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					                                      State of Oregon
                            Public Employees Retirement System
                                    Position Description
Position Information

    Employee Name: Vacant                                      Position No: 1110608
          Class Title: Operations & Policy                       Class No: C0871
                       Analyst 2
        Working Title: Benefit Process                         Agency No: 45900
        Section Title: BAIP                              Budget Auth. No: 001040170
           Rep. Code: OA                                 Established Date: 7/1/2009
      Work Location: 72nd Tigard OR                      PD Revised Date: 3/04/2013
             Position: Permanent / Full Time  
 FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt                 

PERS Mission Statement

We serve the people of Oregon by administering public employee benefit trusts to pay the right
person, the right benefit, at the right time.

Program Information

Benefit Payment Division (BPD)                                                            0%

PERS provides retirement, death, disability, and health benefits to all state of Oregon
and school district employees, as well as the vast majority of local government
employees. The Benefit Payments Division (BPD) is the PERS operational division
that initiates, maintains, and ends retirement, death, and disability payments.

Position Purpose

OPA2 Benefit Process Developer                                                            0%
Work as a program, technical, and project management resource on division and
agency initiatives. Provide expertise to the Benefit Payments Division and agency in
developing tactical plans for data analysis and system implementation. Develop
manual and automated processes for agency programs; develop data validation and
reconciliation processes and procedures, develop and conduct training for agency
staff. This position is dedicated to ensuring that the system and data used to support
the retirement system is accurate and timely. Develop or modify information
management systems or PC programs to support four retirement programs of the
plan; perform as subject matter expert on program and IT program capabilities and
interaction; identify business needs and perform as liaison to IT department; identify
program specifications, develop testing plans and perform user acceptance testing;
develop process and policy business rules.

Core Competencies

Title and Definition                                                                       Weight

 Teamwork and Collaboration                                                                 25%
Is an effective team player who adds complimentary skills and contributes valuable
ideas, opinions, and feedback to the team.

 Simplicity                                                                                 25%
Reducing barriers through clear communication and streamlined processes.

 Innovation                                                                                 25%
Empowering change through collaborative teamwork.

 Integrity                                                                                  25%
Inspiring trust through transparency and accountability.

Description of Duties

Title and Definition                                                                      % of Time

E - Serve as subject matter expert, technical advisor and resources within                  70%

      Analyze and prioritize data quality and reconciliation activities associated with
      one or all of the following but also is not limited to: benefit payments,
      withdrawals, purchases, employer wage and contribution reports, member
      accounts, internal revenue code adherence, tax calculations and reporting,
      pension roll maintenance and employer receivables, TPA records, and
      authorization of benefits for PERS, OPSRP, and IAP plans.
      Meet with intra-departmental, other agency, and system vendor's staff to
      coordinate data related computer system improvements and enhancements
      and ensure compatibility with current operating environments and processes.
      Recommend and advocate for work request authorizations, change requests,
      project proposals, RCP stakeholder needs, prioritization based on agency
      priorities including cost and benefit analysis and impacts of changes.
      Coordinate and conduct section/division and stakeholder information gathering
      and training meetings.
      Evaluate and assess internal operations; process, recommend and implement
      plans, actions and division goals.
      Provide technical support to section/division/agency for information technology
      (IT) development, maintenance and enhancement projects for the agency's
      retirement systems and software development to assist in automating manual
      Participate in program system design, for multiple computer systems.
      Design data correction routines and data collection procedures and tools.
      Develop methods to expedite member and employer (database) record
      Develop and support customized PC applications for section, division, and
      Assist ISD staff, as needed, with workflow development and testing.

E - Quality Assurance and Testing                                                         25%

      Design and approve user test plans and perform user acceptance testing of
      computer modifications and enhancements according to scope documentation.
      Ensure the accuracy of system modifications and enhancements.
      Coordinate divisional and agency initiatives with PPLAD, Administration, Fiscal,
      PMO, and Information Services divisions.
      Develop and perform root cause analyses that lead to the prevention of
      inaccurate data or calculations in the future.
      Examine corrections and enhancements to maintain compliance with federal
      and state regulations and laws.
      Train and assist staff on the use of related agency information systems and
      subsystems with the focus on potential areas of improvements.
      Develop and conduct quality assurance calculations or reviews (audits to
      isolate errors and discrepancies) of computer program outputs to ensure
      computers are performing as programmed.
      Produce statistical information, performance metrics and summary reports to
      communicate the ongoing progress being made in the Benefit Payments
      Division to agency management.
      Measure and report production volumes, timelines, and QA achievements and
      report to manager on a mutually agreed regular time.

