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                                ALABAMA CHAPTER 24 NEWSLETTER
                                                                                                           I N S ID E T H I S I S S U E :
  The Board of Directors for Chapter 24 has approved for each member
                                                                                                           Welcome Wagon                     2
  financial reimbursement up to $395 for the cost of registration to the
  53rd Annual International Education Conference held in Sacramento,                                       Officers Directory                2
  CA. June 17-21.                                                                                          Member Spotlight                  3

                                                                                                           Members on the Move               4

  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE BY MARVIN WALLER, SR/WA                                                              Chair Reports                     5
                                                                                                           Region Report                     7
Greetings colleagues:                                                   pleting an outstanding ses-        2007 Winter Conference            8
                                                                        sion. A few successes are
Wow! What a first quarter. Talk                                                                            Upcoming Educ Classes            10
                                                                        already being considered
about “March Madness.”
                                                                        for use in next year’s con-
Serving as Chapter President, I                                                                            International News               12
proudly report: Committee chair                                                                            Chair Directory                  13
                                                                        The chapter’s response to
appointments all are complete.
                                                                        our charitable request was
Our winter board meeting and
                                                                        truly outstanding at the
conference were outstanding and                                                                         appraisal boards for all IRWA
                                                                        Winter Conference. We
successful, in spite of tornados                                                                        training courses.
                                                                        donated more than 50
and other difficulties. Our tax                                                                         I ask each member planning to
                                                                        books and over $150 to
reporting obligations are com-                                                                          attend the Educational Seminar
                                                                        Alabama’s Reading is
plete, thanks to the work of Cyn-                                                                       in June to send me an e-mail
                                                                        Fundamental Program.
thia Butler and David Bell. And                                                                         letting me know you will be in
                                    All committee chairs should         Don’t forget to bring those
the Spring Forum illustrated the                                                                        attendance and if you will have
                                    contact the President-Elect         donations with you to
continued strength of our chapter                                                                       companion(s) with you. Please
                                    prior to our May 10, board          Huntsville.
leading the region in member-                                                                           let me know by the May Execu-
ship, membership growth, Edu-       meeting to provide the name         We attended the Spring
                                    of your committee vice-                                             tive Board Meeting. Remember,
cational Foundation support and                                         Forum in Nashville, March
                                    chair, a complete list of com-                                      all members of Chapter 24 are
finance.                                                                17. I know each of you
                                    mittee members, and your                                            invited to attend the board
                                                                        join me in offering con-
All committee chairs are listed     committee goals and objec-                                          meeting, scheduled for 4 P.M.,
                                                                        gratulations to our Past-
in this newsletter. I encourage     tives for the year. Our news-                                       May 10 at the Holiday Inn
                                                                        President, Johnny Dyess,
chapter members interested in       letter staff is doing a great job                                   downtown Huntsville. Mem-
                                                                        SR/WA who was elected
serving on any of the committees    and awaits committee submit-                                        bers who joined Chapter 24 since
                                                                        Vice-Chair of Region 6.
to contact the chair of the com-    tals of news items for publica-                                     our November 2006 Installation
                                                                        We successfully removed
mittee and volunteer to serve. If   tion, from each committee.                                          Meeting are invited to be guest
                                                                        obstructions to our past
you are asked to assist the chair                                                                       of the chapter for dinner at the
                                    The weather and other issues        class scheduling problems,
or to serve on a committee,                                                                             May meeting. Contact Terri
                                    tested our resolve to complete      at the forum. We were
please give your decision serious                                                                       Denson for dinner registration,
                                    this year’s Winter Conference.      advised by the Florida
thought. Don’t just decline a                                                                           remembering that early notice
                                    We adjusted the schedule,           Chapters that they are cur-
great opportunity. Always re-                                                                           benefits us all.
                                    tried some new things, and          rently attempting to obtain
member our chapter is only as                                                                           Marvin Waller, SR/WA
                                    were successful (according to       CE Credit approval from
strong as its membership and
                                    many in attendance) in com-         their state’s real estate and   President, Chapter 24
member involvement.
The Spring Board and Business meeting will be in Huntsville, Alabama on May 10th, 2007. The Board Meeting will be at
4:00 p.m., social hour starting at 6:00p.m., and dinner at 7:00p.m., at the Holiday Inn Downtown. There are rooms avail-
able for $75.00 Double, $85.00 Triple and $95.00 Quad. The address for the Hotel is 401 Williams Street, 35801. The
phone number is 256-533-1400. The cost is $30.00 and checks for the dinner are to be made out to the Chapter.
Checks should be mailed to :
Terri Denson
Alabama Department of Transportation
P. O. Box 550
Guntersville, Alabama 35976.
L A N D S C A P ES                                      PAGE 2                             A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                                                    259 Members in Chapter 24
                                                                           77 SR/WA s
                                                                  30% of membership are SR/WA s
                      Welcome Wagon
New Member              Sponsor          New Member              Sponsor        New Member             Sponsor
Dianne Hilliard       James P. Holmes    Scott Haga            James Crandol    Charles E. Hyland, Jr.
ALDOT                                    ALDOT                                  Mobile Area Water & Sewer System
Birmingham, AL                           Birmingham, AL                         Mobile, AL

