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									1 Library/Literacy Promotion Ideas Annual National Promotions: Elementary: Children’s Book Week Read Across America (Websites listed below) Secondary: Banned Book Week Teen Read Week All Levels: National Library Week School Library Media Month ALA Library Promotions: Gale Public and School Libraries Marketing Materials: Bulletin Boards: How to Kit: “Get Caught Reading” and other literacy promotion ideas: A Middle School Literacy Promotion Guide: pdf Marketing the School Library Media Program: Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Ideas: Send out ballots asking each student and staff member to vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss book. Create a bar graph to display the results. Take pictures of your staff with their favorite books and make a display. Have a bulletin board contest to see who can match staff member with their favorite book. Daily theme ideas: Hat day – Cat in the Hat, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins Wear red – I was “read” to today Crazy sock day – Fox in Socks Stop, Drop, & Read Day – A designated time to stop everything and read. Activity Center Ideas: Hop on Pop Cat in the Hat

Jump on bubble wrap or jumping rope Make a red and white hat

2 Use animal stamps to create a zoo Play fish Tic-Tac-Toe Make birthday cards Pick an egg from a basket and make the sounds written on the paper in the egg Mr. Brown can Moo, Can You? Oh Say Can You Say? Practice saying tongue twisters The Foot Book Trace a foot and make a bookmark Any Seuss book Draw Dr. Seuss characters (see the website for ideas) (From School Library Media Activities Monthly, March 2005) Dr. Seuss Ideas from LM-Net - February, 2003 Websites: If I Ran the Zoo One Fish, Two Fish Happy Birthday to You Horton Hatches an Egg

General Promotion Ideas Pen pal program: Recruit adult volunteers to be penpals with your students. Model it from the “In2Books” program, which seeks to improve the literacy skills of students by linking them with adult pen pals to talk about books they read. It is based on the basic idea that when children learn to read, write and think effectively, they have a much greater chance of success, not only in school but also in life. At the start of the school year students are matched with a pen pal and both are given the same list of books to read. They then exchange correspondence about the books throughout the school year. For more information about In2Books, visit (From American Teacher, May/June 2003) Library – Have a shower or tea to celebrate the “new arrivals” (new books) Create a library brochure Reading Promotions: Book walk (like a cake walk) Bingo for books Shelf labels with suggested books with teacher’s names Bookmark contest Book parade – wearing posterboard representations of book covers

3 Chalk One Up for Reading – Decorate doors, sidewalks, etc with chalk designs promoting reading. Warm up to poetry – wear sweats Any time is book time – wear as many watches as you can Invite guest readers in or have the principal read to classes Book Buddy reading matching older classes with younger ones Poster contest Get Caught Reading promotion ( RIF Themes or other reading celebration events: I was read to today - everyone wears red Reading is Cool – Winter theme read alouds, bookmarks, wear scarves, mittens and hats Laugh it Up, Read! – Bookmarks with jokes on them, reader reads a couple of jokes or funny poems in addition to a funny read aloud, readers wear big, funny sunglasses or nose and mustache glasses Free to Read! – Patriotic theme, wear red, white & blue Reading Puts You A-head! Wear hats or hats off to reading. Read alouds like The Magic Hat, The Hat by Jan Brett, The Cat in the Hat, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins Slip into Reading – Wear Slippers Aloha to Reading – Hawaiian shirts and leis Salute a Good Book or Free to Read– patriotic theme, wear red, white & blue Pass it on – Read! Or Tackle a Good Book! (Football theme) Get in the Game – Read! (Sports theme) Caution, Readers at Work! (Construction worker theme) Chalk One Up For Reading! Designa door display with chalk, decorate sidewalks or the steps to the building Track Down A Good Book! – (Backpack, hiker theme) Dive into Non-Fiction (Read alouds all non-fiction. Readers wear scuba gear and beach towels or swimming rings) Book swap – Nice to do at Christmas time Promote it for 2 weeks ahead of time with posters and announcements. Start accepting books right away. Encourage them to bring in all kinds of books, including childrens books, cookbooks, etc. When students bring in books, give them a paper indicating the number of books they brought in. It was suggested that you run the swap for 4 days. On the first two days, only those who brought in books get to come in to choose the number of books equal to the number they brought in. Day 1 = Swap only, Day 2 = Swap only, Days 3 & 4 Give away remaining books and provide wrapping paper for them to give as gifts. The children’s books are good gifts for younger siblings and the there might be some books parents would be interested in as well. (One year the school got donations from a used book store – it doesn’t hurt to ask!) At the beginning of the year, make a “year-at-a-glance” plan. Include arts partners if possible. Some successful programs have included quilts, tile murals, and poetry.

