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    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May

                                      ELEVEN DIVISION
A message from Peter Lennox, Superintendent, No. 11 Division

Crime prevention through social development (CPTSD) is an important concept
that has been around for many years but which is only now becoming more
mainstream as positive, recognizable, and sustainable results are observed. We
more often hear about Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED),
which involves target hardening or situational crime prevention and a process
where steps are taken to assess and enhance security at homes or businesses.
This is an important investment to protect our valuables. However, it is just as
important to consider another investment which is broader and more far reaching:
an investment in our young people and in our communities. Not all communities
are alike, and they often have different needs from one another. Providing police
service is not a “one-size-fits-all” concept! CPTSD promotes well-being through
social, health, and educational measures. For CPTSD to be effective, it must
involve as many community stakeholders as possible; everyone who has
something positive to offer should be included, such as police, educators, city and
social services, city councilors, youth organizations, faith groups and community
outreach groups, to name a few. No. 11 Division currently participates in several
youth-oriented programs that involve music, sports, and chess, but we are
always willing to explore partnerships with other appropriate community groups
or members. While the Toronto Police Service always tries to provide excellent
role models and first-rate service to the citizens of Toronto, it cannot always
provide all of the services everyone in the City requires. From a community-
mobilization perspective, it is our job to ensure safe living and working
environments, but also to provide referrals and tools to the citizens of Toronto so
that they can ensure safe environments for themselves. CPTSD-style programs
are one of those tools. We recognize the importance of crime prevention through
social development and willingly take on the role as facilitator to bring community
assets together. We cannot do it alone, however; please support these efforts in
order to make them truly community-based and comprehensive.

At least twice a year, some of the specialized jobs at No. 11 Division are rotated
among officers. Two such changes this month will be visible to the public. PC
Quincy Mason has moved to the Community Relations post, working with PC Russ
Golding, and PC Andrew VanderBurgh to Traffic Complaints, working with PC
Susie Fassbender.

Regards, Peter Lennox, Superintendent, No. 11 Division

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May
NOTABLE ARRESTS – (the following is alleged)

Break and Enter

On Monday the 9th of April 2012 at 5:30AM the accused male attended a business
premises located in the area of Mavety Street and Dundas Street West where he
was captured on store video smashing the window panel and entering the front of
the store. Shortly thereafter, accused then exited the store after stealing a
quantity of valuables from within.

On Friday the 13th of April 2012 the accused, who was known to police was
located, arrested and transported to 11 Station where he was investigated.
The accused was held pending a Show Cause.

Accused – Ahmed GAWICH (DOB 1962.06.15)

Charges – Break, Enter and Commit and Fail to Comply Probation X 2

Major Crime Unit Success

On the 17th of April 2012 11 Division Major Crime Unit obtained two search
warrants under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act.

At 1:20PM a man was arrested outside his home on Franklin Avenue without
incident and the warrant was executed at his residence.

The second warrant was executed at 2:08PM at an address on Dupont Street,
Toronto. During this search a quantity of Marihuana and Ecstasy (MDMA) was
located. A quantity of Canadian currency was also seized. Officers located a stun
gun and a butterfly knife, a device prohibited by the criminal code. In addition, a
MacBook laptop was seized which had been reported as stolen in November, 2011.

The accused was transported to 11 Division for investigation. The accused was
held pending a Show Cause hearing.

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May
Accused – Jeffery MEDEIROS (DOB 1980.11.28)

Charges - Possession for the Purpose Marihuana, Possession of Marihuana Over,
Possession Purpose Controlled Substance Schedule lll, Possession Controlled
Substance Schedule lll, Possession of Proceeds of Crime, Weapons Dangerous,
Threatening Death

Something doesn’t look right

On Monday the 16th of April 2012 at approximately 8:10AM, a man was observed
by a police officer on general patrol. He was pushing a grocery cart containing a
large quantity of very new looking copper piping.

Upon further investigation, the officer determined that the man obtained the
piping from a construction site on Mountview Avenue, Toronto, and was not in
lawful possession of it.