Dave Bussell       Marshall Whitson      Steve Holcomb      Sandra Harmening    Nik Pantaze           John Lawrence
Veterans Appraisal Group                 Volkert & Associates                   ALDOT
Athens, AL                               Baileyton, AL                          McCalla, AL

Joe Pennington        Marvin Waller      Sandra Schmidt      Dee Slaughter      Tommie Pierce Sandra Harmening
Atmore, AL                               Birmingham Airport Authority           Volkert & Associates
                                         Bessemer, AL                           Mobile, AL

Jernell B. Anderson                      Julie Laughridge    Sandra Harmening Sondra K. Davis
ALDOT                                    Volkert & Associates                 ALDOT
Alexander City, AL                       Sylacauga, AL                        Alabaster, AL

                           2007 Officers

PRESIDENT                               PRESIDENT ELECT
Marvin Waller, SR/WA                    Sandra Harmening, SR/WA
ALDOT                                   Volkert & Associates
251-470-8270                            251-342-1070
wallerm@dot.state.al.us                 sharmening@volkert.com

                                                                           P.D.C. Chair Billy Edge, SR/WA presents
VICE PRESIDENT                          TREASURER
                                                                           David Darden, SR/WA with his plaque and
Buddy Eslava                            David Bell                         SR/WA pin during the Tuscaloosa Confer-
Appraisal & Consultant Group            Volkert & Associates               ence in May.
251-479-4572                            251-342-1070
acgbud@aol.com                          rdavidbell2003@yahoo.com

                                                                                Don't accept your dog's
SECRETARY                               PAST PRESIDENT                          admiration as conclusive
Tim Ponder                              David Woodall, SR/WA
                                                                                 evidence that you are
APCO                                    City of Birmingham
(205) 257-4016                          205-254-7753                                    wonderful.
tfponder@southernco.com                 dhwooda@ci.birmingham.al.us                  -Ann Landers

 Spring Board meeting to be held at the Huntsville Holiday Inn on May 10 at 4 p.m.
L A N D S C A P ES                                      PAGE 3                             A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                          MEMBER SPOTLIGHT

        If getting good mind food as well as good
physical food is what you’re looking for, then
you need to take an IRWA course with Terri Denson
as the class coordinator. Terri makes sure that you
not only have delicious snacks for breaks but steak,
sausage, and ham biscuits for breakfast along with
your choice of juice. The lunch menu might include
grilled hamburgers or steaks with all the trimmings
with dinner being a fish fry with all the trimmings.
Yes, I tell you it’s been a few years since I had a class
with Terri as the coordinator but my mouth is water-
ing now. Since the information received from the
instructors is top notch, Terri’s hospitality is icing on
the cake.

        Terri coordinated the Spring Region Forum
held in Huntsville last year and from everyone who
attended did a magnificent job. Terri’s organizational
skills are being called on once again for Chapter           TEN GUIDELINES FOR DEALING WITH
24’s Spring Board Meeting to be held in Huntsville          PEOPLE - Norman Vincent Peale
this year. When attending the Spring Board Meeting
be sure to let Terri know how much you appreciate
what she does for our chapter.                              1. Learn to remember names. A person’s name is
                                                            very important to him or her.
        Terri graduated from the University of Ala-         2. Be a comfortable person so there is no strain in be-
bama. I first met Terri in 1983 and she has remained        ing around you.
the same humble person all of these years. She began
her right of way career with ALDOT in 1982 and is           3. Learn to be easygoing so things won’t bother you.
presently Relocation Officer for the First Division.        4. Don’t be egotistical; don’t give the impression that
                                                            you know it all.
        Terri is very active with her Church, First         5. Learn to be interesting so people will want to be
Missionary Baptist of Huntsville working with the           with you & get something stimulating from you.
Mission Department including the Angel Tree pro-
                                                            6. Get the “scratchy” elements out of your personality.
gram for a number of years. She has been a leader
with the Girl Scouts for a number of years in various       7. Drain off your grievances. Honestly try to heal
capacities.                                                 every misunderstanding you have.
                                                            8. Work at liking people until you learn to do so natu-
        Terri has devoted her life to the care of people    rally.
which includes the care of her mother. Terri is a true      9. Never miss a chance to say “congratulations” or to
friend and I am honored to know her.
                                                            give support at a difficult time.
        Thank you, Terri, for all you have done for         10. Develop spiritual dept in yourself so you have
our Chapter and your community. It is our pleasure          something to pass on to the people you know. Learn
to place you in our Member Spotlight.                       how to share this strength with others.
                                    Diane Osborne,
                         Newsletter Team Member
L A N D S C A P ES                                    PAGE 4                             A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                              Members on the Move

