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     Summer Reading Program
Delaware County Christian School

For Students Entering 4th Grade
                              June 2009
Dear Parents,

The summer reading program at DC is a way to develop in your child a love
for reading and to maintain the current level of skills that your child has
worked to achieve during the school year. We hope that you will
enthusiastically support this program and make reading a daily part of your
child's summer.

Happy reading!

Fourth Grade Teachers


                   How To Help Your Child Select A Book

YOU are the key in helping your child select summer reading books that will be
of high interest and will also be at your child's independent reading level. The
independent reading level (Zone of Proximal Development) is the level at
which your child can comfortably read and understand material without adult
supervision. Your child's current ZPD range is ____________. Please use these
guidelines in helping your child select appropriate reading material.

          Find books about your favorite topic or hobby.

          Look for books by a favorite author/illustrator.

          Browse through the book to see if the illustrations are interesting.
          Read the book summary on the back cover or book jacket.

          Choose a book that is at your independent reading level.
          Use the "Five Finger Rule". Choose a book that you think you
          would like to read. Open to any page and begin reading. If you
          come to five words you can't pronounce or don't understand, put the
          book back. It's too hard for you.
          For younger children, you may want to use the "Three Finger Rule".
Please return this page to your child's teacher on the 1st day of 4th Grade.

Name                               Grade                Teacher
                                    ZPD: _________________________
Historical Fiction Book                      Theme:
Title_________________________               Why did you choose this theme?
Author__________________________             ________________________________
Setting: Place____________________           ________________________________
         Time_____________________           ________________________________
What three things in this book are
different from life now?                     Title____________________________
1.______________________________             Author__________________________
________________________________             Title____________________________
_________________________________            Title____________________________
_________________________________            Author__________________________

3._______________________________            Title____________________________
_________________________________            Author__________________________
                                             Be ready to summarize some of the
Christian Biography                          information you learned about this topic
Title_________________________________       during the first weeks of school.
Author_______________________                Additional Books
Setting: Place_________________              Title________________________
          Time__________________             Author______________________

What Christian character qualities are       Title________________________
demonstrated in the life of this person?     Author______________________
_______________________________              Title________________________
_______________________________              Author______________________
_______________________________              Title________________________
_______________________________              Author______________________
           Required Summer Reading for Fourth Grade
        You might want to start with this assignment first. By the time a student enters fourth grade,
each should have his or her own library card for the public library. Investigate this first, and use the
library all summer for the rest of the assignments.
        All summer reading books should be at a reading level appropriate for the student.
Achievement test results may be helpful if there is a question about this.
        A total of seven books will be required.

       Historical Fiction set in the United States
       We will be studying regions of the U.S. in fourth grade. This will help get you thinking!
       Below are some suggested titles, but there are many other good choices as well.

               The Sign of the Beaver, Speare                     Reading   Level 4
               Skylark, MacLachian                                Reading   Level 3
               Sarah, Plain and Tall, MacLachian                  Reading   Level 3
               Trouble River, Byars                               Reading   Level 5
               Little House Books, Wilder                         Reading   Levels 3-6
               Caddie Woodlawn, Brink                             Reading   Level 5
               Strawberry Girl, Lenski                            Reading   Level 6
               The Courage of Sarah Noble, Dalgliesh              Reading   Level 3
               Cave-in; St. Claire, Pennsylvania, Duey            Reading   Level 5
               A Message for General Washington, Schurfranz       Reading   Level 4
               American Girls Collection                          Reading   Levels 4-5

       Biography of a Christian Leader or Missionary
       There are several good series of these types of books. Check your church library or a
       Christian bookstore. Books by these authors would be appropriate:
              Trailblazer books by Dave & Neta Jackson
              Missionary series by Janet & Geoff Benge
              Today's Heroes series

       Books on a Theme
       Read three books about one theme. At least one of the books should be non-fiction,
       informational. For example:

                                                   Space Travel
To Space & Back, Sally ride with Susan Okie
On the Shuttle, Barbara Bonder
Exploring Your Solar System, Elizabeth Rathburn
Rand McNally Children's Atlas of the Universe
Miss Pickerell and the Blue Whales, E, MacGregor
Stormy, Misty's Foal, Marguerite Henry
Eyewitness books: Horses
Draw 50 Horses, Lee J. Ames
My Mane Catches the Wind: Poems About Horses
       Selected by Lee Bennett Haskins

       In addition, read two other books of your choice.

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