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					                                   INVITATION FOR QUOTATION

TEQIP-II/2013/PB1G01/Shopping/16                                               01-Feb-2013


Your Address

Sub: Invitation for Quotations for supply of Goods

Dear Sir,
1. You are invited to submit your most competitive quotation for the following goods with
      item wise detailed specifications given at Annexure I,

Sr.      Brief Description     Quantity Delivery               Place of   Installation
No                                      Period(In days)        Delivery   Requirement (if any)

1        A-D Converter         3          28                   GNDEC,

2        AM Kit                3          28                   GNDEC,

3        Analog TDM Kit        3          28                   GNDEC,

4        D-A Converter         3          28                   GNDEC,

5        Digital Storage       2          28                   GNDEC,
         Oscilloscope                                          Ludhiana

6        Digital TDM Kit       3          28                   GNDEC,

7        FDM kit               3          28                   GNDEC,

8       Function                  2           28                GNDEC,
        Generator                                               Ludhiana

9       Probes                    3           28                GNDEC,

10      PWM Kit                   3           28                GNDEC,

2. Government of India has received a credit from the International Development Association
     (IDA)     towards     the    cost   of   the   Technical   Education    Quality    Improvement
     Programme[TEQIP]-Phase II Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit
     to eligible payments under the contract for which this invitation for quotations is issued.
3. Quotation,
     3.1 The contract shall be for the full quantity as described above.
     3.2 Corrections, if any, shall be made by crossing out, initialing, dating and re writing.
     3.3 All duties and other levies payable by the supplier under the contract shall be included
             in the unit price.
     3.4 Applicable taxes shall be quoted separately for all items.
     3.5 The prices quoted by the bidder shall be fixed for the duration of the contract and shall
             not be subject to adjustment on any account.
     3.6 The Prices should be quoted in Indian Rupees only.
4. Each bidder shall submit only one quotation.
5. Quotation shall remain valid for a period not less than 20 days after the last date of
     quotation submission.
6. Evaluation of Quotations,
     The Purchaser will evaluate and compare the quotations determined to be substantially
     responsive i.e. which
     6.1 are properly signed ; and
   6.2 confirm to the terms and conditions, and specifications.
7. The Quotations would be evaluated for all items together.
8. Award of contract:
   The Purchaser will award the contract to the bidder whose quotation has been determined
   to be substantially responsive and who has offered the lowest evaluated quotation price.
   8.1 Notwithstanding the above, the Purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any
         quotations and to cancel the bidding process and reject all quotations at any time
         prior to the award of contract.
   8.2 The bidder whose bid is accepted will be notified of the award of contract by the
         Purchaser prior to expiration of the quotation validity period. The terms of the
         accepted offer shall be incorporated in the purchase order.
9. Payment shall be made in Indian Rupees as follows:
       Delivery and Installation - 90% of total cost

       Satisfactory Acceptance - 10% of total cost

10. All supplied items are under warranty of NA months from the date of successful acceptance
   of items.
11. You are requested to provide your offer latest by 3:00 hours on 24-Feb-2013 .
12. Detailed specifications of the items are at Annexure I.
13. Training Clause (if any) NA
14. Testing/Installation Clause (if any) NA
15. Information brochures/ Product catalogue, if any must be accompanied with the quotation
   clearly indicating the model quoted for.
16. Sealed quotation to be submitted/ delivered at the address mentioned below,
   Office of TEQIP Cell, GNDEC Gill Park, Gill Road, Ludhiana 141006.
17. We look forward to receiving your quotation and thank you for your interest in this project.
                                                                          (Authorized Signatory)
                                                                            Name & Designation
                                          Annexure I

Sr.   Item Name        Specifications

1     A-D Converter    Measurement resoultion: 16 bits (including sign),Phase jitter card-
                       tocard: 41 ns peak, 12 ns rms,Phase jitter scan- toscan: 80 ps rms,
                       Maximum tare cal offset: 62.5 mV range ± 75% of full scale. Other
                       ranges ± 25% of full scale, Maximum input voltage: Normal mode plus
                       common mode, Operating:Memory: 64 kSa <± 16 V peak,

2     AM Kit           "+/- 5 V/350 mA DC Power Supply, Carrier Generator 8 kHz
                       synchronous clock, Modulating Signal Generator 1 kHz * PAM
                       Modulator * PAM Demodulator * Set of 2mm Patch Chords & Manual."

3     Analog TDM       (No. of Test points = 17): Functional study of RF amplifier, Mixer, Local
      Kit              oscillator, If amplifier, Detector & Audio amplifier for both AM & FM
                       radios. Supplied either fully assembled or CKD form. Operates from 9V
                       built in battery. Wall transformer optional.

