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Operations _ Policy Analyst 2 _Business Systems Analyst


									                                     State of Oregon
                           Public Employees Retirement System
                                   Position Description
Position Information

    Employee Name: Vacant                                   Position No: 0507054
         Class Title: Operations & Policy                     Class No: C0871
                      Analyst 2
       Working Title: Business Systems                      Agency No: 45900
       Section Title: EAS                              Budget Auth. No: 000923500
          Rep. Code: OA                               Established Date: 7/1/2005
      Work Location: Headquarters - Tigard,           PD Revised Date: 2/1/2013
           Position: Permanent / Full-Time  
 FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt               

PERS Mission Statement

We serve the people of Oregon by administering public employee benefit trusts to pay the right
person, the right benefit, at the right time.

Program Information

Enterprise Applications Section (EAS)                                                  0%

The Information Services Division (ISD) supports the Agency's mission by maintaining
all information systems, computers and communication networks. ISD enables PERS
business units, through the implementation of automation and technology, to provide
high-quality service to members, employers and other stakeholders.

Within ISD, a working body called EAS is responsible for providing resources and
methodologies for Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis and Modeling,
Designing, Development, Testing and Software Configuration Management for most
internally and externally managed IT projects for PERS.

ORION is the information technology system for administrating the Oregon Public
Employees Retirement System. ORION consists of multiple enterprise application
solutions that brings a multitude of new complex technologies to the agency.

Position Purpose

OPA2 Business Systems Analyst                                                              0%
Provide research and analysis of PERS process and organizational structures to
formulate logical statements for systems and process improvements. Develop
business process models for the purpose of designing system specifications,
structuring document types and procedures necessary for the improvement of work
processes and information systems. Develop system requirements for problem
resolution, system maintenance, system enhancement, and new application
development projects. Develop Business Cases and Project Proposals with end users
for new application systems. Develop workflows to automate business processes,
using both automated modeling tools and workflow software. In addition to systems
currently supported by ISD, the scope includes both manual business processes and
those that are currently supported by end user developed systems.

Core Competencies

Title and Definition                                                                     Weight

 Teamwork and Collaboration                                                               25%
Is an effective team player who adds complimentary skills and contributes valuable
ideas, opinions, and feedback to the team.

 Simplicity                                                                               25%
Reducing barriers through clear communication and streamlined processes.

 Innovation                                                                               25%
Empowering change through collaborative teamwork.

 Integrity                                                                                25%
Inspiring trust through transparency and accountability.

Description of Duties

Title and Definition                                                                    % of Time

E - Application Research and Analysis                                                     35%

      Research and analyze processes, procedures, organizational structures,
      business rules, and user system requirements to identify business and software
      application changes which will improve PERS processing effectiveness and
      efficiency while maintaining or increasing customer service levels.
      Ensure the application system being developed is properly aligned with the
      proposed processes and original requirements on the project through effective
      coordination with technical designers, developers, and testers. Update relevant
      project artifacts as required to incorporate changes and clarifications.
      Review and approve end user test plans and outcomes to ensure complete
      user acceptance testing. Work in collaboration with Technical
     Design/Development staff to perform functional software testing, thus validating
     the results against the original requirements.
     Provide process and product improvement for the team's deliverables.

E - End User Development                                                                35%

     Facilitate sessions with users and others to elicit processes, procedures,
     organizational structures, and user system requirements.
     Elicit information by conducting interviews, workshops, brainstorming,
     shadowing, and other methodologies.
     Work with teams consisting of users, affected managers, project managers,
     technical designers, developers, testers, and others to develop system
     specifications for new systems and/or workflows and/or revisions to existing
     systems and/or workflows.
     Develop Software Requirements Specification in accordance with our SDLC,
     performing use case realization through business oriented systems design and
     creating business models such as business class models, state charts and
     sequence diagrams.
     Consult with end users regarding maintenance and enhancement change
     requests related to RIMS, jClarety, and other PERS application systems.
     Develop Project Proposals which include system feasibility analysis and
     provide cost estimates of the proposed application.
     Develop Business Cases with agency business staff, managers, and
     executives for new projects under consideration by the executive Steering
     Analyze and develop business process models, requirements and user test
     plans that satisfy state-wide employer and member stakeholders needs as well
     as those of other state government agencies, e.g. integration with the State
     Financial Management System.
     Provide training, mentoring and consulting to agency staff for the development
     of business process models.
     Provide technical training on new systems developed for agency staff.