                                    Retirement Announcement
Robert H. Crowe, Corporate Real Estate - Land Location & Acquisition Supervisor, Mobile Division Of-
fice, announces his retirement effective March 30, 2007, after 35 years of outstanding and dedicated service to
Alabama Power Company.
                                        Members Moving Up
Johnny Dyess has accepted the position of Land Supervisor - Mobile Division in the Land Acquisi-
tion/Customer Service section of Corporate Real Estate. Johnny's most recent position was Chief Technical
Specialist of the CRE A-Team in Mobile Division. In the 30+ years of Johnny's career at Alabama Power
Company, Johnny's tenure has been spent in Mobile Division primarily serving in the roles of Line Clearing
Specialist and Land Acquisition/Customer Service.
George Echols has accepted the position of Land Supervisor - Eastern Division in the Land Acquisi-
tion/Customer Service section of Corporate Real estate. George's most recent position was Chief Technical
Specialist of the CRE A-Team in Southern Division. George's career at Alabama Power Company has been
spent in the Southern Division providing acquisition and customer service primarily in the Auburn/Opelika
Billy Edge has accepted the position of Land Resources Supervisor - South Region, in the Land Manage-
ment Department of Corporate Real Estate. Billy's most recent position was Chief Technical Specialist in
Shoreline Management. Billy joined Alabama Power Company in 1993 as a Real Estate Specialist in the Land
Acquisition Department.
George Hopper has accepted the position of Team Leader - Legal, Compliance and Appraisal. George's
background and experience make him well qualified to assume this new leadership role within Corporate Real
Estate. His previous experience as Team Leader of Litigation will serve him well in this leadership position.

          Congratulations on recent promotions to Chapter 24 members:
                            Perry Hand—President
                    Larson Edge—Vice President, Emeritus
                R. David Bell—Vice President Land Acquisitions
L A N D S C A P ES                                                  PAGE 5                                 A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                                        Chair Reports

                     Transportation/Relocation                                             R I F
                     Christian Christoffers, Chair                                         George D. Echol
                                                                                          Jean Dean RIF ( Reading Is Funda-
                   One of the most important jobs of a reloca-                            mental) Program began in 1990-01 by
                   tion specialist is to offer advisory services to                       then Governor of the Alabama District
                   the residential and business relocatee. Ad-                            Kiwanis, Joe Dean in memory of his
                   visory services play an especially important                           wife Jean Dean. The program pro-
                   role in assuring your business relocatee                               vides a way to give at-risk young chil-
receives the best customer service. I am sharing 15 tips from                             dren good books to have and enjoy at
a business relocation course that I attended in Rhode Island
                                                                        home with their families. The program is the largest RIF
last year. I hope this information helps you and the business
owners that you are responsible for.                                    program in the nation serving pre-schoolers and serves
                                                                        more sites than any other RIF project for any age. The
                                                                        program is a project of the Alabama Kiwanis Foundation
THE BUSINESS MOVE PROCESS                                               and volunteers and donations are welcomed.
1) Determine if the business will be reestablished                      Literacy continues to be an important factor in success in
2) Identify the replacement site                                        school and life. National research shows that putting
 3) Identify personal property to be moved as opposed to real           books in children’s homes greatly impacts their interest
property                                                                in reading and also that of their families and greatly in-
4) Prepare a list of personal property to be moved                      creases the number who learn to read.
5) Identify items requiring special handling, packing and crating       Over 2000 Kiwanians and “friends of Kiwanis” spend at
                                                                        least 6000 hours annually reading to the children because
 6) Explain the direct loss of tangible personal property to the
                                                                        the project brings together all the elements that major
                                                                        studies identify as critical to assure that children grow up
7) Assist with the preparation of moving specifications                 reading.
 8) Determine the materials and equipment that will be needed to
                                                                        Our chapter recently donated more than 50 books and
perform the move
                                                                        gave a monetary donation to the Jean Dean RIF Program.
9) Have the owner select the moving option preferred                    Members are encouraged to bring a book to our
10) Assist in the preparation of a moving schedule for more com-        Chapter meeting in May in Huntsville or make a
plicated moves                                                          monetary donation to support our efforts to provide
11) The move should be conducted in accordance with written             books for the at-risk children of Alabama.
12) The relocation agent should monitor the move
13) The relocation agent should conduct a post-move inspection
14) The moving claim is then processed for payment
15) Best Management Practice for Business Moves
The relocation agent should create a photo album of current busi-
ness sites that are available for purchase or lease in the area. This
will require a frequent follow-up for these properties to check for
availability before presenting the information to the business dis-
placee. Provide any helpful information that can be obtained
about the lease terms, location, square footage, and contact info
for the site to the displaced business owner to help them decide
on a new location for their business. Keep in touch with the dis-
placed business owner frequently to see how they are progressing
in finding a new location.
Also, see 49CFR 24.205(c)(2)(i) for what should be included at
                                                                                    Clarke County Courthouse
a minimum when interviews are conducted with a business
owner/operator.                                                                              Grove Hill, AL
L A N D S C A P ES                                                PAGE 6                                     A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                                       Chair Reports

