ANTIQUES AND FINE ART SALE - Durrants by wuzhenguang


									                      Friday 16th September 2011
                                      Commencing 10.30am

Tel: 01502 713490 Fax: 01502 711039
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Durrants’ experience of Auction Sales dates back to 1853 and since that time we have continued to
undertake chattel sales and valuations throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

From our Auction Rooms at Peddars Lane, Beccles we conduct Fine Art and Antique Auction Sales every
month, interspersed with Specialist Sales.

Our team of Valuers and Auctioneers undertake valuations for probate and insurance purposes and provide
advice for sale and family division.

With our own salerooms, experienced staff and removal vehicles we are able to offer a comprehensive and
cost effective service to executors, solicitors and private clients.

      Onsite inspections at short notice by appointment
      Experienced valuers throughout the group
      Verbal advice or comprehensive reports
      Professional and confidential service
      Specialist valuations for furniture, ceramics, pictures, silver, jewellery, clocks and watches, books,
       toys and dolls.

Durrants has offices in Beccles, Halesworth, Southwold, Harleston and Diss. Each has a team of
experienced Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents, offering a wide range of services encompassing
Agricultural, Residential, Commercial and Investment properties. We also have a specialist Planning and
Design Group.

The Viewing days for the 16th September 2011 Fine Art and Antiques Sale are: -

Tuesday 13th September 2011 between 9am and 4.30pm (Café open 10am to 2pm)
Wednesday 14th September 2011 between 9am and 4.30pm
Thursday 15th September 2011 between 9am and 7.30pm
The morning of the sale from 8am

The sale starts at 10.30am in the upstairs sale room at Lot 1.
There will be a half an hour lunch break after Lot 316 (approximately 1pm)
The furniture sale starts at 1pm at Lot 801 in the ground floor sales room.

China, Glass and Metal Ware Etc      Lots 1 – 266
Carpets and Rugs                     Lots 290 – 292
Books, Records and Ephemera          Lots 301 – 316
Pictures and Mirrors                 Lots 401 – 480
Porcelain, Glass and Objects D’art Lots 501 – 556
Jewellery, Silver, Etc               Lots 601 – 763
Furniture                            Lots 801 – 932
Front Page Photographs: -
Lots 144, 143, 752, 526, 692, 653, 676, 693, 645, 811, 802, 195, 231, 714 and 757

                               14th October 2011 - Antiques & Fine Art Sale
                28th October 2011 – Specialist Stamps, Coins, Postcards, Records Etc Sale
                              18th November 2011 - Antiques & Fine Art Sale
                2nd December 2011 - Specialist Militaria & Country/Provincial Furniture Sale
                              16th December 2011 - Antiques & Fine Art Sale
All Antique and Fine Art Sales are on view for three days prior to the auction. Specialist Sales are on view
                           the Thursday before the auction or by appointment.
                                         LATE NIGHT VIEWING
        We are now open for late night viewing during the evening before every sale until 7.30pm.
     For advice about Fine Art & Antique Auctions please call Rebecca Mayhew or Robert Pearse on
                          01502 713490 or email
We are open for valuations from 9am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, every day except sale days and are able
                  to provide formal valuations as well as estimates for sale by Auction.
                                           HOUSE CLEARANCES
    We offer a full or partial house clearance service tailored to your needs using professional carriers.
                                     WE ARE TAKING ENTRIES FOR
                                 14th October - Antiques and Fine Art Sale
                                  28th October - Specialist Collectors Sale
                                  2nd December – Specialist Militaria Sale

        Residential                            Commercial                              Agricultural

     Holiday Lettings                                                             Planning & Design

   Building Surveying                       Outside Auctions                        Auction Rooms
                                                              10   Various Capo Di Monte and Other Figure Groups (two
    CHINA, GLASS & METAL WARE                                      trays)                                     £40-60
                      Lots 1 - 266
                                                              11   A Victorian Mahogany Box and One Other       £15-25
1    A Large Carved Oak Aneroid Barometer and
                                                              12   A Pine Wall Mirror and Modern Wall Clock     £25-35
     Thermometer                              £80-120
                                                              13   An Artists Starter Studio Kit                £15-25
                                                              14   A 19th Century Pewter Quart Tankard and a Modern
                                                                   Silver Plated Cigarette Case               £20-30
                                                              15   A Blue and White Dinner Set and Other China £20-30
                                                              16   A Carnival Glass Bowl and Various China and Glass
                                                              17   Various Victorian and Other Boxes            £25-35
                                                              18   Various Games and Sundries                   £20-30
                                                              19   Seven 19th Century Green Leaf Plates and Dishes
                                                              20   A Pair of Satsuma Vases and Other China      £25-35
                                                              21   An Art Deco Glass Part Table Centrepiece and Other
                                                                   China and Glass                             £20-30
                          Lot 1
                                                              22   An Art Deco Ditmar Urbach Galleon Spill Vase and a
2    A Pair of Silver Plated on Copper Two Branch
                                                                   Plaster Table Mirror                        £20-30
     Candelabra                                 £80-120
                                                              23   The Aubrey Sanitary Steam Laundry Box and Others
3    A 19th Century French Gilt Metal Mantle Clock with
                                                                   and a Few Furs Etc                        £20-30
     Figural Mount of a Knight in Armour by H.Y.Phillips,
     Paris                                      £280-320      24   A Pink Silk Embroidered Cover and Other Linen and
                                                                   Two Pin Cushion Dolls                       £30-40
                                                              25   Three Various Walking Sticks                 £10-20
                                                              26   A Brass Bulldog, Indian Vase and Other Brass Ware
                                                              27   Two Silver Plated Teapots and Various Cutlery
                                                              28   A Mintons Chinese Blossom Dish               £10-20
                                                              29   Two Large 19th Century Circular Shaped Copper
                                                                   Jardinières One of Art Nouveau Design     £60-80
                                                              30   A 19th Century Brass Rail and Bobbin Fender, 53"
                                                                   Long                                        £50-80
                                                              31   A 19th Century Dutch Brass Jardinière with
                                                                   Embossed Coat of Arms, Gadrooning and Lion Mask
                          Lot 3                                    Ring Handles                               £30-50

4    An American Inlaid Oak Mantle Clock           £25-35     32   Two Victorian Cast Iron Fenders Each of Ornate
                                                                   Pierced Design, 48" and 30" Long            £30-50
5    A Silver Plated Salver and Other Items of Silver Plate
                                                    £30-40    33   A Pair of Edwardian Open Barley Twist Brass
                                                                   Candlesticks, 11 1/2" Tall                  £20-40
6    Three 18th Century Gun Metal and Brass Mortars with
     Incised Decoration and One Pestle          £40-60        34   Two Antique Brass and Copper Warming Pans Each
                                                                   Engraved with Bird and Flowers           £25-50
                                                              35   A Royal Windsor Tea Set and Other China      £20-30
                                                              36   Various Victorian and Other China            £15-25
                                                              37   A Japanese Print, Signed Photos, Etc         £10-20
                                                              38   Boxed Bells Whisky Bells - Queen Mothers 90th and
                                                                   Charles and Diana Wedding                  £30-40
                                                              39   A Boxed Bells Whisky Bells - Prince Henry 1984 and
                                                                   Christmas 2000                              £30-40
                                                              40   Various Silver Plated Cutlery                £10-20
                          Lot 6
                                                              41   The Aero Seed Fiddle                         £20-30
7    Two Pairs of 19th Century Brass Candlesticks, One of
     Unusual Design                               £50-70      42   A Tapestry Loom                              £20-30
8    A 19th Century Copper Coal Scuttle with Swing and        43   A Mechanical Draughtsmans Instrument         £15-25
     Fixed Handles                               £40-60
                                                              44   A Quantity of Cut Glass Vases, Bowls, Etc (two trays)
9    A Cased Clarinet - La Couture                 £30-40                                                       £40-50
45   A Mahogany Medicine Cabinet                   £15-25
46   A Trug, a Basket and Wooden Container         £20-30
47   A 19th Century Oak Well Bucket                £30-40

                                                                                      Lot 68
                                                             69   A Royal Doulton Figure - Jennifer HN 3447 and Other
                                                                  China                                       £20-30
                                                             70   A Victorian Copper Kettle, Brass Trivet and Other
                         Lot 47                                   Items                                         £30-40
48   Carnival Glass Bowls, Masons and Other China, Etc       71   A Ships Wheel Barometer, a Coalport Strawberry
                                                £20-30            Plate and Other Items                      £20-30
49   Three Israeli Olive Wood Folders              £20-30    72   A Pine Plate Rack                             £20-30
50   A Large Wade Cottage Jar and Nine Lilliput Lane         73   Eight Various China Jelly Moulds              £30-40
     Cottages                                     £20-30
                                                             74   A Quantity of Portmeirion Botanic Garden China (two
51   A Carlton Ware Leaf Comport and Other China                  boxes)                                       £30-50
                                                             75   Various Copeland Spode Rockingham Plates £20-30
52   A Large Quantity of Laboratory Glassware Including
     Distillation Vessels, Reagent Jars, Funnels, Etc        76   Two Masons Jugs and Other China and Tumblers
                                                  £100-150        (two trays)                             £30-40

53   Two Cased Chemical Scales and Weights         £30-50    77   A Quantity of Silver Plated Wares, Cutlery, Etc
54   Various Brass Sieves, Airflow Testing Kit and Other
     Laboratory Equipment                          £20-40    78   Various Scientific Instruments                £20-30

