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					Holy Cross Church                                                                                             March 25, 2012

of Charlotte
Our Eucharistic Community at Holy Cross
Welcomes all to faith in Jesus Christ and nurtures their growth,
Celebrates and demonstrates God’s presence in our communities,
And sends forth all to serve God and each other
as guided by the Holy Spirit.

                                Penance Service
                                Bring Yourself Closer
                                to Christ………….page 2

New Dawnings                                                          Celebration of the Eucharist
                                                                      Saturday                         Weekday
Bereavement Group Meets this Week……… page 2
                                                                      (Masses of Anticipation)         (M-F) 7:30 AM & 5:20 PM
Bunny Bopp!                                                           5 PM and 7 PM                    (Saturday) 8:00 AM
We Need Help to Fill Easter Baskets………. page 4                        Sunday                           Holydays and Lent
                                                                      8 AM, 10AM, & 12 Noon            Please see inside bulletin
Attn: Holy Cross School Alumni
Seeking Class Ambassadors…………………page 3                                Parish Offices                   Parish Council Chair
                                                                      4492 Lake Avenue                 Mary Jo Jesmer
Volunteer & Ministry Opportunities                                    Rochester, NY 14612              Religious Ed Offices
Auction, Festival, and Holy Week Prep…… 5                       (585) 663-2244                   4488 Lake Avenue
                                                                      Fax: 865-5379                    Rochester, NY 14612
Around the Diocese                                          
Good Friday Prayer Service and Stations..…. page 8                                                     Faith Formation Coor.
                                                                                                       Mary Toot
                                                                      Rev. Thomas H. Wheeland
Reconciliation by appointment or                                                                       (585) 621-8133
Saturday                Eves of First Fridays & Holydays                                     
3:30 PM—4:30 PM         4:45 PM—5:10 PM                               Senior Priest
                                                                      Rev. John T. Reif                Teen/Tween Ministry
Anointing of the Sick and Communion                                                                    Donna Jacobi
In an emergency, call the parish office (663-2244) at any time.       Assisting Senior Priest
                                                                                                       (585) 621-8133
Arrangements for Communion for the sick and infirm can be             Rev. Frederick Eisemann
made by calling the parish office (663-2244).                                                
Marriage Arrangements must be made at least six months in             Ed Giblin                        Holy Cross Pre K– Gr 6
advance by calling for an appointment with one of the priests.        Parish Ministry                  4488 Lake Avenue
Baptism Baptism is usually celebrated at 1:00 PM on                   Coordinator                      Rochester, NY 14612
Sunday afternoon. Every family must be interviewed and have           Anne Johnson                     Kathleen Dougherty,
attended a recent PreBaptism program.                                                                  Principal
Arrangements should be made at least two months prior.                                                 (585) 663-6533
                                                                      Bereavement Ministry
                                                                      Sr.Marie Concepta                Holy Cross Gift Shop
Welcome!                                                                                               Fri 11-2, Sat 11-2, Sun 11-2
                                                                      Parish Minister
Interested in registering                                             Mary Martell                     78 Latta Road
as a parishioner? Go on-line and                                      Parish Visitor                   Rochester, NY 14612
download a registration form or contact the parish office at                                           (585) 663-6190
                                                                      Barbara Bell
663-2244 between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday                                                           Eastern Greece/Charlotte
through Friday.                            Sr Rita Biel at Mother House
                                                                                                       Catholic Churches
                                                                      (585) 482-5442 x 290             Planning Group
Items of parish interest for the bulletin must be submitted to the    Registered with   www.eastgreececharlotte cath-
parish office in writing by Monday, noon. Articles on disk or as an   and       
e-mail attachment are preferred. Send to
 2                                      Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                             March 25, 2012

