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					                                                                                                                                                 El Camino Quilters

                            QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs                                                                                               MARCH 2013

                                                                                                                                             Inside this issue:

Hi there, everyone!!                                                                                                                         Our  Leaders              2  
                                                                                                                                             Square  Exchange          3  
How beautiful we all looked in our wearable art creations at the February meeting! You are all                                               Workshops                 4  
so inspiring! And our speaker had so many wonderful ideas, too. The great techniques that she                                                Birthdays                 6  
talked about can be used in quilts and table toppers and other items, as well as wearable art. I
                                                                                                                                             Cuddle  Quilts            7  
                                                                                                                                             Lucky  Block              8  
                                                                                                                                             Member  Spotlight         10  
As I write this I am getting ready for our retreat in Temecula. I have been lucky enough to attend
                                                                                                                                             Silent  Auction  Info     13  
                                                                                                                                             Glendale  Quilt  Show     14  
                                                                                                                                             Irish  Pirate             15  

Speaking of spring! I was looking out my window and noticed that there are just the first few first
blooms on my apple tree. Just a reminder that in no time spring will be here. So, get out those
                                                                                                                                                   Where did it go??
those wonderful techniques our speaker mentioned and set aside some time to lose yourself in a
day, or at least a few precious hours, of sewing and creativity. You will be glad you did!!!!                                                Keep your newsletters!
                                                                                                                                          El Camino Quilters Quiltlet
                                                                                                                                          Banner Instructions:
     - Linda
                                                                                                                                          January pg 10
                                                                                                                                          UFO Challenge:
                                         UPCOMING  PROGRAMS: Karla  Alexander	
                                                                                                                                          January pg 12
Quilt  designer  and  author,  Karla  Alexander  will  come  to  us  from  beautiful  Salem  OR,  for  our  March  meeting  and  

A  featured  teacher  at  many  quilt  retreats,  Karla  has  taught  thousands  of  students  how  to  quilt  using  a  variety  of  
methods  including  her  own  stack  methods.    
together  her  love  of  quilt  making  today  with  visions  of  quilters  from  days  gone  by.                                         Board  Meeting  -­‐‑      
                                                                                                                                          Thursday,  March  7,  10:00  
Karla  holds  that  those  quilts  created  without  precision  rulers  and  rotary  cutters  have  one  thing  in  common  with                                          
the  quilts  made  today the  vision  of  a  quilt.    Join  Karla  on  her  unconventional  but  reliable  approach  to  quilt  
making,  which  stitches  together  past  techniques  with  current  ones.  Karla  will  bring  lots  of  quilts  to  illustrate  her       
                                                                                                                                          General  Meeting  -­‐‑    
                                                                                                                                          Thursday,  March  14,  
Karla  Alexander  has  written  seven  books  on  her  unique  quilting  techniques,  and  her  eighth  book  is  due  for  re-­
lease  in  October  of  2013.                                                                                                             9:30  am,    at  North  Coast  
                                                                                                                                          Church,  Oceanside  
See  you  at  the  March  meeting!                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                          Workshop  -­‐‑    
And  plan  ahead  for  our  April  speaker,  Mary  Huey,  who  closed  her  quilt  shop  after  26  years  to  focus  on  teaching  
                                                                                                                                          March  15  at  Quilt  in  a  
                                                                                                                                          Day,  San  Marcos  
UFO  challenge:  Mary  will  share  her  UFO  ASSAULT  PLAN  with  all  of  us!                                                           	
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             Page 2                                                         QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs  
                                        El Camino Quilt Guild 2013 Board Members

President:              Linda Pupols               760-945-3787 Secretary: Gail Yakos                                 760-752-8336
VP Programs: Susan Ramey                           760-721-1743 Treasurer: Eloise Housman                           858-755-7066
                                 760-631-1565 Membership: Nicki Hobson
                        Linda Bannan                                                                                 760-598-8289
VP Workshops Madeline Rosenberg 760-231-8404              Louise Strickler                                           760-746-4905