                      Important Appraisal News
                     David Massengale, Valuation Chair

                     The “New Education Approval Process” approved by the Appraisal Board may eliminate appraisers from receiv-
                     ing continuing education credit for attending the IRWA conferences and some IRWA courses. It appears that ap-
                     praisers will get credit for the conferences approved by the Appraisal Board and attended before August 31, 2007.
                     However, after that date the new approval process will be required. The “New Education Approval Process” as
                     furnished by the Appraisal Board is as follows:

After receiving the letter regarding AQB course approval certificates mentioned above, Ms. Judy Jones sent the request to IRWA
International and we have been informed that we currently have courses 400 and 403 approved, with 400 being reviewed and 401
scheduled to be sent for review.
According to the approval process letter, it states the additional requirement will be "as of August 31, 2007," although the final para-
graphs states "this information must be submitted for courses which are already approved by August 31, 2007 for approval to remain
in effect."
In the past, most of our conferences and courses were approved for continuing education credit and this just may not be the case in
the future. I like most appraisers have attended a lot of courses and conferences in the past and I know as you do that our courses and
conferences are superior to most of the educational courses in the market today. It actually appears that the main reason that our
courses and conferences will not be approved in the future is the approval process and the cost involved.
You should all thank Judy Jones for her efforts in working with the Appraisal Board in getting the prior courses approved and in
working to get as many approved under the new process as possible.
I would also like to ask all of the appraisers to send me their e-mail addresses. You can send your address to my e-mail at dcmassen-
gale@charter.net. This will allow us to have better communication about chapter news that affects the appraisers. If any of you
would like to serve on the Chapters Valuation Committee, please let me know.

Spring Board meeting to be held at the Huntsville Holiday Inn on May 10 at 4 p.m.
L A N D S C A P ES                                      PAGE 7                               A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                     Regional News                               Johnny Dyess, SR/WA              Vice– Chair

Sandra Harmening, SR/WA
President Elect

Region 6 Spring Forum Report

The Region Six Spring Forum was held in Nashville in
conjunction with a class relating to the history and fu-
ture of railroads in Tennessee. The class was very infor-
mative and enjoyed by all.

The Forum on Saturday was well attended by all chap-
ters and Faith Roland from IEC was also in attendance.
In comparison to other chapters our chapter is doing
well in membership and financial stability.

                                                             Johnny Dyess receiving plaque from Region 6
One major concern that our chapter had was being able       Chair Jim Krohe. Johnny received this recogni-
to schedule classes to fit the needs of our chapter with-   tion for his services as Region Secretary/Treasurer.
out the vice-chair turning them down due to conflict
with courses of other chapters. After much discussion,
Marvin Waller motioned and the region voted to remove      So what do you do when not doing ROW?
the power of the vice-chair to turn down courses for
                                                          When Riley Brice of the City of Auburn is not doing
conflicts in location and time.                           ROW you can find him with his friend Bill Mixon as
                                                        they are the “Big Bad Wolf” Competition Bar B Que
Faith Roland is our liaison with IEC and can be reached Team. This photo of Riley(r) and Bill(l) was taken in
                                                        Mobile, AL in March 2007 at the ‘Hog Wild Festival’
by e-mail to help resolve any of our issues. Marvin is
                                                        for the Cerebral Palsey Benefit
going to propose to her that all approved course facilita-
tors are given a key that allows them access to the cur-
rent approved facilitator’s manuals for their approved
courses, online. This should remove our waiting time
on the mail outs for courses from international. He is
also asking that revised sheets are dated and a memo is
provided to the facilitators of changes so that they can
know what changes occurred since the last printing in
the manual.