The accused was arrested, read his rights to counsel and cautioned, and brought
to 11 Division.

Accused – Richard PORTO (DOB 1975.04.07)

Charges – Theft Under $5,000.00 and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime

Break and Enter

On Saturday the 28th of April 2012 members of 11 Division Major Crime Unit
conducted surveillance on a person of interest regarding Break and Enters and
Thefts in the Parkdale area. The male was followed for approximately 3 hours
until officers observed him enter the backyard of a home and a short time later
return to the street with a bicycle.

The male was arrested on the street without incident. Further investigation
revealed that the male had broken into the garage at the rear of the residence.
The bike was returned to the rightful owner. The male was transported to 11
Division for further investigation. The accused was held pending a bail hearing.

Accused - Jeffrey PARRY (DOB 1963.02.12)
Charges - Break and Enter Commit X 6, Theft Under $5000.00 x 3, Attempt
Theft Under $5,000.00 X 2, Possession Property Obtained by Crime, and Fail to
Comply Probation X 24

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May
Thefts from Autos

On Monday the 30th of April members of the 11 Division Major Crime Unit were on
patrol in Parkdale regarding Thefts from Autos when they observed a male
peering into vehicles and trying door handles.
Officers followed the male through the different side streets as he attempted to
gain entry into vehicles. The male was eventually able to gain entry into a
Chevrolet Van. The male was arrested inside the van and the property was

Accused - Carlos REIS: DOB 1971.05.18

Charges - Theft Under, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime



Police Constables Fassbender and PC VanderBurgh of the 11 Division Traffic Office
are responsible for the monitoring and enforcement action related to any and all
traffic concerns received by the division. If you have any traffic-related concerns
please contact them at 416–808–6004 or at
Susan.Fassbender@torontopolice.on.ca. /

MADD Canada “Campaign 911”

On Tuesday the 17th of April 2012 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada
launched “Campaign 911” at Toronto Police Service headquarters at 40 College

“Every day, on average four Canadians are killed and 190 others are injured in
impairment-related crashes” (MADD statistics).

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May
Impaired driving continues to be a leading criminal cause of death in Canada.
There are far too many people killed and injured on our roads every day due to
what is a totally preventable crime. This national campaign encourages and
empowers Canadians to help make roads safer and reduce impaired driving
deaths and injuries. Concerned citizens can help to reduce this dangerous
behaviour, by alerting police to suspected impaired drivers before they can cause
serious injuries or potential deaths.

Bicycle Safety

Each year at this time 11 Division officers begin to receive complaints from
citizens in relation to adult cyclists riding their bicycles on the sidewalk instead of
on the roadway. This practice creates many hazards. It puts many people at risk
but especially so the elderly, small children and those who are visually and
hearing impaired. Injuries sustained by a pedestrian who is struck by a cyclist
can be severe or even fatal. There is a bylaw which allows bicycles with a tire
size of 61cm or 24 inches or less to use the sidewalk. This law’s intent is to allow
small children to use the sidewalk until they are old enough and with the acquired
skills and experience to use the roadway. This being said they should still be
instructed to wear a helmet, yield to pedestrians, ride slowly, to use a bell or horn
to alert pedestrians to their presence, to walk their bikes through crosswalks and
crossovers and always be on the lookout for cars and other potential road hazards.
These are all safety measures which will serve them well throughout adolescence
into adulthood.

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May

                     REMEMBER: IF YOU DRINK, DON’T DRIVE!

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May

The Toronto Police Service offers free inspection of your child safety seat
installation at many of our stations. As Toronto Police Service members provide
this inspection in addition to their regular duties, please call ahead and book an
appointment. If you just show up at a station you may be disappointed. New
parents please call well in advance of your expected due date.
To properly install your seat, please read both your child safety seat instruction
booklet and your vehicle owner’s manual. We will happily inspect your
installation. Any seat that is installed incorrectly will be made right before you
Where can I get help in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area?

