2009-2010 Annual Report - Ozarks Technical Community College by yaofenji


									History and Mission stateMent

OTC Foundation
The OTC Foundation was established in 1995 to help meet the growing needs of the College. At the time of incorporation,
Ozarks Technical Community College was in its fifth year of operation with 3,507 college credit students. Presently, college
credit enrollment is greater than 13,000 students and non-credit is more than 14,000 students. OTC continues to grow,
helping to meet the strong demand for job-skills education and workforce training in southwest Missouri.

Although the College is a state institution, it receives only 19.3 percent of its funding from state appropriations. The OTC
Foundation was organized to help the College meet its needs beyond that base funding by generating private support.

The OTC Foundation is incorporated as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation independent from the College. The Foundation
receives donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Mission Statement
The mission of the OTC Foundation is to maximize private gift support for the College while continuously laying the
groundwork for future fund-raising success, in order to aid the College in fulfilling its own mission of excellence in education,
research and service.

The Foundation board of directors elected its 12th President, Mr. Jim Moore, and
President-elect, Ms. Jan Robbins.
Message froM tHe College and otC foundation

                                                                               No matter your career, your age, or your
                                                                               education level, we have all felt the impact
                                                                               of economic struggle at some point this year.
                                                                               Significant numbers of people in southwest
                                                                               Missouri have pursued ways to improve their
                                                                               lives, whether by seeking additional training
                                                                               or by pursuing college for the first time, and
                                                                               thanks to you, the OTC Foundation has been
                                                                               there to help.

                                                                               The generosity of those who have invested in
                                                                               this college cannot be underestimated, and we
                                                                               thank you for your belief in what we offer to
                                                                               our students and to our community. Whether
                                                                               you helped fund a scholarship for a student
                                                                               who may otherwise not have been able to
                                                                               finish school, consulted on the development
                                                                               of program curriculum that made a graduate
 Dr. Hal Higdon                 Mr. Cliff Davis                                able to find a better job, or provided equipment
 President                      Vice President for Institutional Advancement
                                                                               that gave students an opportunity for hands-
                                Executive Director of the OTC Foundation
                                                                               on training in their field, you have directly
                                                                               impacted someone’s life.

As we continue to increase our student population and to develop the types of training we offer, we continue to need your
support. Your gifts of time, money, equipment and other resources have had invaluable effects on our students. These
students will soon be graduates; full-time members of your workforce. These future employees appreciate knowing that the
community they serve has helped to make their education possible.

We are already seeing an increase in nationwide awareness of community colleges. Locally, the efforts of individuals and of
area businesses have a great impact on the success of institutions like OTC. More than anything, we want to express our
appreciation for the commitment to education demonstrated by the members of this community.

As you will see in the pages of this report, the OTC Foundation has continued to grow, which has allowed for unprecedented
assistance for our students as they work toward better jobs and better lives. The support of individuals and businesses in our
area has made it possible for more students to not only provide for their families, but to fulfill their dreams.

Thank you for making a difference.

                                                                                        Annual Report 2009
otC foundation finanCial suMMary & growtH

Balance Sheet as of June 30, 2009
(With Comparative Totals For June 30, 2008)

        Assets                                                                                June 30, 2008                                   June 30, 2009

        Great Southern Bank - Foundation                                                                $188,505.60                                 $193,301.98
        Community Foundation Of The Ozarks                                                              $951,361.02                                 $845,316.90

        Total Assets                                                                            $1,139,866.62                                 $1,038,618.88

        Fund Balance                                                                          June 30, 2008                                   June 30, 2009

        Unrestricted                                                                                    $220,718.25                                 $152,192.04
        Restricted                                                                                      $511,529.10                                 $520,018.74
        Endowment (Revocable)                                                                            $49,885.30                                  $40,683.34
        Endowment (Irrevocable)                                                                         $357,733.97                                 $325,724.76

        Total Fund Balance                                                                      $1,139,866.62                                 $1,038,618.88

                                                         (Based On Pre-Audit 2009 Financial Statements)

Growth of the OTC Foundation











                1996      1997      1998      1999        2000         2001       2002       2003          2004        2005       2006       2007       2008          2009

During fiscal year 2009, the Foundation awarded $142,024 in scholarships.
This represents 192 awards made from 28 funds.
Foundation Gifts & Donations
The OTC Foundation is grateful to friends of the College      Scholarship Recipients
for contributions that have produced consistent growth
since 1999 (the first year Foundation Scholarships were
awarded). The Foundation funds scholarships and                 2005               44
awards for deserving students. Scholarships increased
11% over the last fiscal year, from $127,513 in 2008 to
$142,024 in 2009.                                                                                   113

