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									Asbestos Action Tayside

No, we can’t believe it’s Autumn already either! Where has the year gone? It’s been great to know that
many of you managed to get away on some amazing holidays this year.
                  We were delighted to hear from Theresa Murphy from Rosyth who has mesothelioma.
                  Theresa went on a Norwegian cruise and had the most magical wonderful time. She
                  said the views were amazing and loved every minute of it. She sent this photograph
                  for us to share.
                  When visiting our members, I am very much aware of how important it is to live for
                  the day. With this in mind, I was personally inspired by one of our newest members
                  David in Aberdeenshire who described one of his most enjoyable “holidays”.
As a result, I am about to embark on a week-long trip on a tall ship, crewing for a week (I’ve never done
anything like this before). I leave from Southampton and, weather dependent, might end up in France.
I’m excited and terrified at the same time! Let’s hope I don’t visit someone who has been bungee
jumping next time! I’ll let you know how I get on in the next newsletter!
e-news   Thanks to the 73 members who responded to our appeal to send your newsletter by email.
         With the rising costs in postage, this has helped save us a lot of money each quarter. If you
         are able to receive your newsletter by email and haven’t already given us your email address,
         please just drop a message to
Alison Blake, Manager

                   We did it! We moved to our lovely new offices on Friday 21 September and were
                   up and running for business by 10.30 am on Monday 24 September.
      we’v !       Everything went very smoothly apart from a couple of weeks before we moved
          ed       when BT accidentally disconnected our phone and internet for three days!
                   Apologies to anyone who was trying to call us and got a message telling them
                   our inbox was full!
  Digby Brown solicitors has supported our charity for many years by giving us unconditional office
  space – and they have kept their promise by taking us with them to their new premises. This is a
  huge saving for our charity and we can’t thank them enough.
  New address: Asbestos Action Tayside, Caledonian House, Greenmarket, Dundee, DD1 4QB
  Please note the postcode is different from the one listed in the last newsletter but the phone
  number remains the same: 01382 225715.

ThAnk you to our members, their families                That future is today – and with all the fundraising
and friends for all the fundraising that has taken      that is taking place now, you are helping to ensure
place over the last few months.                         that we will still be here to help those unfortunate
                                                        enough who have still to be diagnosed in years
Asbestos Action Tayside was set up 10 years             to come.
ago by sufferers who wanted to help and support
others in the future.                                   Here are just a few of the fundraising stories ...

                                                        Well, Bruce Marnoch and his pals did just that!
                                                        Things wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have
                                                        them supporting us with their annual Carse of
                                                        Gowrie tractor run!
                                                        They travelled 40 miles with 40 tractors starting
                                                        in Inchture all the way through the Carse
                                                        to Pitroddie and managed to raise £255 for
                                                        Asbestos Action Tayside!
                                                        We believe there were a few “sair backsides” at
                                                        the end, so thanks to everyone who took part, it
Alison receiving a cheque for £255 from Bruce (left).   really is very much appreciated.

The Inverkeithing Tuesday Line Dance Club
raised £250 by holding line dance social nights.
They also held raffles and collected donations
through club subscription fees.
Asbestos Action Tayside was nominated as
the chosen charity by our members Evelyn and
Dave Crichton. Thank you so much!

Barbara Welsh from Comrie nominated                     I am delighted to tell you that we received a
Asbestos Action Tayside to receive a donation           whopping £4000! What an amazing amount to
from the Comrie Cancer Club.                            help keep us going! Thanks again Barbara!

         Assisting sufferers of asbestos-related diseases in East of Scotland
  FEELING INSPIRED? If you would like to raise money for Asbestos Action Tayside but
  don’t know where to start, please call us on 01382 225715 and we will be delighted to help.

ON yER BIKES!                                              DELICIOUS CAKES
                                                                                          Jane Morrison raised
                                                                                          a wonderful £450
                                                                                          by    selling   cakes
                                                                                          and crafts at her
                                                                                          place of work MGT
                                                                                          in Kirkcaldy. Jane’s
                                                                                          dad sadly died of
                                                                                          mesothelioma in April
                                                                                          this year and was
                                                                                          very appreciative of
                                                                                          the support we were
                                                           Alison receiving the cheque    able to give her mum
                                                           from Jane.                     and dad.

