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					ERIC E*Subscribe
A Guide for Users

August 2002

ERIC E*Subscribe is the electronic document subscription service of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) – your gateway to educational resources in electronic format. E*Subscribe was designed for Internet users in libraries, schools, and other institutions. This guide answers the most frequently asked questions, including how to access E*Subscribe, search the database, download and print documents, and get help when you need it.
ERIC E*Subscribe is provided by the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS). If you have questions, or would like to contact EDRS, Customer Service is available from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday – Friday: •Email – •Telephone – (800) 443-3742 or (703) 440-1400

E*Subscribe Users
• Subscription Manager – individual responsible for administering the subscription • Researchers (including distance learners), faculty, library patrons, and/or employees of the subscribing institution

Subscription Manager Area of E*Subscribe
• A secure area for monitoring statistics • Separate username and password for access to this area • Two means of access – “Subscription Manager” on the E*Subscribe menu bar and “E*Subscribe” on the public site

Subscription Manager Information
• Statistics, including number of logons, number of rejections, and documents downloaded by month • Subscription profile information, including account number(s), subscription period, contact information, username/password information, and IP ranges (active in September 2002)

E*Subscribe Access Requirements
• Internet Browser
Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or AOL Version 4.0 or above recommended. See Technical Information in the “Help & Information “ area of the menu bar for appropriate browser settings.

• Adobe Acrobat Reader
For document viewing. Link to Adobe from the E*Subscribe “Technical Information” area; or download the most recent version of the reader from the Adobe Web site (

• 56K or higher connection speed
Note: document downloads via modem may be very slow

E*Subscribe access methods
Subscriptions include access for 2-10 simultaneous users, depending on institution type and size. Additional connections are available.

• TCP/IP Address
Connect as many IP addresses as desired (sample format ##.###.*.*). One default User Name/Password is included.

• User Name/Password
Users accessing E*Subscribe directly through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) must have a User Name/Password. EDRS emails User Name/Password information to the Subscription Manager.

• Referring URL
Access may be provided via referring URL from a secure area at the customer’s site. Customers must provide the specific URL(s) for the referring pages.

On-campus access
• Institutions may provide a Proxy Server IP address, IP ranges for individual locations, or referring URLs for campus-wide access. • An additional User Name/Password is available. • If IP access is not desired, a User Name/ Password with 2-10 simultaneous connections (depending on institution size) will be part of the base subscription.

Off-campus access
• Off-campus users can access the subscription via User Name/ Password, the Institution’s proxy server, or referring URL. • User Name/Password may be scripted for user convenience. Contact EDRS Customer Service if you require assistance (

Documents included in the base collection
• Documents from 1996 forward releasable in electronic format (ERIC Level 1 - 87% of ERIC microfiche collection) • Documents from 1998 forward releasable in electronic subscriptions and microfiche only (ERIC Level* 2A - 8% of ERIC microfiche collection) *ERIC document level refer to the level of permission
for document release granted by the copyright holder. The ERIC database also cites level 3 documents (materials not available from ERIC).

How to get documents not in base collection
• ERIC 2B Microfiche - 5% of ERIC Collection only releasable on microfiche (contributor restriction) • E*Subscribe Electronic Backfile – 1993 - 1995 • On-Demand Delivery- Order non-electronic documents in paper or microfiche from the E*Subscribe search results screen. Establish an EDRS Deposit Account to pay for documents outside your subscription -- or, you may use a credit card. • ERIC Backfile Microfiche - Collection years 1966 forward are available on microfiche.
Additional charges apply for all products listed above.

Obtaining ERIC Journal articles
ERIC Journal (EJ) articles are not available from EDRS. ERIC recommends the following article providers:
• Infotrieve
Toll Free: (800) 442-4633

• ISI Document Solution • ingenta

Toll Free: (800) 336-4474 X4900 (does not accept phone orders)

Using the E*Subscribe search screens
• E*Subscribe includes three options for searching the ERIC database from 1966 to the present • Express Search • Easy Search • Expanded Search

E*Subscribe Express Search
• A quick, easy way to access ERIC documents using the “ED” accession number • Enter up to 30 ED numbers, including any preceding or ending zeroes (e.g., ED006721 or ED432700)

E*Subscribe Easy Search
• Provides keyword searching against all fields in the ERIC database • Limit your search by electronic format only, publication type • Modify your results by resorting or changing the maximum number of records displayed per screen

E*Subscribe Expanded Search
• Search any of the ERIC database fields • Enter criteria, then select the field and/or Boolean operator from a drop down list • Limit your search by electronic format only, publication type • Modify the results display by resorting or changing the maximum number of records displayed per screen