At the end of the 2009 fiscal year, the Foundation had          2007                                           151
received $409,833 in gifts and donations. The OTC
Foundation also received a number of planned gifts
totaling $1,042,836.                                            2008                                                         197

OTC faculty and staff truly care about our students, as
95% of our employees participated in our giving program         2009                                                       192
last year. Their contributions totaled more than $40,000
toward improving the lives of our students.                                   50             100             150          200

Foundation Gifts & Donations                                  Scholarship & Awards

   2005                          $249,344                        2005                                $79,243

   2006                     $190,512                             2006                                     $88,893

   2007                                 $320,557                 2007                                        $98,475

   2008                                            $419,165      2008                                                    $127,513

   2009                                        $409,833          2009                                                        $142,024

             $100,000   $200,000 $300,000 $400,000 $500,000              $30,000        $60,000    $90,000    $120,000    $150,000

                                                                               Annual Report 2009
aCtive sCHolarsHip funds

Scholarship Funds
Many special scholarships and funds have been established through the OTC Foundation. Some of them are in memory of
individuals; others are funded by businesses, organizations and individuals. Listed here are the scholarship funds active through
June 30, 2009.

ASA (Automotive Service Association)                                   Rick’s Automotive Scholarship
Bodie & Marissa Wolfe Scholarship                                      Roy W. Slusher Foundation
Charles T. Banta Sr. Scholarship                                       Sickles & Hayes Scholarship
Classic Chevy Club Scholarship                                         Smith-Glynn-Callaway Medical Foundation
Classified Staff Scholarship                                           Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Culinary Arts Scholarship                                              Southwest Missouri Code Officials
Dental Programs Scholarship                                            Student Emergency Fund
EFCO Scholarship                                                       Students In Free Enterprise Scholarship
El Club de Espanol                                                     Turner Family Foundation
Fine Arts Scholarship                                                  Ty A. Patterson Scholarship
First Generation College Student Scholarship                           W.M. “Joe” Adams Memorial Scholarship
Francis Collins Memorial Scholarship                                   Workforce Development – Construction Readiness Scholarship
Frank Shepard Study Abroad Scholarship                                 Workforce Development – Heavy Equipment Operator Scholarship
Fuller / Moody Family Scholarship                                      Workforce Development – Transport Training Institute Scholarship
Gravelle & Harris — Community Foundation of the Ozarks                 Workforce Development – Welding Scholarship
J.E. (Ed) Jenkins Memorial Scholarship
Jim Hintz/Hospitality Management Scholarship
Judge Russell Clark Memorial Scholarship
Judy Breeding Accounting Scholarship
Killian Group Scholarship
Koch/Shady Inn Scholarship
Lander James Johnston Scholarship
Lee H. Cruse Charitable Trust
Lelia Heuer Charitable Trust
Lifelong Learning Scholarship
Linda Gingry Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marti Speckman Memorial Scholarship
Matt McKinsey Memorial Scholarship for Students
   with Special Needs
Musgrave Foundation
Nancy Dalton Memorial Scholarship
Nina Myers Memorial Scholarship
Nosegay Garden Club Scholarship
Nursing Scholarship
O’Reilly Family Foundation
Ozarks Antique Auto Club Scholarship
President’s Scholarship
Respiratory Therapy Fund
Richard Glenn Staats Scholarship

The Foundation received its first $1 million gift benefiting student scholarships.
sCHolarsHip reCipients

                               Tamara Beuck
                                Tamara began
                                                  her college ed
                                four-year inst                     ucation at a tr
                                                 itution in Sprin                  aditional
                               career plan led                     gfield, but a d
                                                   to a different                  ifferent
                               to change to N                        choice. “When
                                                 ursing, OTC w                        I decided
                               questions and                      as there to an
                                                assist me in ev                   swer all my
                              “Also, OTC is                       ery way,” Tam
                                               more affordab                      ara says.
                              in the area th                     le than the ot
                                               at offer the sa                   her colleges
                                                                 me degree.”
                              For Tamara, th
                                                at affordability
                             choosing where                         was a major fa
                                                 to pursue her                       ctor in
                             “I had taken ou                      education. She
                                                t student loan                       explains,
                             education, and                      s for my previo
                                               was trying to                       us
                             want to take ou                    pay them off,
                                               t more loans.”                   and I did not