55   Two Electronic Microscopes and Various Parts            79   Various Boxes and Other Items                 £20-30
                                                 £30-50      80   Various Thermometers and Other Items          £20-30
56   Three Various Microscopes                     £30-50    81   A Large Quantity of Buttons - Some Carded     £25-35
57   Four Roberts Battery Radios and Other Items             82   A Mid Winter Floral Tea and Dinner Set        £30-40
                                                             83   An Oak Canteen of Silver Plated Cutlery and Other
58   Various Slide Rules and Metal and Wood Sundries              Items Including a Silver Mustard Spoon       £20-30
                                                             84   Two China Tea Sets and Other China            £20-30
59   Various Victorian and Other Wood Boxes Etc £30-40
                                                             85   Two Boxed Bells Whisky Bells - 1825-2000 and One
60   Eight Various Sorrento and Other Boxes        £40-60         Other                                      £30-40
61   Four Various Sets of Scales                   £25-35    86   Two Boxed Bells Whisky Bells - 1986 Royal Wedding
62   A Cased Bausch & Lamb Astronomical Telescope                 and 1986 Queens Birthday                   £30-40
     Model 4000                               £40-60         87   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Christmas 1997 and 1998
63   A Large Ship in Bottle                        £15-25                                                   £30-40

64   An Ariana Acoustic Guitar                     £40-50    88   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - William 1982 Birthday
65   A Cased Giraldo Accordion                     £30-40
                                                             89   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Christmas 1994 and 1995
66   A Victorian Parasol, Canvas and Whalebone                                                              £30-40
     Construction with Canvas Case, Used on the Great
     Yarmouth to London Stagecoach              £20-30       90   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Christmas 1992 and 1993
67   An Edwardian Electric Invigorator by Savory & Moore
     London, in Mahogany Case, together with a Small         91   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Golden Wedding and
     Wooden Trinket Box                           £15-25          Christmas 1996                            £30-40

68   A Heritage Collection Spherical Weight Clock            92   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - 1986 Marriage and One
                                                 £80-120          Other                                      £30-40
                                                             93   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - 1982 Birth and One Other
                                                             94   Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Christmas 1988 and 1991
95    Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Christmas 1989 and 1990
96    Two Boxed Bells Whisky - Eugene and Beatrice Birth
      1988 and 1990                              £30-40
97    A Canteen of Cutlery and Biscuit Barrel      £25-35
98    A Boxed Bottle of Sakura Masamune and Dimple
      Whisky                                   £25-35
99    A Boxed Bottle of Dimple Whisky and Bells
      Millennium                                   £30-40
100   Three Graduated Bottles of Johnny Walker Red Label
      Whisky                                     £30-40
101   A Walnut Canteen of Silver Plated Cutlery, Etc
                                                    £30-40                            Lot 118
102   Various Silver Plated Cutlery and a Silver Spoon       119   An Enamel Sign - The Horses Head Safety Matches
                                                    £25-35                                                   £30-40
103   Various Pairs of China Shoe Ornaments        £30-40    120   A Silver Plated Tea Set, Coffee Grinder, Chess Set
104   Various China Shoe Ornaments                 £15-25          and a Metal Vase                             £30-40

105   Various China Shoe Ornaments                 £30-40    121   A Pair of Embossed Toleware Wall Brackets in
                                                                   Simulated Copper, 11" High                  £40-60
106   Various China Shoe Ornaments                 £25-35
107   Various Collectors Plates, Ebony Elephants and
      China Etc                                    £15-25
108   Glass Vase and Wood Barrel Stand             £10-15
109   An Elephant Garden Seat and an Elephant Jardinière
110   A Victorian Brass Jam Pan                    £10-20
111   Two Masons Regency Tureens and a Sauce Boat
112   Two Boxes of Guinness Advertising Material £20-30
                                                                                      Lot 121
113   Two Boxes of Tetley Tins and Beer Related items
                                                   £20-30    122   An Arts and Crafts Brass and Glass Circular Hanging
                                                                   Lantern with Domed Top, 10 1/2" Tall         £40-60
114   An Oak Swing Toilet Mirror and Two Wall Mirrors
                                                  £15-25     123   A Victorian Brass Alms Type Dish with Raised Central
                                                                   Boss and Inscription, 16" Dia               £20-40
115   Two Brass Companion Sets and a Pottery Jug
                                                   £15-25    124   A Victorian Oval Seamed Copper Kettle and a Brass
                                                                   Water Can                                   £30-50
116   A Mahogany Cased Scientific Instrument by Gambreil
      & Bros Ltd, London                         £20-30      125   An Arts and Crafts Twin Handled Oval Copper Tray,
                                                                   19" Wide                                   £25-50
117   A Green Etched Glass Wall Lantern            £50-70
                                                             126   An Antique Dutch Seamed Copper Kettle and a 19th
                                                                   Century Copper Chocolate of Coffee Pot    £50-80
                                                             127   A Pair of 19th Century Brass 'Horse and Rider' Door
                                                                   Stops on Iron Bases                           £20-40
                                                             128   A Johnsons Indian Tree Tea Set and Other China
                                                             129   Various Items of Glassware and Silver Plate   £20-30
                                                             130   Two Oak and Elm Stools and a Vintage Ewbank
                                                                   Carpet Sweeper                            £25-35
                                                             131   Various Items of Royal Doulton Norfolk Ware and
                                                                   Other Blue and White China                   £40-50
                                                             132   Various Planters and Harvest Pattern China    £20-30
                                                             133   Various Items of Green Denby Stone Ware       £30-40
                                                             134   Various Torquay Lemon Denby Pottery           £40-50
                         Lot 117
                                                             135   A Pair of Torquay Peacock Vases and Two Other
118   A Blue Frosted Glass Wall Lantern            £50-70
                                                                   Pieces                                    £25-35
                                                             136   Various David Winter Cottages and Other Bird
                                                                   Ornaments                                    £30-40
137   A Mahogany Glazed Display Cabinet with Plate Glass
      Shelves                                    £60-80
138   A Mahogany Glazed Display Cabinet with Plate Glass
      Shelves                                 £100-120
139   A Pair of Chinese Carved Soapstone Ceremonial
      Swords                                    £50-70

                                                                                        Lot 151
                                                              152   A Cased Violin and Bow                        £30-40
                                                              153   A Quantity of Various Metal Religious Texts   £40-60
                                                              154   No Lot
                         Lot 139                              155   Various Portmeirion Botanic Garden China      £30-40
140   A Large Cut Glass Lamp Shade and Three Smaller          156   A Poole Tea Set and Other Poole China         £30-40
      and Four Cut Swan Necks                  £40-60
                                                              157   Various Coloured Glass, Wall Plates and Other China
141   A Large Quantity of Unused Chopsticks         £30-40                                                      £25-35
142   Various Nepalese Style Fabric Hangings and Prayer       158   A Troika Double Eggcup, Two Russian china Birds
      Sheets                                      £15-25            and Other Items                            £25-35
143   An 18th Century Dutch Delft Dish with Deep Blue         159   A Canteen of Nickel Bronze Cutlery and Various
      Floral Paintings, Mark A Over J.H. Over S.S, Dia 12"          Others                                      £20-30
                                                              160   A Copper and Brass Watering can and Other Brass
                                                                    and Copper                                 £30-40
                                                              161   A Victorian Copper Warming Pan                £10-20
                                                              162   Various Items of Silver Plated Cutlery        £30-50
                                                              163   A Victorian Copper and Brass Kettle and a Pair of
                                                                    Candlesticks                                 £30-40
                                                              164   Various 19th Century and Other Wall Plates    £30-40
                                                              165   Three 19th Century Faience Wall Plates        £25-35
                                                              166   A Pair of Art Nouveau Silver Plate on Copper
                                                                    Candlesticks with Detachable Sconces, 11" Tall
                         Lot 143                                                                               £100-150

144   A 19th Century Chinese Porcelain Vase with Figure       167   Two Trays of Cut Glass Bowls, Decanters Etc £25-35
      and Floral Painting with Calligraphy, 23" £500-600      168   A Royal Doulton Robert Burns Plate and Other China
                                                                    Etc                                         £25-35
                                                              169   A Cut Glass Decanter, Murano and Other Glass and
                                                                    China                                      £30-40
                                                              170   A Boxed Poole Odyssey Purse Vase and Aynsley and
                                                                    Other Boxed China                        £30-40
                                                              171   A Large 19th Century Hanging Dutch Brass Candle
                                                                    Box Heavily Embossed with Coat of Arms Etc, 12 1/2"
                                                                    Wide                                     £100-150

                         Lot 144
145   Various Items of Silver Plated Wares          £20-30
146   Various Items of Cranberry Glass Etc          £20-30
147   Various Chinese Figures Etc                   £15-25
148   A Victorian Copper Sprit Kettle on Brass Stand
                                                    £30-40                              Lot 171

149   A Quantity of Crucifixes and Christian Artefacts        172   Various Wall Plates, Masons Ginger Jars and Other
                                                     £15-25         China                                       £20-30

