TELEPHONE: 61 3 9826 1817
                                                                                FAX: 61 3 9826 1819

                       EASTERNATS AUTO SPECTACULAR
                     P.O. BOX 682, TOORAK. 3142. VIC, AUSTRALIA

                                                                   1st August 2011,

Dear Entrant,

                     Welcome to the EASTERNATS at Winton 2012

I welcome you to the EASTERNATS which will be staged at Winton Raceway on 6th –
9th April 2012. Winton offers a dedicated camping area, the availability of a large pit /
paddock complex for entrants parking including tender/support vehicle the entrant
being able to park his tender / support vehicle with all your spare parts, tyres, jacks
etc., beside your entrants vehicle. The inclusion of a tender vehicle will make it easier
for the entrants to service and prepare their cars.

Note you can enter up until the day of the event but must attach a photograph of your
vehicle. Make sure you take advantage of the early bird discount and enter before the
end of November for $160.00. The price of entry goes up after this date. Considering the
massive growth in the use of email and sms, please include your email and mobile
phone number on your entry form. Friday will be reserved for vehicle inspections
which will be conducted in the scrutiny area which will be clearly sign written. The
events at the EASTERNATS will be held on Saturday, Sunday & Monday. I have
changed the schedule to include a significant increase in track time for Cruising but
have not effected access to the track for Burnouts, Go To Whoa, Davo’s Dash, Street
Drags, Show n Shine & Sound Off. Entrants please note we have continued to award
generous prize money and quality trophies for each event.

                               General Code of Behaviour

The EASTERNATS has moved to Winton Motor Raceway and will make a significant
contribution to tourism, an active participation in road safety and a reputation for
responsible behaviour. Should there be reports of any anti social behavior,
endangering the reputation of the EASTERNATS, the promoter reserves the right to
deny access to the offending individuals including withdrawing their entry. (Please
cooperate and the event will be a huge success and continue to grow).

Contact Promoter:            Mr Jon Davison
                             The Rapid Australia Corporation P/L
                             PO Box 682
                             Toorak Vic 3142
                             Ph: (03) 9826 1817
                             Mob: 0418 386 640

Organising Committee:        Jon Davison, Simon Maas, Daryl McHugh
Clerk of Course:             Simon Maas
Scrutineers & Officials:     Delegated Representatives of the EASTERNATS

                                 ABN 78 006 795 259
                               VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA.
                      Please check the following before entering:

 1.    A compulsory vehicle inspection is necessary prior to any on track event.
 2.    Entrants must be 16 years and over, and have either a valid probationary,or valid
       learners or full license.
 3.    Each vehicle must have a muffler that complies with the maximum noise level of
       95 dB(A) measured 30 meters from the side of the track.
 4.    No unreasonable body damage or untidy paint work. No holes in the firewall.
 5.    Brake lights must be working. Seat belts must be in good working order.
 6.    For the Burnouts, Burnout Masters, Cruising, Street Drags, Go to Whoa and
       Davo’s Dash a 360 degree tail shaft loop must be fitted. The exception being
       vehicles fitted with a 2 piece tail shaft.
 7.    Long sleeve pants and shirts must be worn during Burnouts & Street Drags.
       Shoes must be worn at all times. No thongs or sandals allowed.
 8.    Please remove all press on hub caps and wheel trims prior to vehicle inspection.
 9.    A helmet which complies with the current Australian Standard 1698 must be
       worn for Street Drags & Burnouts.
10.    No re-grooved tyres are allowed for the Street Drags or Burnouts. If a competitor
       uses retreaded tyres he or she automatically accepts responsibility for any body
11.    For the Burnout Masters (by invitation only) numbers will be restricted to 10
       vehicles and be timed over 1.5 minutes. For the Burnout Final, numbers will be
       restricted to a maximum of 50 entrants and any other invitees at the promoters
       discretion. The final will be timed over 1 minute.
12.    Vehicles do not need to be registered to participate in any driving events but
       must be capable of passing a vehicle inspection.
13.    Motorcycles are not eligible to enter the event.
14.    Convertibles must have a roll over protection bar.
15.    Entries remain open until the day of the event. All entries must be accompanied
       by a photograph. In order to avoid disappointment, I recommend you pre enter.
16.    The Promoter reserves the right to refuse entry, cancel, postpone or abandon
       the event.
17.    The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
18.    I strongly recommend entrants confirm their camping site as it is likely to be
       sold out.
19.    Entry fees are not refundable but can be transferred to another entrant or
       exchanged for tickets.