                                                                5-Wednesdays Lenten DVD Series
  CYO SPORTS                                                    Final Episode THIS Wednesday, March 28
                                                                7:00—9:00 PM, School Art Room
HC Athletic Association                                         Episodes 6-10 from Fr. Robert Barron’s Catholicism series.
Celebrating Another                                             Offered by Fr. Reif and Mike Shea
Successful CYO Season                                                               March 28 “World without End—The
THIS Sun, March 25, 8 AM Mass                                                       Last Things” Explore the Church’s
This will be followed by the annual Sports Banquet and                              conviction that life here and now is
Awards ceremony to be held at the Diplomat Party                                    preparation for an extraordinary world
House. Congratulations to all of our participants and their     that is yet to come, a supernatural destiny. Father Barron
coaches. Thank you to the Advisory Board for overseeing         presents the Catholic vision of death, judgment, heaven,
our program ~ it remains one of the best CYO programs           hell and purgatory as he journeys to Florence, Ireland and
around. GO BOMBERS!                                             Rome. The vision of the Church sees beyond this world
                                                                and invites us to consider a world without end. Father
                                                                Barron shows how this vision is supported by the mystery
                                                                and truth of the Resurrection of Jesus.
Annual Eastern Greece/Charlotte Church-
es Lenten Series
                    THIS Sunday,
                    March 25, 2:00 PM                            TeenScene
                    Mother of Sorrows                                                 March 2012 . . . . . .
                               5000 Mt Read Blvd
                                                                                        THIS Sunday, March 25 - Sr Hi
                                                                                        Gathering 1–2 PM, Convent
Please consider coming as a family to this service. It’s a
great way to bring yourself closer to Christ and to                                     THIS Friday, March 30 - Bunny
celebrate the sacrament as a family. There will be activities                           Bopp for St Joseph's Villa
                                                                Tweens, grades 6, 7, 8, and HS Teens, we need your help
for children of all ages, including those who have not made
                                                                filling these baskets. Please join us after school from 2:15 -
First Penance. Hope to see you there!                           6:30 PM in the parish center. Pizza dinner will be provided.
                                                                Please bring a permission slip with you. If you are coming
                                                                directly after school, bring a snack and drink with you.
                                                                Sunday, April 1 - Sr Hi Gathering 1–2 PM, Convent
                First Communion 2011-12                         Thursday, April 19 - May Day Meeting 6:30 PM in the
               If you and your child did not attend the         Parish Center
               Tuesday, March 20 meeting,                       Sunday, April 22 - Religious Ed Closing All Classes,
               please attend                                    Noon Mass followed by Reception
          THIS Tuesday, March 27, 6:30 - 8 PM.                  Friday, April 27 - Parish 8th Grade May Day Practice
           The meeting will be held in the School.              5:20 - 7:30 in the Parish Center
                                                                Sunday, April 29 - May Day Celebration 10 AM Mass
                                                                followed by Reception

                                                                                    Altar Server
                  New Dawnings                                                      Lenten Service Project
               THIS Tuesday, March 27                                               THIS Friday, March 30
              7:00 PM in the Parish Center                                          at 3:30 PM
                                                                                    in the Parish Center
Please come to our New Dawnings (bereavement group)
Gathering. Sr. Kathy O’Connell, R.S.M., will give a Power
Point presentation of the Stations of the Cross through the
eyes of the Blessed Mother. And as always you are               Auction 2012
welcome to bring a friend if you wish.                          Save the Date! Friday, May 18
 March 25, 2012                        Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                                                3

Bishops Promise to Continue ‘Vigorous Efforts’ Against HHS Violations of
Religious Freedom in Health Care Reform Mandate
From the most recent communique from the Pro-Life Secretariat
The Administrative Committee* said it was “strongly unified and intensely            “Prayer is the ultimate source
focused in its opposition to the various threats to religious freedom in our day.”
The bishops will continue their vigorous work of education on religious
                                                                                     of our strength,” the bishops
freedom, dialogue with the executive branch, legislative initiatives, and efforts    said, “for without God we can
in the courts to defend religious freedom.
The bishops said this dispute is not about access to contraceptives but about the
                                                                                     do nothing. But with God all
government’s forcing the Church to provide them. Their concerns are not just         things are possible.”
for the Catholic Church but also for “those who recognize that their cherished
beliefs may be next on the block.”                                                   *The Administrative Committee, is the
                                                                                     highest authority of the bishops’ conference
The Church has worked for universal healthcare in the United States since 1919,      outside the semi-annual sessions of the full
they added, and said the current issue “is not a Republican or Democratic, a         body of bishops. The full statement can be
conservative or liberal issue; it is an American issue.”                             found at
The bishops called for the Catholic faithful... to join them in prayer and penance   religious-liberty/upload/Admin-Religious-
“for our leaders and for the completeprotection of our... religious liberty.”        Freedom.pdf

