; NAME EMAIL COMPANY Lauri Beck llbeck_insurancenetwork.com
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NAME EMAIL COMPANY Lauri Beck llbeck_insurancenetwork.com


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									NAME                EMAIL                            COMPANY

Lauri Beck          llbeck@insurancenetwork.com      Insurance Network America

Dominic Cursio      dominic.cursio@collabrix.net     Collabrix, LLC

Heather Kane        heather.kane@equitrust.com       EquiTrust Life Insurance Company

Mary Schneider      maryschneider@atlantismktg.net   Atlantis Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Lana Tapani         ltapani@atlantismktg.net         Atlantis Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Mark MacGillivray   mmacgill@standard.com            The Standard

Stacy Miner         stacy.miner@avivausa.com         AvivaUSA

Michael Senkier     michael.senkier@lfd.com          Lincoln Financial Distributors

James Jones         jamesj@american-equity.com       American Equity
Kim Adams-Moore    kim@adams-moore.com                Adams-Moore, LLC

David Whitehead    david.whitehead@rsli.com           Reliance Standard

Tom Brown          tom.brown@rsli.com                 Reliance Standard

Brian Williams     brian.williams@figmarketing.com    Financial Independence Group

Ronald Lesicki     rlesicki@safeharborfinancial.com   Safe Harbor Financial, Inc.

Tipton Huffman     twh@twhagency.com                  TWH Annuities Agency, Inc.