The following positions were voted and appointed by
the board: Ben Ward, PBS & J was elected Sect/
Treasure; Johnny Dyess, Vice-Chair, and Angle Banks,
Chair of Region 6.

                                                                   What do you do when not doing ROW?
                                                                         Send us a photo and let us know!
L A N D S C A P ES                                       PAGE 8                              A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                       TUSCALOOSA WINTER CONFERENCE 2007

New Members recognized and presented their Certificate and Pin at the Winter Conference in Tuscaloosa
(l to r) Dianne Hillard, Janelle Anderson, Nik Pantaze, Scott Haga and Rick Jennings

The 48th Annual 2007 Winter Conference was held at the Tuscaloosa campus of the University of Alabama. 98
participants (77 registrants and 21 walk-ins) enjoyed the hospitality of the University, informative speakers and the
Thursday Night social at the Jemison Van De Graaf Mansion. The Conference was kicked off by Volkert and As-
sociates hosting “Ribfest” for the 10th year. Everyone attending Ribfest was treated to Dreamland ribs and
chicken, beverages and snacks. Each person attending Ribfest was given a souvenir beverage huggie commemorat-
ing Larson Edge’s new position of Vice President Emeritus within the Volkert administration.
The Conference started right on schedule and moved smoothly due to the careful planning and organization of the
University of Alabama’s College of Continuing Studies Tommy Pow and Lynn Crenshaw. A new means of pre-
senting a session was initiated when IRWA Executive Board Vice President Faith Rowland used the teleconfer-
ence capabilities of the Bryant Conference Center to give the attendees an IRWA Overview. Faith was recuperat-
ing from recent shoulder surgery that cancelled her planned trip to Tuscaloosa. The afternoon session was inter-
rupted by tornado warnings. The staff of the Bryant Conference Center showed their professionalism and training
by directing the attendees to safety on the lower floor of the Center in an orderly fashion. Due to the interruption,
the conference schedule was adapted so that each of the presenters were able to complete their session on Friday
morning. The Conference adjourned after the Door Prize winners were drawn. Congratulations to Dennis Wayne
Hill for winning the Alabama Basketball to be autographed by Coach Mark Gottfried and sent to Dennis at a later
date. The Nick Saban autographed Alabama Football was won by Richard Reed. Additional door prizes included
gift certificates to Starbucks and two gift coffee mugs from the University of Alabama. Winners included Marshall
Whitson, Ken Higgins, David Woodall, Rickey Smith, Judy Jones, Stephen Merriweather, Tim McNair, Steve
Gamble, George Echols, John Alexander and Phil Cork. This marked one of the largest item give aways in Confer-
ence History. The RIF Book drive was a huge success as many attendees brought books or made cash donations to
this worthwhile charitable drive.
L A N D S C A P ES                                           PAGE 9                                 A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                           TUSCALOOSA WINTER CONFERENCE 2007
                     Dr. Sam Addy, Director, Center for Business Economics at the University of Alabama started the
                     conference with his topic “Economic update on Hurricane Katrina”. Dr. Addy demonstrated with sta-
                     tistics and information supplied by utilities as well as economic professionals that Hurricane Katrina
                     had a minimal economic impact on the State of Alabama, though local impact of the storm was sig-
                     nificant in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. Dr. Addy also gave participants the remaining inventory of
                     his book “20 Years of Alabama History and Alabama Business 1986-2006”.

Next, Mr. Bill Van Luchene, PE, Environmental Engineer for FHWA discussed Environmental Issues and
how they affect corridor studies, relocation and right of way acquisitions. Mr. Van Luchene touched on in-
depth issues regarding Historically significant and Archeologically significant properties as a lead-in to
other conference topics. The Environmental and social issues are studied in depth prior to plan development
and are essential to determining proper corridor routes.

                                          Jamie Boullion from the Louisiana Department of Transportation Develop-
                                          ment, Ham Boudreaux, from Boudreaux and Associates and Chapter 24’s
                                          Vice President Buddy Eslava of ACG related their experiences of setting up
                                          and using Electronic Appraisal Report Distribution and Storage. Anyone
                                          who has had to read, store and update appraisal reports appreciated this new
                                          approach to transmitting, receiving and managing appraisal reports in a for-
                                          mat that is easily stored, corrected by the review system and distributed.
Jamie Boullion Ham Boudreaux Buddy Eslava And one of the significant features for Louisiana DOTD was the fact that the
                                          conversion from paper to electronic had minimal cost as the servers, equip-
ment and support were already in place with the existing computer system. In keeping with the spirit of the topic, there
were no handouts. Anyone requesting the Power Point presentation on this topic should email Ham at