4 Always have a gimmick: Check out a book and get a valentine (Make them on the computer) Chinese new year – give them a fortune cookie if they check out a book Design your own bookmark contest Hot tea party – Come for tea (One day event when it’s cold) Or – Cocoa Day Origami day – provide paper and origami books Stepping Up, Stepping Out (Step Counters) Goal of 10,000 steps per day, 10 pages read per day “Borders Day” – Recruit the instrumental students to play while students are browsing for books. Use your band students to play their trumpets for “Trumpet Fanfare” introducing new books. Unveiling of new books – What’s behind curtain 1, 2, 3, etc. Booktalk the books and then have the students put their names in a hat for any book they are interested in checking out and then draw a name out to determine who gets the first check out. Library/Book Trivia questions on morning announcements Serve on the school literacy committee Random give aways or drawings– Can of pop Magazine Paperbacks Sock puppets Movie tickets Posters Bookmarks Highlighters Program Ideas: Leapin Lizards and Funny Frogs – Invite the Zoo Outreach program (free to Title schools). They can bring fascinating reptiles and amphibians. They include a story and puppet. Release party for a new book in a series. Teen Poetry Café – Once a month spread poetry books out on tables, cappuccino, coffee and snacks, open mic, discussion between poems, recite or read. Hang time for MS – games, reading music, magazines, puzzles

5 Poetry slam: (Everything you ever wanted to know about poetry slams is at this website.) A Teen Poetry website: Events in the library: Game days Puzzle days (Jigsaw, paper, word puzzles, manipulatives) Chess tournaments Checker tournaments Keep a Scrabble game rack in the library and each day put 7 letters out (usually 4 consonants and 3 vowels), but increasingly more difficult. Students have to make the highest scoring word they can. The word has to be in a specific dictionary supplied by the librarian. There are double and triple letter and word score squares as well as the bonus 50 points for using all the letters. Students submit their answers and get daily and weekly prizes. Reading contests: By class or individual Choose a theme and set the dates Determine if it is pages read, minutes read, or books read Provide form to document reading Provide “prizes” Reading “Rock-a-thon” Author of the month or Genre of the month Reading parade – decorate T shirts like the front and back of a book. Invite community people in: Local authors, storytellers WSU cheerleaders – Reading Rah, Rah, Rah Put a Salvation Army Angel Tree in your library. Students bring gifts and they go to the designated family/individual listed on angel. Pennies for Patients – Leukemia Society (Collect pennies for patients.) Chocolate for Charities – Chocolate fountain – they pay $ to get to dip into it. Provide crackers, marshmallows, etc. Poetry event (one grade level team at a time) Use black trash bags as costumes. They used berets from the ROTC room, sunglasses, mustaches, goatees, bongo drums. Start with a “vocabulary lesson” – ex. Daddeo, Cool Cat, etc. Put paper on the tables and provide chalk for them to write with. Provide cocoa for the “coffee house” and a spotlight on the “speaker”. Students can read a poem of their choice at the microphone. Play Bob Dillon and Peter Paul and Mary for background music.


Overdue book amnesty: when the students were studying Incas, a llama came to the school. The put a saddlebag on it and the students could put in their overdue/lost books. They received a llama bookmark. Put up flyers around the building: So you can read this – Try a Book! Use Quotes about reading and/or books, or kids quotes Put poems on the inside of the bathroom doors.

Family Night Ideas: Students/parents rotate through centers At computer, let students send an e-card from the RIF website to a teacher or family member Reading relay Read the newspaper Make paper airplanes (technical text) Make foil swans (technical text) Book bingo Book swap Drawing center of book characters Have students decorate boxes to be their “at home book shelf”. Use extra book covers and vendor catalogs to decorate the boxes. Model reading aloud for parents

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