E - Business Process Improvement                                                        30%

     Develop detailed business process models including, but not limited to,
     organization and process models and activity diagrams.
     Analyze and model activities to a single user/single session level in order to
     develop use case models.
     Analyze business process models to suggest process improvements to
     business users.
     Solve existing business problems which are not easily analyzed for a variety of
     reasons including variations in administrative processes, poorly designed and
     implemented business processes, both manual and automated, duplicate data
     that is frequently not synchronized properly and end user developed systems
     that are not effectively aligned with agency wide systems developed and
     supported by ISD.
     Design and develop workflows to automate business processes.
     Use in depth knowledge of modeling existing business processes in order to
     adapt and design new business processes using workflow concepts.
     Build Requests for Proposals (RFP) for IT projects if necessary.
Physical Requirements - Working Conditions

OPA2 Business Systems Analyst                                                                  0%
Subject to pressure due to priority work or high volume of work. Air-conditioned office.
Smoke-free environment. Minimal after hours and weekend work. Occasional travel is
required. A valid driver's license or an acceptable alternative method of transportation
is required.


List any established guidelines used in the position, such as state or federal laws or regulations,
policies, manuals or desk procedures.

Section Procedure Manuals
OPERS Policies and Procedures

How are these guidelines used to perform the job?

They provide general guidance and policy directions, and framework to the incumbent who must
interpret and apply them as necessary for each application. Position may recommend revisions to the
above guidelines, including justification and need for the revision. Guidelines are used to provide
general and specific guidance for the administration and development of rules and policies, establish
the basis and criteria for required standards, and to provide interpretation of laws and regulations.

Work Contacts

With whom, outside of co-workers in this work unit, must this position regularly come in

Who                       How                        Purpose                    How Often

DAS                       verbal, written            technical support          occasionally

Contractors               verbal, written            consulting                 occasionally

Agency staff              verbal, written            systems analysis           daily

Position Related Decision Making

OPA2 Business Systems Analyst                                                                  0%
The person in this position must deal with uncertainties that become evident while
researching and analyzing business processes and users' system requirements. This
person must evaluate and weigh the uncertainties and identify and chose alternatives
in order to make informed decisions that directly affect: the agency's level of efficiency
in the provision of services; operational effectiveness and the costs of all operating
units; long range program performance.
Review of Work

Who reviews the work of the position?

Mgr Classification How                          How Often                  Purpose

X7008                in person                  as needed                  evaluating actual vs.
                                                                           planned performance

Additional Position-Related Information

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: List any knowledge and skills needed at time of hire that are not
already required in the classification specification:

The incumbent in this position must have demonstrated skills in conducting analyses and suggesting
alternatives to current operational and management systems. Skill is also required in conducting
research and analyzing varied operational systems utilized by PERS and by public sector employers
statewide with the goal of improving interfaces of these multiple systems.

Use multiple methodologies (e.g., UML, RUP, BPM, workflow, SDLC) to perform duties.

Use multiple software applications and tools (e.g., ProVision, Rational Suite, jClarety, RIMS, SQL
Query Analyzer) to perform duties.

This position requires:
·The use of ISD standard development methodology (RUP/UML) as a governing process;
·The ability to recognize, analyze, and model complex business issues and information systems and
to minimize impacts on other systems;
·The ability to analyze and model for multiple and new technologies;
·The ability to work with subjective concepts such as value judgements and to recognize data that is
currently unavailable.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: List any special mandatory recruiting requirements for this position:
Employees will be subject to a computerized criminal history background investigation. Adverse
background data may be grounds for immediate disqualification.

BUDGET AUTHORITY: If this position has authority to commit agency operating money, indicate
the following:

Physical Demands - General Activities

(N)ot Required - 0%
(I)ntermittent - 1 - 5%
(O)ccasional - 6 - 33%
(F)requently - 34 - 66%
(C)ontinuous - 67 - 100%

Lifting <10 lbs
Lifting >11-25 lbs
Lifting >26-50 lbs
Lifting >50 lbs

                                                            % of Time                    Notes

                                            Sitting            C                     Desk/Office

                                         Standing               N

                                          Walking              O               Carpet/Short distances

                             Climbing/Balancing                 N

                Reaching - with arms and hands                 O

        Stooping/Kneeling/Crouching/Crawling                    I                  < 5 min/Carpet

                                           Talking             O

                                          Hearing               C

                                            Lifting             I                <10 lbs. Files/Paper

     Vision - close, peripheral, depth, ability to              C
                                    adjust focus

Organizational Chart

To view a copy of a current organizational chart, click here.

Employee Statement of Understanding

I have read and understand the position description for my position. I am able to perform all of the
essential functions of this position.

I agree to comply with the agency's compliance policies and all laws, rules, regulations and standards of
conduct relating to my position. As an employee, I understand my duty to report any suspected
violations of the law or the standards of conduct to my immediate supervisor.

As an employee, I will strive to uphold the mission and vision of the organization. All employees are
required to adhere to the values in all their interactions with citizens and fellow employees.

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