150   A Quantity of Various Vintage Clothing        £35-45    173   Various Items of Coloured Glass               £20-30

151   A Aria Five String Banjo                      £50-70    174   Various Poole Vases, Bowls, Etc               £50-70
175   A Pair of Early 19th Century French Brass
      Candlesticks with Engraved Decoration and
      Detachable Sconces, 11" Tall                   £60-80
176   Various Brass Animals and Other Metal Ware £20-30
177   A Carved Wood Cat and Tortoise, Pottery Cat and
      Other Items                                 £30-40
178   A German S&N Avenue Sewing Machine and a Large
      Chinese Fan                            £20-30
179   Various Brass Trays and a Copper Kettle        £25-35
180   Four Islamic Silver Metal Inlaid Brass Trays   £30-40
181   Two Arts and Crafts Rectangular Copper Trays with
      Hammered and Embossed Decoration           £50-70
182   Two China and Silver Plated Biscuit Barrels and                                  Lot 195
      Masons Plates Etc                             £20-30    196   An Edwardian Inlaid Oak Mantle Clock         £30-40
183   An Iron Figural Candlestick                    £15-25   197   A Black Slate Striking Mantle Clock          £50-70
184   A Tall Arts and Crafts Circular Shaped Copper           198   Two Boxes of Various Woodworking Tools       £20-30
      Hanging Lantern with Heart Pierced Domed Top,
      Glass Lacking                                 £50-70    199   A Brass and Ebony Brace Marked - The Improved
                                                                    Suffolk Brace and a Brass Mounted Gauge   £40-60
185   An 18th Century Chinese Blue and White Deep Bowl
      and Cover (cover not matching) with Landscape and
      Floral Decoration (a/f)                   £150-250

                                                                                       Lot 199
                                                              200   A Columbia Table Top 78 Player               £30-40
                          Lot 185
                                                              201   An Apple Green Ground Bird Painted Tea Set £30-40
186   A Set of Six Pewter Tankards with Dragon Decoration
                                                  £20-30      202   A Cavour Ware Hunting Scene Tea Set          £20-30

187   A 19th Century Cream and Gilt Ten Piece Dessert Set     203   A Brass Barley Twist Column Oil Lamp with Red
                                                 £25-35             Glass Shade                                £60-80

188   Six 19th Century Apple Green and Floral Dessert         204   Two Sylvac Floral Bowls and a China Trinket Set
      Plates and Four Booths Kidney Shaped Plates                                                                £20-30
                                                  £25-35      205   A Victorian Opal Glass Vase and Other Glassware
189   A Silver Plated Toast Rack and Other Items     £10-20                                                    £30-40

190   Three Tony Wood Alice in Wonderland Novelty             206   A Blue and White China Stick Stand           £10-20
      Teapots                                    £50-60       207   Six Various 19th Century Drinking Glasses    £40-60
191   A Majolica Dog Jug and Three Novelty Dog Teapots        208   Five 19th Century Glass Rummers              £25-35
                                                              209   A Susie Cooper Black and White Coffee Set    £20-30
192   A Large Carlton Ware Upright Pig Jug and a Small
      Similar Jug                                 £20-30      210   A Royal Doulton Parrot Decorated Fruit Bowl and
                                                                    Seven Coronation Mugs                        £30-40
193   A Tony Wood Cat Teapot and Three Various Duck
      Jugs                                      £25-35        211   Two Fishing Reels and Various Tackle         £10-20
194   An Arts and Crafts Oak and Brass Gong and Stand,        212   An Oak Canteen Containing Silver Plated Cutlery
      Brass Door Knocker and a Pair of oak Barley Twist                                                         £25-35
      Candlesticks                                 £20-40
                                                              213   A Cased Singer Sewing Machine                £10-15
195   The Caxton Amateur Athletic Club Shield 1920 in
                                                              214   A Large Pair of Continental Bisque Figurines (a/f)
      Silver Plate by Elkington                 £180-220
                                                              215   A White Beswick Cat and Other China          £20-30
                                                              216   A Gilt Wood Ceiling Light and Wall Light
                                                              217   A Belleek Shamrock Mantle Clock - Black Mark
                                                              218   A Spelter Novelty Clock - Man in Top Hat     £40-60
                                                                     on a Black Marble Plaque, 18" x 24" - Late Grand
                                                                     Tour                                     £4000-5000

                                                                                        Lot 231
                         Lot 218
                                                               232   A Pair of Heavy Late 19th Century Brass Alter
219   Three Beswick Horses - Sunlight, Springtime and                Candlesticks with Unusual Open Twist Stems and
      Spirit of Freedom                            £40-60            Wide Circular Bases, 16" Tall               £60-100
220   A Victorian Square Brass Hanging Lantern with            233   An Early Sewing Machine by Bradbury           £15-20
      Beaded Glass Panels, 24" High Overall      £70-100
                                                               234   A Cased Singer Sewing Machine                 £10-15
                                                               235   A Cast Iron Water Pump                        £30-50
                                                               236   Two Victorian Green Glass Wines and Various Cut
                                                                     Glass                                      £25-35
                                                               237   A Pair of Chinese Crackle Ware Vases and Other
                                                                     China Etc                                  £20-30
                                                               238   A Royal Doulton Minden Soup Set and A Gilt and
                                                                     Cream Coffee Set                            £20-30
                                                               239   A Japanese Polychrome Bird and Floral Painted Plate
                                                               240   A Poole Floral Plate, a Royal Standard Coffee Set
                                                                     and Other China and Glass                     £30-40
                                                               241   A Silver Plated Three Piece Tea Set and Other Silver
                         Lot 220                                     Plated Wares                                £25-35
221   A Pair of Victorian Brass Fire Dogs and a Set of Three   242   A Large Rectangular Silver Plated Gallery Tray
      Brass Fire Irons with Ornate Handles          £35-55                                                        £40-60
222   Two Vintage Sunday Golf Walking Sticks, One Driver       243   An Indian Carved Wood Elephant with Mahout
      and One Iron, Each with Hickory Shafts, One                                                                  £40-60
      Ebonized                                    £60-100
                                                               244   A Spelter Marli Horse Clock                  £70-100
                                                               245   A Black Slate and Malachite Striking Mantle Clock
                                                               246   A Glass Case Containing an Early Wooden Ship
                                                                     Model                                   £240-280
                                                               247   A Pair of Staffordshire White Glazed Dogs     £40-60
                                                               248   Five Various Pottery Vases and Jugs           £20-30
                         Lot 222                               249   A Brass Cased Four Glass Clock (a/f)          £30-40
223   An 18th Century Chippendale Style Mahogany Tea           250   A Pair of Leather Boots and Red Felt Shoes    £30-40
      Caddy with Brass Escutcheon and Handle on Bracket
      Feet, Interior Lacking                    £40-60         251   An Eastern Pierced Copper Hall Lantern        £30-40
224   An Oak Striking Mantle Clock                  £15-20     252   A Tin Trunk of Wall Lights and Clock Movements
225   A Ladies Brown Fur Coat                       £15-25
                                                               253   A 19th Century Oval Mahogany Tea Tray and One
226   A 19th Century Copper Harvest Jug             £40-60           Other                                     £30-40
227   A Leather Feed Bucket                         £30-40     254   A Barograph by Casella, London                £30-40
228   A Mahogany Writing Box, Petrol Can and Carriage          255   A Small Oak Hanging Display Cabinet           £20-30
      Lamp                                       £20-30
                                                               256   An Alabaster and Gilt Metal Mantle Clock      £40-60
229   A Silver Top Walking Cane                     £15-25
                                                               257   A Carlton Ware Rouge Royale Coffee Set and
230   A Pair of Edwardian Pottery Vases, Claret Jug and              Another Part Tea Set                       £30-40
      Items of Silver Plate                        £30-40
                                                               258   An 18th Century Famille Rose Plate and Three Pieces
231   A Set of Twelve Carved Marble Relief Heads of                  of Imari Porcelain                          £40-50
      Roman Emperors on Rouge Marble Bases Mounted
259   Various 18th and 19th Century English Plates and          314   One Volume of The Dowie Dens of Darrow
      Dishes                                       £50-70             Illustrations, Black and White Engravings Royal
                                                                      Association for the Promotion of fine Arts in Scotland,
260   Various 19th Century Mainly English Tea Wares                   1860                                            £30-40
                                                                315   Twenty Various Continental Film Posters        £40-50
261   A Pottery Bust of a Girl with Floral Hat, Height 20"
                                                       £30-50   316   J.Aspin - Ancient Custom Sports Pastimes of the
                                                                      English - Harris 1832                        £20-30
262   Royal Worcester and Coalport Plates and Other
      China                                      £20-30         ________________________________________________
263   Five Pieces of Goebels Vegetable Form China, 1985              ½ hour lunch break at approximately 1.00pm
                                                £80-100         ________________________________________________
264   Two Wedgwood Floral Vases and Other China
                                                                       PICTURES AND MIRRORS
                                                                                      Lots 401 - 480
265   Two Cut Glass Vases and a Dish                 £20-30
                                                                401   A Pair of Chrystoleums of Family Groups in Gilt
266   Three Just Cats & Co Pottery Cats              £30-50
                                                                      Frames                                       £40-60
           CARPETS AND RUGS                                     402   Two Sydney.E.Wilson Coloured Mezzotints Artists
                                                                      Proofs - The Truants and Le Baiser Envoye £60-80
                      Lots 290 - 292
                                                                403   A Renson Oil on Board - Village Houses, 15" x 19"
290   A Persian Style Blue Ground Rug, 7' 9" x 5' 7" £20-30                                                     £200-250
291   A Ziggler Machine Made Brown Ground Floral Carpet         404   A Woolwork Picture of the Flying Scotsman and Other
      9' 6" x 6' 6"                              £20-30               Pictures and Prints                         £25-35
292   A Chinese Floral Rug                           £10-20     405   A Roy Stringfellow Gouache on Board West Looe
                                                                      Quay 1975, 17" x 23"                       £30-40
                                                                406   A J.Harris Watercolour - Rough Seas, 16" x 13"
             EPHEMERA                                                                                              £30-50
                      Lots 301 - 316                            407   An Oil on Canvas - River and Cottage Scene, 24" x
301   An Album of Wills Overseas Cigarette Cards £20-30               35"                                         £40-60

