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The Most Common Distractions for Drivers


The road is full of distractions and possible dangers learn what they are and how to prevent yourself from doing them resulting in less accidents

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									The Most Common Distractions for Drivers
Every day on the road brings a host of mysteries with it. Locals tune into radio stations during rush hour,
not to find out if there’s an accident, but to find out where it is today.

If the accident is along their route, they had better find a different way to work. These accidents occur
daily for a number of reasons: like bad weather or distracted driving.

Everyday Distractions
Distracted driving is one of the biggest reasons. There is so much to do in the car or see out the window
that too often, people endanger theirs, and others’ lives for a quick turn of a knob or peek at a billboard.

                                   Starting from the very obvious and working down, start with the cell
                                   phone. Be wary of your cell phone in a car.

                                   Many state legislatures have passed laws against texting and driving.
                                   Many more are seriously considering the use of a cell phone at all.

                                     Just because you’re good at driving, doesn’t mean you’re good at
                                     driving blind, which is essentially what you are doing when you aren’t
looking at the road. It is therefore a good idea to silence your phone, give it to a passenger to take care
of, or turn it off altogether whenever you get behind the wheel.

Radio and other Built in Distractions
The temptation will be easier to avoid. Next, up is the radio.

Finding the right station or searching for the best song on your iPod can take your eyes away from the
road for seconds at a time. You want to find the best station or song quickly so you can get back to the

It’s not a question of your intentions. It’s a question of how long
your eyes are away from the road.

During rush hour every second is an eternity in terms of reaction
time. Avoid fiddling with the dials as often as possible when

Passengers are great for this kind of thing. Carpooling to work can help you handle the music while
saving gas.

Otherwise, use controls on the steering wheel or wait until you stop. Finally, the other distractions
include looking at a GPS, friends, checking out a billboard, playing games, etc.

Distracted driving is a major cause of these accidents. Avoid them yourself by avoiding distractions at all
According to The Associated Press, nearly 5,500 people were killed in 2009 from distracted driving
alone. How much do you imagine that has changed over the past couple of years?

Driving distraction free can help save your life and the lives of those around you. Imagine how you
would feel if someone rear ended you because they were texting, and then apply the golden rule to your
driving habits.

Young and Young Law offers the help of a Utah injury attorney should you be injured because of the
distracted driving of others. Just because it was an accident, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve help
to deal with injuries that may have resulted.

Young and Young can give you the experience of a Utah injury attorney that can help. Don’t sit down
and take distracted driving from others, and don’t do it yourself.

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