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                                                                                                     Insider editorial synopsis
                                                                                                      April/May 2013 edition

     RISING STARS                                               INVESTING IN WHISKY
     Insider’s annual listing of the rising stars in business   Whisky is Scotland’s biggest export and is more
     is always a must read and this year will be no             popular than ever across the globe. Insider looks at
     exception. These are the people who will shape the         why whisky is doing so well and what investment
     future of business over the next 25 years.                 opportunities there are to capitalise on ‘the water
                                                                of life.’
     Insider’s annual in depth look at the accountancy          PLUS OUR REGULARS:
     industry in Scotland will find out about which
     issues are focusing the minds of our number                WEALTH MANAGEMENT
     crunchers. As usual we will be featuring the annual
                                                                Insider’s incisive guide on options for what to do
     Insider Audit, which lists the country’s leading
                                                                with your well-earned cash.
     accountancy firms, with full analysis of who’s up
     and who’s down.
                                                                INSIDER INTERNATIONAL
     CONFERENCING AND                                           Insider writes about the trading and investment
                                                                opportunities in a different country or sector
     EVENTS                                                     every month.
     Planning a conference or event to promote your
     company? Need a venue? Need an event organiser
     to bring it together? Then look no further. In this
     special feature Insider casts its eye over the wide        Insider’s essential round-up of the
     choice of conference venues available in Scotland          latest stats on the Scottish economy.
     and talks to a selection of event organisers about
     what they have got on offer.                                PROPERTY HOTSPOTS
                                                                An in-depth look at two significant commercial
     GLASGOW IN FOCUS                                           property deals around Scotland, including lettings,
     Insider’s series of regional reviews focuses on the        sales and developments.
     economy of Glasgow. We look at how Glasgow
     is faring and what new developments are either
     taking place or are in the pipeline.
                                                                THE BURNING QUESTION
                                                                Each month, Insider solicits the opinions of
                                                                Scotland’s business leaders on key questions
     BUSINESS TRAVEL                                            of the day.
     There is a big choice for business travellers in
     Scotland today with a large number of flights
     from airports across the country and regular
                                                                PERSONNEL FILES
     train services down to England. In this special            Update on employment law and HR issues.
     feature on business travel we will be looking at
     what new services are on offer by air and rail and          INSIDER APPOINTMENTS
     new developments taking place to improve the               News on the latest appointments and promotions.
     customer experience.
                                                                THE TEN MINUTE
     RYDER CUP 2014                                             INTERVIEW
     Next year Scotland is staging one of the biggest           A leading Scottish businessperson answers our
     events on the global golf calendar. In this feature        quickfire questionnaire.
     Scott McCulloch finds out what is in store for golf
     fans including corporate hospitality packages
     together with a look at the economic impact it will        SLAINTE
     have on the country.                                       Scotland’s business social scene on film.

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     opportunities relating to any of the above, please contact:
     Michelle Farquhar, group head advertising sales
     M: 07795 364 732
     E-Mail: mfarquhar@insider.co.uk

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