January 2012 - Columbia-Willamette Chapter by zhouwenjuan


									                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                             Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                    Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
                                          7:00 AM

Meeting called to Order by Jill Jones at 7:14 am

Members Present: David Dixon, Delegate at Large; Bill Kness, Delegate at Large; Jill
Jones, President; Jen Dolan, Bookkeeper; Illa Gilbert-Jones, SE Editor; Paula Jones,
treasurer; Bruce Poinsette, Chair Governmental Affairs; Luke Betts, Pres elect; David
Davidson, Chair Santiam Section; Angie Hannan, House Delegate; Jamal AbuSneineh,
Membership Chair; Bruce Hollcroft, Past President Guest: Art Cohn, PSU

Quorum: yes no
Call for additional agenda items: none

Minutes of previous meeting—
November e-committee meeting –no corrections
Motion to approve By Luke Betts
Second by Paula Jones
Vote unanimous to approve by voice vote
December e-committee meeting—no corrections
Motion to approve By Luke Betts
Second by Bill Kness
Vote unanimous to approve by voice vote
Judy reported that October minutes were approved by email unanimous vote
Budget report: Paula

GOSH checking            $ 62,427.33        St Helen’s Section    $640.89 as of 3/31/2011
CWC Savings              $3048.45           St. Helen’s Savings   $3548.61 as of 3/31/2011
CWC Checking             $11603.95          Santiam Section       $8806.91 as of 10/31/2011
AMEX                     $154,620.76

Paula & Jen reported the other Oregon Chapters had sent checks to pay for their share
of the 100th anniversary cups for the 2011 Capitol Coffee.

Still need financial updates from the sections.

Section & Committee Reports:
Santiam: David Davidson He will ask to have financial update sent to Paula. They
have meetings planned for the rest of the year. They are working on an electronic
survey to send to section members about meetings, day & time, topics, place, meeting
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January 5, 2012   Columbia-Willamette Chapter E-committee Meeting
                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                             Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                   Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
                                         7:00 AM

notice (evite). Preparing welcome letter to sent to new & old members. Judy asked
David for a website update. David is on the OSHA Construction Advisory Committee
and will be presenting about ASSE and the section at next month’s meeting. Chuck
Easterly will present on Safety Accountability at March meeting.
Mt. St. Helens: Clark Hislop no report Bill Kness will be attending this month’s
meetings and will deliver Membership certificates for their members.
Construction Safety Summit: Jill—casual meeting held to see what can be
done to preserve relationship with CSS. Representatives from both groups
felt it was mutually beneficial to remain as partners in construction safety
education. Another meeting has been scheduled for today with the chapter CPA to
explain to both groups the tax laws with a goal of finding an acceptable way to manage
the Wayne Thomas fund.
Student Liaison: Lonnie Turner—asked to investigate methods of providing
meals to student members who attend the chapter meetings. No report. Paula
reported that 5 student meals were paid for by the chapter at the December meeting.
Jamal will contact Lonnie to discuss finding a sponsor for February. If sponsor cannot
be found student meals will be $10 to be paid by the student. This prompted some
discussion about the real cost of meals and a final cost to membership was set.
Breakfast and Lunch pricing will be student $10, Member/retired member $15, guest
$20; Dinner pricing Student $15, Member/retired member $20, guest $25. Jill will be
giving a list of the ASSE registered students. Only these students will qualify for the
reduced or free meals. Non ASSE student members will be charged the guest price
since it does not cost the student anything to join the Society.
Membership: Jamal AbuSneineh—suggestion: have membership table at each
meeting with info about membership, address change try again in January.
Membership numbers Chapter membership—427 total, Student Section—Mt Hood
23, OSU 2, Joined since last month—9, memberships expiring this month—18. Jamal
will send email to those members.
PDC: Luke—Youth OSHA 10 February 23 & 24 at Tigard High School. Jamal & Luke
will be presenting. They do not need a sponsor this year as they will be supplying
material on a CD instead of paper. This will be a cost of $20 instead of $200. They are
looking at April for a PDC that will be an OSHA 10 general industry. They will hold this
at the Multnomah County offices. They will be determining the costs but it will be
cheaper than what WU offers with a special discount for chapter members. Another
idea is to host a webinar. Chapter buys the program and Charges a fee. Example: $40
covers webinar and snack.