The Toronto Police Service offers car seat inspection at many divisions. This free
service is offered on an appointment-only basis. Additionally, the T.P.S., in
conjunction with Child Safety Seat Coalition, offers open seat clinics at various
times during the year. Please contact your nearest division for an appointment.
                     11   Division   416-808-1124      22   Division   416-808-2210
                     12   Division   416-808-1251      23   Division   416-808-2324
                     13   Division   416-808-1324      31   Division   416-808-3124
                     14   Division   416-808-1524      32   Division   416-808-3219
                     52   Division   416-808-5224      33   Division   416-808-3325
                     53   Division   416-808-5324      41   Division   416-808-4124
                     54   Division   416-808-5424      42   Division   416-808-4324
                     55   Division   416-808-5524      51   Division   416-808-5124

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May

Homicide #14/2012, Man charged with Second Degree Murder,
Zlatko Sego, 39

Homicide Squad - 416-808-7400

On Monday the 16th of April 2012 at approximately 6:30AM police were called to a
home in the High Park Avenue and Bloor Street West area.

It is alleged that a man advised police that he had just assaulted his parents.

The man was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital for
The parents were also taken to hospital and treated for their injuries.

On Tuesday the 17th of April 2012 at approximately 10:00AM Ivan Sego, 79years
of age, succumbed to his injuries.

Zlatko Sego, 39 years of age, of Toronto, has been charged with:

1) Second Degree murder
2) Assault causing bodily harm

He appeared in court at Old City Hall on Wednesday the 18th of April 2012.

Man faces three charges in aggravated assault investigation

On Saturday the 31st of March 2012 police arrested a man in connection with an
aggravated assault investigation.

It is alleged that on Saturday the 31st of March 2012 at 3:30AM two groups of
men, not known to each other, were in a parking lot in the Dupont Street and
Dufferin Street area.

One of the men from one group became involved in a fight with a man from the
second group. The accused then used a baseball bat to hit the victim. The
accused then fled the scene. The victim was taken to hospital with serious, but
non-life-threatening, injuries.

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
    11 Division
    Community Bulletin Apr/May
Sinan Hazan, 19 years of age, of Toronto, has been charged with Aggravated
Assault, Assault with a Weapon and Weapons Dangerous.

He is scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on Tuesday the 8th of May 2012.

The Toronto Police Service would like to thank the public and the media for their

Public Safety Alert, ATM tamper devices at hospitals

Financial Crimes Unit

On Tuesday the 17th of April 2012, at 10:30AM, the Toronto Police Service
Financial Crimes Unit held a news conference.

Police would like to make the public aware of ATM skimming devices affixed to
ATMs within hospitals.

In the past six months, tamper devices from ATM machines have been seized
from the following hospitals:

1)   The Scarborough General Hospital
2)   North York General Hospital
3)   Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
4)   Lakeridge Health Bowmanville
5)   Southlake Health Centre (Newmarket)
6)   Toronto East General Hospital
7)   Toronto Western Hospital
8)   Hospital for Sick Children

Tamper devices are equipped with a secondary card reader and a pinhole camera.
Customer PIN and card data are recorded and stored on the devices for the
production of counterfeit credit and debits.

These tamper devices are placed on top of legitimate components of the ATM.
Members of the public who use any ATM, at any location, are reminded to always
cover your PIN.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7300, Crime

       11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at www.222tips.com, text
TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or Leave a Tip on Facebook.

ATM skimming device                               ATM skimming device

ATM skimming device              ATM skimming device with pinhole camera


Internet Safety for Kids and Parents

Tips for kids
        NEVER give out any personal information such as your address, telephone
         number, parents' place of work or their phone number, or the name and
         location of your school

        NEVER agree to get together with someone you 'meet' online without first
         checking with your parents

        NEVER send anyone your picture - Don't accept any pictures either

        NEVER respond to any messages that make you feel uncomfortable

        NEVER lose your common sense while online – Remember that you are
         talking to a stranger. The people you are talking to may not be who they
         say they are

         11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
        NEVER send an insulting or rude message to anyone online. 'Flaming' is not
         good 'Netiquette'