                            Tamara finished
                                                the Licensed Pr
                            at OTC, and th                          actical Nursing
                                              en worked as an                         program
                            at St. John’s H                       LPN on the su
                                              ospital while co                    rgical floor
                           of Science in N                       mpleting her A
                                              ursing. “This                       ssociate
                           to further my                      scholarship allo
                                            education by m                       wed me
                           student loans,                      inimizing my ne
                                           ” she says. “O                       ed for
                           has brought m                     btaining my AS
                                           e one step clos                     N degree
                          and has almos                      er to my ultim
                                          t doubled my in                     ate goals,
                          Now working fu
                                            ll-time for a D
                          her OTC educ                        ermatologist,
                                         ation every day                      Tamara uses
                         in surgical proc                    as she assists
                                           edures. She pl                     the doctor
                         school to spen                      ans to take a ye
                                         d time with fa                         ar off of
                         go back to fini                   mily and friend
                                         sh a Bachelor                       s, and then
                         become a Nur                      of Science in N
                                        se Practitioner                      ursing and

                                                        Annual Report 2009
sCHolarsHip reCipients

                                    Michael Russell
                                    Michael almost didn’t get to finish his
                                                                            degree. “I had
                                   too many bills and I had no hope,” he
                                                                           explains. “I
                                   was worried that I was going to hav
                                                                         e to drop out of
                                   school.” Already working full-time whi
                                                                            le attending
                                   OTC part-time, Michael’s life turned
                                                                           around when
                                   he received a scholarship from the
                                                                        OTC Foundation:
                                   “That scholarship kept me in school.
                                    “I was planning to get married, but
                                                                        couldn’t unless
                                   I finished school,” Michael says. The
                                   allowed Michael to stay in school and
                                   from the College’s Heating, Refrige
                                                                       ration, and Air
                                   Conditioning program. “I was able to
                                                                         finish, and now I
                                   have a great job and I can support us.
                                                                           We’re getting
                                   married in March.”

                                  Michael is the first person in his fam
                                                                         ily to go to
                                  college. “My dad always impressed
                                                                       on me that
                                  affordability was key, which is why
                                                                       I came to OTC,”
                                  he explains. “I made the right choice
                                                                           — OTC gave
                                  me a new path for my future.”

                                  As a student, Michael worked in con
                                  and later at a convenience store. He
                                                                         now works
                                  for Howell Commercial Refrigeration,
                                  throughout the region installing pro
                                                                       duce cases,
                                  freezer cases, and refrigeration unit
                                                                        s for businesses
                                  ranging from Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club
                                                                           to small, local
                                  grocers. He says, “I enjoy what I do.
                                                                          I plan to stay
                                  with this company and, hopefully, wor
                                                                        k my way up.”

The OTC Foundation held its first Donor Reception which more than 125 donors and
scholarship recipients attended.
    Jordana McReynolds
     Jordana chose OTC fo
                             r several reasons, but
     she was most attracte                           says
                            d to OTC’s friendly, an
     accommodating atmosp                            d
                             here. “As a non-tradition
     student returning to sc                              al
                              hool after a ten-year br
    the mere notion of atte                              eak,
                              nding college was incre
    daunting,” she explains                            dibly
                            . “From the instructors
    Student Services staf                               to the
                           f and even the bookstor
    entire staff at OTC ha                            e, the
                            s been absolutely indisp
    easing my transition ba                           ensible in
                            ck to the academic world
   The journey to a college
                              education for Jordana
   been an easy one. Her                                has not
                            plans were derailed for
   years when she fell int                            several
                           o a trap involving drug
   abuse. Now clean for mo                          and alcohol
                              re than five years, she
  turned her life around                               has
                           and is pursuing her drea
  renewed determination.                             ms with
                              Jordana says, “The only
  problem that still exist                                real
                           s is my constant financia
  The scholarships provide                            l burden.
                             d by generous donors an
  out through the Founda                                d given
                           tion are truly the only
 have been able to keep                             reason I
                           my head above water.”
 Jordana has maintained
                           a perfect 4.0 grade po
 average at OTC, even wh                            int
                            ile working full-time, at
 the Honors College at OT                             tending
                             C, and raising her child
Jordana plans to obtain
                           her associate of arts an
transfer to Missouri St                              d then
                          ate University to comp
bachelor’s degree. “The                            lete her
                          possibilities for my futu
seem endless now, wher                               re
                         e only a year ago it seem
that my life had become                              ed
                           nothing but closed door
hopelessness,” says Jo                               s and