4     D-A Converter    Resolution 8 bits, Linearity error 1/2LSB Max, Power dissipation at VDD
                       = 5V 5mW Max, Setting time 100ns Max, Propagation delay time 80ns

5     Digital Storage 25MHz, 500MSa/s, 5.7" Color Display Digital Storage Oscilloscope
      Oscilloscope    500MSa/s Sampling Rate 2 Channels 5.7inch LCD Color Display USB
                      Interface / RS-232 32 parameters Auto Measuring function 6Mpts Max
                      recording length. 33.3h single recording time. Trigger types: Edge, Pulse
                      Width, Video, Slope, native Digital Filter Function. Save/recall types :
                      Setups, Waveforms, CSV file, Picture Adjustable Grid & brightness of
                      waveform USB Host: Support USB flash driver save/recall function &
                      firmware. USB device: Specific printer support, support PC remote
                      control; RS232, Pass/Fail output. Software for data acquisition.

6     Digital TDM Kit rystal Freq.-10 MHz, Switched faults : - 4 Nos •1 channel Sampling /
                      Reconstruction & 4 Channel TDM / PAM & Demodulation a) Modulator:
                      Analog i/p channel: - 4 Nos, 10 Vpp, Bipolar. Settable Sampling Freq.
                (1of 7): 64 / 32 / 16 / 8 / 4 / 2 / 1 KHz With Settable Duty Cycle 10-90 %
                in decade steps. b) De-Modulator : Clock Regeneration using PLL, LPF,
                1/2/3 Wire Communications. •Pulse Width Modulation [PWM] / Pulse
                Position Modulation [PPM] Mod - Demod a) Modulator: I/P freq–Audio
                range (Sine) @ 0-8 Vpp, Carrier Freq - 64KHz(TRG) @ 8 Vpp O/P – TTL. b)
                De-Modulator: LPF (MU), PPM is converter into PWM then
                Demodulated. •Pulse Frequency Modulation [PFM] Mod - Demod

7   FDM kit     clock generator, Carrier generator 1 KHz ~ 30 KHz,Pilot carrier 256 KHz,,
                2 channel FDM communication system, DSB AM modulator and
                demodulator,Band pass filters 9 ~ 11 KHz and 16 ~ 20 KHz, 4th order
                Butterworth low pass filters, Multimedia based interactive e-manual

8   Function    3Mhz, 100Msa/s DDS Function generator with USB interface Direct
    Generator   Digital Synthesis [DDS] technology. VFD florescent display Interface.
                Fully key operation, continuously adjust with adjusting knob. With
                password protected calibration. USB Interface. Software to control the
                function generator remotely. Output characteristics - Waveform
                characteristics Waveform types: 16 kinds of waveforms including sine,
                square, ramp, exponent, logarithm, noise & so on. Waveform length:
                1024 points Sampling rate: 100 MSa/s Frequency characteristics
                Frequency range: Sinewave: 40mHz to 3MHz Others: 40mHz to 1MHz
                Frequency resolution: 40mHz Frequency accuracy: ±(2×10-5+ 40mHz)
                Programmable interface : USB device interface, with operation guide
                that is provided in the CD. Power condition Voltage: AC 100 to 240V,
                Frequency: 45 to 65Hz, Power consumption: =20VA Environment
                conditions Temperature: 0 to 40°C, Humidity: =80% Operation
                characteristics Fully key operation, continuously adjust with adjusting
                knob. Display VFD fluorescence display screen Dimension 297 mm×212
                mm×102 mm Weight: 2 kg Surface-mount technology, large scale
                integrated circuit, high reliability, long service life. Software features: PC
                is able to send commands through USB interface to realize remotely
                control along with the pre-written applications generally written with
                SCPI commands. Software having the 7 different

9   Probes      Attenuation rate: 1:1 / 10:1 (switcheable), Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz /
                DC to 250MHz , Rise time: 35ns / 1.4ns , Input impedance: 1MOhm /
                10M Ohm , Input capacity: 46pF plus Oscilloskope / ca. 11p, Operating
                voltage: 600V DC incl. AC peak values (decreasing with the
               frequency) , Cable length: 1.2m

10   PWM Kit   +/- 5 V/350 mA DC Power Supply, Modulating Signal Generator 1 kHz,
               Carrier Generator 8 kHz synchronous colock, PWM Modulator, PWM
               Demodulator, Set of Patch 2mm Chords & Manual.
                                                 FORMAT FOR QUOTATION SUBMISSION
                                                  (In letterhead of the supplier with seal)
                                                                                                                     Date: _______________

 Sl.     Description of     Qty.    Unit                    Quoted Unit rate in Rs.                    Total Price      Sales tax and other
 No.     goods (with full                    (Including Ex Factory price, excise duty, packing and        (A)              taxes payable
         Specifications)                       forwarding, transportation, insurance, other local                         In       In figures
                                              costs incidental to delivery and warranty/ guaranty                         %            (B)

                                           Total Cost

                                                                                                Gross Total Cost (A+B): Rs. ________________

We agree to supply the above goods in accordance with the technical specifications for a total contract price of Rs. ———————— (Amount in
figures) (Rupees ————————amount in words) within the period specified in the Invitation for Quotations.
We confirm that the normal commercial warranty/ guarantee of ——————— months shall apply to the offered items and we also confirm to
agree with terms and conditions as mentioned in the Invitation Letter.

We hereby certify that we have taken steps to ensure that no person acting for us or on our behalf will engage in bribery.

Signature of Supplier
Name: __________________
Address: __________________
Contact No: ______________

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