                 Fifth Week of Lent
                 Find bowls at the entrances to church
                 Operation Rice Bowl:
                 The New Covenant
                 In today’s first reading, the prophet Jeremiah describes a new
covenant – one which is written on our hearts. As Christians, we believe that        ATTENTION:
this new covenant is fulfilled in Jesus. This week through Operation Rice            Holy Cross School
Bowl, we learn about malnourished children and expectant mothers in India
whose health has been compromised by their poverty. We pray that we may              Alumni
open our hearts to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. We fast, not merely         This is an exciting time for our newly
from our excess, but from our very substance, so that new life may come to all       opened Holy Cross Parish School. We
who suffer from poverty, illness and injustice. We give so that CRS-trained          have almost completed our first year
                                                                                     and the school is thriving. We need
health care workers can help improve the lives of women and children
                                                                                     your help to secure the future of the
throughout the world.                                                                school and we’re looking for volunteers
Completed Rice Bowls may be placed in the collection or in the basket                to become Class Ambassadors. Each
near the South addition.                                                             Holy Cross Class Ambassador will
                                                                                     communicate with all those who
                                                                                     attended Holy Cross School, who grad-
                                                                                     uated (or would have) in the same year
  Non-Event Fundraiser                                                               as he or she. Through your connec-
                                                                                     tions, we will work together to help
  By now each registered family should have received a letter regarding our          maintain Holy Cross School as an edu-
  yearly Non-Event Fundraiser listed on the parish income side of our                cational beacon in the years ahead and
  annual parish budget. This fundraiser is especially crucial this year as we        maintain traditions for generations of
  lost our Lucky Calendar and Casino Nite fundraisers, which were also               future Holy Cross students and alumni.
  budgeted income for the 2011-12 parish year. The nice thing about this             There will be an informational meet-
  concept is that there is no commitment from you other than your donation.          ing on Wednesday, April 25 at 7:00
  Make sure you read the letter you received in the mail about this project.         PM in the Holy Cross Parish Center.
  We especially invite those who don’t use envelopes on a                            If you would like additional information
  regular basis to take part. If you are unable to help in this                      prior to the meeting, please email Anita
  monetary way, your prayers for our parish community are                            Nagel, Class of 1970 at
  greatly appreciated.
                                                                                     This is an exciting program and we are
  Thank you for your ongoing support!                                                looking forward to a great turnout!
 4                                    Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                             March 25, 2012

                     Save the Date!
                      10th Annual Holy Cross
                       Family Skate-Nite                     Volunteer & Ministry Opportunities
                       sponsored by Parish Life
                       Lakeshore Hockey Arena                            Auction Planning
                       123 Ling Road (West Rink)                           Meetings continue, Thursdays thru May 17
                                                                            at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center.
Wednesday, April 11, 6 - 8 PM                                               All are welcome – join us and find out how you
                 Doors Open at 5:40 PM                                      can participate. Please consider some of the
                                                                            many ways to Get Involved: Drop off an 8x10
     Admission at the Door Night of Event                    frame you no longer use or purchase a couple at the dollar
           Adults: $4 . Students: $2                         store. Advertise your business by becoming a sponsor
             Special Family Price                            ( Purchase a certificate as a
         $10 for 2 adults with 2 children                    gift at Groupon or LivingSocial, and donate it Volunteer to
                                                             help with the evening ( Return
                                                             those bottles/cans and donate the receipt for us to use
      • $3 per skate rental, payable to Lakeshore            Bring in some snack foods like cheese, crackers, dip, or fruit
              • Cash Snack bar is available                  for auction night Donate an item such as: spa certificates,
     Address questions to: Ed DiPonzio at 663-3382           jewelry, sports equipment, bocce set, wind chimes, garden-
        or via e-mail at             ing tools, potted plants, panini or coffee maker, gift cards to
  Family, Friends and Neighbors are welcome!                 your favorite restaurants All of the above may be
                                                             dropped off in the Parish Office, Monday-Friday 10:00
                                                             AM till 4:00 PM.