302   A Photo Album and Various Photos, Postcards and           408   No Lot
      Ephemera                                   £30-40         409   A 19th Century Black and White Engraving -
303   Various Postcards and Matchboxes               £15-25           Woodcutter and Cowboy in Gilt Frame, 19" x 24"
304   A Box of Advertising and Ephemera Together with a
      Box of Collectable Newspapers              £20-30         410   No Lot

305   Various Sporting Volumes - Mainly Football     £20-30     411   An Oil on Panel - Cattle and Barn, 5" x 5"     £20-30

306   Various Childrens Books and Stamps             £20-30     412   De Bois Oil on Canvas - River Scene with Figures 16"
                                                                      x 19"                                        £15-25
307   R.Kipling & C.Graves - Q Horati Flacci, Copy Signed
      by Rudyard Kipling                            £30-50      413   Two Watercolours - Litcham Rood Screen Norfolk and
                                                                      Stained Glass Window                      £50-60
308   Various Volumes - Mainly Kipling               £30-40
                                                                414   A Martin Aynscomb-Harris Acrylic on Board - Abstract
309   R.Le-Strange - Two Discourses Upon Josephus,                    Study of Boat, 29" x 77"                  £200-300
      1702, Calf                               £90-120
310   A Trimers Bible 1786 and One Other             £20-30
311   Three Boxes of Books                           £15-25
312   Eight Rupert Annuals 1971 - 1978               £10-20
313   W.A.Timlin - The Ship that Sailed to Mars - Illustrated
      by Author - Harrap, Half Vellum              £200-300

                                                                                          Lot 414
                                                                415   A Framed Religious Tract                       £10-20
                                                                416   An Oval Barbola Wall Mirror                    £20-30
                                                                417   Various 19th Century Coloured Engravings of Local
                                                                      Views and Other Pictures                    £30-40
                                                                418   A Framed Cary Map of Suffolk                   £30-40
                                                                419   A Watercolour - Crab and Shellfish, 9 1/2" x 14"
                                                                420   A Poore Pair of Oils on Board - Still Life Flowers,
                                                                      Dated 1935, 44" x 18"                           £60-80
                          Lot 313
421   Two Moffat Lindner Watercolours - Sailing Ships, 14"     447   A Set of Six Framed Bachelors Hall Hunting Prints 12"
      x 20" and 17" x 22"                         £80-120            x 14"                                        £60-80
422   Four Unframed Hunting Prints                  £20-30     448   A Kate Greenaway Print - Garden Tea Party £10-20
423   A Pair of Pastels - Female Nudes in Maple Frames         449   A Woven Fabric Picture and a 1930's Wedding Photo
      16" x 11"                                    £20-30                                                       £15-25
424   Two Small Watercolours, One in Oval Frame £40-50         450   An Oil on Canvas - Highland Scene with Sheep, 15" x
                                                                     19"                                        £20-30
425   A Watercolour - Head and Shoulders of a Woman,
      Indistinctly Signed, 8" x 6"               £60-80        451   A Watercolour - Beach Scene with Figures and
                                                                     Sailing Boats, 7" x 11" and Coloured Etching -
426   A William Rainey R.A 1884 Pen and Ink Drawing -                Harbour Scene                                  £30-40
      The Widower, 7" x 5 1/2"                  £80-100
                                                               452   A Pair of Watercolours - Mountain Village Scenes in
427   Three Great Yarmouth Herring Fishing Photos and                Summer and Winter, 12" x 9"                  £20-30
      Three Others                               £20-30
                                                               453   Two Watercolours - Highland and Coastal Scenes
428   A Coloured Print After Alken - The First Steeple                                                          £40-60
      Chase on Record, 1839                          £20-30
                                                               454   A Widow Welshes Pills Print and Two Prints of
429   A Coloured Print - Poachers and a Hunting Print                Children                                     £20-30
                                                               455   A John Pedley Watercolour - Steam Train and Tractor
430   A Jeffery Slater Oil On Board - Winter Morning at              and three Others by the Same Hand          £20-30
      Walberswick 2000, 24" x 30"                   £15-25
                                                               456   A Full Colour Ogilby Map - Road From London to
431   A Rectangular Gilt Mirror and Two Others      £20-30           Yarmouth, 15" x 18"                        £40-60
432   A Paul Harper Original Watercolour - Book Jacket
      Winter Fairy Stories by M.O.Mayers and One Other
      Watercolour, and an Eastern Embroidered Gilt Fabric
      Picture                                      £25-35
433   A Large Pastel of Two Dogs by Marjorie Cox, 18" x
      20"                                      £100-200

                                                                                          Lot 456
                                                               457   Terence Cuneo Coloured Print - The Underwriting
                                                                     Room at Lloyds, 17" x 23"                  £50-70

                          Lot 433
434   A Rectangular Pine Mirror                     £20-30
435   Three Oils on Board by the Same Hand - Lake and
      Mountain Scenes                            £20-30
436   A Watercolour - Castle St Framlingham and Others
437   A Pen and Wash Drawing - Five Heads in Old Master
      Style, Initials CTM                        £20-30
                                                                                          Lot 457
438   Four Small Framed Victorian Racing Prints     £25-35
                                                               458   A Still Life Print and Various Pictures         £25-35
439   An Etching of a Hay Cart                      £25-35
                                                               459   Three Still Life Oils on Board and a Still Life Print
440   An Etching of a Shepherd with Crook and Dog                                                                      £30-40
                                                               460   Two Framed Hunting Prints after Alken & Thomson
441   An Edward Polozzi Screen Print, Brazil        £25-35                                                      £20-30
442   A French Print - Les Gens De Medecine         £15-20     461   A Gilt Framed Oleograph and Four Various Prints
443   A Late 18th Century Engraving - Shepherdess                                                                £10-20
      Shearing Sheep                              £20-25       462   A Johais Oil on Canvas - River and Church Scene,
444   A Still Life Watercolour - Fruit and Candlestick and           15" x 24"                                   £30-40
      Still Life of Flowers                           £15-20   463   An L.Mote Watercolour - Sailing Boats and a Pair of
445   A Pair of Prints After Shayer - Hunting and Coaching           Robson Prints - Hawley Mill and Latchmere Cottage
      Incidents 16" x 23"                           £20-30                                                        £25-35

446   Two Pairs of Equestrian Prints                £15-25     464   A W.Collins Pair of Gilt Framed Oils on Board - River
                                                                     Scenes                                        £20-30
465   A Pair of Highland Scene Watercolours, 10" x 17"
466   An 1894 Norfolk Cricket Team Photo Players Named
467   An L.R.Armstrong Crayon, 1860 Wooden Tug and
      1900 Paddlewheel Drifter, 18" x 27"      £50-80
468   A Folder of Various Watercolours and Etchings
469   Two Watercolours - Lane with Trees and Mountain
      and Lake Scene                             £20-30
470   Tunstall Two Small Linotype Prints of Public Houses,                             Lot 505
      The George Olney and Cookham White Heart £30-40
                                                              506   Two Matching Arts and Crafts Period T Shaped
471   A Framed 18th Century Print - Simon Lord Lovat                Pierced and Engraved Door Plates (one brass and
                                                  £20-30            one copper) Each Stamped 'ELSLEY'          £20-40
472   A 19th Century Coloured Engraving - The Arrival of
      the Royal Yacht off Gravesend, 1863          £30-50
473   A Georgian Silk Work Religious Pictures - Penitent
      Man and Angel, 19" x 17"                   £120-150
474   A 19th Century Oil on Copper - Gentleman at Bedtime
      Ablutions, 6" x 4"                         £90-120
475   A Framed Silk Work Bird Picture               £30-40
476   Dozeman Oil on Canvas - River Scene with Vessels
      and Cityscape Background 23" x 35"       £250-350
477   R.Rosini Oil on Canvas - Still Life Flowers 19" x 15"
478   Donald.N.Floyd Oil on Canvas - The Tintern Parva                                 Lot 506
      Reach of the Wye 15" x 23"                £450-550
                                                              507   Eight Various Small Royal Doulton Character Jugs
479   Maurice Blanchard Oil on Canvas - Harpist 15" x 19"                                                        £30-40
                                                              508   Two Royal Doulton Character Jugs - Affy and Rip Van
480   H.J.Rendall Oil on Canvas - Pastoral Scene with Two           Winkle                                      £30-40
      Figures and Goats                         £350-450
                                                              509   A Royal Doulton Character Jug - Dick Turpin £15-25
PORCELAIN, GLASS AND OBJECTS                                  510   A Pair of French Bisque Figures and a Bisque Figure
            D’ART                                                   Mounted Vase                                 £25-35

                      Lots 501 - 556                          511   Two Victorian Staffordshire Dogs             £20-30

501   Seven 19th Century Staffordshire Figures and Groups     512   A Stratton Mother of Pearl Compact, Caithness
                                                 £90-110            Cufflinks and Other Items                   £25-35
                                                              513   A Damascus Brass Coffee Pot with Silver Metal and
                                                                    Copper Calligraphy Inlays                  £50-80