N/E - Other duties as assigned                                                            5%

      Assist, advise and provide recommendations to management team with
      initiatives, projects, and other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements - Working Conditions

OPA2 Benefit Process Developer                                                            0%
Smoke free, air-conditioned office; occasionally necessary to deal with irate members
on the phone or in person; subject to interruptions; and occasional travel. Function in
a multidisciplinary environment, perform multiple tasks and meet deadlines. Ability to
communicate to a variety of different recipients, peers, superiors, stakeholders and
with a variety of different media; public speaking, in meetings, on phone, with email,
and written correspondence.


List any established guidelines used in the position, such as state or federal laws or regulations,
policies, manuals or desk procedures.
Agency Policies
Desk Procedures
Employer Manual
Internal Revenue Code (IRC)
Member Handbook
Oregon Administrative Rules (OARS)
ORS 238 Oregon Retirement Law
Resource Manuals
Agency Business Rules and Policy Papers
Computer Program Manuals
IT Best Practices (I.E. “RUP” and other standards)
Accounting Best Practices
Employee coaching manuals

How are these guidelines used to perform the job?

The above references are used to assure agency programs and staff production conforms to
applicable state and federal law; the accurate creation and maintenance of member records and
benefits; and uniformity in the information presented.

Work Contacts

With whom, outside of co-workers in this work unit, must this position regularly come in

Who                      How                         Purpose                 How Often

Members, Employers,      in person, phone,           give and receive        daily
Public                   correspondence              information

Agency Staff             in person, phone and        give and receive        daily
                         email                       information

Position Related Decision Making

OPA2 Benefit Process Developer                                                            0%
Decisions must be made in regard to eligibility under the law for benefits and the
computation thereof. Incorrect decisions could seriously affect the lifetime retirement
income of a member and create a negative image for the agency.
Decisions must be made relating to the best practices to apply to an agency program.
Decisions must be made to ensure quality assurance of accurate program

Review of Work

Who reviews the work of the position?

Mgr Classification How                          How Often                   Purpose
X7006              meetings                   as needed               for problems, solutions
                                                                      and proposals, for
                                                                      accuracy and timeliness.

Oversight Functions (For Supervisory positions only)

                      How many employees are directly supervised by this position?

            How many employees are supervised through a subordinate supervisor?

                    Which of the following activities does this position do?

                                                                           Plan work

                                                                       Assigns work

                                                                      Approves work

                                                             Responds to grievances

                                                             Disciplines and rewards

                                                              Coordinates schedules

                                                                Hires and discharges

                                                                 Recommends hiring

                                              Gives input for performance evaluations

                                          Prepares and signs performance evaluations

Additional Position-Related Information

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: List any knowledge and skills needed at time of hire that are not
already required in the classification specification:

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: List any special mandatory recruiting requirements for this position:
Employees will be subject to a computerized criminal history background investigation. Adverse
background data may be grounds for immediate disqualification.

BUDGET AUTHORITY: If this position has authority to commit agency operating money, indicate
the following:

Physical Demands - General Activities

(N)ot Required - 0%
(I)ntermittent - 1 - 5%
(O)ccasional - 6 - 33%
(F)requently - 34 - 66%
(C)ontinuous - 67 - 100%

Lifting <10 lbs
Lifting >11-25 lbs
Lifting >26-50 lbs
Lifting >50 lbs

                                                        % of Time           Notes

                                          Sitting          C             Office/desk

                                        Standing            I

                                         Walking           O        carpet/short distances

                            Climbing/Balancing             N

                 Reaching - with arms and hands            O        squeezing, grasping,

        Stooping/Kneeling/Crouching/Crawling                I         <5mins. on carpet

                                         Talking           F

                                         Hearing           C

                                          Lifting           I        <10 lbs. Files/paper

     Vision - close, peripheral, depth, ability to         C
                                    adjust focus

Organizational Chart

To view a copy of a current organizational chart, click here.
Employee Statement of Understanding

I have read and understand the position description for my position. I am able to perform all of the
essential functions of this position.

I agree to comply with the agency's compliance policies and all laws, rules, regulations and standards of
conduct relating to my position. As an employee, I understand my duty to report any suspected
violations of the law or the standards of conduct to my immediate supervisor.

As an employee, I will strive to uphold the mission and vision of the organization. All employees are
required to adhere to the values in all their interactions with citizens and fellow employees.

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