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									FAQ’s Why The LifeVision Foundation Ever felt your own life drifting? Living just for today everyday? Need a new direction? Need a new goal in life? That’s why we have set up and are building The LifeVision Foundation. Whats your main focus Encouraging the world in supporting the children the world forgot. The exiled children of Tibet. How will you evolve in the year 2000 our launch year We build a communicating web site. We attract leaders across the world to build support teams in their countries. We attract regional team leaders in each country. We outline all the projects that need funding especially those that attract corporate donors, that are specific in building our infrastructure. We set out fundraising initiatives which will provide urgent support for our children. We ourselves offer immediate support to these grand level initiatives. We encourage new ideas, new concepts that individual Friends can evolve. We attract some exciting Patrons and Celebrities in support of our cause. We produce a book, The Twenty Tales of Tibet to assist our education process. We aim to attract trust funds in various major aspects of the needs of the children the world forgot. We are targeting the first 10 most needy children. We then aim to move on to consolidate providing continuing support for 50 children. We will not rest until we have help the world remember 1000 of the Children the World Forgot.

What happens then. We will ensure that this is a continuous support, that these children move onward and into employment supporting their families and also their extraordinary culture into the years ahead. How can I help A simple 70p a day will look after one of our children. £20 will support them with all their needs for a whole month. If you can spare £20 a month between us we have the ability to secure a childs future. £240 and we have confidence that they are sure to advance as a future success in a growing community. Could I do more? Could you? We know you could just pass on the message. Get other to see the web site. Send them the e-card we have on the site. Pass out the leaflets, you can even print them off the Internet. Arrange office collections, attract Corporate Sponsors. Of course you help, we welcome you as a friend. Whats a “Friend” All of our support will come from our friends, “Friends of LifeVision”. Founder Friends, National Friends, Regional Friends, Local Friends, Patron Friend, Fundraising Friends, Sponsor Friends, Corporate Friends. Can everyone get together We hope to have a major international launch when we have got to our feet towards the end of the year 2000. We hope there will then be a roll out at further centres where we can meet and talk and present and progress together. What constitutes success. £1, $1, every donation is powerful for us. Can I “adopt” a child We intend to ensure at first that we will give regular progress reports on individual children so that we can all appreciate our input, our efforts. Can I communicate as say a pen friend with some child We hope that will be possible in the near future.

Can my children, my family “adopt” a child. Of course. I am a teacher, can my class highlight the children the world forgot We couldn’t ask more indeed we will provide support packs to encourage schools to pursue this admirable direction. We do need a teacher to help us at this early stage to develop the necessary back up. I am Spanish Speaking, now can I help We need to translate all of our material, perhaps you can help us there. We need team leaders in your country, every country. We can accept donations in any currency. My company is looking for a nominated charity to support this year. Can I help? You certainly can. We can approve of your donations and will communicate in a variety of ways to enhance your company standing with your employees, your customers, your competitors your friends. You may be inclined to support a specific project - See “Projects” on the web site. We start with giving you a Framed Certificate indicating your support as a “Special Corporate Friend of LifeVision”. Is there a limit to my corporate donation. No. No upper, no lower limit. What will you consider a success in say a years times. We have high aims. The most effective, most efficient charity in the world. Maybe not the biggest but an enormous success, the best. We cannot achieve it without you our “Friends of LifeVision”. What happens when you are fully supporting 1000 children the world forgot? We will cross that hurdle when we come. We know that time will come. We know there are further goals for us to conquer. There are children across the world that need us. We would hope with your help we will achieve even more for you, for them. I do not have a lot of money to spare at this time in my life but I do have an old painting I know is valuable and I would like it to go to the Children of Tibet what can I do. We can accept almost anything that is for sale. We have a section on our internet site “Charity Shop” designed for just such a purpose. Be it a painting,

a car, a ming vase, an unwanted present, a spare computer, the unwanted stock of a bookshop, a gift shop, a manufacturer. An old tugboat, an ocean liner, a sailing boat, an old farm, we will gladly advertise and sell them for our cause. It may be that you would offer us something subject to a reserve we will gladly sell them as well, anything to help you help our children. Where can I find out yet more about Tibet, Dharamsala etc. Try our Links Page on the Website. Can you recommend further reading. See our books and videos we offer in our have fun section. What other ways can I support You can purchase a whole mountain of products and services via our “LifeVision MarketPlace” from jewellery to mortgages. Some of the sites donate all profits to LifeVision others pay us a rental. Can I go on to “LifeVision MarketPlace” with my business. You can if you need a web site built we can even build it for you. We build all our own websites in-house. I have a web business can you help me sell more product. Yes for a reasonable rental we lock you into our site with all its customers and potential exposure through the year. From £1 a day, £300 for a year you can be linked. Can I advertise on your Web Sites. Of course we are actively seeking sponsors and advertising. Both large and small just contact us on lifevision.org or lifevisionmarketplace and lets talk business. I come from the business world and I reckon I can attract businesses to your site and to The LifeVision Foundation but it is my business can I link with you. You can, we will be proud to consider you supporting us perhaps as a joint venture operation. I have a business which I need help to evolve into e-commerce can you help.

We can several of the “LifeVision MarketPlace” shops and services are joint venture where we hold the hands with existing businesses and handle the full e-commerce direction into the future. Do you have any products, services you urgently require to include We do, especially in the area of quality goods, eg designer ware, watches, jewellery, gifts, art, books, flowers, etc but not forgetting a whole spectrum of essential products and services such as insurance, furniture etc etc. I am an artist can I join your “Inspirational Gallery” Please do, we can promote your work or service. We encourage your input into our key theme this year of “The Spirit of Tibet”. Ideas abound around mountains, children, prayer wheels, mandalas, lotus, crystals, mountain leopards, silks, monasteries, birds, flowers, etc etc etc. I would love to start a small business myself helping The LifeVision Foundation can you advise. We have some ideas, indeed more than that some concrete projects you can pursue. See under our “Projects” section. For example an exciting business you could evolve in your own town amongst your friends and local businesses is our “Screensaver / Presentation Development”. Its fun, its new, we can build them in-house and provide an income for our children. Screensavers of your family, your friends families, celebrating Special occasions, births, christening, marriages, holidays. Presentations for companies – we have many already built to get you started. What is the Family Web Site Its

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