                         Lot 501
502   A Lladro Collectors Society Signed Plaque     £20-30
503   A Mamiya Camera and a Toyoh Monocular         £15-25
504   A Victorian Staffordshire Dog and a Highlander and                               Lot 513
      Goat                                         £25-35
                                                              514   A Pair of 19th Century Ring Neck Decanters £30-40
505   A Small Pair of Victorian Russet Staffordshire Dogs
      and a Two Dog Pen Stand                        £40-60   515   A McRee Crystal Set Receiver and One Other
                          Lot 515
516   A Large Quantity of Spirit Miniatures       £30-50                             Lot 526
517   A Large Quantity of Spirit Miniatures       £20-30    527   A Pair of 19th Century Brass Holy Water Fonts with
                                                                  Pierced Back Plates                          £25-50
518   Various Crested China Shoe Ornaments        £30-40
                                                            528   Four Cased of Mineral Specimens              £20-30
519   Various Crested China Shoe Ornaments        £30-40
                                                            529   A Four Piece Art Deco Silver Plated Tea Set by Frank
520   Three Various 19th Century Cow Creamers     £30-40
                                                                  Bravington (teapot not matching)             £60-80
521   A Cased Set of Silver Plated Lobster Servers £25-35
                                                            530   A Pair of Victorian Embossed Brass Candlesticks,
                                                                  Registration Mark for 1887                   £25-35
                                                            531   A Pair of Yellow Glazed Pottery Candlesticks, the
                                                                  Bases in the Form of Rabbits                  £20-30
                                                            532   A Wiltshaw & Robinson Guinness Toucan (a/f)
                                                            533   Three Clocks and a Barometer                 £40-50
                                                            534   A Pair of 18th Century French Seamed Brass
                                                                  Candlesticks with Fluted Stems and Shaped Circular
                                                                  Bases, 9 1/2" Tall                        £70-100

                          Lot 521
522   Various Costume Jewellery, Headpiece, Gloves, Etc
523   A Pinchin Johnsons Advertising Clock and Various
      China and Glass                             £15-25
524   A Victorian Walnut and Brass Bound Dome Topped
      Stationery Box                            £40-60

                                                                                     Lot 534
                                                            535   A 19th Century Majolica Fish Tureen          £50-70

                          Lot 524
525   A Squirrel Nutcracker, a Treen Box, Two Wood
      Frames and a Chess Set                     £20-30                              Lot 535
526   A 19th Century Shaped Circular Copper Jelly Mould     536   Two 19th Century Chinese Wine Jars, One
      Stamped 'Trottier Paris 14', 5 1/2" Dia    £70-100          Hexagonal and One Circular with Figure Painting and
                                                                  Calligraphy                                  £50-70
                                                            537   Four 18th Century Chinese Blue and White Soup
                                                                  Bowls                                      £30-40
                                                            538   A 19th Century Blue Glass Decanter with Vine and
                                                                  Leaf Mounts and Stopper on Matching Stand £60-80
539   An Early 19th Century Brass Sun Dial with Roman        607   Five Various Fountain Pens                     £25-35
      Numerals by Thos Jenkins, Chichester, 6" Square
                                                 £80-120     608   Four German Fairings - Which is Prettiest, Sarahs
                                                                   Young Man, Last in Bed Puts Out the Light and
540   A Chinese Carved Book Containing Botanical                   Twelve Monks After Marriage                   £30-50
      Watercolours                               £50-80
541   Two 18th Century Chinese Floral Painted Plates

                                                                                      Lot 608
                                                             609   A Circular Snuff Box with Figure Decorated Lid
                                                             610   A Pair of Silver Vases, London 1919, Height 6"

                         Lot 541
542   An Art Deco Ladies Combination Compact and Three
      Others                                    £30-40
543   A China Bull on Wood Base                   £30-40
544   A 19th Century Painted Treen Three Tier Spice Tower
      with Printed labels (a/f)                   £30-50
545   A Mahogany Mallet and Other Items           £30-40
546   A Pair of 19th Century French Gilt Brass and
      Cloisonné Cherub Candlesticks on Marble Bases                                   Lot 610
                                                   £20-40    611   Two Victorian Silver Serving Spoons, Approx 5oz
547   A Chinese White Porcelain Kwan Yin Figure, Another                                                        £50-70
      of a Sage and Two Victorian White Glazed Fairings      612   A Cased Silver Brush and Comb Set              £30-40
      Etc                                         £30-40
                                                             613   A Silver Beaker, London 1913                   £25-35
548   A Silver Plated and Cut Glass Claret Jug    £30-40
                                                             614   A Cased Set of Six Silver Teaspoons            £25-35
549   A Bronze Double Cherub Bookend              £40-60
                                                             615   A Three Piece Silver Cruet Set                 £40-50
550   A Bronze Figure of an Aztec God             £40-60
                                                             616   Various Crowns and Other British Coinage Including
551   An Embossed Brass String Box                £25-35           Uncirculated Mint Tubes                     £25-35
552   A Pair of Black Glass Candlesticks          £20-30     617   Various Foreign Coins and Two Snuff Boxes £20-30
553   Three American Pottery Partridges           £20-30     618   Various British Silver Coins - Most Pre 1947   £50-70
554   A Belleek Cream and Yellow Bowl and Cream Jug          619   Various Silver Plated Metal Figures            £20-30
                                                             620   A Cased Set of Six Silver Teaspoons and Non
555   A Belleek Shamrock Vase                     £25-35           Matching Tongs                              £30-40
556   A Royal Doulton Figurine - Harmony HN2824              621   Three Silver Pocket Watches                    £40-60
                                                             622   A Silver Cigarette Case and a Small Engraved Vesta
       JEWELLERY, SILVER ETC                                                                                   £40-50

                      Lots 601 - 763                         623   Two Pocket Watches, Cufflinks, Etc             £20-30

601   A Gents Omega Seamaster Wristwatch         £80-120     624   An Art Nouveau Silver and Enamel Brooch, Silver
                                                                   Bangle and Other Items                      £30-40
602   Various Silver Plated Animal Figures and Two
      Watches                                      £30-50    625   Two Gold Metal Rings, Earrings and Cufflinks
603   A Jewel Box and Contents                    £20-30
                                                             626   A Pair of Samson Putto Figures (one a/f)       £30-40
604   A Silver Top Dressing Table Jar and Small Sundries
605   A 19th Century Shoe Snuff Box and a Victorian Papier
      Mache Snuff Box                             £30-40
606   A Worcester Blue and White Tea Bowl (a/f) and One
      Other                                       £20-30
                                                                                          Lot 637
                           Lot 626                               638   A 18th Century Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Tray
627   A Large Ball Watch                              £20-30
628   A World Wildlife Collection of Sterling Silver Ingots by
      Danbury Mint in Fitted Case                   £700-800

                           Lot 628
                                                                                          Lot 638
629   A Quantity of Various Costume Jewellery         £20-30
                                                                 639   Three Mother of Pearl Cutlery Items          £10-15
630   Silver Tongs, Two Brooches, Etc                 £25-35
                                                                 640   A Pair of Silver Sauce Boats with Ivory Handles,
631   A Gold Stone Set Ring and Two Others            £30-40           Sheffield 1939                               £80-100
632   Various Costume Jewellery, Silver Spoons, Etc
633   A Silver Quill Pen and Various Others           £20-30
634   A Boxed Easterbrook Fountain Pen, Boxed Conway
      Stewart 226 and Two Blackbird and Two Parkers
635   Two 9ct Gold Bar Brooches, a Silver and Gold Metal
      Harp Brooch and a Thimble                   £50-70
636   A Collection of Eight Pewter and One Electrotype
      Shoe Pin Cushions of Varying Sizes            £40-60                                Lot 640
                                                                 641   A Silver Metal Filigree Box with Four Glass Bottles
                                                                       and a Silver Spoon and Serviette Ring         £50-70
                                                                 642   A 19th Century Minton Figurine of a Woman with
                                                                       Basket                                     £40-60

                           Lot 636
637   A Georgian Pewter Shoe Snuff Box and a Silver Metal
      Shoe Pin Cushion                           £40-60

                                                                                          Lot 642
643   An Embossed Silver Floral Decorated Mirror £50-70

                         Lot 643
644   Two Silver Top Jars, Pepper Pot and Atomiser                                    Lot 654
                                                  £50-70     655   A Roman Bronze Female Bust on Marble Plinth
645   A Silver Plated 1887 Jubilee Plaque          £40-60                                                   £80-100

                         Lot 645                                                      Lot 655

646   A Cased Set of Six Silver and Enamel Cocktail Sticks   656   A Roman Bronze Figure of A Household God, Height
      with Cockerell Terminals                     £30-40          4" and a Finial in the Form of a Seated Bull £60-80

647   A Glass Lion Paperweight and Two Oval Miniature
      Portraits                                  £20-30
648   A Quantity of Various Pipe Bowls             £20-30
649   A Boy Scouts Brass Compass                   £20-30
650   Various Parasol Handles and Other Items      £30-40
651   Various Ivory Nameplates, Watch Stands Etc £25-35
652   Eight Goebels Bird Ornaments                 £30-40
653   A Roman Bronze Figure of Household God, Height 4"
                                                                                      Lot 656
                                                             657 – 667 No Lots
                                                             668   A Silver Watch Chain with Victorian Silver Coin
                                                                   Pendant                                        £35-45
                                                             669   A Cased Silver Engine Turned Brush and Mirror Set
                                                             670   Various Costume Jewellery and Coins           £20-30
                                                             671   A Small Giltwood Easel Inset with Porcelain Cherub
                                                                   Plaque                                       £40-60
                                                             672   A Miniature Four Door Chest Containing Fossils, Etc
                                                             673   A Tin of Approx. Thirty Seven Watches         £20-30
                         Lot 653
                                                             674   A Silver Metal Mounted Buddhist Portable Shrine in
654   A Roman Bronze Figure of a Household God, Height             Embroidered Case                             £30-40
      5"                                      £80-120
                                                                                      Lot 685
                                                             686   Six Silver Teaspoons Inscribed with Names of Film
                                                                   Musicals                                     £30-40
                         Lot 674
                                                             687   Two Silver Serviette Rings in Case          £20-30
675   Two Cold Painted Budgies Mounted on an Alabaster
      Ashtray                                   £70-90       688   A Georgian Silver Serving Spoon             £40-60
676   Two Cold Painted Bronze Cats              £160-180     689   A Royal Doulton Figurine, Onyx Grapes and Other
                                                                   Items                                      £25-35
                                                             690   Two Silver Backed Hair Brushes              £20-30
                                                             691   A Silver Three Piece Brush and Mirror Set   £40-50
                                                             692   A 19th Century Chinese Blue and White Wall Vase
                                                                   Florally Painted                            £60-80