                            Jane Berquist          760-630-7363
                                    El Camino Quilters 2013 Committee Membership
Bus Trips:                                    Newsletter :                                      Quilt Show 2013 committee:
Judy Ledford                   760-726-4429   OPEN                                              Julie Calvario          760-639-1704
Christmas Exchange:                           JoAnne Foster, Advertising         760-727-2862   Refreshments:
Julie Calvario                 760-639-1704                                                     Marge Huntwork          760-828-2020
                                              Opportunity Table:
Facilities Liaison:
                                              Pointer Sisters Friendship Group
Katherine Stange               760-630-1088                                                     Retreat:
                                              Lois Bretzlaff                     760-753-0936
Gail Yakos                     760-752-8336                                                     JoAnne Foster           760-727-2862
                                              Sue Sebastian                      760-753-8412
Friendship Block:
                                              2013 Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sales               SCCQG Representative:
Phyllis Lewcock                760-274-4098
                                              Jennifer Musson                    760-745-1018   Hinde Socol             760-798-2209
Friendship Circles:
                                              2013 Opportunity Quilt Coordinator:
Julie Calvario                 760-639-1704
                                                                                                Silent Auction:
                                              Wendy Mathson                      858-486-2184
                                                                                                Linda Bannan            760-631-1565
                                              Philanthropy - General:
Guild Challenge:
                                                                                                Sharing Sign-ups:
                                              Ocean Waves Friendship Group
Brenda Knowlton                760-746-9647
                                                                                                Suzy Weinbach           303-517-1587
                                              Daria Roth                         760-224-0637
                                              Andrea Keskey                      760-439-6998
                                                                                                Jill Stearns            760-468-4099
Joy Deussen                    760-839-3805
                                              Philanthropy-Cuddle Quilts committee:             Alice Courteau          760-744-5541
                                              Dede Palmer (Co-Chair)             760-727-7806   Sunshine Ladies:
                                              Sharon Jackson (Co-Chair)          760 294-2530   Joyce Boyajian          760-602-9509
Linda Jacoway, co-chair        760-436-0057
                                              Candy Mittag (Co-Chair)            858-361-8905   Michelle Custer         760-529-5708
Amy Delmege, co-chair          760-917-4529
                                                                                                UFO Challenge:
Lucky Block:                                  Stephanie Swadell                  760-749-1529
                                                                                                Corky Blanco            760-458-0047
Sandy Buckley                  760-597-1818   Power Point slides:
                                                                                                Web Mistress:
Linda Ryan                     760-809-6310   Joy Deussen                        760-839-3805
                                                                                                Stephanie Swadell       760-749-1529
Membership Roster:                            Quiltlets:
Nicki Hobson                   760-598-8289   Carol Ramsing                      760-470-0185   Welcome committee:
                                                                                                Kim Egeland             760-929-8005
                                                                                                Helpers at Large:
Lendia Kinnaman                760-525-2817                                                     Joy Ameel               760-438-3800
Marge Huntwork                 760-828-2020                                                     Eloise Housman          858-755-7066
                                                                                                             Page 3

                         Square  Exchange  2013                       Submissions for the Newsletter are due the Mon-
                                    (Layer  Cakes)                      day following the monthly General Meeting.
Quality  fabric  only  -­Washed,  dried  and  ironed.    Remove                        Email items to:
 selvage  and  bring  with  squares  to  the  Guild  meeting.    
                  following  the  guild  meeting.    
                    1  yard  fabric  =    12  squares                              JOB OPPORTUNITY
                                                                    Blank Quilting Fabrics is looking for a Sales Repre-
MAR           Turquoise  &  Browns                                  sentative for their Southern California Territory. For
APR           Floral                                                more information, contact Cliff Garfinkel at 914-478-
MAY           Black  &  White                                       7900.
JUN           Polka  dots  
JUL           Lilacs/Purples  
AUG           Neutrals  
SEP           Dark  Batiks  
OCT           Fall  Colors  
NOV           Greens  
DEC           Blue  &  Silver  
    Contact:  Alice  Courteau  760-­744-­5541  
              Jill  Stearns  760-­468-­4099  