Robert Steel and his colleagues on the 180-mile off-road
cycling trip.
Thanks go to Robert Steel and his three
colleagues, Graham Blair, Phil Reid and Steven
Thom, all of whom are Aberdeen-based Bank of
Scotland staff.
Robert and his colleagues cycled 180 miles off-
road over three days. They raised the magnificent
sum of £500, which was then matched pound                  Marie Stein explains the benefits of regular exercise.
-for-pound by the Bank of Scotland Foundation,
giving us the grand total of £1000!                        ROADSHOW IN KIRKCALDy
Robert’s grandfather was very ill and suffering            Over 50 sufferers of asbestos-related conditions
from asbestosis. Unfortunately he lost his fight           and their partners attended the Asbestos
for life recently.                                         Action Tayside Roadshow in the Victoria Hotel,
                                                           Kirkcaldy, to hear an update on Asbestos
                                                           Action Tayside by Alison Blake, the current
                                                           legal situation regarding civil claims by Ruth
 PERSONAL DONATIONS                                        Bertram, from Digby Brown and the benefits
 As well as all of this fantastic fundraising, we          of regular exercise by Marie Stein, Victoria
 would like to thank everyone who has made                 Hospital, Kirkcaldy.
 a personal donation. This type of donation                This was the second of the highly popular
 is invaluable to a charity like ours. It is               Asbestos Action Tayside Roadshows to take
 always difficult to attract funding outwith our           place in Fife.
 members because of the number of other
 charities looking for the same.                           We will be in Dundee in February and Aberdeen
                                                           in April so watch out for dates and venues nearer
                           A heartfelt thank you!          the time.
CANADA ANTI-ASBESTOS                                CHRISTMAS SPIRIT
TRIUMPH                                             Beat the Christmas queues
                                                    this year and shop online at
Plans to resume asbestos mining in Canada
have been abandoned following public
pressure and a change of government.
                                                    We are hoping that Christmas shoppers
Anti-asbestos activist Laurie Kazan-Allen,          can raise vital funds to help us continue
from International Ban Asbestos Secretariat,        assisting asbestos sufferers and families in the
said: ’This is the result of years of campaigning   East of Scotland.
by the global network of ban asbestos activists
who have worked tirelessly to raise awareness       There are over 3,000 well-known retailers listed
of the asbestos hazard in Canada and abroad.        on and a percentage
It really is a testament to what can be achieved    of what you spend is passed to Asbestos
when dedicated people work together towards         Action Tayside – at no additional cost to you.
a common goal.’                                     Retailers include Amazon, M&S, Argos, John
                                                    Lewis, Vodafone, eBay, Tesco, Viking plus
For more information, see the International         many more.
Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS) website            Please register to support us today:

                                                              HOW TO DONATE TO
If you are in receipt of Industrial Injuries
                                                      ASBESTOS ACTION TAySIDE
Compensation and have a date for a medical                      Text AAAT11 plus your donation amount
review, please be aware that there may be a            •
                                                                to 70070
delay in this process.
Should you find your payments stopped for              •        Cheque (payable to Asbestos Action Tayside)
any reason please contact Industrial Injuries
on 0845 6031358 to advise them of your                 •        JustGiving
                                                                Standing order (contact us on 01382 225715
If you have any concerns regarding this and            •        for more information)
would prefer to contact us at Asbestos
Action Tayside, please feel free to do so
(John or Alison 01382 225715).                                          If you make a financial donation to Asbestos
                                                                        Action Tayside and you pay tax, it is possible
Remember that the Asbestos Action Tayside                               to increase the value by making it a Gift Aid
team are here to help you. We povide advice         donation. By completing our Gift Aid Declaration form, the value of
                                                    your donation is topped up by the Government by 25p for each £1
on how to cope with asbestos-related diseases       donated.
and can apply on your behalf for state and civil
compensation to which you are entitled.
                                                           Thank you for your
                                                           continued support
Registered office:
Asbestos Action Tayside, Caledonian House, Greenmarket, Dundee, DD1 4QB
Tel. no. 01382 225715
Registered charity number: SC033344

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