        Use a 'code name'

        Report any harassment or inappropriate messages to your online service
         and to the Police

        Set your browser to say NO to 'cookies'

Tips for parents
        Learn about what your child is doing on the Internet - Know what Web Sites
         they are visiting, know what type of chat rooms, e-mail, and messages your
         child is involved in online

        Find out about Filtering Software that is available to block out objectionable

        Set reasonable guidelines for computer use by your children - monitor the
         amount of time spent on the computer and when

        Keep computer usage as a family activity by putting the computer in a
         family room rather than in the child's bedroom

        Ensure your child does not give out personal information. Have them use a
         'code name'

        Be wary of any offers that involve your child going to a meeting or having
         someone visit your home - Remember that people may not be who they

        Create a password for your computer that is hard to guess but easy to
         remember and change it often

        Monitor your credit card bills

         11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May

Students, Cops rock

West Hill Collegiate Institute Grade 12 student Connor Chubry has always had an
interest in law enforcement.

That appeal heightened on April 26, after he outplayed eight other high school
guitarists at the fourth annual Music! Not Mischief concert at the Mod Club. He
performed Metallica’s For Whom the Bell Tolls to capture the top prize of the
program where police officers visit schools weekly to give guitar lessons.

The Mod Club – a popular venue for live performances and concerts – was rocking
for about two hours as the students exhibited their artistic talents for an
enthusiastic audience that included celebrity judges Platinum Blonde bassist and
vocalist Mark Holmes and Acting Deputy Chief Jeff McGuire.

“The kids certainly have great talent and confidence,” said McGuire.

“I am very impressed and honoured to be invited to judge the competition. The
atmosphere here is excellent and I am enjoying it.”

In addition to West Hill, students from St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary, Francis
Liebermann, Eastern Commerce, Central Commerce, Western Technical and
Bishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton Academy took part in the competition.

“When we started, there was just one school,” recalled Staff Inspector Bryce
Evans of the beginnings of the four-year-old program.

“It has grown over the years to the point where eight schools are involved and we
expect that it will expand to more schools as we go along.”

With the support of ProAction Cops & Kids, Const. Robert Tajti collaborated with
Mike Carparelli, of Carparelli Guitars, and Canadian rock band Tracenine to start
the program that provides Toronto secondary school students with lunchtime
guitar lessons and pro-community, anti-crime and anti-drug messages.

ProAction Cops & Kids, a charity that funds initiatives pairing youth with police,
sponsors the program while Carparelli Guitars provides the musical instruments.
Each contestant was presented with a guitar.

Tajti, who works out of 11 Division, was introduced earlier this year to Holmes,
who co-owns the Mod Club.

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
“We were delighted when we were offered the opportunity to hold this concert at
one of Toronto’s premier rock venues,” said Tajti, who joined the bands on stage
playing guitar.

“In a way, it’s nice to be recognized by the music industry.”

Tajti praised the officers involved in the program and the Service’s senior officers
including McGuire, Evans, Superintendents Peter Lennox, Jim Ramer and Mario
DiTommaso, who also attended the concert.

“I want to deeply thank them, the school administrators and everyone else who
have contributed to this program,” he added. “…Through the Rotary Club and
ProAction Cops & Kids, young people have had an opportunity to play some of the
finest quality equipment and live out their rock-star fantasies while making real-
world achievements. It’s been unbelievable.”

CTV News police and crime reporter Tamara Cherry was the MC, while Tracenine
and Little Sunday provided musical support for the student guitarists.


Police Week is an annual event dedicated to promoting crime prevention,
recognition, and awareness of policing services in the community. This year it
runs from May 13th until May 19th and the theme is "Leading the Way to a Safer

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
On Saturday the 19th of May 2012 between 10:00AM and 1:00PM 11 Division will
be hosting an open house in conjunction with police week. Everyone is invited.

There will be conducted tours of the station, a BBQ and displays involving 11
Division and other units of The Toronto Police Service.

We hope you can make it.