          Page 4                                                                 QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs  
                                    UPCOMING ECQ WORKSHOPS
                             Workshop fees are to be paid at time of registration.
                Workshops are held on the Friday following guild meeting at
             Quilt In A Day, 1955 Diamond St., San Marcos, 9:30am to 3:30 pm
       Cost $35/Members, $45/Guests - Sign-up at the next Guild meeting. Madeline
                                 Rosenberg, 760-231-8404

                                                  March -
                                              Karla Alexander
                                    Workshop -Gentle Curved Piecing

Explore a variety of spontaneous piecing and cutting techniques while creating one of a kind quilt blocks.
You'll learn to rediscover your own creativity while you work your quilt into your very own masterpiece.
Choose a quilt suggested from the list below and come ready to sew! You'll learn a variety of methods
from cutting and sewing free-form bent lines, perfect quarter inch tricks, tips on color choices, as well as a
variety of cutting and sewing methods that will be an added bonus to your bag of quilt tricks! Even if
you've never sewn a curve before, you'll be surprised how awesome your blocks will be!
Build your quilt one block at a time, taking time to evaluate your choices as you go.

                                                                                                                       April -
                                                                                                                       Mary Huey
                                                                                                                      Workshop -
                                                                                                                     Marie's Scraps

                                                                                                    A great outlet for all those scraps that cling to
                                                                                                    every quilter but piecing it is a great skill
                                                                                                    builder for improving machine piecing accu-
                                                   Page 5

       (Or more spe-
        Mark your cal-
       endar, March
       16 is National
       Quilting Day.
       Treat it like
       Super Bowl
       Sunday and get together with friends, take the
       day off from housework, yard work, errands or
       any other bothersome chore. Make some
       snacks, fire up the sewing machine, dig out a
       UFO or start up a new project. Join millions of
       your fellow sisters around the globe and cele-

       forget to support your LQS (Local Quilt Shop)
       We want them to stick around!

       of the committee names can be confusing. We have
       changed the names of some committees/activities to make
       it a little easier to know what they are for. For example:

       Ways & Means                                             -A
       guild fundraiser.

       Opportunity Quilt - We sell tickets (in addition to the
       ones you buy with membership) and take the quilt to pro-
       mote the guild and raise money (by selling tickets for the
       drawing). Another part of this committee is planning and
       making the new quilt for the next year.

       Welcoming committee - This committee is by the door
       and welcome you when you arrive. They are there to
       answer questions so ask them for directions around the
       room, etc. Also, they are available to help new members
       find their way around and introduce new members to our
       guild and it's members.

       New Member Coffee - For new members (and old mem-
       bers if you want to attend) to explain the activities of our
           Page 6                                              QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs  
                     March Birthdays                        

                       AND A GIFT.
If you are unable to bring them in your birthday
month, please bring them another month.

Dawn Marie Barge                                   3/24
Vera Bayliss                                       3/14
Nancy Beatty                                       3/26
Pat Becker                                         3/28
Joyce Boyajian                                     3/30
Lois Bretzlaff                                     3/25
Judy Brook                                         3/20
Marcia Bruce                                        3/3
Ruth Bunyan                                        3/16
Marlene Charron                                    3/22
Dodie Crain                                         3/2
Amy Delmege                                        3/19
Ginger Evans                                       3/12
Ann Fait                                           3/18
JoAnne Foster                                      3/13
Florence Graham                                    3/17
Nellie Hennington                                   3/2
Robyn Holt                                         3/14
Rosemary Holton                                    3/31
Beverly Jones                                      3/30
Dana Lovelace                                       3/6
Margaret Masssey                                   3/14
Jennifer Musson                                     3/5
Dede Palmer                                        3/22
Darlene Parker                                     3/19
Laurie Paurazas                                    3/12
Carol Ramsing                                       3/7
Merry Jo Rembold                                   3/26
Aiko Rogers                                        3/22
Hazel Samuels                                       3/3
Katherine Stang                                    3/18
Shirley Van Sickle                                 3/15
Ann Vidmar                                         3/13
Ann Wilson                                         3/11
                                                                                                                                 Page 7