                         Lot 676
677   A Silver Pocket Watch with Painted Enamel Back
678   A Cold Painted Bronze Camel Pin Cushion    £80-100

                                                                                      Lot 692
                                                             693   A Pair of Unusual Art Deco Three Legged Vases with
                                                                   Green, Yellow, Red and Black Geometric Design,
                                                                   Unmarked, Height 9"                        £60-80

                         Lot 678
679   A Bronze Pierced Vessel with Cover and Stone and
      Wood from St Marys Church, Beverley        £40-60
680   Various Enamel Watch Dials                   £20-30
681   A Silver Tobacco Tin                         £60-80
682   A Sabino Opal Glass Bird                     £15-25
683   Various Costume Jewellery                    £20-30
684   An Ivory and Brass Folding Parallel Rule and Three
      Others                                        £25-35
685   A Large Victorian Clay Pipe Depicting Footballers                               Lot 693
      Inscribed a Present from Great Yarmouth       £35-45
                                                             694   A Silver Pair Cased Key Wind Pocket Watch by John
                                                                   Freeman and Silver Chain                   £50-70
                                                             695   Two Silver Pocket Watches and One Other     £30-40
                                                             696   A Silver Ashtray Set with a Georgian Cartwheel
                                                                   Penny                                        £25-35
                                                             697   An Amber and gold Mounted Cheroot Holder in Silver
                                                                   Case                                      £20-30
698   A 9ct Gold Watch Chain                     £280-320
699   A Ladies Gold Wristwatch                     £30-40
700   A Gold Metal Signet Ring                     £30-40
701   Two Gold Rings, One Set with Four Small Diamonds
702   Various Costume Jewellery, Silver Three Pence
      Pieces and Other Coins                      £30-40
703   A Silver Metal Charm Bracelet                £30-40
704   A High Carat Gold Cabochon Emerald and Diamond                                  Lot 714
      Ring                                   £350-400
                                                            715   An 18ct Yellow Gold Gents Diamond Solitaire Ring
                                                            716   A 14ct White Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring, Approx 65
                                                                  Points                                    £600-650

                         Lot 704
705   An 18ct Yellow Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring                                     Lot 716
                                                            717   A 9ct Gold Solitaire Diamond Pendant       £150-180
                                                            718   An 18ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring with
                                                                  Diamond Shoulders                         £175-200
                                                            719   An 18ct Yellow Gold Five Stone Sapphire and
                                                                  Diamond Ring                             £200-250
                                                            720   An 18ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring, Approx
                                                                  1/4 Ct                                    £300-350

                         Lot 705                            721   An 18ct Yellow Gold Two Stone Diamond Ring
706   A 14ct White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Brooch and
      a Yellow Gold Pearl Grape Brooch        £150-180      722   An 18ct Gold and Platinum Five Stone Diamond Ring
707   A Pair of 9ct Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings
708   Five Silver Charm and Other Bracelets       £90-110
709   An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring £400-450
710   A Platinum Emerald and Diamond Ring        £300-350
711   A 9ct Yellow Gold Solitaire Diamond Ring    £90-110
712   An 18ct Yellow Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring
                                              £200-250                                Lot 722

713   An 18ct Gold Ruby and Diamond Puzzle Ring             723   A Silver Teapot, Birmingham 1929           £260-280
                                              £350-400      724   Four Silver Spoons and Two Forks, Approx 12oz
                                                            725   A Silver Six Piece Brush and Mirror Set and Four
                                                                  Cruet Bottles                                £90-110
                                                            726   Various Gents and Ladies Wristwatches         £10-20
                                                            727   A Large Italian Silver Clad Magrin Stallion Marked 925
                                                                  (a/f)                                        £125-150
                                                            728   Various Items of Silver Cutlery Etc         £90-120
                                                            729   Four Various Silver Serviette Rings           £30-40
                         Lot 713                            730   A Blue Glass Scent Bottle with Silver Mounts and
                                                                  Shoe Horn, Swizzle Stick and Paper Knife      £25-35
714   An 18ct Yellow Gold Three Stone Diamond and
      Sapphire Ring                           £525-575      731   An Aspreys Silver Snuff Box, 1937             £60-70
732   An Aspreys Oval Silver Snuff Box with Greenstone     739   Three Various Silver Photo Frames           £40-60
      Settings, London 1903                       £60-70
                                                           740   An Eastern Silver Metal and Enamel Mirror with
                                                                 Embossed Figure Decoration, Marked 950       £60-80
                                                           741   A Ball Watch                                £15-25
                                                           742   A Royal Ascot Brass Table Lighter           £30-40
                                                           743   Two 19th Century Staffordshire Seated Rabbits,
                                                                 Length 3"                                   £50-70

                        Lot 732
733   Two Gents Watches - Omega and Tissot       £60-80
734   A Small Bronze Clock with Blue Enamel Dial with
      Crying Girl Mount                           £60-80                             Lot 743
                                                           744   An Art Nouveau Tankard - Goldsmiths & Silversmiths
                                                                 Co, London 1900                           £80-120

                        Lot 734
                                                                                     Lot 744
735   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Ring                  £50-70    745   An Embossed Silver Mug, London 1900         £60-80
736   A 9ct Gold Blue and White Stone Set Ring   £50-70
                                                           746   A Mappin & Webb Hammered Silver Art Nouveau
737   A Silver Purse Watch and Two Silver Double                 Tazza, London 1908                    £140-160
      Sovereign Cases                            £80-100

                        Lot 737
738   An Art Nouveau Silver Framed Mirror, Birmingham                                Lot 746
      1904                                       £80-100
                                                           747   A Quantity of Silver Jewellery              £30-40
                                                           748   A Gilt Blue and Enamel Compact              £30-40
                                                           749   A Continental Silver Compact                £25-35
                                                           750   Four Early 20th Century Compacts Depicting a Dog,
                                                                 One Ms Victory and 1935's and One Jubilee £70-80
                                                           751   A Stratton Compact in Clock Form and One
                                                                 Advertising 'Mackison'                      £40-50
                                                           752   A Wilkinsons Conical Sugar Shaker Radiance Pattern

                        Lot 738
                                                                                      Lot 802
                                                             803   An Indonesian Carved Hardwood Two Tier Table
                         Lot 752                                                                            £15-25
753   A Silver Cigarette Box                       £40-60    804   A Victorian Mahogany Scotch Chest with Central
                                                                   Cupboard Flanked by Four Small Drawers Over Three
754   A Small Silver Dish, London                  £25-35
                                                                   Long Drawers                             £200-250
755   A Silver Tankard, London                  £120-140
756   A Silver Two Handed Presentation Bowl, Chester
757   A Nathaniel Mills Silver Castle Top Snuff Box -
      Kenilworth Castle                           £700-900

                                                                                      Lot 804
                                                             805   A Small Marble Top Chinese Rosewood Table
                                                             806   A Victorian Mahogany Breakfront Chiffonier £150-200
                                                             807   A Small Mahogany Folding Cake Stand          £10-20
                         Lot 757                             808   A Pair of Victorian Carved Oak Hall Chairs (one a/f)
758   A Chinese Ivory Puzzle Box                   £50-70
                                                             809   An Edwardian Mahogany Mirrored Back Hall Stand
759   A Bronze Clock with Two Gilded Cherubs Supporting
      the Ball Shaped Movement                £300-350
                                                             810   A 1920's Oak Monks Bench with Barley Twist Arms
760   A Cased Set of Six Silver Plated Teaspoons with
      Enamelled Bird Painting                     £40-50
                                                             811   A Mahogany Italianate Hall Chair with Extensive
761   A Large Silver Table Mirror               £100-120
                                                                   Poker Work Mask and Foliate Decoration £100-150
762   Two 19th Century Blue Sponge Ware Groups - Family
      Group with Animals and Bocage Family Group at
      Home Worship                            £100-150
763   A Pair of Bronze Crane and Turtle Double
      Candlesticks                             £120-150

                      Lots 801 - 932
801   A Georgian Mahogany Bureau with Three Graduated
      Drawers on Turned Feet                  £80-100
802   An Austrian Mahogany Military Style Chest with
      Rising Mirrored Top with Marble Surround Over Three
      Long Drawers with Brass Recessed Handles
                                                £200-300                              Lot 811
                                                             812   A Victorian Mahogany Nursing Chair on Fluted Legs
                                                             813   A Georgian Mahogany Corner Wash Stand        £50-80
814   An Indian Carved Hardwood Two Tier Table with Lion     839   A 19th Century Mahogany Rectangular Snap Top
      and Peacock Decoration                    £20-30             Table on Turned Column Tripod Legs        £40-60
815   A Walnut and Mahogany Four Drawer Davenport            840   A Georgian Mahogany Four Drawer Chest with Brass
                                              £50-80               Drop Handles on Bracket Feet           £100-150
816   A Walnut Single Drawer Bureau on Cabriole Legs and     841   A Mahogany Glazed Corner Cabinet                £20-30
      Mahogany Cabriole Leg Stool                £20-30
                                                             842   A Modern Mahogany Finish Wall Unit              £20-30
817   A White Kidney Shaped Dressing Table, Stool and
      Matching Chest of Drawers                  £20-30      843   Three Rosewood Bar Back Dining Chairs           £50-70