3rd Annual CYO Sr. Old Timers                                           Help with Easter Baskets
Basketball Tournament                                                   Our tweens, teens, and altar servers are once
Saturday, April 14 & Sunday, April 15                                   again making Easter Baskets for St Joseph’s
Holy Cross “Bombers” Gym                                                Villa. Your help in filling these baskets is very
          Teams from Holy Cross, Blessed Sacrament,                     much appreciated. We need: baskets, lots of
          Good Shepherd, St Stan’s, Faith Temple, St         large cellophane covers, ribbon, large centerpiece
          John’s, St Thomas Aquinas, and St Peter’s will     chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, any candy in a closed bag
          take the court. Games on Saturday at 11:00 AM,     especially eggs, or anything you remember you liked (we
12:15 PM, 1:45 PM, and 3:30 PM. Games on Sunday start        can’t use bulk), peeps, and little toys or trinkets. We will be
at 1:00 PM.                                                  making and delivering them to St Joseph's Villa THIS Fri-
All proceeds from this event will go to the cheerleading     day, March 30 so please leave your donation in the box by
program and the boys and girls youth basketball program      the parish center. Questions? Call Donna at 944-0777.
at Holy Cross grammar school.
Come out and support this special event!
                                                             Festival Committee Needs Coordinators
                                                             Monday, April 2 at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center
For more information, contact Bill Conge at 482-2626.
                                                                        Festival time is coming up quickly! Many hands
                                                                        make light work and we need enthusiastic lead-
                                                                        ers to drive us to the finish line. The Festival is
              Lenten Food Drive                                         one of our Major Fundraisers of the year, and a
               Please make a sacrifice during this Lenten    great way to meet new friends.
               season and fill our food shelves so that we   If you’re interested, call John DeSanto at 698-3589, or
               can continue to meet the needs of those       leave your name at the parish office, 663-2244.
               less fortunate. Leave items at the North
               Entrance of the church and in the Parish      History Buffs and Archivists Needed
 Center Foyer. We need:                                      We would like to create a virtual tour of Holy Cross Church
 spaghetti and sauce            tuna fish                    for our parish website. Our first step is to gather historical
 macaroni & wide noodles        peanut butter and jelly      information about the different areas of the church. We
 Campbell or Bush’s beans cereal, all kinds                  need info for our Infant of Prague, Statuary, Tabernacle,
 boxed macaroni and cheese Jello & instant pudding           our Blessed Grimwald Icon, etc. We are looking for people
 instant mashed potatoes        brownie and cake mix         to take on one area and see what they can find out about
 cake frosting                  condiments                   where it came from, the artist, year it was acquired, or any
 coffee, hot chocolate          canned vegetables & fruit    other interesting facts that make it unique to Holy Cross.
 paper towels, bath tissue      canned soup                  Interested in preserving Holy Cross for the future?
              Thank you for your generosity.                 Contact Ernie Bello at
                                                             or 360-0978 for more information.
 March 25, 2012                            Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                                             5

                                   Volunteer & Ministry Opportunities

                      Can You Believe Palm Sunday is Next Sunday? Please check your calendars now
                       and determine how and when you’ll be able to participate during Holy Week and on Easter Sunday.
                        We hope you will consider sharing your time and talents to provide a reverent, spiritual, and joyful
                        experience for all. See some of the opportunities below.

