in
14310 Frederick St.   the recognition of common hazardous and prohibited waste materials found in
 Moreno Valley, CA    demolition or renovation wastes, including asbestos and ACM.
       92553          In the event a Hazardous Waste Inspector suspects the presence of asbestos or
  (951) 486-3200      ACM, the waste load will be secured as evidence and tested and, if the results are
                      positive, referred to environmental law enforcing agencies for cost recovery and
                      possible prosecution.
Asbestos and Asbestos                                                      WASTE
Containing Material                                                      FACT SHEET
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Why is Asbestos a concern?
The US EPA has classified asbestos as a known human carcinogen. According
to the US EPA, “Effects on the lung are a major health concern from asbestos,
as chronic (long-term) exposure to asbestos in humans via inhalation can re-
sult in a lung disease termed asbestosis. Asbestosis is characterized by short-
ness of breath and cough, and may lead to severe impairment of respiratory
function. Cancer is also a major concern from asbestos exposure, as inhalation
exposure can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma ( a rare cancer of the thin
membranes lining the abdominal cavity and surrounding internal organs, and
possibly gastrointestinal cancers in humans).”

As a Homeowner/Building Owner, What Regulations Do I Have to
Follow if I Want to Renovate or Demolish the Structure?
If you are a home or building structure owner located within the jurisdiction of South Coast Air Quality
Management District (SCAQMD) and wish to conduct a renovation or demolition activity which consists of
more than 100 square feet, you must submit notification to SCAQMD regardless of whether or not the
structure contains asbestos. Included with notification of demolition, the SCAQMD requires that you sub-
mit an asbestos survey. If the structure contains asbestos, you must also comply with SCAQMD Rule
1403.         For    more  information    on    SCAQMD       Rule    1403,    visit    their website    at For any home/building structure located outside of the
SCAQMD jurisdiction, the owner shall contact the local air pollution control district and comply with that
district’s regulations.

Is It Illegal to Dispose of Asbestos or Asbestos Containing
Materials (ACM) in the Solid Waste Stream or a Regular Trash

                                                                   Yes, it is illegal to dispose of asbestos
                                                                   or ACM in the solid waste stream or
                                                                   regular trash. Asbestos is a hazard-
                                                                   ous waste and it is illegal to dispose
                                                                   hazardous waste at a facility that is
                                                                   not authorized to accept it.
                                                                   Individuals who dispose of hazardous
                                                                   waste at a Riverside County Landfill
                                                                   risk having their vehicles detained
                                                                   and are subject to criminal and civil
                                                                   penalties imposed by local law en-
                                                                   forcement agencies.
                                                                   For more information regarding haz-
                                                                   ardous waste regulations and applica-
                                                                   ble      law       please       visit
Asbestos and Asbestos                                                        WASTE
Containing Material                                                        FACT SHEET
                                                                     February 2012              Page 3 of 3

Asbestos Service Providers
You may find companies offering asbestos services in your local phone book under environmental ser-
vices and asbestos. This information can also be found on the internet using basic search criteria. When
using asbestos consulting and surveying services, you should always check the California Occupational
Safety & Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) registry at to en-
sure the contractor that you want to hire is a Certified Asbestos Consultant.

Asbestos Disposal Locations
The locations listed below are approved by regulatory agencies for the acceptance of asbestos. This in-
formation is subject to change without notification.

                Name                                Location                              Phone
Otay Landfill, Inc.                   1700 Maxwell Rd.,                      (619) 421-5192
                                      Chula Vista, CA
Forward, Inc.                         Throughout California                  (800) 204-4242
Sycamore Landfill, Inc.               8714 Mast Blvd.                        (619) 562-9426
                                      Santee, CA 92071
Azusa Land Reclamation Company        1201 West Gladstone St.                (626) 334-0719
                                      Azusa, CA 91702

Asbestos Testing Laboratories Services
If you wish to test your material for asbestos to avoid bringing it into the landfill illegally, the following
laboratories are approved by the State for testing asbestos. This information is subject to change with-
out notification.

                Name                                Location                              Phone
EMS Laboratories                     117 West Bellevue Drive                 (626) 568-4065
                                     Pasadena, CA 91105
Envirocheck, Inc.                    2211 West Orangewood Avenue             (800) 665-7586
                                     Orange, CA 92868
Patriot Environmental Laboratory     7271 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite A.       (888) 743-0998
Services, Inc.                        Garden Grove, CA 92841

This information above is offered as a public service in an effort to eliminate illegal and improper waste
disposal. As the information may not be comprehensive, the Department encourages the public to re-
search additional companies that are available for the services sought. The companies are not affiliated,
endorsed or regulated by the Department. Accordingly, as with any professional service, please confirm
the accuracy of the company’s information and request copies or verification of the company's license
and/or permits to provide the service, prior to utilizing its services. Under no circumstances, directly or
indirectly, shall the Department be held responsible or liable for reliance on this information. If you
would like to include your company on the list, please contact or call
(951) 486-3200.

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