              Pat Patterson, Environmental Specialist/Historic Structures for ALDOT and Lee Luis, En-
              vironmental Specialist/Archeology for ALDOT enlightened us on the special problems that
              arise with a project before any of us see the first set of plans. In spite of what we think,
              some of the buildings located in a proposed right of way may have significant historical
              value due to the age of the building or a significant historical occurrence that happened there
              and deserve to be preserved. Preserving may include moving the structure to another loca-
              tion. Archeologically significant areas may be known prior to the road project and can be
Pat Patterson considered. However, special problems arise when a site is discovered during the construc-            Lee Luis
tion phase.

              Mark Owen, Land Compliance & Administration Support Supervisor, gave us a perspective of how the Kelo
              decision has affected Georgia Power and the Southern Company in working with the public to obtain rights of
              way for electrical transmission infrastructure. While his experiences were based on Georgia projects, each
              one of us could relate to the same problems in Alabama. The ongoing changes with the State of Georgia’s
              Title 22 were of interest to everyone.

The Conference was wrapped up on a humorous note when Martha Ann Hill of Fireball Enterprises spoke
on “Stuff You Need to Know”. Ms. Hill’s dynamic personality blended with information regarding human
nature characteristics gave each of us an insight into daily communications and interactions with others.
This is not the first time Ms. Hill spoke at the Conference and hopefully she will return to future Confer-
ences as her tips, stories and advice leave a lasting impression.
L A N D S C A P ES                                        PAGE 10                                  A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                 UPCOMING EDUCATION EVENTS
IRWA Course #603                                            IRWA Course #504
“Understanding Environmental Contamination”                 “Computing Replacement Housing Payments”
 April 26 in Mobile                                         May 9 & 10 in Huntsville

IRWA Course #701                                             IRWA Course #703
“Property Management: Leasing”                               “Real Property Asset Management”
May 23 and 24 in Birmingham                                  May 25 in Birmingham

IRWA Course #801                                             If you have certified as a Class
“Land Titles”                                                Coordinator please contact Cynthia or
June 5 and 6 in Birmingham                                   Judy and let them know!

       Congratulations to Julie Laughridge for certifying as Class Coordinator. Thanks, Julie!

                                            Class Coordinators Needed!!!
Chapter 24 has an aggressive Education Schedule proposed to aide you in obtaining your SR/WA or R/A certifi-
cations. However, in order to hold classes, Class Coordinators need to be assigned. As of this writing, Chapter 24
has 7 Certified Class Coordinators and we need more. Everyone is encouraged to go online and take the Coordi-
nators Certification course. It takes about 45 minutes to view and about 15 minutes to take the exam.
Once you become Certified, please let Judy and Cynthia know!

                                 “Understanding Environmental Contamination”
                                               Johnny Dyess, Facilitator
As students of our business, it is imperative we understand what we are buying and selling in terms of environmental
compliance. Course 603 provides us with that information as well as how potential contaminants move in the soils. This
could also be applied to easements we acquire. This course will not make you an environmental engineer but does offer
valuable information on things to look for and watch out for. The course offers “signals” for each of us to watch for as
we visit sites in the field. Questions to ask and when it is appropriate for us to seek help from a professional environ-
mental engineer. This one day course is fast paced with ample opportunity to explore a variety of potential containment
sources, some of which you may have never considered.

                                  “Computing Replacement Housing Payments”
                                              Clyde Johnson, Facilitator
Computing Replacement Housing Payments an advanced relocation course, designed for students with thorough knowl-
edge and experience implementing the Uniform Act. Realistic and complex situations are used as if the students have
been assigned to small projects requiring relocation of the occupants of twelve (12) residential properties; the household
survey have been conducted and a copy of each interview sheet is contained in the materials provided; and, the students
acting as individuals assigned to compute the replacement housing payments on behalf of the Agency. Students should
have the knowledge to calculate basic payments, group discussions and exercises maximizing practical application of
the cases studies will be the emphasis of this course.
L A N D S C A P ES                                         PAGE 11                                   A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                          “Property Management: Leasing”
                                                Johnny Dyess, Facilitator
In this course, you will learn the fundamentals and practical aspects of leasing through exercises, case studies and sample
documents. The primary focus centers around acquisition and revenue leasing with an emphasis on private sector issues.
Participants will gain a clear understanding of the reasoning and rationale behind leasing decisions. The participants will
discover how to protect income through the discussion of: Lease terms; Maintenance Provisions; Default Clauses; As-
signment and subletting; Risk Management/Loss Control; Default/Remedies. The Participants will also learn how to
maximize income though the study of: Feasibility Analysis; Lease Options; and, Leasehold Marketing.

