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Slide 1 - Connecticut Solar Lease


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									The CT Solar Lease Program

Affordable Solar Energy Systems for Qualifying Connecticut Homeowners


Connecticut Leads the Way
• With The First Rate Payer Supported Residential Leasing Program for Solar Energy.


The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and CT Solar Leasing
• Have combined the power of CCEF's innovative Solar Rebate program and the financial power of leasing to create an unbeatable way for qualifying homeowners to add solar energy to their homes for the lowest possible cost.

The CT Solar Lease Program- Overview

Bottom Line: Finally, a focus on “middle income” homeowners – over 80% of all homeowners meet the income thresholds Who can now install a complete Solar PV system with: • • No Money Down and Fixed Monthly Payments of about $120 for a typical 5 kW system

The CT Solar Lease Program- Moving to Full Stride

• •

Over 1,000 Applications in initial months 72% Approval Rate on Installer Applications

• •

231 Closed, 306 Pending
Rapidly growing usage by CT solar companies Model program being emulated by other states as “state of the art” way to finance solar, especially for middle income market

The CT Solar Lease Program- Moving to Full Stride

The CT Solar Lease Program- Moving to Full Stride

The CT Solar Lease Program- Closings Across the State

The CT Solar Lease Program- Overview

What’s the Magic Formula?

Combining the Power of:
• • The Existing CCEF Rebate Program The Tax Advantages of an Innovative Leasing Program which eliminates the down-payment for the consumer An Attractive Lease Rate made possible by CCEF and Federal Investment Tax Credits


CT Solar Lease - Who is Eligible?
• The CT Solar Lease Program is for Connecticut homeowners customer of CL&P and UI installing qualifying PV Solar systems whose household income is 200% or less of their area’s median income.

CT Solar Lease – A Tremendous Financial Incentive

CCEF Solar Lease – Consumer Credit Guidelines
Broad credit approval, even in today’s market •640 if salaried (or fixed income)

•680 if self-employed for at least 2 years
•720 if self-employed less than 2 years •No Bankruptcy in last 7 years •DTI (Debt to income) - total monthly obligations to total monthly income – 50% for all credit scores

Thank You!

AFC First / CT Solar Leasing
• • • • • • • • • Bob Groegler, CT Lease Manager John Hayes, President, AFC First Jennifer Allen, Program Manager Peter Krajsa, CEO, AFC First Adam Stern, CT Solar Leasing Gary Kleiman, CT Solar Leasing (888) 232-3477 ctsolarlease.com afcfirst.com

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund
• Angela Perondi-Pitel




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