                                Annual Report 2009
2008 - 2009 donor Honor roll reCognition

Individual Donors
Marylynne Abbott         Colleen Andrews        Beth Berns         Ronald Bowling
Andrew Aberle            Kelly Anthony          Kimberly Berry     Trixie Braden
Michael Adamek           Carole Atkins          Amanda Besser      Katherine Brady
David Aderhold           Lisa Atwell            Steve Biermann     Judi Brake
Rhoda Ruth Aguilar       Ruth Auner             John Bischoff      Benjamin Breed
Mitchell Ahrens          David Ball             Steven Bishop      Robert Brewer
Kathlene Allie           Tonya Barlow           Maria Blackmon     Kristina Bridges-Templeton
Carol Ames               Joan Barrett           Susan Blakey       Carl Bridwell
Jon Ames                 Laraine Bauer          Janiece Bland      Randy Brock
Susie Ames               Glen & Dorothy Bayne   Jonette Bodanske   Chip Broemmer
Kelly Andekin            Lana Baysinger         Toni Bolderson     Brian Brooks
Chris Anderson           Lisa Beebe             James Borowiec     Alden & Dolores Brooks
Danyel Anderson          Anita Beeler           Jason Bound        Anthony Brown
James & Janet Anderson   Margaret Bell          Polly Boustani     Dennis Brown
Richard Anderson         Brent & Janet Bergen   Philip Bowles      Andrew & Stephanie Brown

The Imagine. Invest. Inspire. Major Gifts Campaign kicked off with 95% of our
employees participating in the employee campaign.
Wayne & Reta Bruffey      Jose & Kate Stith Cabranes   Dorothea Chaffin                Bruce Clemens
Sara Bruffey              Ethel Caldemeyer             Donald & Caryl Chaney           Catherine Clemens
Donna Bryant              Linda Caldwell               Judy Chaplain                   Hollie Cline
Jerry Bryant              Christie Campbell            Michele Charlebois-Didreckson   Jonathan Cloud
Kathy Buchholz            Kelly Campbell               Dustin Childress                Valerie Clum
Jo Ann Buckner            Carolyn Cantrell             Layton Childress                Sherry Coker
Deanna Burke              Debbie Carlstrom             Vanda Chism                     Pam Collard
Laurie Burky              Bill Carpenter               Kathy Christy                   Ted Collier
James & Kathryn Burnett   Beth Carpenter               Alan Church                     C. D. Collins
Lacricia Burnside         Pam Carpenter                Emmie Clark                     Jill Colony
Annette Burtin            Kim Cary                     Jerry Clark                     Ken Conaway
Linda Burton              Emma Case                    Robert Clark                    Mychere Conn
Staci Burton              Ervin & Marian Caselton      Sally Clark                     Christopher Cooper
Cheryl Butler             Samantha Cash                James & Nancy Claxton           Franklin Copher
Rona Butrick              Lesley Cash-Moore            Stacey Clem                     Charles & Stephanie Correll

                                                                             Annual Report 2009
donor Honor roll reCognition

Individual Donors (continued)
Terrence & Angela Coulter   Joyce Dowell            Dane Galloway             Barbara Hall
Stephen & Jill Cox          John Downey             John Gambon               Nathaniel Hall
Laura Craig                 Jack Dozier             Dana Gambriel             Laurel Harbour
Claude Crain                Lianne Drysdale         August & Brenda Gardner   Connie Harmon
Elise Crain                 John & Karin Dunbar     Lisa Gardner              Matt Harris
Julie Crank                 Phillip Duncan          Paula Garner              Ethan Hart
Karen Creighton             Jennifer Dunkel         Travis Garrison           Jeanne Hart
Marianne Crocker            Gary & Karen Dunkle     Gail Garton               Deanne Hayden
Becky Crocker               Ron & Anita Dunkle      Gretchen Gawron           John Hayes
Richard Crowley             Rebecca Dunn            Ron Gelsheimer            Donald & Barbara Haynes
Michelle Crum               Erin Duvall             Ramona George             Norma Hedgpeth
Dale Crutcher               Elaine Edwards          Jessica Gerard            Garold & Louise Henson
Carol Curtis                Julia Edwards           Vanessa Germeroth         Kenneth & Mary Ann Herfkens
Valentin Curutiu            Pete Edwards            George Gibeau, Jr.        Moira Hernando
Larry & Nawana Dagit        Vivian Elder            Clyde & Linda Gibson      Theodore Hertzog
Becky Dalton                Beth Elliott            Lisa Gies                 John Hess
Chasity Daniels             Devon Ellis             Fran Giglio               Holly Heuermann
Murl Darby                  Al & Patricia Ellison   Ashley Gilbert            Hal & Nancy Higdon
Caron Daugherty             Iosif & Estera Enciu    Donna Gilbert             David Higginbotham
Cliff Davis                 Kitty Estabrook         Gwen Gilpin               Ashley Higgins
Diane Davis                 Melinda Estess          Ginger Godbehere          Danny & Dolores Hill
Phil Davis                  Anthony Evans           Jason Gomez               Joyce Hill
Kim & Carol Day             Richard Faber           Mindy Gomez               Patti Hill
Amanda DeLong               Michael Fagan           Brenda Gozia              Susan Hill
Greg DeLong                 Jane Fast               Donna Graham              Cynthia Hinds
Chris Delp                  David Felin             Renee Graves              David Hoffman
Rachel DeMoro               Gayla Fewell            Dianna Green              Andy Hoggatt
Donita DePreste             Andrea Fish             Kim Greene                Gene Hogue
Brenda Descamps             John Fishback           John Greer                Bob & Dawn Holden
Julie Dibben                H. Juline Fontinelle    Virgie Greer              Michael Holik
Gene & Lois Dietzel         Jeff Ford               Karla Gregg               James Holmes
Keith Dinwiddie             Susan Forte             Robert Griffith           Al Hove
Susan Dismore               David Fotopulos         Sherry Griffitts          Paula Howard
David & Nena Dockery        Lavonna Franklin        Jonathan Grindstaff       Glynette Hubach
Phillip Dodge               Eric Freeman            Susan Gunter              Tracy Hudgens
Joel Doepker                Melissa Freres          Robert Gustad             Rick & Karen Hughlett
Lynda Doepker               Jo Fritts               Chris Guthrie             Norma Hull
Gary Dollens                Steve Fritts            Ida Guynn                 Randy & Julie Humphrey
Joycelyn Dowdy              Mary Fry                C.H. & Elizabeth Hafen    Lisa Hunter
Bill Dowdy                  Tim Gaines              Andrea Haggard            Jean Irwin