                                         “Real Property Asset Management”
                                                Johnny Dyess, Facilitator
Asset management is the comprehensively planned management of a diverse portfolio of real estate for the optimum use
of available assets. Real Property Asset Management is an intensive one-day class designed to teach participants the
necessary skills and knowledge to introduce and implement a program within their organization. Intended for those who
manage real estate for organizations needing additional resources to adequately meet the defined mission.
This course covers the following topics: asset management defined; aspects, considerations and goals of asset manage-
ment; identifying needs and prerequisites of successful asset management; and establishing and implementing an asset
management program.

                                                      “Land Titles”
                                                Ted Williams, Facilitator
United States Land Titles is an advanced course that builds upon prior professional knowledge and provides students
with information about analysis of abstracts to determine who must execute a conveyance; learn terminology of title es-
tates, covenants, liens, encumbrances, and contracts; and understand the preparation of chains of title from public re-
cords. This course covers the following topics: public records, sources of title information, who can hold or transfer title,
how title is held or transferred, instruments and other means of transferring real estate interest, when title passes, encum-
brances, title searches, how to determine vesting from a chain of title, how to identify encumbrances and clear title, and
how to handle special situations.

                     Are you close to satisfying the educational requirements for your SR/WA?
                          Need a couple of classes or the SR/WA Study Class and Exam?
                           If so contact Cynthia Butler @ X2croger@southernco.com or
                                    Judy Jones @ judy.jones@gmcnetwork.com
                                         And let them know what you need

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    the form or contact Billy and request one. E-mail Billy at waedge@southernco.com
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     L A N D S C A P ES                             PAGE 12                             A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                         International News

                                               Submitted by: Janice Moore-Smith

There’s nothing more frustrating        Right of way professionals and       In order to participate in the
than the feeling of being stuck in     organizations, who wish to post       Career Center, you will need
a dead-end job. It’s always a          their resume or position open-        to create an account and se-
great thing to know where you’re       ings can post jobs for free. In       lect a username and pass-
going and more importantly, how        addition, employers can create a      word. Your IRWA member-
to get there. There are numer-         brief company profile. The Ca-        ship number and password
ous benefits and advantages to         reer Center should be used to         used for other sections of
being a member of the IRWA             post specific positions, and not      IRWA’s website will not ac-
when it comes to advancing             for general advertisement for         cess this service. You must
your career. The IRWA Career           recruitment services or for other     create a new account and
Center is now available to the         promotions such as education,         password. Once the account
public with new features that will     seminars, training, publication,      is set up, you may select one
make your job search quicker           etc. Job positions remain on the      of the following login options:
and easier. The site offers new        Career Center for 60 days.            (1) I am a Job Seeker –
search capabilities; individual        Candidates are asked to use           which means you want to
account creation to manage job         proper grammar and punctua-           search through the jobs data-
posting(s) and/or resumes; and         tion when posting your position,      base and post your resume
the ability to post and manage         for ease of reading.         Even     or (2) I am an Employer –
multiple jobs under one account.       though there are some who love        which means you want to
                                       to do this, do not post positions     post or maintain a job and
                                       or resumes in all capitals. This      search available resumes.
The IRWA’s Career Center is a          is equivalent to shouting in the
service to all right of way profes-    online world. Just regular capi-
sionals and organizations. They        talization and punctuation is fine.          Check out the
do ask that all users be member        Listings that contain any inap-          IRWA Career Center at
of the IRWA, follow certain rules      propriate language, are mislead-                   http://
and guidelines and be consider-        ing, or defame or slander any          careercenter.irwaonline.org
ate of others when using this          individual or organization will be      and you’ll be on your way.
Job Bank. IRWA reserves the            deleted immediately by the ad-
right to remove resumes submit-        ministrator. If these postings
ted by Non-Members who fail to         continue by a specific user, the
join the Association within 30         user may be barred from using
days of posting their resume.          the Career Center.

