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					PHEPR Region 9 Training Events 2012

Date/Time                  Location             Title        Information                                         Registration                       Target Audience /Target Capability

                                           Radiation         The purpose of this project is to enhance           Registration:                      This course is intended for radiation
December 3             Spokane
                                           Response          volunteer emergency response programs by        protection professionals, medical first
10:00am-                                   Volunteer Corps   incorporating volunteers trained in basic                                              responders and support staff who may
2:00pm                                     Training          radiation protocols into existing volunteer         Cost: Free, includes lunch         be called upon to provide emergency
                                                             registries and programs, rather than creating       More information? Contact:         services for a radiation emergency.
                                                             entirely new volunteer groups. In other words-      Scott Carlson, Washington State
                                                             to educate volunteers who can assist at CRCs        MRC Coordinator / WAserv
                                                             in determining who may be radiological              Program
                                                             contaminated, including instrument use and or
                                                             decontamination procedures.                         (360) 236-4086

                                           AWR 232 Mass      This 8-hour awareness-level, instructor-led         This course is provided free of     Level: Awareness
January 24,            Hayden, ID
                                           Fatalities        course is designed to prepare rural first           charge to participants.In order
                                           Planning &                                                            for the class to take place here in
                                                             responders and officials with the basic
                                           Response for                                                          the North Region of the state
                                           Rural             knowledge, skills and abilities to manage a         requires at least 20 participants
                                           Communities       mass fatality incident impacting their              to be registered for it in the LMS
                                                             jurisdiction. Target audience includes first        system.
                                                             responders, coroners/medical examiners,
                                                                                                                 Register Here
                                                             public health officials, and others with
                                                             responsibilities during a mass fatality incident.   I would urge any organization or
                                                             Issues addressed include establishing roles         individual that would benefit by
                                                             and responsibilities, assets management,            participating in this course to
                                                             remains processing and identification,              register as soon as possible so
                                                                                                                 that we will be successful in
                                                             diversity issues and development of a mass
                                                                                                                 seeing the class conducted
                                                             fatality plan that affect the construct of a mass   locally.
                                                             fatality response.

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Date/Time                  Location              Title        Information                                        Registration                           Target Audience /Target Capability

                                           Center for         To obtain more information about a specific        To register for this training,
Various                In-person
                                           Domestic           training program, you can click on the letter in   which is all fully funded for state,
                                           Preparedness       the program column and it will hyperlink you       local and tribal emergency
                                           Federally          to our website for further review of the course    responders please follow the
                                           Funded             description(s) involved in the program.            application process outlined at
                                           Opportunities                                                         dex.html Ensure that you send
                                                              FY2013 1st - 2nd Qtr
                                                              Approved - Public.xlsx.xlsx
                                                                                                                 your application(s) through your
                                                                                                                 state training office for approval,
                                                                                                                 they will forward on to us
                                           Public Health      The 2013 Public Health Preparedness                Make your reservation today by
March 12-15,           Atlanta, GA
                                           Preparedness       Summit will not offer Pre-Conference               clicking here or contact Marriott
                                                              workshops, but instead offer more workshops        reservations via phone by calling
                                                              and trainings sprinkled throughout the             866-469-5475 (toll-free) and
                                                              program. Check back to                             asking for the 2013 PHP Summit
                                                     in mid-November for          group rate.
                                                              all session information and to use the
                                                              scheduler to plan out your educational and
                                                              exciting week at the Summit!

                       Online              Tracking and       An online lesson that provides steps on            The tracking and reunification         The National Center for Disaster
                                           Reunification of   responding to an unaccompanied child at a          lesson is available at the             Medicine and Public Health
                                           Children in        disaster scene. After thoroughly reviewing the     NCDMPH website.                        (NCDMPH) designed this learning
                                           Disasters: A       lesson’s core material, learners will then solve                                          object for a wide range of health
                                           Lesson and                                                                                                   workers. NCDMPH is currently
                                                              three case studies with their acquired
                                           Reference for                                                                                                working on their next learning object,
                                                              knowledge. The lesson also contains a
                                           Health                                                                                                       which focuses on radiation exposure in
                                           Professionals      downloadable reference card that the learner                                              children.
                                                              can use during an all-hazards event.

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Date/Time              Location            Title             Information                                       Registration                       Target Audience /Target Capability

                       Online              Communicating A toolkit and training tool for developing  
                                           in the First Hour messages in various terrorism events.             urs/intro.asp

                                                                                                               Cost: Free
                       Online              Crisis and        The basic CERC manual is an introductory
                       Course              Emergency Risk    course on risk communication, crisis              ooks.asp
                                           Communication     communication, and issues management. It is
                                           Course (CERC)     intended for anyone who works in emergency
                                           2012 Edition is   response at the local, state, or federal level.
                                           Now Available     The course contains 13 chapters and includes
                                           for Download –    illustrations, templates, tables, worksheets,
                                           (CDC)             and checklists.

