ADJUSTABLE PREMIUM = Right Insurance Company to change the premium
rates charged to insured, for example as a condition of renewal of insurance

ADDITIONAL INSURANCE = Which is not the original insured gets the insurance
protection against loss under the terms and conditions of existing policy.

ANNUITANT = Policyholders who are entitled to receive benefits from the
insurance company for a certain period.

APPRAISAL = Estimated quantity, quality and value. Through this way the value of
the property to be insured is determined.

Comprehensive / ALL RISK (Combined Losses)
Provide a guarantee of:
1. Loss / damage of uninsured motor vehicles because of collisions, collisions,
overturned, skidded off the road.
2. Financial loss / damage to motor vehicles because of bad deeds of people except
by their own families / people who work with the insured or the insured permission to
bring such vehicles.
3. Fires caused by the fire that comes from within and from outside the vehicle.
4. Theft, including theft committed with violence.
5. Lightning strikes.

APPRECIATION= Increase in the exchange rate appreciation of the property caused
by certain factors (ex economic) which may be temporary or permanent nature.

DANGER is an event that may occur. Source of danger is basically derived from
three things:
a. Nature, for example: natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc..
b. Humans, for example: Negligence, crimes such as theft, robbery, etc..
c. Equipment / property, ex: car accident, short-circuit, a stove exploded, etc..


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Provide a guarantee of: financial loss / damage on the vehicle and Meteorology due
to geological events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, hurricanes,
typhoons, landslides, floods.
You can only insure property same on several insurance companies. But if there is
loss of the insured object then automatically applies the principle of contribution. The
principle contribution means that if we had paid full compensation you deserve, then
we are entitled to sue other companies are involved in some type of coverage
(together cover your possessions insurance) to pay the respective losses of
comparable magnitude with total coverage of the closing.

DEPRECIATION = Missing or reduction in value or the difference in value of an
object at different times.

DEDUCTIBLES (Own Risk / commonly called Your Own Risk):
Is the number so the first dollars of a claim that is not covered by the policy. Its
function: to avoid small claims and that the insured would pay attention to loss
prevention and to reduce losses suffered by the Insurer.

PRICE COVERAGE function as:
1. Value limits the insurers responsibility, meaning that Torts is given by the Insurer
at the highest price for coverage that. The phrase "height-height" is important to
understand and it implies that the replacement of the Insurer could be lower than that
value. The occurrence of lower replacement vehicle if the market price is lower than
the price Assured.
2. The basis for determining the presence or absence of "average" if there is a claim
3. The basis for calculating premiums. (Price Assured x Rate = PREMIUM).
Premium amount will be adequate in accordance with the magnitude of the risks
faced if the price Assured actually represent, or as large as the value at risk; or in
other words the risk is fully insured.

HAZARD is a condition or nature, whether physical tangible (physical hazards) as
well as tangible behavior, character and human nature (moral hazards) that affect the
likelihood of danger.
Examples of physical hazards:
1. Fire insurance
- Installation of electricity which is not good
- Storage of flammable materials
2. Motor vehicle insurance
- High traffic density
- Use of vehicles for taxi

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                                   Examples of moral hazards:
                                   1. Insured
                                   - Lack of initiative to reduce losses
                                   - Nature is angry, drunk, etc.
                                   2. Employers and employees
                                   - Relations are not good between employer and employee
                                   - Employers are paying less attention to workplace conditions

                                   RIOT is a state in a city where a large number of mass together or in small groups
                                   create an atmosphere of order and public safety problems with noise and using
                                   violence as well as a series of large amounts of property destruction, so much so that
                                   the resulting public fear, which characterized with the cessation of more than half the
                                   normal activities of trade center / mall or the office or school or public transportation
                                   in the city for at least 24 (twenty four) hours continuously starting before, during or
                                   after the incident.

                                   If the object is affected, causing insured losses then we will give compensation to
                                   restore your financial position after the loss to be the same as immediately before the
                                   loss. Thus you are not entitled to damages greater than the harm you suffered.

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