Nathan Zuidema     nzuidema@rzfnetwork.com            RZ Financial Network
Craig Geiger       craig.geiger@genworth.com          Genworth Financial
Mark Stone         mark.stone@iigsolutions.com        Insurance Insight Group
Chris Johnson      E.COM                              National Western Life
Steve Thunen       sthunen@lifesales.net              Life Sales
Tony Compton       tcompton@gradientfg.com            Gradient Financial Group
Davd Sterling      dfsterling@verizon.net             Sterling Capital Resources
Curt Schwarzkopf   cschwarzkopf@sbmedia.com           Agent Media
Sean Tyhurst       styhurst@sbmedia.com               Summit Business Media
                                                      Summit Business Media / Senior Market
Candi Thomas       cthomas@sbmedia.com                Advisor
Blair O'Connor     ToniF@mailpcn.com                  Producers Choice, Inc.
Mitch Anderson     mitchell.r.anderson@verizon.net    Presidential Life
Jason Kestler      jkestler@kestlerfinancial.com      Kestler Financial Group, Inc.
Matthew Rettich    nrettick@crproducers.com           Covenant Reliance Producers
Dwight Carter      dwight@fsa4life.com                M V Group
Ron Lane           rjlane@888fairlane.com             Fairlane Financial Corporation
Jan Charles        jcharles@investorsmarketing.com    Investors Marketing Services
Inge Hafkemeyer    inge@adimeetings.com               ADI Meetings & Events
Lee Trawick        ltrawick@tfsquotes.com             Trawick Financial Services, Inc.
Gloria Slaughter   gloria@insmediaservices.com        Insurance Media Services
Theresa Meyer      theresa@nafa.com                   NAFA
Rod Mims           rmims@athene.com                   Athene Annuity
Kirby Wood         kwood@american-equity.com          American Equity
Robert Phillips    b_phillips_dsm@msn.com             NFP
                                                      Western and Southern Financial Group
Paul Kruth         paul.kruth@wsfinancialgroup.com    Distributors
Stephen Kerns      skerns@insurmark.net               InsurMark
Charles Anderson   JTerpening@CMIC.net                Creative Marketing
Paul McGillivray   jterpening@creativemarketing.net   Creative Marketing
John Orrell        jorrell@biltd.com                  Brokers International, Ltd.
Angela Hollan      angela.hollan@allianzlife.com      Allianz Life
Scott Hinds        scott@nafa.com                     NAFA
Carl Stern         cstern@imeriti.com                 Imeriti Inc.
Tom Degroot        tdegroot@allproprinting.com        ALLPRO DIRECT MARKETING
Lana Macumber      lmacumber@dtcc.com                 DTCC
Cary Carney        cary.carney@us.ing.com             ING
Mark Williams      mwilliams@gameplanfinancial.com    GamePlan Financial
Tashawna Rodwell   trodwell@sbmedia.com               Summit Business Media
Harry Stout        harry.stout@iigsolutions.com       Insurance Insight Group
Briana Moskovic    bmoskovic@dtcc.com                 DTCC
                                                      Partners Advantage Insurance Services,
Brian Mann         bmann@partnersadvantage.com        LLC
Rob Billingham     rob.billingham@iigsolutions.com    Insurance Insight Group
Kevin Meyer        kevin.meyer@dressanderbhc.com      BHC/Dressander
Mike Mullan        mikem@figmarketing.com             FIG
Robert Burskey     rburskey@annuix.com                Annuix
Steven Wise        swise@baifinancial.com             Atlantis Marketing Solutions
Eric Lund          elund@athene.com                   Athene Annuity
MaryAnn Lacey-Gray      malg@callums.com                    Underwriters Marketing Service
Barbara Marchesani      bmarchesani@callums.com             Underwriters Marketing Service
William Kauffman, Jr.   bkauffman@seniormarketsales.com     Senior Market Sales, Inc.
Eric Taylor             eric.taylor@genworth.com            Genworth Financial
Stephanie Dahl          stephanie@ecamarketing.com          ECA Marketing
Becky Cummings          Becky.Cummings@llic.com             Lafayette Life Insurance
Brandon Allen           Brandon@allenmarketing.net          Allen Marketing & Associates, Inc.
Doug Price              dprice@zenithmarketing.com          Zenith Marketing Group, Inc.
Ed Prewitt              eprewitt@rzfnetwork.com             RZ Financial Network
Gayle Allen             gallen@sfgmembers.com               North American Annuity Division
James Summers           jims@seniormarketsales.com          Senior Market Sales, Inc.
Jim Wolter              jwolter@legacytreefoundation.org    LegacyTree Foundation
John Moore              jkmoore@sbmedia.com                 Life Insurance Selling
Justin Snapp            jsnapp@themarketingalliance.com     The Marketing Alliance, Inc.
Kris Kattmann           kris.kattmann@lfg.com               Lincoln National Life Insurance Co
Lori Bochner            lbochner@sfgmembers.com             Sammons Financial Group
Mike Miller             mike.miller@avivausa.com            Aviva
Patrick Allen           Patrick@allenmarketing.net          Allen Marketing & Associates, Inc.
William Unkefer         andy@unkefermail.com                Unkefer & Associates
Gerald Hartman          gghartman@insurancenetwork.com      Insurance Network America
Marnell McClenaghan     mmcclena@standard.com               The Standard
Pat Seelye              pseelye@accesspbs.com               Personalized Brokerage Services
Todd Hayworth           thayworth@accesspbs.com             Personalized Brokerage Services
Jeanne Taylor           jeanne.taylor@equitrust.com         EquiTrust Life Insurance
Jake Quagliaroli        jake.quagliaroli@equitrust.com      EquiTrust Life
Mike Ford               mford@pfg-inc.com                   PFG Marketing Group, Inc.
Janet Terpening         westongal2@gmail.com                Creative Marketing
Mike Tripses            ktaylor@cmic.net                    Creative Marketing
Christopher Conroy      cconroy@cmic.net                    Creative Marketing
Merrit Strunk           mstrunk@cmic.net                    Creative Marketing
Benjamin Nevejans       ben@lifepro.com                     LifePro Financial Services
William Zimmerman       heather@lifepro.com                 LifePro Financial Services
Matt Tarkenton          mtarkenton@tarkentonfinancial.com   Tarkenton Financial, LLC
Michael Pietig          mpietig@sfgmembers.com              North American Company
Scott Tietz             vgonzalez@partnersadvantage.com     Partners Advantage
Jim Lehmann             vgonzalez@partnersadvantage.com     Partners Advantage
James Wong              vgonzalez@partnersadvantage.com     Partners Advantage
Dan Pardine            danp@advisorrecruiting.com           Advisor Recruiting, Inc.
Matthew Pardine        mattp@advisorrecruiting.com          Advisor Recruiting, Inc.
Travis Postlethwaite   travisp@cmic.net                     Creative Marketing
Gail Hastings          gail@resourceforsolutions.com        Resource Solutions, Inc.
Rick Broom             rick@resourceforsolutions.com        Resource Solutions, Inc.
                                                            Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance
John Phelps            john.phelps@fglife.com               Company
                                                            Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance
Brian Grigg            brian.grigg@fglife.com               Company
Mark Chai              mark@agencieshq.com                  AgenciesHQ
Kyle Ginavan           kyle@agencieshq.com                  AgenciesHQ
Joe Maringer           jmaringer@gafri.com                  Great American Life Insurance Company
Malott Nyhart          mnyhart@gafri.com                    Great American Life Insurance Company
John Chidwick          john.chidwick@lfd.com                Lincoln Financial
Jeremy Rettich         jrettick@crproducers.com             Covenant Reliance Producers
Trudy Bourque          tbourque@assetmarketingsystems.net   Asset Marketing Systems
Nicholas Ordway        nordway@assetmarketingsystems.net    Asset Marketing Systems
Brian Wilson           brian.wilson@lfg.com                 Lincoln Financial Group
Trent Davis            trent@davislife.com                  Davis Life and Annuity
Mark Triplett          Mark@amzwebcenter.com                AMZ Financial Insurance Services
Joe Zuccolotto         Joe@AMZwebcenter.com                 AMZ Financial
James Taylor           jtaylor@dtcc.com                     Depository Trust & Clearing Corp
Roger Bell             rbell@successce.com                  SuccessCE
Shelly Bell            sbell@successce.com                  SuccessCE
William Cooley         bcooley@successce.com                SuccessCE
Patti Cooley           pcooley@successce.com                SuccessCE
Brad Newcomb           brad.newcomb@us.ing.com              ING
Ryan VanSickle         ryan@resourceforsolutions.com        Resource Solutions
Eric Thomes            Eric.thomes@allianzlife.com          Allianz
Brian Peterson         brian.peterson@allianzlife.com       Allianz
Cory Zafke             cory.zafke@allianzlife.com           Allianz
Dave Schliesman        dave.schliesman@allianzlife.com      Allianz
Linda Burm             linda.burm@allianzlife.com           Allianz
Randy Matzke           randy.matzke@advisorsexcel.com       Advisors Excel
Brian Lipinski         lipinski@executivebrokerage.com      Executive Brokerage, Inc.
Troy Christensen       rhuggins@american-equity.com         American Equity
Michael Bartolotta     michael.bartolotta@m3fin.com         M3 Financial Inc.
Nabeel Tanveer          nabeel.tanveer@aon.com                   Aon Affinity
ROn Bradley             rbradley@pinnacleadvisorsgroup.com       Pinnacle Advisors Group
Valerie Ingersoll       valerie.ingersoll@phoenixwm.com          Phoenix Life Insurance
Clay Eschrich           clay.eschrich@allianzlife.com            Allianz Life
Colleen Carlberg        ccarlberg@sbmedia.com                    Summit Business Media
Dan Hengehold           dhengehold@sbmedia.com                   Summit Business Media
Margo Thompson          margothompson@comcast.net                The Annuity Source, Inc.
Cliff Andrews           cliff@capcityadvocates.com               CapCity Advocates, LLC
Wright Andrews          wandrews@andrewsdclaw.com                CapCity Advocates, LLC
Steven Lowery           slowery@pacout.com                       PAC Outsourcing LLC
Glenda Bean             gbean@currincompliance.com               Currin Compliance Services, LLC
Pam Heinrich            pam@heinrich-law.com                     NAFA
Dennis Brown            dmb@mandomarketing.com                   M&O Marketing, Inc.
Charlotte Bewersdorff   charlotte@mandomarketing.com             M&O Marketing, Inc.
Tim Gilder              gildert@compreplan.com                   Comprehensive Planning, Inc.
Tonia Cronin            cronint@compreplan.com                   Comprehensive Planning, Inc.
Lance Sparks            lance.sparks@avivausa.com                AVIVA USA
Ted Johnson             ted.johnson@avivausa.com                 AVIVA USA
Nate Geurkink           nate.geurkink@avivausa.com               AVIVA USA
Mark Fitzgerald         mfitzgerald@saybruspartners.com          Phoenix Life Insurance Co
Dennis Anderson         dennis@adbanker.com                      A.D. Banker & Company
Jack Marrion            marrion@advantagecompendium.com          Advantage Compendium
Steve Irwin             steve@irwinfg.com                        The Irwin Agency
Annette Johnson         ajohnson@legacytreefoundation.org        LegacyTree Foundation
Kurt Arseneau           karseneau@wfgnetwork.com                 Wealth Financial Group
Steve Lewit             jeberwein@wfgnetwork.com                 Wealth Financial Group
Mike Ebmeier            mike.ebmeier@forethought.com             Forethought
Terry Lucas             tlucas@wealthmgtsolutions.com            Wealth Management Solutions