We  had  our  first  workshop  at  Town  and  Country  and  it  was  great.    We  had  thirteen  people  come  and  we  
still  had  plenty  of  room  for  more.      We  cut  backs  for  quilt  tops,  cut  out  5  inch  squares  and  2  ½  inch  strips,  
and,  of  course,  lots  of  sewing  of  tops  and  quilting.    Material  is  also  available.    There  is  a  kitchen  with  a  
microwave  we  can  use  and  refrigerator  to  keep  lunches  cool.      

Last  year  we  donated  quilts  to  Generate  Hope.    Generate  Hope  provides  long-­term  housing  and  recov-­
ery  programs  to  survivors  of  human  trafficking.    They  have  several  safe  houses  throughout  San  Diego  
County.    These  homes  provide  a  safe  and  compassionate  environment  and  also  provide  a  learning  cen-­
ter   for   education   and   employment   readiness.      We   are   very   happy   to   provide   quilts   to   for   this   worthy  

At   the   retreat   this   weekend,   they   had   a   jelly   roll   race   sew   off   with   the   quilts   going   to   cuddle   quilts.    
Thanks  to  the  ladies  at  the  retreat  who  donated  their  jelly  roll  race  quilts  to  cuddle  quilts.  

WE  NEED  FLANNEL  that  is  at  least  11  inches  wide  for  a  new  flannel  quilt  using  cathedral  windows.    It  is  
a  beautiful  quilt  and  very  easy  to  make.    Once  it  is  sewn  together  it  is  ready  to  go.  No  long  arm  or  other  
quilting  needed.    We  also  need  batting  in  the  same  size.  We  are  in  the  process  of  putting  together  kits  to  
sew  at  the  workshops  and  are  great  for  teams  to  work  on.    Join  us  at  Town  &  Country  for  a  hands-­on  

Thank  you  for  the  quilts  turned  in  at  the  guild  meeting.    There  were  24  quilts,  2  beautiful  afghans  and  2  
baby  afghans  with  matching  hats.    They  will  be  greatly  appreciated.  

The  future  Cuddle  Quilt  Workshop  schedule  is:  

Oceanside  Senior  Center     March  4th,  2013  (1st  Monday     9:00-­3:00)  
455  Country  Club  Lane,  Oceanside,  CA  
As  a  reminder,  the  size  quilts  we  distribute  are:    adult     48  x  60;;  children     38  x  48;;  and  infant  (or  crib  
size)     30  x  36  and  San  Diego  Nice  Guys  patriotic  quilts   -­-­  48  x  58.    We  also  make  a  13  x  17  size  for  
                                                      NICU  premies.    These  are  given  to  the  NICU  units  at  Chil-­

                                                              flannel  or  soft  fabrics.      
                                                              Any  questions,  please  call  DeDe  Palmer  (760-­727-­7806)  or  
                                                              Sharon  Jackson  (760-­294-­2530).    If  there  is  anything  spe-­
                                                              cial   you   would   like   the   workshop   leaders   to   bring,   please  
                                                              let   them   know.      Linda   McKim   (Quilt   in   a   Day,   lindam-­
                                                    ,   Sharon   Jackson   (Town   &   Country  
                                                              Clubhouse,   and   Candy   Mit-­
                                                              tag,   (Oceanside   Senior   Center,    
                                                              Come  join  us  at  one  of  the  Workshops.    We  look  forward  to  
                                                              seeing  you.  
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         QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs  
Page 9
                     Page 10                                         QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs  