Liturgical Ministers for Holy Week                                  All who serve/have filled in as an Usher or
and Easter Sunday Needed                                            Greeter, please sign up for Holy Week
Holy Week and Easter Liturgies are by special                       and Easter Sunday
assignment. Our normal monthly schedule is not followed,            We want to avoid having to pull people from the congrega-
but all liturgical ministers are still needed. All are invited to   tion to serve as ushers, so we encourage all ushers—
sign up in the Parish Center Foyer for ministering at our           regulars, fill-ins, men, women, and teens—to let us know
Holy Week Services & Easter Sunday Masses. Sign up                  at which services you are willing to volunteer in this very
sheets are now posted in the parish center foyer.                   important ministry. Sign up sheets are now posted on
                                                                    the usher closet at the Lake Avenue entrance.
        Preparation for Easter…
        Spring Cleaning Time                                                             Looking for 12 “Apostles”
        Tuesday, April 3 at 12:30 PM                                                       Holy Thursday, April 5 at 7:00 PM
                Any help you can give to prepare the Church                                Still trying to figure out just “WHAT”
                for our Easter celebrations would be greatly                               you might do for this Lent? Consider
                appreciated. A crew will be gathering to do a                              a gift of ‘being served and then in
                major cleaning of our church. Come one,                                    turn, serving others, by signing up to
come all, male, female, young and old. Many hands make              have your feet washed. Jesus told His Apostles: “Unless I
for light work. We need to get into the nooks and crannies          wash you, you will have no inheritance with me.” Jn 13:8
of our church, clean out the cobwebs and make our church            On Holy Thursday, we celebrate Jesus sharing the feast
sparkle: our Holy Water Bowls need cleaning; railings &             of Passover with His Apostles and before this dinner start-
statues dusted; floors vacuumed and swept. There will be            ed, Jesus showed us an example of service. By your own
plenty to do, even if you can only help for half an hour or         Baptism, you also have been chosen to be served by our
so. If you are available on this cleaning day, please               Lord.
consider coming to lend a hand. If you would be able to
                                                                    During our Holy Thursday evening Mass, you would be
come, call the Parish Office (663-2244) and leave your
                                                                    one of our twelve ‘Apostles’ (men, women and a couple of
name. (Drop-ins are always welcome as well!) We will
                                                                    children) offering to have one of your feet washed. And
have some cleaning supplies on hand, but if you can bring
                                                                    yes, it is humbling to let others serve you. Then our
any, that is appreciated. If you wish to help but can’t come
                                                                    ‘Apostles’ will in turn, offer to “wash” the hands of people
on the 3rd, let us know and we will give you a job to do, at
                                                                    in our congregation.
a time of your convenience.
                                                                    There is a sign-up sheet in the parish center foyer.
                                                                    Or you can call or email the Parish Office (663-2244;
Easter Decorating                                          ). What possibly will you do, to
Good Friday, April 6 at 10:30 AM, School Gym                        surrender to the will of your Father?
Holy Saturday, April 7 at 9:00 AM, Church
The Liturgy Committee invites anyone who would like to                                         Sing for Easter Joy
assist in decorating the church and school gym for Easter
to join them. Many hands make the work light. There is a                                       We are putting together a
job for the young, old and in between, for families, singles,                                  children's cantor group to lead
children and couples. We had a wonderful turnout                                               our Easter Celebration for the
for Christmas decorating and we hope for a                                                     10:00 AM Mass in the gym.
repeat. Please call the Parish Office at                                                       If your child is interested and
663-2244 if you plan to help.                                       can sing, call Ms. Jacobi at 621-8133 and leave your
                                                                    name and phone number. Rehearsal details to follow.
                                                                    Join us! It just makes you feel good to sing for Jesus,
                                                                    especially on Easter Sunday.
 6                                          Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                                   March 25, 2011

Invite Someone to Join Us at Holy Cross COMING UP...
JESUS tells us to go and make disciples of all                      Holy Cross Parish
people; to seek out the lost sheep; to spread the                   Celebration of Holy Week
“Good News” of the Gospel message.                                              NEXT Saturday, March 31 Palm Sunday
Want to share the joy and peace that you experience through                     3:30 PM Confessions until 4:30 PM
your faith, but don’t know how? Have you been wanting to                        Blessing of Palms at all Masses
invite a relative, friend, or neighbor to Holy Cross?                           5:00 PM Celebration of Palm Sunday
                                                                                7:00 PM Celebration of Palm Sunday
Now is the perfect time! Invite
them to Lenten Programs, Rosary,                                    NEXT Sunday, April 1 Palm Sunday
Holy Week Services, or Easter.                                      8:00 AM Celebration of Palm Sunday
                                                                    10:00 AM Solemn Blessing of Palms, Procession & Mass
Encourage them to join you
                                                                    12:00 PM Celebration of Palm Sunday
when you help out with the
Auction or Festival.                                                                 Thursday, April 5 HOLY THURSDAY
Look for these cards in the card                                                     4:00 PM Confessions until 4:30 PM
rack in the parish center foyer and at the                                           7:00 PM Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s
doors of church. Detach the invitation portion,                                      Last Supper followed by Visitations of
personalize it, and then hand it to, or mail it to that person.                      neighboring Churches. All are invited to
                                                                    take part in this traditional adoration of the Blessed
                                                                    Sacrament. (Doors will remain open until midnight
Holy Cross Church and our Contemporary Music Ensemble present
                                                                    for visits)
                                                                                     Friday, April 6 GOOD FRIDAY
                   Lovelight                                                         Day of Fast and Abstinence
                   Good Friday, April 6                                              2:00 PM Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s
                   at 7:30 PM* in church                                             Passion & Death Sacrament of Penance
A Tenebrae Service for Good Friday, adapted from “Lovelight”                         after Liturgy until all are heard
by Janet Litherland                                                 7:30 PM Tenebrae Service*
                                                                    *NOTE: This replaces the Stations of the Cross
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me
will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”      Saturday, April 7 - HOLY SATURDAY
                                                                               NO 5:00 PM or 7:00 PM Masses
Join us on Good Friday as we conclude our Lenten journey
                                                                    3:30 PM Confessions until 4:30 PM
with a special evening service. Lovelight is an adaptation
                                                                    7:30 PM Solemn Easter Vigil
of the ancient Tenebrae service, incorporating candlelight,
                                                                               and Liturgy of the Resurrection
scripture readings, music, characterizations and silence to
                                                                               Celebration of Rites of Initiation - Adult Choir
tell the Passion story. It is a very powerful and moving
experience you won’t want to miss.                                  Sunday, April 8 - EASTER SUNDAY
*NOTE: This replaces the Stations of the Cross                      8:00 AM Celebration of Easter - Organ and Cantor
                                                                    10:00 AM Celebration of Easter - Church
What is Tenebrae? Dating back to the 8th century, Christians                  Contemporary Music Group
have gathered as the sun sets on Good Friday to recall the hours    10:00 AM Celebration of Easter* - School Gym
of darkness that overcame the earth during the events of the                  Children Cantor Group
crucifixion. This service, called Tenebrae, from the Latin word
                                                                    12:00 PM Celebration of Easter - Organ and Cantor
for “darkness” or “shadows”, was a reflection on the suffering of
Christ as he endured the “shadows” of betrayal, denial, anguish,
humiliation, separation and death in the final days of his life.
During Lovelight you will observe a diminishing of light, a sign    Family Celebration of Easter*& Easter Eggs
of the darkness closing in around Jesus. Before the closing, a
                                                                    The Liturgy Committee has planned a second 10:00 AM
sudden thunderous noise will pierce our silence, representing the
earthquake that occurred upon his death and the stone being
                                                                    Mass on Easter Sunday in the School Gym. This
rolled to seal the tomb. The story isn’t over until Easter Day.     celebration is family-oriented and thus might be ideal for
                                                                    families with small children. On Easter Sunday at All
                                                                    Masses we invite the families of Holy Cross to bring a
                                                                    colorful, hardboiled Easter Egg and place it in the front of
                                                                    Church. The eggs will then be distributed to local soup
                                                                    kitchens to help them celebrate the great feast of the
  March 25, 2012                      Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                                7

