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					Reliable Newzz Quarterly                                                                             4th Quarter 2008
  Resident Centered Care                 Reliable Rehab Introduces                 “ReliaBowl 2008” Winner

                                         Reliable Rehab is proud to announce
                                         that we have added Vital Stim
                                         therapy to our Speech Therapy
                                         services and we have 5 speech
                                         therapists serving 6 of our facilities
                                         who are certified to incorporate Vital
The Cedartown City Commission
                                         Stim in the already excellent services
cleared the way October 13th for
                                         that they provide to our residents with
rezoning of property to allow Cedar
                                         swallowing dysfunction. The Vital
Springs Health and Rehab Center to
                                         Stim unit will move from facility to
relocate from its current location on                                              Congratulations to the “Fabulous
                                         facility and be used for 6 to 8 weeks
Cason Road. The new location will                                                  Fifth” bowling team from Fifth
                                         at each facility. Residents that can
be a complex of houses and support                                                 Avenue Health Care in Rome, GA.
                                         benefit from this therapy service are
buildings.                                                                         After several games in three different
                                         identified by the speech therapists
                                                                                   heats, they managed to beat out
                                         and will receive the treatment when
                                                                                   Friendship Health & Rehab’s team
                                         the unit is in their facility. Another
                                                                                   “MJ&S” from Cleveland, GA.
                                         benefit that has been noted while
                                                                                   Fabulous Fifth will defend their
                                         treating swallowing dysfunction is
                                                                                   championship title next year at
                                         that the residents’ voice quality has
                                                                                   “ReliaBowl 2009”. A great time was
                                         also improved as a result of the Vital
                                                                                   had by all who participated.

                                         A small, carefully                                 Essay Contest
                                         calibrated current                        “Why I like to work in a
                                         is delivered by                           nursing home” is the
The plan is to replace the more than                                               theme of Reliable’s
                                         specially designed
40-year-old building that now serves                                               essay contest.       First
                                         electrodes.    The
as home to patients who need long-                                                 prize is $500 and second
                                         current stimulates
term nursing care. The new facility                                                prize is $250. Essays will be judged
                                         motor nerves in
will have separate housing for                                                     by outside judges and winners will be
                                         the throat and the
residents. Currently, many share four-                                             announced during the facility
                                         muscles responsible for swallowing
bed wards and our goal is to provide                                               Christmas parties. There is no essay
                                         contract.      The quality of the
a higher quality standard of care,                                                 length limitation & it may be hand
                                         swallowing function improves and
getting       away      from       the                                             written or typed. All employees of
                                         with repeated therapy, muscles are re-
institutionalized feel of a nursing                                                Reliable are eligible.
                                         educated. Congratulations to all the
home, and instead create a
                                         SLP's for becoming certified in
community. Plans are modeled after
                                         this advanced qualification. October
a similar nursing community in South
                                         is also Physical Therapists month. It
Carolina. The vote was met with          takes a team effort to provide quality
cheers from the packed audience,         care and a quality of life. Thank you
made up largely of Cedar Springs         for being part of the team.               P. 706-378-0940     F. 706-378-0507
staff, residents and family.

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