Born the Granddaughter of Lord & Lady Hallawell Rogers of Birmingham, England, Eloise Housman has lived life on all cylin-
ders. She came into the world in the (aptly named) town of Opportunity, Washington 70 years and has never shied away
from all the opportunities life has brought her way. Dad, Edward Falls Jr. worked for Motorola and the family lived in Los An-
geles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and New Jersey. At each location, her parents flipped houses before flipping was cool. They
loved to buy half-built houses and fix them up to sell. Eloise currently resides in Solana Beach and has since 1985.

Physics lab partner Christopher Stephen literally shocked Eloise and she married him just after college. As a programmer at
AtlanticRichfield in Catalina, she fed sea lions and went diving in her spare time while working to help hubby get his PhD. The
marriage ended and at her mid-life crisis (her words!) she married Bob Housman at age 40. Turned out not to be a crisis, as
she is still married to Bob with one 29 year-old son. They adopted Bob's nephew when he was entering Jr. High School and
he now has 2 children that are a joy.

Eloise has always worked outside the home. In 1965 all that was required to work with computers was an aptitude test,
which she passed since her degree was in Math and Science. Programmer training happened at the company, on the job! She
has worked for some very well known companies; Capitol Records, Hollywood; Starkist Tuna, Seal Beach where a whole
tuna was delivered to her desk as a gift! This was right in tune with how the office smelled anyway, so according to Eloise, it
was OK . After Starkist came Southern California Edison, where she stayed for the better part of 35 years. Eloise took a 9
year break from So Cal Edison to do other things, leaving as Manager of Systems Audits a position higher than any other
woman had at that time! Onward to Amer Medical, then Kaiser Permanente (where she met Bob), and the 1984 LA Olym-
pics! Whew!

Upon retirement, Eloise was introduced to quilting through her friend Joy Ameel. Joy took her to Quilt in a Day where she
met Eleanor Burns and began to learn about all things quilty. Quite a switch from computers. Her creative brain is still devel-
oping after all the analyzing so the rest will be history!

Now for the stuff you've all been dying to know. Eloise has:
Done barrel racing and drill in Texas rodeos.

NRA National Marksman Certificate 1960       a good shot. (Annie Oakley, watch out!)
Rode dirt bikes
Water skied from Redondo Beach to Catalina!
Started a first ever Women in Management Group at So. Cal Edison that still functions today.
Serves as Elder and Deacon in her Church
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     Page 12                                             QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs  

Thank you for making pillow cases for Radys children hospital and quilts for Neo Natal Unit at Tricity
hospital. Pillowcase instructions can be found on our website. Boys and girls fabrics are needed. Please
make sure the fabrics are washed. We do not need them in plastic bags.

The quilts for the Neonatal unit need to be 40X40 and all bright fabrics and/or baby fabrics to help
cheer the families with babies in the NeoNatal unit.

Here are a few that were turned in:

Thank you to the following for turning in pillowcase in January:
Gail Yakos -2
Party Wood -3
Andrea Keskey-2

Pillowcase turned in February:
Margarete Jones -1
Andrea Keskey -5
Tuesday Group-4

Neonatal quilts turned in February:
Margarete Jones -2
Martina Alexander -1
Andrea Keskey -1
Oceanwaves group -1  
                                             QqUuIiLlTt  SsCcRrAaPpSs                                                          Page 13




                       our  show.  
                      FUN STUFF
                                                     This just looks way too good.

                                                     dance a jig after this! Recipe


1 Cup Whole Milk
1 Pint Green Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
1 Teaspoon Pure Mint Extract
3 Tablespoons Dark Rum
Mint Sprigs

Put the milk, ice cream, extract & rum in blender. Blend on high until smooth,
about 15 seconds. Pour into two chilled glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint.

Courtesy of

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