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									                                                                        Unit 4: Story 1
                                                       The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden
Oral Language (Listening/Speaking/Viewing)
          Day 1                             Day 2                         Day 3                         Day 4                    Day 5- REVIEW
     Focus Question:                  Focus Question:                 Focus Question:             Focus Question:                Focus Question:
 In what ways do friends            What happens when a           How is Country Mouse’s       How have bats in Austin        Life in the city can be
work together and help one        country cricket winds up in      experience similar to       and Tucker and Harry in      surprising and dangerous.
        another?                          a big city?               Chester’s? How is it      New York, adapted to living   Write a short story or essay
                                                                different? Use details from           in a city?             showing how life in the
 Build Background pg 406                                         both selections to explain                                  country maybe seem to
                                                                        your answer                                          someone from the city.
      Read Aloud:
  Darkness Is My Friend                                             Summarize pg 429
    pg 407A – 407B

Word Study (inflected endings )
          Day 1                             Day 2                        Day 3                         Day 4                      Day 5- REVIEW
Pretest –
Spelling PB pg 97                 Spelling:                     Spelling:                     Spelling:                     Spelling:
Practice                          Word Sorts 435E               Word Meanings, 435F           Proofread, 435F               Post Test 435F
Spelling PB pg 98                 Phonics/Spelling Book 93      Phonics/Spelling Book 94      Phonics/Spelling Book 95      Phonics/Spelling Book 96

Vocabulary:                                                     Vocabulary:
                                  Review Words
Introduce Words                                                 Review Words, Related
                                  Greek an d Latin Roots
(pg 409 SE and TE 435C)                                         Words 435D
                                  Pg 410, 435C
PB pg 137                         PB pg 143                                                   Vocabulary:                   Vocabulary:
                                                                                              Content Vocabulary – 430      Assess Words – Connect to
Strategy                          Morphology                                                  Review Words,
                                  Inflectional Endings 407C-                                                                Writing 435D
Context Clues / Paragraph                                                                     Morphology 435D
Clues                             407D
Pg 408                            PB pg 136
                                                                        Unit 4: Story 1
                                                       The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden
Reading (Visualize/Theme)
           Day 1                            Day 2                           Day 3                        Day 4                   Day 5-REVIEW
Read                             Read                             Read                         Read                         Read
The Country Mouse and            The Cricket in Times Square      Continue - The Cricket in    A Chance of a Lifetime       Self-Selected Reading 406K
the City Mouse                   pg 410 - 427                     Times Square                 pg 430 – 433                          PB pg 144
pg 408 - 409                                                      pg 410 – 427
                                 Comprehension                    Comprehension Check          Comprehension                Comprehension
Comprehension                    Strategy: Visualize              pg 429                       Science: Expository          Connect and Compare 433
Strategy: Visualize              pg 410 - 427                     Review Skill:                Text Feature
409A-409B                                                         Character, Setting, Plot     Advertisements– pg 430
                                 Skill: Theme                     429B                         PB pg 142
Skill – Theme                    PB pg 139                        PB pg 141
PB pg 138                                                         Fluency                      Fluency                      Fluency
                                 Fluency                          Repeated Reading:            Repeated Reading:                  Practice 406K
Fluency                          Repeated Reading:                Intonation/Expression        Intonation/Expression
Model Fluency 407B               Intonation/Expression            429A                         429A
                                 429A                             PB pg 140

Writing TRAIT: Voice / Create Dialogue)
           Day 1                                                                                         Day 4                   Day 5- REVIEW
Daily Writing:                              Day 2                           Day 3
                                Daily Writing:                    Daily Writing:               Daily Writing:                Daily Writing:
Write a list of things that a
                                Imagine you are a cricket         Write a paragraph            Think about different wild    Write a review of a book or
wild bird might see in the
                                who is far from home. Make        comparing and contrasting    animals. Which animal         movie about a wild animal.
city that it would not see on
                                a list of adjectives describing   the lives of a wild animal   would you most like to be?    Include a brief description
a farm.
                                how you would feel.               and a house pet.             Write a paragraph telling     and explain whey you
                                                                                               why you would like to be      would or would not
Trait Ideas:
                                Reading/Writing                   Trait Ideas:                 that animal.                  recommend it.
Word Choice- Create
                                Connection                        Voice- Replacing Telling     Trait Ideas:
                                434-435                           Statements with Dialogue     Word Choice                   Conferencing:
                                                                  435A                         Use Effective Dialogue        435B
                                Grammar:                                                       435A
                                DLA: 435G                         Grammar:                     Grammar:                      Grammar:
DLA: 435G
                                Pronouns/Antecedents 435G         DLA: 435G                    DLA: 435G                     DLA: 435G
Pronouns/Antecedents 435G
                                Gram. PB pg 77                    Mechanics and Usage 435H     Pronouns/Antecedents          Pronouns/Antecedents
Gram. PB pg 76
                                                                  Gram. PB pg 78               435H                          435H
                                                                                               Gram. PB pg 79                Gram. PB pg 80

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