                                      Summer Conference 2007
                          July 26 and 27, 2007            Gulf Shores, Alabama
                          Registration, Itinerary and Details next Newsletter
  L A N D S C A P ES                                              PAGE 13                                  A PR / M A Y 2 0 0 7

                                                                                             Current Roster of
                        DIRECTORS                                                            Class Coordinators
                                                                                    Judy Jones of Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood
 DIRECTOR 1/YEAR                   DIRECTOR 2/YEARS
                                                                                  Hobbie Dees of Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood
 David Woodall, SR/WA              Marvin Waller, SR/WA
                                                                                       Amanda Edge of Volkert & Associates
 City of Birmingham                ALDOT
                                                                                               Al Wyckoff of APCO
 dhwooda@ci.birmingham.al.us                        wallerm@dot.state.al.us                   James Snider of ALDOT
                                                                                             Marvin Waller of ALDOT
                                                                                    Julie Laughridge of Volkert & Associates

                            2007 CHAPTER COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP
Membership Chair & Team        Welcome Chair & Team                   Historian                       Chair Sponsorship
Dorothy Reynolds, Chair                                                                               Bobby Lowe, SR/WA
                               James Daniels, Chair                   Robert Crowe, SR/WA
205-257-2787                                                                                          R/w-EC, R/W-NAC
dgreynol@southernco.com        251– 470-8272                          251-694-2391
                               danielsj@dot.state.al.us               rhcrowe@southernco.com          locoin7@aol.com
James Crandol
crandolj@yahoo.com                                                    Professional Development        Survey
                               Lynn Gable
                                                                      Committee                       Merlin Miller
Mike Pickett                   gablerh@dot.state.al.us
                                                                      Billy Edge, SR/WA, Chair        251-476-4720
                                                                      (205) 438-0428                  mmiller@mcwinc.com
                               Amanda Edge
Environment                                                           waedge@southernco.com
                               x2aedge@southernco.com                                                 Transportation/Relocation
Louis Montgomery
205-918-4000                                                                                          Christian Christoffers
                                                                      John Alexander                  christian.christoffers
lmontgomery@bhate.com          Local Public Agency
                                                                      jhalexa@                        @fhwa.dot.gov
                               John H. Alexander
Liaison Pipe/Utility                                                  ci.birmingham.al.us
William Childress,
SR/WA, R/W-NAC                 jhalexa@                                                               Webmaster
205-222-1656                                                          Michael Smith
                               ci.birmingham.al.us                                                    Michael Smith, Chair
wchildr@southernco.com                                                micasmit@southernco.com
Education Chair & Team         Legal/ Legislative
                                                                      Asset Management
Cynthia Butler, Chair          Isaac P. Espy                                                          Newsletter Team
                                                                      Johnny Dyess
334-239-1205                   205-758-5591                           251-694-2393                    Steve Donald, SR/WA
                               espylaw@aol.com                                                        Editor
Judy Jones, SR/WA
334-271-3200                                                                                          sdonald@volkert.com
                               Valuation                              Nominations
                               David Massengale, SR/WA                Jack Robinson, SR/WA            Janice Moore Smith
Summer Conference              205-345-5046                           251-342-4863                    jadmoore@southernco.com

Larson Edge                    dcmassengale@charter.net               jrobin@bellsouth.net
                                                                                                      Dianne Osborne
251-342-1070                                                                                          dosborne@pinnaclegroup.biz
If undeliverable, return to:
P. O. Box 1121
Grand Bay, AL 36541

      Chapter 24 is on
         the Web!


                                        2007 Education Schedule (Subject to change)
         Courses in RED have been approved by the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board For CE Hours
                Courses in GREEN have been approved by the Alabama Department of Transportation
No.    Course Name                                      Date           Place         Facilitator     Coordinator        Contact #

603    Understanding Environmental Contamination        April 26       Mobile        Johnny Dyess    Amanda Edge        251-434-5629

504    Computing Replacement Housing Payments           May 9-10       Huntsville    Clyde Johnson

701    Property Management: Leasing                     May 23 & 24    Birmingham    Johnny Dyess

703    Real Property Asset Management                   May 25         Birmingham    Johnny Dyess

801    Land Titles                                      June 5 & 6     Birmingham    Ted Williams    Julie Laughridge   251-342-1070

104    Standards of Practice for the ROW Profes-        July 25        Gulf Shores   Bill Milton     Dorothy Reynolds 205-257-2787
213    Conflict Management                              July 26        Gulf Shores   Ted Williams    Dorothy Reynolds   205-257-2787

401    The Appraisal of Partial Acquisitions            5 day August   Montgomery Bill Milton

403    Easement Valuation                               1 day August   Mobile        Buddy Eslava

402    Introduction to Income Capitalization Approach   1 day August   Mobile        Buddy Eslava

901    Engineering Plan Development & Application       October 16     Huntsville    Ted Williams

902    Property Descriptions                            October 17     Huntsville    Ted Williams

410    Reviewing Appraisals in Eminent Domain           November 15    Montgomery    Buddy Eslava

      Can you help coordinate a class? If so, contact Judy Jones. Remember, no Coordinator, no class!

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