CPLC REPORTING – Community Police Liaison Committee


The 11 Division Community Police Liaison Committee or CPLC is actively
seeking new members. We’re looking for anyone who is interested in getting
involved in their community. We want your energy, knowledge and ideas.

                                           We want you.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings, whether or not you join.


The Community Police Liaison Committee is made up of representatives from the
community, business, youth, and police. We are dedicated to increasing safety
and security for the public by identifying community and policing concerns. Our
members live or work within the geographical area. We have a voice in local
policing initiatives and are part of the decision making process. The Committee

     11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
usually meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month with the exception of July and
August usually at the divisional police station or a community facility.


        You must be interested and committed to participating
        Represent a group or area within the community
        Ideally, live or work within the 11 Division community
        Be knowledgeable of community
        Be willing to be actively involved in CPLC activities
        Be willing to undergo a background check
        Be willing to solve problems!


   Identify and increase public awareness of crime issues

   Develop and organize community information meetings and workshops
     related to crime prevention and public safety
   Share information and establish linkages with other organizations
     concerned with community and public safety
   Increase dialogue between the community and police to address issues
     relating to crime, disorder, and violence
   Be available to members of the community
   Arrange community information meetings
   Provide inclusive consultation with the community and police in problem

   Provide support for various programs and activities to achieve and maintain
     a safe community

Next CPLC Meeting                                 Time                            Location
Tuesday 22 May 2012                               1900                                 TBA

         11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May

If you know of a safety or security problem in your neighbourhood, contact the
committee. Members of the committee are available to discuss your concerns.
We encourage you to become involved. Your input is important and welcomed.

For more information contact 11 Division at 416-808-1119, or by e-mail at


Welcome to the Toronto Police Service Community Automated
Notification System

In support of Community Mobilization efforts, The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is
pleased to introduce the TPSlinks system. TPSlinks is community automated
notification system that delivers vital information to residents and business
owners within the city of Toronto. TPSlinks will utilize sophisticated software by
strategically sending information to a selected geographic area made possible
through a community member sign–up webpage. Messages will be prepared and
delivered by local Divisional Toronto Police Service officers through voice and text
messaging. Message types and user delivery profiles can be tailored to meet the
needs and preferences for each registered community member. Community
members can choose to change their profile or unsubscribe at anytime.
Sign-up to receive Toronto Police Service automated phone, text and now
e-mail messages about what’s happening in YOUR neighbourhood.
For more information, to register, or to update your existing profile
simply go to the Toronto Police Service website at
www.torontopolice.on.ca and click on the TPSlinks icon or e-mail
A TPSLinks registration form with terms of participation can also be found
attached. Just print, complete and return to the appropriate police station.
A hard-copy registration form appears on the next page.

      11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
  11 Division
  Community Bulletin Apr/May
                                                              Toronto Police Service
                                          Community Automated Notification System

                                                                                                      FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY

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                                        COMMUNITY MEMBER REGISTRATION FORM

                                                   □ Register □ Update □ Unregister
* FIRST NAME _____________________________                          * LAST NAME_____________________________________

* ADDRESS           □ Residence               □ Business
* Number          * Street Name                      * City                                              * Postal Code


* POLICE DIVISION your home or business resides within: _________________________________

* Select up to three destinations you wish to have messages sent to:

□ VOICE MESSAGE                       PHONE NUMBER : (                 )

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* CELLULAR PHONE PROVIDER (Please select one)

Note: Text Messaging is not available for Primus cellular phones. Only the Voice Message option can be selected at this time.