818   A Victorian Mahogany Bidet, Compartmental Shelves      844   A Carved Oak Court Cupboard with Leaded Light
      and Oak Occasional Table                   £25-35            Door                                     £80-120

819   A Carved Oak Sideboard                       £20-30    845   A Wicker Chair, Folding Chair and Tea Trolley
820   A Victorian Mahogany Rectangular Snap Top Table
      on Turned Column                          £40-60       846   Various Glazed and Other Plant Pots             £20-30

821   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Oval Two Tier Table       847   A Brown Garden Stone Sink                       £20-30
                                                 £20-30      848   A Brass and Onyx Standard Lamp                  £30-40
822   A Mahogany Bureau Fitted with Five Small Drawers
      Over Three Open Compartments                £25-35
823   A Large Modern Yew Wood Display Cabinet with
      Glazed Upper Four Drawer / Cupboards and a Hi/Fi
      Cabinet                                   £10-20
824   A Reproduction Mahogany Gateleg Table        £10-20
825   A Victorian Mahogany Shaped Front Sideboard on
      Tapered Legs                              £50-80
826   A Victorian Pot Cupboard and Nest of three
      Occasional Tables                            £15-25
827   An Oak Monks Bench by D W Hall               £60-80
828   A Reproduction Mahogany Sideboard with Six
      Drawers and Cupboards                      £20-30
829   An Oval Oak Gateleg Table on Turned Legs     £30-40                                Lot 848
830   An Edwardian Mahogany Five Drawer Chest £10-20         849   A Modern Metal Fire Basket for Logs             £15-25
831   A Chest of Four Drawers and Small Bookcase             850   An Iron Fire Basket                             £20-30
                                                             851   A Reproduction Mahogany Davenport           £150-200
832   Nest of Tables, an Occasional Table, Trolley and
      Plant Stand                                   £20-30
833   A Victorian Walnut Loo Table on Carved Tripod Base
834   A William IV Mahogany Dining Table with Extra Leaf
835   An Oak Bergere Armchair on Barley Twist Supports
836   Four Late Edwardian Mahogany Dining Chairs
837   An Oak Draw Leaf Table on Barley Twist Supports
838   A 19th Century Mahogany Snap Top Occasional
      Table on a Turned Column and Tripod Legs £50-70

                                                                                         Lot 851
                                                             852   A Small Oak Bureau with Drawer Below and Shelves
                                                             853   A Victorian Mahogany Snap Top Table (a/f)       £15-25
                                                             854   A Modern Brass Bed with Ceramic Ball Decoration
                                                             855   A Carved Oak Dresser                            £40-60
                                                             856   A Set of Four Oak Wheel Back Chairs             £30-40
                                                             857   A Modern Pine Dresser                           £60-80
                         Lot 838
858   A Reproduction Mahogany Corner Cupboard £20-30
859   A Victorian Mahogany Cupboard Bookcase £80-120
860   A Victorian Mahogany Cheval Mirror          £400-450
861   A Georgian Mahogany Bureau Bookcase with
      Astragal Glazed Doors Over Four Graduated Drawers
      with Brass Drop Handles on Bracket Feet £300-500

                                                                                      Lot 872
                                                             873   A Large Modern Pine Bookcase               £50-60
                                                             874   Two Open Bookcases                         £15-25
                                                             875   An Oak Two Door China Cupboard             £30-40
                                                             876   A Reproduction Yew Wood Corner Cupboard £20-30
                                                             877   An Oak Single Door Cupboard with Linen Fold
                                                                   Carving                                     £40-60
                                                             878   A Victorian Mahogany Spoon Back Chair on Turned
                                                                   Legs                                    £150-180
                        Lot 861
862   Two Oval Oak Gateleg Tables plus Elm Occasional
      Table                                     £30-40
863   A Walnut and Mahogany Wall Display Cabinet Fitted
      with Sliding Doors and Multiple Shelves  £80-120
864   An Oak Leaded Lights Bureau                   £40-60
865   A Large Pine Double Wardrobe with Three Drawers
866   A Mahogany Framed Hanging Mirror              £20-30
867   An Art Deco Three Suite in Beige Moquette     £50-80
868   An Edwardian Carved Mahogany Corner Compactum
      Mirror Door Wardrobe                  £150-250
869   A Victorian Mahogany Four Drawer Scotch Chest                                   Lot 878
                                                             879   A Victorian Low Back Armchair on Turned Legs
870   A 19th Century Oak Joint Stool on Turned Legs                                                           £30-50
                                                             880   An Oak Bergere Armchair                    £20-30
                                                             881   A Mahogany Bergere Armchair on Bobbin Turned
                                                                   Supports                                 £30-40

                        Lot 870
871   A Carved Oak Sideboard with Four Drawers and Four
      Cupboards Below                           £20-30
872   Three Matching Victorian Carved Oak Carolean Style                              Lot 881
      Dining Chairs                              £70-90      882   A Berbice Planters Chair                   £50-70
                                                            892   A Set of Four 1930's Oak Dining Room Chairs and
                                                                  Two Loom Chairs                            £15-25
                                                            893   An Oak Drawer Leaf Table                    £10-20
                                                            894   A Set of Four Oak Stick Back Chairs         £20-30
                                                            895   A Victorian Carved Mahogany Nursing Chair with
                                                                  Button Back Upholstery                     £60-80
                                                            896   A 19th Century Mahogany Two Drawer Chest
                                                            897   An Oval Oak Barley Twist Gateleg Table      £20-30

                        Lot 882                             898   An Oval Oak Gateleg Table on Turned Legs    £30-40

883   A Teak Garden Bench                         £20-30    899   A Reproduction Yew Wood Occasional Table £10-20

884   A Teak Garden Bench with Four Chairs Etc £80-120      900   A Mahogany Night Stand                      £15-25

885   A Victorian Carved Oak Carolean Style Dining Chair    901   An Oak Three Drawer Bureau                  £20-30
                                                  £30-40    902   Two Childrens Chairs                        £20-30
                                                            903   A Georgian Oak Three Drawer Chest with Fall Front
                                                                  and Fitted Pigeonholes                     £50-80
                                                            904   An Oak Three Drawer Bureau                  £20-30
                                                            905   A Stag Five Drawer Chest, Three Occasional Tables
                                                                  and a Reproduction Open bookcase            £30-40
                                                            906   A Set of Six Victorian Carved Oak Saloon Chairs
                                                                  Including Two Armchairs                   £175-200
                                                            907   A Pair of Stag Seven Drawer Chests          £50-70
                                                            908   A Ladder Back Rocking Chair and a Long Stool
                                                            909   An Oak Two Drawer Bureau and Work Table £20-30
                                                            910   A Victorian Mahogany Cottage Dining Table   £60-80
                        Lot 885
                                                            911   An 18th Century Oak Mule Chest with Three Panel
886   A Circular Oak Occasional Table, Pine Side Table            Front                                    £150-200
      and Wine Table                               £20-30
887   A Childs Cane Seat Bentwood Folding High Chair
888   A Set of Six Victorian Carved Oak Dining Chairs

                                                                                     Lot 911
                                                            912   A Stag Dressing Table, a Chest of Drawers and
                        Lot 888                                   Bedside Cabinet                             £50-70

889   An Oak Cased Cabinet Singer Sewing Machine and        913   A Set of Ten Harlequin 19th Century Mahogany
      Shoe Cupboard                            £20-30             Shaped Back Dining Chairs on Square Legs
890   A Set of Four Metal Garden Chairs           £20-30
891   A Victorian Pine Church Pew                £80-120

                                                                                     Lot 913
                        Lot 891
                                                            914   A Victorian Mahogany Extending Dining Table with
                                                                  Three Extra Leafs on Bulbous Turned Legs £300-400
                                                            920   An 18th Century Carved Oak Coffer           £150-200
                                                            921   A Mahogany Three Drawer Bureau                £30-40
                                                            922   An Oak Gateleg Table and Teak Coffee Table £20-30
                                                            923   Pine Three Small Cupboard Shelf Unit          £15-25
                                                            924   A Pair of Victorian Rush Seat Chairs          £15-20
                                                            925   An Edwardian Mahogany Dressing Chest of Two
                                                                  Short and Two Long Drawers               £25-35
                                                            926   An Ercol Elm Draw Leaf Table                  £50-70
                        Lot 914                             927   An Arts and Crafts Inlaid Oak Elbow Chair     £25-35
915   A Pair of Regency Mahogany Corner Chairs   £40-60     928   An Edwardian Mahogany Occasional Two Tier Table
916   A Victorian Carved Corner Chair and a Bergere Elbow                                                  £20-30
      Chair and a Oak Foot Stool                  £40-60    929   Six Wheel Back Dining Chairs                  £30-40
917   A Georgian Mahogany Fronted Side Table on Square      930   A Wrought Iron Glass Top Conservatory Table
      Tapered Legs                             £80-120                                                       £30-40
                                                            931   A Pine Dresser Back                           £20-30
                                                            932   A Carved Mahogany Shaped Front Sideboard on
                                                                  Claw and Ball Feet                    £100-150

                        Lot 917
918   A Hardwood Chest of Pyramid Shape Containing Nine
      Drawers                                   £20-30

                        Lot 918
919   A Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Top Folding Card Table
      on Square Tapered Legs                    £80-120

                        Lot 919

To be executed at this Friday’s Sale: Date: _________________________________________________

Name:                _____________________________________________________________________

Tel: No:             ___________________________          Mobile:   __________________________

Buyer’s No:          __________________________________________

                               BUYER’S REGISTRATION NUMBER.