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January 5, 2012   Columbia-Willamette Chapter E-committee Meeting
                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                             Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                   Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
                                         7:00 AM

GOSH: Luke Planning is continuing program committee is moving forward. The
executive committee is planning some new activities this year. Committee chairman
meet in December. More info to come.
Governmental Affairs—Bruce P—results of OSHA “hearing” on the proposed
penalty changes on December 7thin Portland. Bruce attended the hearing but
doesn’t know the outcome yet. There will be a Capitol Coffee this year. Duane grange
is working on a date. The mugs are already in storage from when the vendor botched
the order 2 years ago. Members will be needed to help at the capitol.
Nominating Committee—Bruce H—email report The Nominations Committee
consists of Karen Blythe, Kevin Wheatcroft and Bruce Hollcroft. The committee
is working on recruiting nominees.
Public Relations: Judy no report due to time constraint
Awards & Honors: Clark V
STARS: Jill up to date
Job Placement: Brian Clarke New jobs have been posted with donations sent to
Safety Emphasis: Illa Gilbert January SE is now ready to post. Judy will send link
with meeting reminder. Next deadline is January 20.
Scholarship: Melissa Diede no report
      Website – Judy—New site scheduled to go ‘live’ January 1-asked Bill
     Kness to help with the new blog page on the website. All threads must
     be posted by Bill or Judy as do all comments before they are posted. This
     will keep all unwanted solicitations off the blog. This is the way all ASSE
     chapter blogs are set up at this time. New website now
     online…Announcment of the new website will be made by email, maybe monthy
     reminder or perhaps a special email.
      Name Tags—Jill—100th Anniversary for board/chairs—who is
     interested? Need minimum order Jill is now going to be looking for a new
     vendor since this one has backed off from the project.
      Sponsorship for Website & SE—Judy is still trying to get info from
     Cascade Chapter about their sponsorship program Michael has
     volunteered to help. Michael offered to help Judy. They will get together to
     discuss what needs to be done, make plan to proceed.
      Monkey Survey—Leslie still waiting for sponsor confirmation Members
     discussed the best way to send surveys since other sites offer the same service,
     some for free. The question of what was the best use of sponsorship funds,
     Survey Monkey vs. student meals. Judy will send out an email discussion and a
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January 5, 2012   Columbia-Willamette Chapter E-committee Meeting
                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                             Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                   Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
                                         7:00 AM

     decision will be arrived at the way. Bill stated he was still wanted to be a sponsor,
     it has been determined there is no conflict of interest, and is willing to sponsor
     what the officers decide is the greater need.
       Monthly Meetings—Leslie—December, dinner, Past Pres., Member
     recognition, toy & food drive January meeting will be lunch. January and
     February have been switched to accommodate the speakers’ schedule.
     Will we be announcing the NAOSH Kids Coloring Contest? Meeting
     announcement for webpage/SE by Jan 15 Luke handed out the CD toolbox
     at the December meeting.
       Speaker gifts—Blanket & bag—Jill—Available for sale at the meetings.
     What about including in SE and on website? Can someone write
     article/pictures Judy, Jill & Illa will work on this so we can get some of them
     sold. Judy will continue to make signs for display at meetings advertizing their
       Meeting PPt—Judy—items for PPt due Monday 5 pm
       LinkedIn—Bill sent email question: What do we want to do about
     people who send out solicitation messages using our site? Example: see
     attachment to agenda There was some discussion about the vision for both
     LinkedIn and the website blog. General consensus was to allow only membership
     participation on website blog and no advertisements. LinkedIn is a business
     orientated site and this is where the members can conduct business with ads and
     help requests. Bill will be main manager for both of these sites. There were some
     questions as to whether we needed both. It was decided that new things take
     time to catch on, youth are really tuned into the electronic media and we need to
     participate in such to attract and keep younger members, we need to start
     somewhere and as time goes on these two sites will become more popular and in
     the mean time we learn how to manage and promote them as well as fine tune
     there style.
       CSP Study Group—Bill There are now webinars online that can be used
     by a study group at no cost. Bill asked the group what it was we were wanting
     from this effort. General idea is to coordinate or facilitate the organization of
     group. That could be a set number of people with a set meeting place and time or
     assembling information of where to attend workshops or resource of online and
     other materials for individual study.
       ROC meeting Report—Jill & Luke Jill send out email report Next meeting
     is in San Diego March 15 & 16. Both Jill & Luke are planning to attend.