                               Vehicle Inspection Checks

 1.    Please remove keys from ignition during vehicle inspection.
 2.    All vehicles entered in driving events must have a tail shaft loop, the only
       exception are vehicles with a two piece tail shaft.
 3.    All batteries must be clamped, however they can be located in the boot.
 4.    No fuel, LPG, Brake fluid or oil leaks. All fittings must be securely fastened.
 5.    Brake lights must be working. Seat belts must be in good working order.
 6.    All tyres must be in safe condition, no steel belts hanging out or canvas
       showing. Steel valves to be used in rims or valves to be secured with gaffa
       tape/cable ties.
 7.    Vehicles do not have to have a bonnet provided that fan belts are covered
       sufficiently to prevent belt being ejected upwards from vehicle. If the car is
       supercharged, all belts must have a guard at the supercharger head. Engine
       driven fan must be encased in a shroud or as agreed to by the Chief Scrutineer.
 8.    All vehicles must be fitted with a 1 litre radiator overflow or water catch bottle
       and ensure there are no leaks from the rocker covers.
 9.    No structural rust. Brake and fuel lines must be at a safe distance from the
       exhaust. No wheel weights for burnout competition.
 10.   Window stickers affixed only after the vehicle has passed its inspection.
                                Cruising & Driving Events

We have significantly increased the amount of track time for Cruising and will
endeavour to limit the number of cars on the track to ensure the competitors “have a
fair go”. All drivers are required to have a zero blood alcohol level to cruise the track or
participate in any of the driving events. Breath testing will be conducted prior to
entering the track. During an event, the consumption of alcoholic beverages by the
competitor is expressly forbidden. Any competitor or official who is found to be
affected by alcohol during the event shall not be permitted to participate.

 1.    Where passengers are permitted they must be 16 years of age or older.
 2.    If a red flag is displayed you are to stop immediately and not proceed until
       directed by an official, if a yellow flag is shown, slow down.
 3.    During cruising no overtaking when approaching the chicanes. Please note
       cruising is cruising not racing.
 4.    No driver changes may occur on the track during cruising.
 5.    All occupants must wear seat belts. No seat belt no cruise.
 6.    To protect pedestrians, the speed limit in pit lane & form up area is 10 kph.
 7.    Burnouts are allowed during cruising in a designated area. That will be clearly
       signwritten. Note: the track at this area is divided for those that wish to continue
       cruising to keep to the left, while those that wish to do a burnout are to move to
       the designated area on the right hand side. Vehicles must not remain stationary
       and no doughnuts allowed.
 8.    Competitors must be ready to proceed onto the track when they are instructed
       to do so by an official.
9.     All passengers must sign an indemnity form including parents with children
       under 16 years of age. Indemnities can be signed at the scrutiny bay adjacent to
       the form up area where you enter the track.


Event Description: The burnout competition will consist of Saturday and Sunday
allocated for eliminations with the final reserved for the top 50 on Monday. The winner
will be decided by whoever gains the highest score. It is important that you understand
that entrants may only compete once and will not be allowed a second attempt with all
Burnouts being judged over one minute only. Any competitor that continues to remain
stationary or opens the door or hangs his/her upper body torso out the window during
competition will be disqualified.

Driver and passengers must wear helmets and long sleeve shirts and pants. A
minimum of four (4) judges will be located adjacent to the burn out pad. At the
conclusion of each days competition, the judges meet to compile their scores with the
results being available from the Reception at the main office. Judging will be
determined by the following 4 points each one being determined out of a score of 10.

 1.    Instant smoke – Entrant must proceed in a straight line for the first 30 metres.
 2.    Continuity of smoke.
 3.    Driving technique including special turns and avoiding the barriers.
 4.    Tyre blowouts (see Section 10 of Rules and Regulations below).
                                  Rules & Regulations

 1.   Competitors are entitled to one attempt only. All personnel returning to the pit
      must walk along the race track on the outside of the burnout area.
 2.   There will be no swapping of places in the queue, unless agreed to by the
      Promoter or one of his designated officials.
 3.   All cars to assemble (with driver) 15 minutes prior to the event commencing.
 4.   All support vehicles must be in place prior to the entrant starting his burnout.
 5.   Cars to be turned out in a presentable fashion.
 6.   Burnouts must last 70% of the allocated time. No static burnouts are allowed.
 7.   Continuing to do burnouts on your rims will incur a 5 point penalty.
 8.   If the vehicle stalls or the tyre stops spinning you are ineligible to continue.
 9.   Points will be awarded for blowing each tyre ie. one tyre – 5 points, two tyres –
      10 points.
10.   Straight out exhausts are not permitted. All cars must have an effective muffler
      fitted and each vehicle must have a muffler that complies with the maximum
      noise level of 95 dB(A) measured 30 meters from the side of the track.
11.   Trophies will be presented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd outright only. In case of a draw or tie
      Tattslotto rules apply ie. the prizemoney is shared equally among those
      competitors who finish with the same score.
12.   A maximum of 1 passenger (not including Driver) may be carried in the vehicle
      at any time.