   Masses for the Week, Mar 25—April 1                       This Week at a Glance:
   SUNDAY, March 25 5th Sunday of Lent                       SUNDAY, March 25 5th Sunday of Lent
   8:00 Deceased Members of the Cinelli & Maira Families     8:00 AM Mass Streamed Live on Website
         by Brenda, Jasmine, and Tony                        8:00 AM CYO Mass & Banquet – Diplomat
   10:00 Joseph Mueller by Beverly Neroni                    10:00 AM Religious Ed Preschool – School
   12:00 Jeannie Baker by The Lyons Family                   10:00 AM Mass Streamed Live on Website
   MONDAY, March 26 The Annunciation of the Lord             11:00 AM Coffee Hour – Parish Center
   7:30 Joseph, Mary, Margaret, and Josephine                11:30 AM Religious Ed Classes – School
         Callipare by The Family                             1:00 PM Sr Hi Gathering – Convent
   5:20 James Bell by Vince & Gerry Campbell                 1:00—8:00 PM CYO – Gym
   TUESDAY, March 27                                         2:00 PM EGreece/Charlotte Penance Service
   7:30 Jory Sweet by John & Kathleen Bell                            – Mother of Sorrows
   5:20 Thomas Sinnott by Sharon & Don Scantlin              6:30 PM Divine Mercy Prayer – Church
   WEDNESDAY, March 28                                       MONDAY, March 26
   7:30 Patricia Readon by John & Kathleen Bell              3:00—10:00 PM CYO – Gym
   5:20 James & Agnes Cahill by The Family                   6:30 PM Religious Ed Classes – School
   THURSDAY, March 29                                        TUESDAY, March 27
   7:30 James Bell by Toni Roback                            11:00 AM Communion Service – High Rises
   5:20 Grace Allen by Randy & Cindee Briffa                 3:00—10:00 PM CYO – Gym
   FRIDAY, March 30                                          6:30 PM 1st Eucharist Meeting – School
   7:30 Maureen Madonia by Veronica Schoenheit               7:00 PM RCIA – Parish Office
   5:20 Joseph Marinucci by The Family                       7:00 PM New Dawnings Bereavement – Parish Center
   SATURDAY, March 31                                        WEDNESDAY, March 28
   8:00 Anthony Christiano by The Family                     1:00 – 5:00 PM Eucharistic Adoration – Church
   5:00 Mary Sedor by Daughter Amelia Heim                   3:00—10:00 PM CYO – Gym
   7:00 Stanley Prewasnicak                                  7:00 PM Choir Rehearsal – Church
         by Thomas Sawnor & Family                           7:00 PM Lenten DVD Series – School Art Room
   SUNDAY, April 1 Palm Sunday                               THURSDAY, March 29
   8:00 James Speranza by Benda Bennett                      9:15 AM Rosary Group – Church
   10:00 James Kerwin by Wife Mary                           3:00—10:00 PM CYO – Gym
   12:00 Richard Zicari by Rita Martin                       7:00 PM Auction Meeting – Parish Center
                                                             7:30 PM Contemporary Music Ens Rehearsal – PC
            Wills/Bequests/Memorials—                        FRIDAY, March 30
        Please Remember Holy Cross Parish                    8:00 AM Stations of the Cross – Church
               and Holy Cross School                         1:00 PM Stations of the Cross – Church
                                                             3:00—10:00 PM CYO – Gym
                                                             3:30 PM Bunny Bopp & Altar Server Project – PC
                                                             7:30 PM Stations of the Cross – Church
                                                             SATURDAY, March 31
       Pray for the deceased especially:                     8:30 AM—7:00 PM CYO – Gym
     Walter Frank, brother of Terry Smith                    SUNDAY, April 1 Palm Sunday
and Richard Medley, brother-in-law of Sr. Kathy              10:00 AM Religious Ed Preschool – School
                                                             10:00 PM Mass Streamed Live on Website
                                                             11:00 AM Coffee Hour – Parish Center
               Sanctuary Gifts:                              11:30 AM Religious Ed Classes – School
                                                             1:00 PM Sr Hi Gathering – Convent
                Week of March 25—31                          6:30 PM Divine Mercy Prayer – Church
           The Altar Wine and Altar Bread
             will be Offered in Memory of
       James Bell by Karen & Jim Bell & Family
                                                                            Please welcome
      The Candle in Church will burn in Memory of                     Brielle Grace Ernstberger
      Madeline DiGirolamo by Kevin & Cindy Foy              who wasrecently baptized into our Catholic faith.
 8                                          Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                            March 25, 2012