The OTC Foundation created the Student Emergency Fund to assist students’ with
emergency situations that could prevent them from staying in school.
Patrick Iver                April Lansdown               Sammy & Angeline McCroskey    Linda Ortmeyer
Alice Jefferson             Eric Lansdown                Mary Ann McGoon               Jana Owen
Celeste Jenkins             Tracy Lansdown               Tracy McGrady                 Kathy Owen
J.R. & Jackie Jenkins       Joel LaReau                  Mike & Becky McKnight         George Paige
Joe & Pat Jenkins           Carolyn Larsen               Gloria McTeer                 Dianna Parker
Becky Jenkins               Shirley Lawler               Denis & Rebecca Meadows       Dana Patterson
Jeffrey Jochems             Carolyn Lee                  Jane Means                    Dennis Payne
Linda Johns                 Jill LeGrand                 Morey Mechlin                 Jane Payne
Paula Johns                 Maurice & Naomi Lehenbauer   Joan Menchetti                Maxine Pearson
Jeffrey Johnson             Rob Leone                    Jeffrey Meyer                 Justin & Ashlynne Pedigo
Robert Johnson              Jacob Lewellen               Ed & Judy Miller              Freida Pekarek
Jeffrey Jones               Lynette Lewis                Scott & Kathy Miller          Steve Pennington
Sandy Jones                 Sandra Lewis                 Leona Mills                   Diana Penrose
Yolanda Junior              Cheryl Li                    Joe Millsap                   Kathy Perkins
Alfred & Margaret Karcher   Aaron Light                  Jay & Susan Milne             Jackie Perryman
Rosa Kavanaugh              Jeanne Lloyd                 David & Charlotte Mitchell    Dennis Peters
Sheila Kaylor               Carl Locke                   Marla Moody                   Bart & Laura Peterson
Kathy Keithley              Dana Logsdon                 James & Cathy Moore           Ethel Peterson
Vicki Kerley                Ernest Lorenc                Jimmie Moore                  Richard & Margaret Peterson
Tina Kile                   Veronica Lowe                Sue Moore                     Cindy Phillips
Ron & Joyce Kilgore         Loren Lundstrom              William & Elizabeth Moore     Jerry Phillips
Rose Killion                Vicki MacDonald              F. Thomas & Ellen Moseley     Randy Phinney
Roland & Patricia Kimball   Michael Madden               F. Thomas & Juliana Moseley   Arlene Pittman
Gary King                   Marie Main                   Gerard & Mary Susan Mozian    Tracy Ponder
Philip Klawuhn              Robert Maloney               John Mueller                  David Pope
Don & Bonnie Kleier         Jack Manes                   Larry Mullikin                James Porter
Patricia Knox               Dan & Johnna Manna           Kathleen Murnan               Dot Powell
Donna Koehler               Glenn Marcum                 David Murphy                  Gary Powell
Steve Koehler               Lisa Marks                   Gino & Karen Nanninga         Laurie Pratt-Hoaglin
Daniel Kopsas               Jennifer Marshall            Bob & Mary Jane Nelson        Amy Presley
Donald & Ann Kornblet       Sharon Maslowsky             Ellen Newby-Hines             Morgan Presley
Paul Kraeger                Sally Mattchen               Bera Nichols                  John & Elizabeth Preston
Tal Kroll                   Lacey Mattheis               L. A. Nickels                 Leslie & Esther Preston
Linda Kutz                  Barb Matthews                Becky Noel                    Kevin & Miriam Preston Davie
Eric Kyle                   Danelle Maxwell              Gavin O’Connor                Rosalind Pride
John & Mary LaBarge         Ned McAuliffe                Sherry O’Dell                 Terry Pridgeon
George Lamelza              Angela McChesney             Bernard & Reva Ogle           Owen & Charolette Prince
Elizabeth Lampe             Mary McConnell               Rebecca Oleson                David Pulley
J.D. Landon                 Corky McCormack              Teresa Olsen                  Michael Pulley
Joseph Langhorst            Rebekah McCormack            Natalie Opitz                 Doug Pursley