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January 5, 2012   Columbia-Willamette Chapter E-committee Meeting
                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                             Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                   Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
                                         7:00 AM

     Leadership Conference—Judy report of highlights—Book of Knowledge
   released, tabled from Nov meeting Still need to get this info out to the
   membership. Laurie B attended a session on this at the fall leadership conference.
   She is planning to present to the Santiam Section on the BOK. We could also put
   info in the SE and Website.
     Board members to attend Section meetings thru Dec--Section Visits
   signup sheet e-board members review of dates claimed, those needing
   to be filled sheet sent around to have members sign up for dates.
     House Delegate –Jill Angie Hannan was appointed by Jill Jones, President, to
   fill the vacant position. Judy will notify Society and update contact info.
      nConnet Mentoring request—attachment sent with agenda. They are
     non-profit looking for mentors in the Vancouver area for students in AP
     science and math and senior project classes during the 2011-12 school
     year. Tabled to next meeting
      Industry Advisory Committee (Central Washington University) is
     reinstating it’s Industry Advisory Committee, will talk about the letter received etc.
     Jill has received and email asking the chapter for support of this new (revived)
     committee. Sathy Rajendran is running the Safety Program at CWU and is looking
     for representation from the WA chapters and us. This is a position that would be
     passed to the incoming president. Jill will send out the email and attachment she
     received from Sathy. There will be discussion followed by email vote.
      Portland State eLearning program Art of Portland State would like to talk
     about an eLearning program that they put together, would like to talk to us and
     ask for a little help. Art Cohn, PSU, is looking for support from chapter for their e-
     learning program. They are developing software learning/training materials in a
     wide range of topics then will make them available online. Their goal is to have
     2,000 courses available over a broad range of corporate topics. They are looking
     for core subjects and experts dealing with safety. They are seeking management
     topics and leadership subjects. Each module is about 10 minutes each. A topic
     may have many 10 minute sessions or modules so they can be done when an
     employee has a few minutes of time instead of needing an hour or more. They
     currently have 680 courses developed and are looking for safety topics and
     experts. ASSE is the perfect place for them to find topic suggestions and the
     experts to develop them. He would like some time at a meeting to explain their
     program and what they are looking for from members.

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January 5, 2012   Columbia-Willamette Chapter E-committee Meeting
                               EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                                  Thursday, January 5, 2012
                                       Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
                                             7:00 AM

Announcements: none

Meeting adjournment:
Motion to adjourn by Bill Kness
Second by Jamal
Meeting adjourned at time
Next scheduled meetings:
Membership: January 12, 2012 Lunch 11:30 am Dinner at Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
E-committee: February 2, 2012 7:00 am at Hayden’s Lakeside Grill
Prepared by Judy West, Secretary
Submitted by Judy West, Secretary
Approved February 2, 2012
Judy West
Columbia-Willamette Chapter
American Society of Safety Engineers

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January 5, 2012      Columbia-Willamette Chapter E-committee Meeting

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