□ Bell Mobility         □ Telus                   □ Rogers            □ Fido                 □ Koodo
□ PageNet                 □ Solo Mobile           □ Virgin Mobile □ President’s Choice

           11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May

□ EMAIL MESSAGE                   EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________

USER PROFILE – Select the profile(s) that may apply

□ Senior Citizen – 65 plus   □ Disabled     □ Small Children at Home    □ Youth    □ Business

* USER TOPICS – Select the message topics you wish to receive

□ Road Closures □ Existing Amber Alerts □ Neighbourhood Crime Alerts
□ Community Events □ Missing Persons □ Severe Weather Alerts
□ Information Alerts □ Emergency Incidents □ Threats to School Safety
Terms of Participation:
You acknowledge and accept:
1. All personal information provided through the registration process shall be used solely for the purpose of
enrolment in the TPS Notification System, stored on a Toronto Police
Service (TPS) secured server and subject to the TPS Privacy Policy. Further information regarding the TPS
Privacy Policy can be found at www.torontopolice.on.ca/privacy.php
2. You shall not use the TPS Notification System to:
• register any user that does not have your express permission
• impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, a TPS official, forum leader, guide or host, or
falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation
with a person or entity
• forge headers or otherwise manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Content transmitted
through the Service
• interfere with or disrupt the Service or servers or networks connected to the Service, or disobey any
requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks
connected to the Service
• intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable municipal, provincial or federal law(s) or regulation(s)
3. You are responsible for payment of any service fees associated with receiving e-mails, text messages
and/or voice messages. In addition, there may be a cost for the receipt of
a message, depending on your carrier's cell phone package, which you are responsible for payment of.
4. The City of Toronto, TPS, Toronto Police Services Board, licensor of the software, and their agents can not
and will not guarantee the delivery or the timing of any delivery of
any message, mis-delivery or failure to store any user communications or personalization settings, wholly, or
in part.
5. The TPS reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service
(or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that the City of
Toronto, TPS, Toronto Police Services Board, City of Toronto and Semotus Solutions, Inc. shall not be liable to
you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or
discontinuance of the Service.
6. The City of Toronto, TPS, Toronto Police Services Board, licensor of the software, and their agents are not
liable for the failure of the delivery or storage of any part of any
message, or for any delay in the receipt of any message for any reason. The user holds harmless, the City of
Toronto, TPS, Toronto Police Services Board and the licensor of
the software, and their agents.
7. To indemnify and hold the City of Toronto, TPS, Toronto Police Services Board, Semotus Solutions Inc. and
its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, co-branders or other
partners, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by
any third party due to or arising out of Content you submit, post,

        11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
transmit or make available through the Service, your use of the Service, your connection to the Service, your
violation of the Terms of Participation or your violation of any
rights of another.
8. TPS, Semotus Solutions Inc. and their respective logos, trademarks and service marks, are trademarks of
the TPS and Semotus Solutions Inc. Without the prior permission of
the TPS and Semotus Solutions Inc., you agree not to display or use these marks in any manner.
9. You may only rebroadcast a message sent through the Service in its exact, unmodified form and in its
entirety. Also, that the TPS reserves the right to prohibit the rebroadcast
of any message or portion thereof.
10. It is your responsibility to sign-up for the service and ensure your information remains current. You may
choose to unsubscribe to this service at any time by entering the User
ID profile through the citizens web page and by selecting the "Unsubscribe" button. All personal identifies will
be deleted.
11. By signing I ACCEPT and saving your information with us you agree to the Terms of Participation.

Toronto Police Service When complete, return to local Toronto Police Station or email TPSlinks@torontopolice.on.ca


The Toronto Police Service invites you to apply for the position of School Crossing
Guards to work in 11 Division.

Your main duty will be to ensure that all school-aged children up to including
grade six students cross the street safely. You may as a courtesy assist older
children, adults, elderly citizens, the disabled or any other person you feel would
benefit from your assistance. The salary for this position is $13.14 per hour
which includes travel allowance and vacation pay. Positions are available for
either regular shifts or on an on call basis.

Qualifications required:

        Applicants must be eligible to work in Canada.
        Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
        Applicants must have the ability to communicate in English.
        All applicants must pass a vision test.
        All applicants must provide a Certificate of Fitness from their family
         physician confirming that they are physically fit to carry out the duties of a
         crossing guard.

         11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
        Applicants must not have been convicted of a criminal offence for which a
         pardon has not been obtained. If a pardon was obtained, proof of pardon
         must be provided.
        A Security check will be conducted.
        For information about the school crossing locations available and the hours
         of work please contact Luisa Brown 416-808-1235.