                                                                             Annual Report 2009
donor Honor roll reCognition

Individual Donors (continued)
Rowdy Pyle                   Ginger Smith                  Eloise Thomas               Don Williams
Patrick Quinn                Ted Smith                     Joyce Thomas                Paula Williams
Kody Raby                    Brenda Snider                 Samuel Thomas               Mike & Carol Williamson
Alice Ramey                  Carolyn Snodgrass             Deborah Thompson            Jeff Wisdom
Victoria Ramey               Mernah Snow                   Kip Thompson                Ashlei Woelk
Rob Rector                   Jennifer Snyder               Alan Tillery                Sam Woelk
Jerry Redfern                Larry & Donna Snyder          Marianne Toombs             John & Margo Wolfe
Lisa Reece                   Ralph & Theresa Sommerer      Melissa Trader              Kenneth & Marissa Wolfe
Don Reeves                   David & Geneva Sorrell        Jon Trogdon                 Amy Wood
Jenna Reeves                 George Southwick              James Trotter               Charlotte Woodrum
Lance Renner                 Edward Spalty                 Yates & Janet Trotter       Dennis & Brenda Woods
Gary Reynolds                Sheila Sperry                 Paul Trout                  Doran Woods
David Richards               Jayna Spindler                Terry Troxell               Andy & Shelia Wright
Rebecca Richey               James & Sharill Springston    Melissa Tucker              Chelsey Wright
Carolyn Riley                Michael Squires               Richard Turner              Jamie Wright
Jan Robbins                  Jack & Elizabeth Stack        Cindy Tuttle                Kerry Wrinkle
Becky Robinson               Gary Stafford                 John & Jean Twitty          Russell Wydeen
Billy Robinson               James Staley                  Ashley Underwood            Todd Yerby
Timothy Rogers               Richard Stark                 Clarinda Unger              John Yinger
Timothy Rogers II            David Steele                  Shirey Van Hook             Robyn Zettl
Andre & Vera Ronay D. Rose   Jonathan Stephanoff           Kathy Vilas                 Fan Zhou
Pete & Debra Rothrock        Cindy Stephens                Pam Vokolek
Greg Royal                   Jerry Stevenson               Leticia Vosotros
John Rude                    Mark & Cynthia Stingley       Larry & Maryann Wakefield
Karla Rues                   Wade Stinson                  Amanda Walker
Roger & Diane Ruter          Amanda Stone                  David Walker
Shawn Ryan                   Michelle Stout                Justin Walker
Witt & Leslie Salley         Henry & Maryellen Stratmann   Jessica Walter
Joe Salmon                   Harwood & Mary Sturtevant     Jeff Warner
Nancy Sanders                Pete Sullivan                 Annette Warren
Tammy Sanders                Teri Summerfield              Roberta Warren
Robin Schaffrinna            Michael & Kim Sutton          James Watts
Larry Scharnberg             Jean Swanson                  Katherine Webb
Gene & Kathy Scholes         Theodore & Linda Szura        Lorene Webb
Linda Schott                 Lonna Taber                   Sallee Webb
Don Scott                    Barrie Talbott                Robert Wehrman
Loni Scott                   Carol Taylor                  Dan & Kim Whalen
David & Janet Sell           Rickie Taylor                 Khataza Wheatley
Amber Shanks                 Sherry Taylor                 Kenneth & Marcia Wheeler
Dana Sherman                 Daniel Templeton              Tena Wheeler
Dana Shifflet                The Brenda Doty Family        Ann White
Angela Shreckhise            The Enriquez Family           Ryan White
Susanne Sickles              The Sharon Green Family       Steve White
Susan Siemens                The McClure Family            William White
Joe Siler                    The McKinsey Family           James Whitt
Albert Simmons               The Owens Family              Denise Wilcox
Heidi Skurat Harris          The Robison Family            Todd Wilkinson
Rebecca Smallwood            Amy Thomas                    Amanda Williams