Suzanne Brazeal         suzanne.brazeal@vertexincorporated.com   VERTEX, Inc.
Thomas Culbertson       Thomas.Culbertson@Phoenixwm.com          Phoenix
Tim Swoboda             tims@4affc.com                           America's First Financial
Steve Busam             Steve@4affc.com                          America's First Financial
Miguel Cancino          mcancino@hearsaycorp.com                 Hearsay Social
Paul Feldman            pfeldman@insurancenewsnet.com            InsuranceNewsNet.com
Anne Groff              agroff@insurancenewsnet.com              InsuranceNewsNet.com
Ken Landis              klandis@insurancenewsnet.com             InsuranceNewsNet.com
Brian Henderson         bhenderson@insurancenewsnet.com       InsuranceNewsNet.com
Ann D'Eon               adeon@adimeetings.com                 ADI Meetings & Events
                                                              Summit Business
Tracey Zwolak           traceyz@producersweb.com              Media/ProducersWEB.com
                                                              ProducersWEB.com/Summit Business
Dan Schottland          dans@producersweb.com                 Media
Jim Quinn               jim.quinn@allianzlife.com             Allianz Life
Shannon Compton         shannoncompton@cinci.rr.com           The Annuity Source, Inc.
                                                              Magellan Financial & Insurance Services,
Kyle Mann               kmann@magellanfinancial.com           Inc.
Mark Sorensen           mark@royalfundmanagement.com          Royal Fund Management
Jovan Will              jovanwill@gmail.com                   JD Mellberg Financial
Josh Mellberg           jovanwill@gmail.com                   JD Mellberg Financial
Mark Waters             mwaters@insurancenewsnet.com          InsuranceNewsNet.com
                  180                                     180                                       180

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