                                                                    Please help us keep our prayer list of those serving in
                                                                    our Armed Forces up to date. Let us know if any have
                                                                    safely returned home.
Mass Attendance….………………........................ 1,253
Loose Monies………………………………. $ 1,466.04                                            Let us keep in our prayers those who are
Using Envelopes………….….……….……. $ 8,919.85                                        serving our country in the Armed Forces;
Electronic Transfer………………….…..…..$ 1,677.50                                       Lt Col Paul Pratt, SPC Carlson C King,
Giving Forward……………………..……… $                  480.91                             Michael Boyer, PFC Christopher Ciaccia,
                                                                    Sgt Stephen Butler, Michael Shehey, Gregg Edwards, Brian
March 18 Offering…................................... $ 12,543.80   Kehm, Keith W. Rodak, Paul Kurtenbach, Michael Ouelette,
Amt needed per week ……......................... $ 12,000.00         Josh Raetz, Joel Turnbull, Daniel Bachmann, Matthew
Weekly Average since July 1, 2011 ………$ 12,483.21                    Battista, Spc. Jason Briffa, Jonathan Benvenuto, Joseph D.
                                                                    Benvenuto, Spc. Robert Blinn, Colleen Drexel, Andrew
Catholic Relief Services ……….….……… $                     1,313.25   Gaudy, Vern Jensen, Michael Giardino, Joshua Graham,
                                                                    Daniel Grashof, Andrew Karpinski, Christopher Manfredi,
                                                                    Michael Marino, Sean McGovern, Steve McGary, Stephen
Special Collections                                                 Moll, Jared Patrick McMullen, Adam Mercandetti, Terrence
THIS Week, March 24/25 Easter Flowers                               Nolan, Sgt. Irv Ogdenski, Captain Mark Piccone, Airman
                       And School Fund                              Michael Palermo, Christopher Ranous, Joseph Ranous, Lor-
                                                                    en Taddeo, Gregory Reese, Sgt. Rorie Short, Kevin Smith,
Thank you for using your envelopes!
                                                                    Gary Struble, Patrick Wayne, Matthew Weidenbach, Jona-
                                                                    than Jardas, 2nd Lt. Nicholas Brown, Tim Whelehan, Ssgt.
                                                                    Russell Brown, Lisa Hatch, Nicholas Case, Kevin Bradley,
                                                                    Kathryn Drew Scott, Ensign Andrea Benvenuto, Wiley Sum-
  Around the Diocese                                                mers, Erik Johnson, PVT 1st Class Richard Schultz, Mat-
  Acies-Legion of Mary                                              thew Babcock, Staff Sgt Anthony J. White, Sgt Jason
  THIS Sunday, March 25 at 3:00 PM                                  McMullen, Michael Hodge, Chris Daley, Corey Pedeville,
  Holy Trinity Church, 1460 Rdge Rd, Webster, NY                    Danny Gibaud, SPC Christopher L. Heim, A1C Matthew
  All Auxiliary Members, relatives, and friends are invited to      Kommeth, Justin Urban, A1C Jacob Hubbel, Sgt Gene
  attend. For more information, place contact Mary                  Thompson, Michael Randolph, Kara Dwaileebe, Airman
  Murphy at 342-4966.                                               Jon McHugh, Zachary Buttaro, Paul Hryhorenko, and Jarred
                                                                    Robertson, PFC Kyle Durfee and Branden Gums
  Science Tests Faith
  Seeing is Believing
  THIS Thursday, March 29 from 7:00 ‘til 9:00 PM
  Church of St Leo, 167 Lake Ave, Hilton, NY 14468
  View a trailer at and click on the
  link for the St. Leo event. Call Dominic Salamida at
  392-2710 for more information. Invite everyone you know
  because this is just too important to miss!