                       Online              Public Health     Toolkits that address the key information
                                           Emergency Law     needs of public health officials in               reparedness/Public-Health-
                                           Tools             understanding and using legal authorities to      Emergency-Law/Public-Health-
                                                             prepare for and respond to public health          Emergency-Law/

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Public Health Training

Date/Time            Location              Title             Information                              Registration                         Target Audience

                     Webinar               State Budget:   When the legislative session begins in     Register Today!
                                           2013-2015       January, lawmakers will face a $900
5, 2012
                                           Biennium        million deficit for the upcoming 2013-
12:00-                                                     2015 biennium. As the legislature          Cost: WSPHA members-Free
1:30pm                                                     grapples with a budget, key decisions            Non-members*- $20
                                                           must be made around health reform
                                                           implementation, such as the Medicaid
                                                           Expansion, and the implications of the
                                                           State Supreme Court decision in
                                                           McCleary v. State of Washington
                                                           (which found the state was not doing its
                                                           paramount duty to fund K-12
                                                           education). What does this mean for
                                                           the 2013 legislative session? What are
                                                           the implications for public health?
                     Webinar               A Review of The The Guide to Community Preventive          1.
                                               Guide to    Services (Community Guide) evaluates       2. Enter your username and
13, 2012
                                             Community     and makes recommendations on               password. (If you are a first-time
8:30-9:30                                    Preventive    population-based and public health         user, select Create Account)
am                                             Services:   interventions. The Guide reviews           3. Select Course Catalog.
                                            Environmental effective population-based strategies as    4. Select Monthly WebinarSeries.
                                              and Policy   well as environmental and policy           5. Select View - A Review of The
                                            Approaches to approaches to increasing physical           Guide to Community Preventive
                                              Increasing   activity. Provides an overview of the      Services: Environmental and
                                               Physical    Community Guide as an important free       Policy Approaches to Increasing
                                               Activity    resource to help choose programs and       Physical Activity
                                                           policies to improve health and prevent     6. Select LCMS Registration.
                                                           disease in your community.                 Once you register, you will
                                                                                                      receive a confirmation email that
                                                                                                      will provide you with access
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Date/Time            Location              Title             Information                                  Registration                         Target Audience

                     Webinar               Disability and    One in 6 Americans lives with a    
                                           Health            disability when defined by a limitation in
18, 2012                                                                                                  rounds
                                                             function. Many are at higher risk for
10:00-11:00                                                  multiple chronic conditions, injuries,
am                                                           and increased vulnerability during           (No registration needed)
                                                             disasters. Comparatively, people with
                                                             disabilities are 4 times more likely to
                                                             report their health to be fair/poor and
                                                             2.5 times more likely to have unmet
                                                             health care needs than non-disabled
                                                             peers. $400 billion is spent annually on
                                                             disability-related health expenditures.
                                                             Public health can help change this by
                                                             promoting wellness and preventing
                                                             disease in people with disabilities.
On-demand            Online This self-     Introduction to   Introduction to Applied Financial            To register for this course go to:   The primary target audience is
  NEW                study course is           Applied       Management in Public Health - Self , the        individuals serving as financial directors
                     being offered at         Financial      Study is a six module continuing             Center for Public Health Practice    in local public health agencies. Content
                     no cost.              Management in     education course that introduces             Learning Content Management          may also be appropriate for health
                                            Public Health    participants to the knowledge and skills     System (LCMS). Enter your            commissioners and other
                                                             needed to successfully manage a local        username and password, OR if         administrative-level staff who have
                                                             health department fiscal office. Topics      you are a first time user, select    financial-related responsibilities within
                                                             include, but are not limited to: key         Create Account and enter your        the agency.
                                                             functions of applied financial               profile information. Click on the
                                                             management, budgeting for programs           Course Catalog tab. Select View
                                                             and agency, integrating with state and       beside Introduction to Applied
                                                             local systems, fulfilling statutory          Financial Management in Public
                                                             requirements and responsibilities,           Health: Self-Study. Scroll to the
                                                             financial analysis and reporting, and        bottom of the page and click on
                                                             risk management.                             LCMS Registration. You will
                                                                                                          recieve a confirmation email from
                                                                                                          the cphp-
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Date/Time            Location              Title           Information                                 Registration                        Target Audience

                     Online                Michigan's      Findings magazine, produced by the          To view the online version, click
                                           Findings        University of Michigan School of Public
                                           Magazine        Health, won the gold award for best         here
                                                           specialized or unit-level magazine in
                                                           the 2012 Pride of CASE District V
                                                           Awards Program. Part of the
                                                           international Council for the
                                                           Advancement and Support of
                                                           Education (CASE), CASE District V
                                                           encompasses Illinois, Indiana,
                                                           Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and
                     Online                Center for       ~Access content from renowned           CORE provides an integrated, one-stop
                                           Online          speakers from past SOPHE                    m/store/provider/      portal for health education specialists
                                           Resources &     conferences without the cost of travel.
                                                                                                       p?pageid=9                          and other health professionals
                                           Education       ~Obtain CHES/MCHES credits from
                                           (CORE)          more than 50 webinars and
                                                           presentations while managing your           New content will be added
                                                           credits, evaluations, and certificates in   weekly, so visit often and stay
                                                           a totally online environment.               up-to-date on the latest
                                                           ~Keep abreast of the latest                 information in health education
                                                           developments in the field by accessing
                                                                                                       and health promotion.
                                                           premier content which may be in the
                                                           form of online courses, journal self-
                                                           studies, podcasts, tool-kits, fact-sheets
                                                           and more.
                     Online                Public Health   Site developed to share public health
                                           Tools           information, resources, & tools among       /home
                                                           the public health workforce. Includes
                                                           documents, videos, and other

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