           Lot No.                                 Description                          Maximum Bid

             NB: All purchases, in both salerooms, subject to 12.5% BUYER’S PREMIUM PLUS VAT
                              Credit Card transactions will attract a premium of 2%

Signed: ______________________________________________________________________________________
1 THE BUYER.                                                                  genuineness or authenticity of any lot and making no warranty
                                                                              whatsoever. The purchaser is deemed to have inspected the lots
  The highest bidder acknowledged as such by the auctioneer will be
                                                                              and satisfied himself as to their condition.
  the buyer. If any dispute arises, the auctioneer shall have absolute
  discretion to settle the matter. The auctioneer shall rule the
  bidding and no bid shall be retracted. The auctioneer reserves the        11 COMMISSION BIDS.
  right to refuse any bid. The bidder in the room who is successful           If instructed, the auctioneers will execute bids and advise
  in purchasing any lot or lots is entirely responsible for paying for        prospective purchasers. This service is free. Lots will always be
  such lot or lots in accordance with our general conditions of sale.         purchased as cheaply as is allowed by such other bids and
  Purchases made on behalf of a third party are entirely the                  reserves as are on the auctioneer’s books. In the event of identical
  responsibility of the bidder in the room. The auctioneer reserves           bids, the earliest will take precedence. There must always be a
  the right to bid on behalf of the vendors for any lot and to                maximum limit indicated, i.e. the amount to which you would bid if
  withdraw, consolidate or divide any lot or lots.                            you were attending the auction yourself. “Buy” or unlimited bids
                                                                              will not be accepted. Commission bids placed by telephone are
2 REGISTRATION.                                                               accepted at the client’s risk. We do accept commission bids by
                                                                              facsimile. We urge our clients to place such commission bids
  To assist the progress of sale, all prospective buyers must register
                                                                              within one hour of the close of the view day.
  their name and address at reception and collect a bidding number
  before the sale commences. Should there be any doubts as to
  price or buyer, please drawer the auctioneer’s attention to it            12 TELEPHONE BIDS.
  immediately.                                                                Requests for telephone bidding must be registered with the
                                                                              Saleroom Manager within one hour of the close of the view day. It
3 BUYER’S PREMIUM.                                                            may not be possible to accept requests on sale days. Written
                                                                              confirmation of such bids from persons unknown to the
  A buyer’s premium of 12.5% plus VAT @ standard rate of the
                                                                              auctioneers must be received before the commencement of the
  hammer price is payable on each lot.
                                                                              sale. Whilst every effort will be made to execute telephone bidding,
                                                                              the auctioneers cannot be held responsible for any default or
4 VALUE ADDED TAX.                                                            neglect in connection with this service. All such arrangements
  Lots on which Value Added Tax may be payable by the buyer on                therefore are made entirely at the prospective buyer’s risk.
  the “hammer price” are indicated in the catalogue by a symbol
  beside the lot number. The buyer shall pay and VAT which may be
  due on any amounts owed by the buyer under these conditions of
                                                                            13 COLLECTION OF GOODS.
                                                                              At the purchaser’s sole cost and expense, the purchaser shall
  sale at the rates prevailing on the day of the auction.
                                                                              collect the lot(s) purchased not later than 12 mid day after the day
                                                                              of the auction, not before payment to the auctioneers of the total
5 AUCTIONEERS MARGIN SCHEME.                                                  amount due. After 7 working days, any items that still have not
  The Auctioneers Margin Scheme allows auctioneers to sell items              been removed will incur storage charges of £2 per lot per day, plus
  without VAT on the hammer price. Under the margin scheme an                 VAT at the standard rate.
  amount equivalent to VAT at the current rate is added to the
  buyer’s premium. This amount cannot be refunded. The VAT
  element will not be shown separately on the buyer’s invoice.
                                                                            14 COMPLIANCE.
                                                                              Upon failure of any purchaser to comply to any of the above
                                                                              conditions any money deposited by him or her in part payments
6 PAYMENT.                                                                    shall be forfeited to the owner of the lot, he paying there from, all
  Our methods of payment are with cash, debit, or credit card or by           just expenses. Any lot not paid for within 1 month of the purchase
  cheque supported by a valid guarantee card or bankers reference.            date shall be resold by public auction or private contract and the
  All purchases must be paid in full on the day of the sale before any        deficiency (if any) arising from such a resale together with all
  lot is removed from the premises. No goods will be released to              expenses attending the same shall be made good by the defaulter
  buyers unknown to the auctioneers without adequate reference or             at this sale who shall have no claim to any surplus which may arise
  before their cheques have cleared. Anyone who, for whatever                 on a resale.
  reason, is unable to pay for their goods on the day of the sale must
  inform the Saleroom Manager as to the date and methods that
  payment will be made.
                                                                            15 PRE SALE ESTIMATES.
                                                                              Given by the auctioneers or a member of their staff are their
                                                                              opinion as to what they consider any particular lot is likely to
7 ATTRIBUTION AND CONDITION OF LOTS.                                          realise. However any lot may sell at a figure less than the lower
  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of any statement as to          estimate and for more than the higher estimated figure. The
  authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition        auctioneers and their staff reserve the right to alter their pre-sale
  of any lot whether or not such statement forms part of the                  estimates, either upwards or downwards, on any lot at any time, up
  description of any such lot. Whether any such statement is made             until such time as the lot is offered for sale.
  orally or in the catalogue it is an expression of opinion. Each
  buyer by making a bid for a lot acknowledges that he has satisfied
  himself fully as to the attribution and condition of the lot. If any      16 RESERVES.
  damage is done to any lot at the viewing or before, during or after         The auctioneers and vendors reserve the right: -
  the sale, such damage shall be made good by the person                      (a) To remove the reserve completely from a previously reserved
  committing such damage, principals being responsible for the acts               lot at any time up until it is offered for sale.
  of their servants, such damage to be assessed by the auctioneers.           (b) To place a reserve on a previously unreserved lot at any time
                                                                                  up until it is offered for sale.
8 ATTRIBUTION OF PICTURES.                                                    (c) To alter a reserve, either upwards or downwards, on any lot at
  (Condition 7 also refers).                                                      any time up until it is offered for sale.
  (a) The forename(s) (or asterisks where not known) and surname
      of the artist indicates in our opinion a work by the artist
  (b) The initials of the forename(s) and the surname of the artist
                                                                            17 THIRD PARTY LIABILITY.
      indicates in our opinion a work of the period of the artist which       Every person on the auctioneers’ premises before, during or after a
      may be wholly or in part his work.                                      sale or at any other time, shall be deemed to be there at their own
  (c) The surname of the artist indicates in our opinion a work of the        risk and shall have no claim against the auctioneer in respect of
      school or by one of the followers of the artist or in his style and     any injury they may sustain or any accident which may occur.
      of uncertain date.
  (d) Bears signature indicates in our opinion that this is not the         18 ANY NOTICES.
      signature of the artist.                                                Any notices that may be displayed from time to time by the
  (e) All other terms are self-explanatory.                                   auctioneers in the sale ground or salerooms shall be deemed to
                                                                              form part of and be included within the general conditions of sale.
  The ownership of the lot(s) purchased will not pass to the buyer          19 MONEY LAUNDERING REGULATIONS:
  until the buyer has paid the auctioneers in full the total amount due       In order to comply with current anti-money laundering legislation
  and the auctioneers have applied such payment to the lot.                   we are unable to accept cash payments over £8,000.               Any
                                                                              purchaser wishing to pay cash for any purchase over £1,000 may
10 TRANSFER OF RISK.                                                          be asked for identification e.g. Passport or photo driving licence.
  Each lot shall be the purchaser’s sole risk from the fall of the
  hammer and shall be sold with all faults and imperfections, the
  auctioneer not being responsible for the correct description,

Please enter the information required below before taking it to a member of staff. Please ensure that
    you have a suitable form of identification to verify the information you are giving, e.g. driving
  licence, utility bill etc. Once you have done this you will be issued with a card and this will have
                                        your buyer’s number on it

    Mr / Mrs / Miss / Other: _______ Initials: _______Surname: ___________________________

    Company (if any):    ___________________________________________________________

    House No / Name:     ___________________________________________________________

    Street:              ___________________________________________________________

    Town:                ___________________________________________________________

    County:              ___________________________ Postcode: ______________________

    Tel:                 ___________________________________________________________

    Fax:                 ___________________________________________________________

    Mobile:              ___________________________________________________________

    E mail:              ________________________________@_________________________

                                                                       For Office Use Only
    Credit / Debit
                                                                       Buyers Registration Number: -
    Card No:             __________________________________

    Start Date:          __________________________________

    Expiry Date:         __________________________________

    Security Code:       __________________________________

     Where a buyer is registering for the first time and leaving a commission bid the auctioneers
      reserve the right to undertake a credit card transaction using the details which have been
                                supplied if the purchase is successful.

                            DURRANTS AUCTION ROOMS
                  The Old School House, Peddars Lane, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9UE
                               Tel: 01502 713490 Fax: 01502 711039

On entering Beccles, at the first set of traffic lights turn right into Peddars
Lane. The Auction Rooms are 200 metres along the road on your right.

Approaching Beccles, at the MacDonald’s roundabout, go straight over, then
take the first right via Gillingham over the bridge into Beccles. Follow the
road past the new Tesco, go straight at the first set of traffic lights, right at the
second and the Auction Rooms are 100 metres on your left.

At the Worlingham roundabout bear left through Worlingham. At the first set
of lights go straight over, at the second turn left and the Auction Rooms are
100 metres on your left.


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