Prizemoney:         1st     $3,000.00      2nd      $2,000.00    3rd   $1,500.00
                    4th     $1,000.00      5th      $ 500.00

                                      Burnout Masters

Event Description: This event will be by invitation only and invitees cannot compete in
the Burnout Competition. All rules that apply to the burnout competition apply equally
to the Masters except that the Masters Competition will be judged over 1.5 minutes and
staged prior to the Burnout Final on Monday.

Prizemoney & Awards:        To be negotiated with the invitees

                                        Go to Whoa

Event Description: This will be staged in front of the national pit / paddock area. The
procedure is entrants line up on the start line and proceed for approximately 100
metres and come to a complete halt on the finishing line, with the results determined by
the fastest times. There has been adequate time allocated to so each entrant /
competitor should have more than one attempt at setting their best time. Note: all times
will count towards the award.

Prizemoney          1st     $600.00        2nd      $ 400.00     3rd   $ 200.00

                                        Davo’s Dash

Event Description: Often known as the Power Skid The event will be staged on the
newly constructed drag strip opposite the main spectator viewing area on Sunday. The
event will consist of the competitor undertaking maximum acceleration in a straight line
with the winner decided by the greatest amount of smoke and covering the distance in
the shortest period of time. No braking is allowed except in emergency purposes only.

Prizemoney:         1st     $600.00        2nd      $ 400.00     3rd   $ 200.00
                                        Street Drags

Event Description: At the time of writing, Winton has informed us that they intend to
construct a new roadway located on the infield of the circuit designed to accommodate
the Street Drags. The Street Drags will consist of Grudge Races and started by lights
located in the centre of the track changing from red to green. The winner will be
decided by a series of eliminations and then a final run off to decide who is first and
second. Drivers and passengers must wear helmets and long sleeve shirts, pants and
shoes. A maximum of 1 passenger (not including Driver) may be carried in the vehicle
at any time. NOTE: All Competitors must be on the track prior to the commencement of
the "run off's". (We will not accept any responsibility if you are late and refused entry to
the track.

                                 Street Drag Regulations

1.     Tyres: Treaded DOT tyre only or maximum 12" slick across the surface.
2.     Fibreglass panels limited to bonnet, bootlid and bumper bars only.
3.     Vehicles must be fitted with fully operational street equipment including
       headlights, front windscreen, indicators, wipers, charging and cooling systems.
4.     The windscreen is reserved for the Promoter/Sponsor scrutineering decal.
5.     Nitrous, supercharging or turbocharging permitted, however only one form of
       boosting is allowed.
6.     Nitrous systems limited to a single plate system with one fuel and one nitrous
       solenoid. Purge solenoid allowed but all lines must exit outside the engine bay.
7.     Turbos are limited to a single unit except where twin units are fitted as Original
       Equipment by the manufacturer. Superchargers are limited to a single unit with
       Centrifucal and Rootes style superchargers only.
8.     Tail shaft loop must be fitted.
9.     Failure to obey an official or exceed a time of four (4) minutes to return back to
       the start line for your next run or deliberately evade your position in the queue,
       may result in disqualification.
10.    It is a strict condition of our Local Council Permit that straight out exhausts are
       not permitted. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

Prizemoney:          1st    $3,000.00             2nd    $2,000.00

                                         Sound Off

Event Description: Staged under OACICE (The Organisation of Australian Competitive
In Car Entertainment) rules this event will be staged either in the pit / paddock area or
at the rear of the old control tower and will be divided into two sections - a Sound
Pressure Level (SPL) competition and a Sound Quality (SQ) competition.

                        Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Competition:

The “SPL” portion of the sound off is separated into four classes based on the size and
number of Subwoofers in a competitor’s car. Competitors will compete in a head to
head shootout style, beginning with a qualifying session and culminating in a
spectacular 8 car elimination final.
                                          SPL Rules:

      No speakers forward of the B-Pillar
      Demo cars not included in trophies
      No Novice / Amateur / Pro Classes
      No open doors, windows, sunroofs, boot, bonnet during SPL run
      Band pass boxes need to be able to prove what’s in the box
      People can hold cars while an SPL run is taking place but all feet must be on the
      Front speakers must be disconnected for SPL
      Ear protection will be provided on the day and must be worn during all runs
       where the competitor is in the car
      No rocking or moving the car in any way during the SPL run – instant
       disqualification will result
      Revving the car during a run is allowed
      Hand brake must be on while the SPL run is taking place

Prizemoney & Trophy:        1st Outright for each class $100.00

                            Sound Quality (SQ) Competition:

The “SQ” portion of the sound off is separated into three classes according to the
competitor’s amplifier power in Watts RMS. Judges will evaluate each competitor’s car
using the official OACICE CD for a brief 20 minute period throughout the day. Judges
will score each car according to system installation and system sound quality. System
installation is based on how professionally the sound system is installed in the vehicle,
whilst the sound quality is determined by how good the system sounds. Judges will
score the system based on how it reproduces each component of the frequency
spectrum including how real, natural, and faithful to the original recording the system
can portray the music. The system should accurately depict the attack and decay
characteristics of the recording. The classes are outlined below:

                     Class One:             0-500 watts
                     Class Two:             501-1000 watts
                     Class Three:           1001+ watts

Prizemoney & Trophy:        1st Outright for each class $100.00

Other Awards:               Peoples Choice –Trophy
                            Loudest Car - Trophy

                                      Show & Shine

Event Description: Vehicles will be judged by accredited judges who are independent
from any influence or preferences of the Promoter. Vehicles must remain in position
until judging is completed, if an Entrant wishes to leave the compound in order to
compete in any of the events or cruise the track, he must notify one of the judges. The
presentation to the winners of the various categories will be held in front of the control
tower in pit lane after the burnout final on Monday. The location of the will be clearly
signwritten and trailer Cars are allowed.

Prizemoney:          Best Show Vehicle

       1st     $ 600.00             2nd     $ 400.00            3rd    $200.00

Top Ten Cars         Trophies Only
                                          Other Awards

       Best Undercarriage    -Trophy          Best Engine Bay            -Trophy
       Best Upholstery       -Trophy          Best Paint                 -Trophy
       Best Body             -Trophy          Best Engine                -Trophy
       Best Overall App.     -Trophy          Best Engineering           -Trophy
       Best Concept          -Trophy          Best Custom                -Trophy
       Best Hot Rod          -Trophy          Best Commercial            -Trophy
       Best 4 Door           -Trophy          Best 2 Door                -Trophy
       Best Restored         -Trophy          Best Rotary                -Trophy
       Best 4 Cylinder       -Trophy          Best Convertible           -Trophy

                            Competitors/Mates Rates Passes

To purchase or collect your competitors and/or mates rates passes, you must proceed
to the Credential's Office located in Fox St (50 meters before the competitors entrants
gate. Competitors then follow the signs directing you to the scrutineering, where your
vehicle inspection check and after approval, the official EASTERNATS Entrants sticker
will be affixed to the windscreen. Please note in order to assist you, the Credential's
Office and Scrutineering entrance gates are clearly signwritten.

                           Operating Hours - Credential's Office

              Friday         6th April               8.00 am - 5.00 pm

              Saturday       7th April               7.30 am - 4.00 pm

              Sunday         8th April               7.30 am - 3.00 pm

              Monday         9th April               8.00 am - 3.00 pm

                                         Pit Lane Access

Hiring a garage entitles the hirer to have a maximum of 3 cars at any time with up to
two of those vehicles parked parallel immediately in front of the designated garage. The
lane parallel to the small fence on the outside of pit lane is a clearway. Identification of
vehicles will consist of a special EASTERNATS windscreen decal which will be affixed
to the bottom right hand section of the windscreen. Window garage stickers will be
issued from the paddock office/control tower opposite pit lane exit and only after the
entrants vehicle has passed a vehicle inspection. Competitors who hire a garage are
not entitled to priority of access to the track over any other competitor. I am negotiating
with the Management of Winton Raceway to allow vehicles to enter the track from Pit
Lane. In order to hire a garage, please complete the garage booking form.

                         Camping & Competitor’s Vehicle Security

Camping is located in a designated compound via Gate 12 off Wattle Creek Rd, (see
map). The area will be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, Adults $70 per
person, Children (5-15 yrs) $40 per person all inclusive. This is a set fee whether you
stay 3 nights or 1 night. You may park your vehicle free of charge beside your camping
site Should you require to leave your vehicle overnight the pit/paddock area will be
patrolled by security. Camping can be booked on either on the entry form or the
separate camping booking form.

A limited amount of alcohol may be brought into the camping area (approximately 2
slabs) or at the discretion of security and will also be sold on site during the day.
Drinking in the pit/paddock and pit lane area is prohibited


Copies of the entry and indemnity form, price list, garage and camping booking forms
are all available via the internet or can be posted to you upon request.

                              MADE PAYABLE TO:
             EASTERNATS - PO BOX 682, TOORAK, VIC, 3142, TEL: 03 9826 1817



                                    DVD Production

Gavin Wheatley of Wheatley Productions will produce a DVD of the 2012
EASTERNATS. He can be contacted on Tel. 03 9796 8067 or Mobile. 0438 080 830 or
email: Copies of the 2005 - 2011 event are also
available. I look forward to seeing you at the EASTERNATS "Where the Fans and the
Cars are the Stars”.

                                                               I remain
                                                               Yours sincerely

                                                               Jon Davison

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