  Good Friday Prayer Service* and Stations of
  the Cross in Reparation for Abortion
  Good Friday, April 6, at 9:00 AM                                  A Catholic School of Excellence,
  *Lasting approximately 1/2 hour
  Chapel at McQuaid Jesuit High School, 1800 S. Clinton Avenue
                                                                        Now & for the Future
                   Let us pray together to bring an end to                 Preschool through Grade 6
                   abortion! We will begin with a prayer
                   service and then pray the Stations of the
                                                                       Catholic School Registration Continues
                   Cross and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, led                         For more information,
                   by a number of priests, deacons and reli-                  visit
                   gious, outside of a nearby abortion facility.
                   We urge you and your family and friends to                    Catholic Schools, a place where
                   be a part of this prayer on Good Friday.             “Faith, Academics, Service” are alive and thriving.
  If you have any questions, please call Bob/Amy
  Dorscheid (585) 732-8994.
  Sponsored by The Pro-Life Planning Committee PO Box
  90969, Rochester, NY 14609.
 March 25, 2012                             Holy Cross Church, Rochester, New York                                                    9

Liturgical Ministers Week of March 31/April 1 (1st Sunday of the Month)
        Coordinators Eucharistic Ministers                            Lectors     Cantors         Altar Servers       Streamed Mass
5 PM    Mary Bringley Bob Bringley, Nick DeLucenay, Tom Kausch        Jim Bauch   Bill Brown      Sam Nelson,
                      Mary Jo Jesmer, Michele Jelfo, Need 1 More                                  S & D Bauch

7 PM    Michael Shea    Karen Henrichs, Tom & Vicki Weidenbach        Joe Siri-   Contemporary   Ai Nasca, S Swan
                                                                      anni        Music Ensemble
8 AM    Jack Foy        Pat Gunther, Ron Sauers, Terri Sharpe,        Kevin Foy Ellen Metherell   K DeBot
                        Need 1 More                                                               Training L Worden

10 AM Lou D’Angelo      Andrew and Mary Conover, Mary D’Angelo,       Karen       Michael         S & S Cavacos,      Maureen Baran
                        Marian Coon, Bobbie Murphy, Bobbt Uy          Cavacos     Valicenti       K Bliss, M Uy

12 PM   Ernie Bello     Mary Martell, Need 2 More                     Terri       Dick            Z Martell
                                                                      Robach      Lawrence        Training D Hubbel

Ministers Week of March 31/April 1 (1st Sunday of the Month)                                                          April 4
Children’s Liturgy     Coffee Hour      Small Altar Linens          Sacristans                                        Shore Winds
Worden/Putnam          Jenn Atseff      Noreen Eddy                 Jack & Darlene Stewart                            Maureen Staves

Altar Servers March 26—30
            Monday                   Tuesday                       Wednesday                   Thursday               Friday
7:30 AM     Need Server              Need Server                   Need Server                 Need Server            Need Server
5:20 PM     J, S, M Tachin           D & A Copenhagen              Z Martell, S Nelson         S & N Swan             Need Server

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