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									FAQ for 2008 Summer Course
1. What documents should be submitted for your application? The applicant should submit: ①Application form for Summer Chinese Course ②A photocopy of Passport ③Application fee RMB¥450 2. How to apply? Applicant can send his/her application documents by email, mail, fax, or by hand to the school. Post address: 2F, Rm. A-6, Tao Li Yuan, 655 Panyu Road, 200030, Shanghai, P.R. China Tel:86-21-62821015 or 62820696 Fax: 86-21-62817613; E-mail: jcui@sjtu.edu.cn; duanning1@sjtu.edu.cn 3. Study period 5 weeks: from Jul. 20 to Aug. 22. 2008, the tuition: RMB¥4700. 4 weeks: from Jul 20 to Aug 15, 2008, the tuition: RMB¥3850 Students are free to choose either study. 4. When should the application fee and the tuition be paid? How to pay for it? 1) Application fee: Within 14 days after sending the application documents, the applicant should transfer application fee to the university's bank account or come to the school to pay. The photocopy of the transfer receipt should be sent to the school by fax or by e-mail. RMB or USD can be accepted. The application fee will not be refunded after payment. 2) Tuition fee: The tuition should be paid by cash or credit card on registration day, Jul. 20.2008. It will not be refunded after payment. 3) Dorm fee: The dorm fee should be paid by cash or credit card on registration day, Jul. 20.2008. 4) Extracurricular activities fees The extracurricular activities are optional, including elective courses, HangZhou & XiTang and circus show. These fees should be paid on the registration day. It will not be refunded after payment. Applicant can pay the above 2) 3) 4) fees by cash or bank card. For international bank cards, only VISA and MASTER cards are accepted. The processing charge for international bank cards is 1.8% out of the total amount. It should be paid by students. 5. Does your university provide certificate and transcript, and transfer credits? If desired, the certificate and transcript will be provided upon the completion and the transfer of credits is at the discretion of the receiving institution. An exam will be held at the end of term. 6. When and where to register? Registration day is Jul.20.2008 (a.m.8:30 to p.m.4:30) registration office is at the lobby of Tao and Li Yuan. Applicant should bring passport and admission notice on the registration day. Please read the details in Appendix (1) “Registration Procedure”.
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7. Is it possible for students to move into dormitories earlier or leave dormitories later than the schedule? How many days can it be possible? How to handle the procedure? “Dormitory” Applicant who reserves dormitory can move into the room no more than 4 days ahead of the schedule or leave the room no more than 4 days later than the schedule. Please mark the period of reserved dormitory on the application form. Applicant who reserves dormitory can directly go to the reception desk of Tao Li Yuan. The dormitory fee should be paid on the registration day. Moreover, applicant who reserves BoXueLou dormitory should directly go to the reception desk of BoXueLou.
BoXueLou Address: 1859 Huashan Road. Tel:62825500.

8. What should I do if I want to live off-campus? If applicant is planning to live off campus, he/she must go to a nearby police station to complete the “Registration Form of Temporary Residence” within 24 hours after he/her arrives at Shanghai. Otherwise, you will be fined by police. 9. Are underage people between 15- 17 eligible for the study? Yes. They are. But they need permission of their guardians and they should present the Guarantee Paper to us. And they should live off-campus under their guardians’ supervision. 10. How to apply for the internet access in the dorm? Every room is equipped for Internet Access and applicant can apply it directly from the reception desk of Tao Li Yuan upon check-in. 11. “Personal Accident Insurance” Applicant should buy “Personal Accident Insurance” on the registration day if it has not been bought. Please read the details in Appendix (2) “Personal Accident Insurance” 12. What are the traffic routes from Pudong Airport to Xuhui Campus? Please read the details in Appendix (3) “Traffic routes”. Appendix(1)“Registration Procedure” (Page 3) Appendix(2)“Personal Accident Insurance” (Page 4) Appendix(3)“Traffic routes” (Page 4)

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“报到注册流程图” ・[Procedure for Registration] 领取『注册记录单』以及材料(桃李苑 1 楼) Obtain Registration sheet st (On the 1 Floor at TaoLiYuan)

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注册(桃李苑 2 楼) nd Registration(On the 2 Floor)

报名参加选修课、杭州・西塘旅游、马戏(桃李苑 2 楼) Apply for Elective courses, two days Tour & Circus Show nd (On the 2 floor)

住宿登记(桃李苑 2 楼) Arrange Dormitory,Pay dorm deposit. nd (On the 2 floor)

付费(桃李苑 2 楼) nd Payment(On the 2 Floor) 购买[意外伤害保险](桃李苑 2 楼) Buy Insurance nd (On the 2 Floor) 面试、汉语测试、分班(桃李苑 2 楼) Interview & Chinese Placement Test, Class Division nd (On the 2 Floor at TaoLiYuan) 制作学生证(桃李苑 1 楼 100 室) st Make a student ID card(On the 1 Floor,Rm.100)

购买教材(桃李苑 1 楼) st Buy textbooks(On the 1 floor)

办理上网手续(桃李苑 1 楼) st Apply for Internet (On the 1 Floor,Rm.100)

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Personal Accident Insurance
Dear Sir or Madam: Welcome to study and travel in China. The future is always uncertain to some extent. Therefore, in order to guarantee you more indemnity in the unpredictable future, we'd like to recommend a very valuable and suitable insurance policy for this Chinese-learning period here by AXA - Minmerals Assurance. It is a Traveler's Accident Insurance Policy, which offers you 60-day -long insurance and costs just 40 RMB. With just 40 RMB premiums, you can get the essential guarantees in the coming 6 months as following: 1. 50,000 RMB indemnity for accidental injury or death. 2. 2500 RMB indemnity for accidental medical service. 3. 25 RMB/day compensation for accidental in-patient treatment. 4. World-wide 24-hour 800 telephone consulting and aiding service: 800-820-3535. For service in Shanghai, please contact: Mr. Zhu Ming of AXA-Minmetals Assurance. Tel: 0086-21-28210733 Homepage: www.axa-minmetals.com.cn

Appendix (3)

The traffic routes from Pudong airport to XuHui campus School address: 1954 Hua Shan Road (the main gate) 55 West Guangyuan Road (the 5th gate) 655 PanYu Road (the 3rd gate)-Nearby SIE(school of international education) Route1: take taxi from Pu Dong Airport to 655 PanYu Road ((the 3rd gate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xuhui Campus) Charge: about RMB¥180 Time: One hour Route2: take the airport-bus No.3 to Zhao Jia Bang Road Station → take taxi to 655 Pan Yu Road(the 3rd gate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University) Charge: about RMB¥30 Time: One and a half hours Route3: take maglev train to Long Yang Road Station → take Metro No.2 to Ren Min Guang Chang Station( The People Square Station) → take Metro No.1 to Xu Jia Hui Station → take taxi to 655 Pan Yu Road Charge: about RMB¥70 Time: One and a half hours
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