The Excellence in Education Employee Awards are made possible by the Turner
Family Foundation.
Gifts to Honor or Remember Outstanding Individuals
In Memory of                  In Memory of                       Arlene Pittman                 In Memory of Frank Shepard
Charles B.& Betty J. Black    Lander James Johnston              James Porter                   Lana Baysinger
                                                                 Dot Powell                     Kimberly Berry
James & Kathryn Burnett       Hal & Nancy Higdon
                                                                 John & Elizabeth Preston       Staci Burton
Dale Crutcher
                                                                 Leslie & Esther Preston        Cheryl Butler
Ron Gelsheimer                In Memory of Mary Ann Kemp         Kevin & Miriam Preston Davie   Robert Clark
Sammy & Angeline McCroskey    Hal & Nancy Higdon                 Jerry Redfern                  Catherine Clemens
Denis & Rebecca Meadows
                                                                 Andre & Vera Ronay             Caron Daugherty
Bob & Mary Jane Nelson
                              In Memory of Matt McKinsey         Roger & Diane Ruter            Phillip Duncan
Teresa Olsen
                              James & Janet Anderson             Loni Scott                     Julia Edwards
Joe Salmon
                              Ruth Auner                         Ted Smith                      Vivian Elder
Ernest Lorenc
                              Jonette Bodanske                   Larry & Donna Snyder           Kitty Estabrook
Richard & Margaret Peterson
                              Alden & Dolores Brooks             Henry & Maryellen Stratmann    Dane Galloway
Henry & Maryellen Stratmann
                              Jo Ann Buckner                     Harwood & Mary Sturtevant      Jessica Gerard
St. John’s Clinic-Internal
                              Ethel Caldemeyer                   Jean Swanson                   Donna Graham
   Medicine SGC
                              Donald & Caryl Chaney              The Enriquez Family            Nathaniel Hall
                              Emmie Clark                        The McKinsey Family            Norma Hedgpeth
In Memory of                                                     The Owens Family
Judge Russell Clark           James & Nancy Claxton                                             Rosa Kavanaugh
                              Charles & Stephanie Correll        The Robison Family             Jacob Lewellen
Jerry Clark                   Elise Crain                        Marianne Toombs                Dana Logsdon
Donald & Barbara Haynes       Al & Patricia Ellison              James Trotter                  Loren Lundstrom
David & Geneva Sorrell        Jane Fast                          Yates & Janet Trotter          Rebekah McCormack
                              Daniel L. Fowler Attorney at Law   Kathy Vilas                    Jeffrey Meyer
In Memory of                  Mary Fry                           Larry & Maryann Wakefield      Kathleen Murnan
Nancy Dalton                  Clyde & Linda Gibson               James Watts                    Morgan Presley
                              Gilead Colorado, Inc.              William White                  Michael Pulley
Becky Robinson
                              Brenda Gozia                       Mike & Carol Williamson        Rowdy Pyle
Billy Robinson
Glen & Dorothy Bayne          Barbara Hall                                                      Alice Ramey
Gene & Lois Dietzel           Garold & Louise Henson             In Memory of Jim Scott         Timothy Rogers
Ervin & Marian Caselton       Kenneth & Mary Ann Herfkens        Chris Anderson                 Robin Schaffrinna
Gary & Karen Dunkle           Hal & Nancy Higdon                 Jose & Kate Stith Cabranes     Susan Siemens
Ron & Anita Dunkle            Bob & Dawn Holden                  Class of 1967 - Ash Grove      Jerry Stevenson
Lacricia Burnside             Norma Hull                         David & Nena Dockery           Kip Thompson
Joycelyn Dowdy                Infectious Disease Associates of   John & Karin Dunbar            Shirey Vanhook
Joyce Dowell                     Kansas City, P.C.               August & Brenda Gardner        Jeff Wisdom
Gamble & Schlemeier, Ltd.     Ron & Joyce Kilgore                Dianna Green
Danny & Dolores Hill          Roland & Patricia Kimball          C.H. & Elizabeth Hafen         In Memory of Jennifer Wishon
Patti Hill                    Donald & Ann Kornblet              Laurel Harbour                 Andrea Haggard
Susan Hill                    John & Mary LaBarge                Vicki Kerley                   Stacey Clem
Alfred & Margaret Karcher     Joel LaReau                        Philip Klawuhn
Maurice & Naomi Lehenbauer    Ernest Lorenc                      Mary McConnell
                              Robert Maloney                                                    In Honor of Jerdine Colbert
Bernard & Reva Ogle                                              Ed & Judy Miller
Linda Ortmeyer                Morey Mechlin                      Gerard & Mary Susan Mozian     Stacey Clem / Coldwell Banker
Carolyn Riley                 Joan Menchetti                     John Mueller                      Vanguard Realtors
Gene & Kathy Scholes          Jay & Susan Milne                  Don Scott
Ralph & Theresa Sommerer      F. Thomas & Ellen Moseley          Edward Spalty                  In Honor of Carl Locke
The Brenda Doty Family        F. Thomas & Juliana Moseley        James & Sharill Springston     Gino & Karen Nanninga
The Sharon Green Family       Sherry O’Dell                      Mark & Cynthia Stingley        Owen & Charolette Prince
Clarinda Unger                Maxine Pearson                     The McClure Family
Lorene Webb                   Bart & Laura Peterson              Robert Wehrman
                              Richard & Margaret Peterson        Andy & Shelia Wright