Community alerts are e-mails used to warn citizen subscribers in a timely manner
of criminal events or other police related matters that are going on in the division
(their neighbourhood) and that may affect them, their family or their business.
To receive community alerts directly to your desktop please follow the
instructions below.

     1. Go to www.torontopolice.on.ca
     2. Once the Toronto Police Service web site home page is displayed then click
        on Police Stations (found on the left hand side of page under subtitle
        "Serving Toronto").
     3. A page entitled "Divisional Policing Command" will be displayed. On the
        right hand side of the page under the heading Central Field, 40 College St.
        will be found 11 Division, 209 Mavety St. among eight other stations. Click
        on 11 Division.
     4. The 11 Division web page will be displayed. In the top right corner of the
        page is a blue box with the phrase "Sign-up for Community Alerts". Click
        on this.
     5. You will then be shown a page entitled "Toronto Police Service Mailing Lists".
        Directly below this title you will find "Sign-up" or four lines below this title
        you will find "Sign-up here to start receiving news and information today".
        Click either one.
     6. You will then be shown a "Toronto Police Service Mailing Lists - Sign Up"
        page, asking for name, e-mail address (twice) and a password. Fill in the
        fields requested and then just to the right mid-page is a blue box asking for
        you to "Select mailing lists". Pick the ones you want.
     7. Subsequent to this procedure you may receive an e-mail asking you to
        confirm that you have signed up to receive community alerts. Just follow
        the directions found in the e-mail and will start receiving community alerts.

         11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
General Toronto Police Contact Information

9-1-1 - Should be used for the following emergencies:
   Crime in progress: situations in which the safety of people or property are
     at risk
   Fire
   Medical emergencies

416-808-2222 - Should be used for non-emergency situations
416-222-TIPS - Crime Stoppers - Report anonymously to police any
information regarding a crime (or online at www.222tips.com) Text TOR and your
message to CRIMES (274637)
11 Division Contact List

Unit Commander – Superintendent Peter Lennox – 416–808-1114

Second in Command – Inspector Brian Preston – 416-808-1112

Criminal Investigations -

Detective Sergeant Mike Leone – 416-808-1116

General Number – 416-808-1104/416-808-1142

Community Response Unit –

Officer in Charge - Staff Sergeant Phil Van Andel - 416-808–1183

Neighbourhood Officers – Sergeant Artur Kotas – 416-808-1137
                         Sergeant Brian Parsram – 416-808-1137

Traffic – Sergeant Inkeri McCormack – 416-808-1124

Crime Prevention - PC Russ Golding - 416-808-1108

Community Relations – PC Quincy Mason – 416-808-1188

11 Station – 11 Division front desk – 416-808-1100

11 Division fax – 416-808-1102 - e-mail address 11division@torontopolice.on.ca

     11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May
                                                  11 Division
                                             Toronto Police Service
                                       NIGHT LISTING INFORMATION
The information below is required by the personnel of your local police division to enable them to locate a
responsible representative of your company outside your business hours. Contact will only be made in an
emergency situation involving your company.

Name of Company

Address of Company

Telephone Number Fax

Type of Business

Type of Building

Safe on premises?             YES       NO

If Yes indicate Location

Safe visible from street?     YES      NO

Security Officer on site?     YES       NO

Alarm on premises?             YES      NO

Name of Alarm Company

Telephone No

Indicate location of lights left on or check “None” if all lights are off.                  None

Please indicate specifically if you have on your premises any substances, packages or chemicals which are

Name (Surname, Given) Address, Telephone, Position with Company

Please mail or fax this completed form to: Toronto Police 11 Division
                                           2054 Davenport Road
                                           Toronto, Ontario M6N 1C8
                                           Attention: Russ Golding P.C. 3791
                                           Fax # (416) 808-1102


         11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May

     11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8
 11 Division
 Community Bulletin Apr/May

     11 Division  Toronto Police Service  416 808 1100  2054 Davenport Road  Toronto  ON  M6N 1C8

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