Search History
• Saves searches made within a session for easy retrieval and resubmission • Combine searches from list of previous submissions • Search history is not retained after session expires • Click “Search History” from Search menu to access

E*Subscribe Search Search Results
Search Results allows you to: • Pre-screen document data at a high level includes document number, title, author, month of ERIC issuance, level, number of pages, truncated abstract • Identify electronic document availability via PDF icon display • Link to document resume, place result in a download folder, or download the document

EDRS Search - Resume Details
• Access the complete ERIC Document resume • PDF icon denotes electronic availability • Place document in a download folder, or download the document immediately • Option to order documents - users are advised to check library for availability first

ERIC sites linking to E*Subscribe
• ERIC Search Wizard ( Sponsored by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. • AskERIC ( Sponsored by the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology.

Commercial vendors linking to E*Subscribe
• • • • • • • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts EBSCOhost OCLC FirstSearch Ovid Online ProQuest SilverPlatter WebSPIRS Others planned for the future

Problems using vendor links
EDRS partners with database providers for customer convenience. Usually, the links to full-text are seamless; however, glitches sometimes occur. If you have a problem accessing ERIC electronic documents using any of our partner databases please email EDRS ( We will work with the vendor to resolve the problem. The following information would be helpful:
• • • • Your Institution Name Vendor Product Browser and operating system, including version numbers Brief description of the problem

How to download ERIC documents
• Click the “PDF” icon adjacent to the ERIC Document (ED) number from any E*Subscribe search results page • Other download options include zipped file, download later, email document, and view document • Most ERIC documents are too large to save on a 3-1/4” diskette -- save document images on your hard drive

Printing documents
Large ERIC document images may overload printers with low memory capacity. To avoid difficulties, break the print job into small, manageable segments. • From the Adobe menu bar, while viewing the document on screen, select the Print function and print by page increments (e.g., pages 1-25, 26-50, etc.) • If only a few pages from the document are needed, peruse the thumbnails on screen and print only the desired pages

How to get documents not in subscription
An ordering function allows subscribers to obtain ERIC documents that are not available through E*Subscribe, including non-electronic documents and electronic documents not included in the subscription. These documents are priced at the current on-demand rate. • To order, click the shopping basket next to the ERIC Document Number (ED) on the E*Subscribe search results screen. • The Web-based ordering function will walk you through the ordering process. Prepayment via deposit account or credit card required.

Now Available - GovernmentSponsored Documents
Pre-1993 documents are now available for on-demand ordering in electronic format if they were developed using government funding

On-demand ordering using a deposit account
E*Subscribe funds cannot be used to purchase documents not included in the subscription. An EDRS Deposit Account is a convenient method of payment. To Establish a Deposit Account:
DynEDRS, Inc. 7420 Fullerton Road, Suite 110 Springfield, VA 22153

Download a Deposit Account form. Complete the form and mail, with check or money order, to EDRS:

You will receive a deposit account number by mail. Use this number each time you order.

On-demand ordering using a credit card
EDRS accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express • Enter credit card information at the prompt on the order screen. • The EDRS Web site is secure for online commerce. • EDRS does not provide name and address information to outside entities.

Electronic on-demand order turnaround
Most documents in electronic format are immediately accessible. If, however, you cannot access your document immediately, EDRS will send email notification when the document is ready for download. Access the EDRS Web site ( and click “Download Center” from the menu bar to download your document.

Paper and microfiche ondemand order turnaround
• Turnaround time
Your paper or microfiche order should arrive approximately 7-12 days after ordering (this includes the time required for shipping).

• Shipping
Microfiche only orders ship via USPS. All other orders ship via UPS unless you request an alternate shipping method (except international orders).

• Rush Service
Expedited shipping and order processing are available (added charges apply).

Solution to a common AOL problem
• Timeout Problem Change browsers if you experience timeout problems in E*Subscribe from AOL. While connected to the Internet through AOL, minimize the browser, and open Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Online help
Help can be found in the “Help and Information” area of the E*Subscribe web site. • To access a list of suggested solutions to common technical problems, click “Technical Information” in the drop down list of the menu bar. • To review Frequently Asked Questions, click E*Subscribe FAQ • To send comments or suggestions to EDRS, click “Contact Information”

Sending E-mail to get help
Click “Contact Information” in the Help and Information area on the menu bar, or send a message to Type your problem in the message box provided. Please include the following information: • Your institution name • Browser type and version • Access method • Platform

Getting help by phone
Call EDRS Customer Service Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. • Toll-free (800) 443-3742 • Local (703) 440-1400