                                                                                       Annual Report 2009
donor Honor roll reCognition

Corporate Donors
3M Springfield                                            O’Reilly Family Foundation
Ample Industries                                          OTC Students In Free Enterprise
ASA Springfield Chapter                                   Ozark Bank
B & I Tire                                                Ozarks Antique Auto Club
BancorpSouth                                              Ozarks Coca Cola / Dr Pepper Bottling
Bates & Associates                                        Panera Bread
Battlefield Mall                                          Pellham-Phillips Architects & Engineers, Inc.
Bore-Flex Industries                                      PFI Western Stores
Carol Jones Realtors                                      Pulmonary Specialists of the Ozarks LLC
Charlie & Mary Beth O’Reilly Family Foundation            Roy W. Slusher Foundation
Christian County Elks Lodge 2777                          Sapp Design Associates Architects, P.C.
Class of 1967 - Ash Grove                                 Smith-Glynn-Callaway Medical Foundation
Classic Chevy Club                                        Southwest Missouri Code Officials
Commerce Bank                                             Springfield Area Retired Teachers Association
Committee for Workforce Investment                        Springfield Business Journal
Community Foundation of the Ozarks                        St. John’s Clinic-Internal Medicine SGC
Consumer Credit Counseling Service                        St. John’s Foundation
CoxHealth Systems                                         St. John’s Health System
Daniel L. Fowler Attorney at Law                          TCSI/Transland
Davis Properties Management LLC                           The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin.
DeWitt & Associates, Inc.                                 The Killian Group
Dish Network                                              Trailiner, Inc.
Don Wessel Honda, Inc.                                    Turner Family Foundation
Dreiseszun Family Foundation                              Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Edmonds Dental Prosthetics, Inc.                          Wendy’s of Missouri, Inc.
EFCO Corporation                                          White River Investors LP
El Club De Espanol                                        Young & Company
Ferrell - Duncan Clinic
Follett Higher Education Group
Gamble & Schlemeier, Ltd.
George K. Baum & Company
Gilead Colorado, Inc.
Gilmore & Bell, P.C.
Gravelle & Harris Scholarship Fund
Guaranty Bank
Hartmann Foundation
Infectious Disease Associates of Kansas City, P.C.
J. Howard Fisk Limousine, Inc.
Jackson Brothers Foodservice
Krueger International, Inc.
Lathrop & Gage LC
Lelia Heuer Foundation
Malone Finkle Eckhardt & Collins, Inc.
Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
Musgrave Foundation
Nosegay Garden Club of Springfield MO

The OTC Foundation has responded to southwest Missouri’s workforce needs by
creating four Workforce Development scholarships.
exCellenCe in eduCation award

Outstanding Faculty & Staff
The Excellence in Education award was created in 1992 to recognize quality individuals and programs or departments throughout
the institution. Excellence in Education candidates are nominated by staff members, selected by an area-wide Recognition
Committee, and recognized at the annual College in-service meeting. Each winner receives a plaque and a cash award from the
OTC Foundation. These awards are funded each year by the Turner Family Foundation.

Excellence in Education Award Winners
1992                            1997                            2002                             2006
Pat Boyd                        Judy Brake                      Rick Black                       Judi Brake
                                Rosa Kavanaugh                  Julie Edwards                    Randy Brock
1993                            Pat Long                        Cozy Joplin                      Chris Delp
Marianne Crocker                Frank Shepard                   Gary Lee                         Ellen Newby-Hines
Becky Noel                                                      Don Williams                     Rebecca Oleson
Greg McDowell
Amauro Obregon                  1998                            2003                             2007
                                Carole Atkins                   Marylynn Abbott                  Martha Crise
1994                            Ken Conaway                     Lori Feyh                        Jennifer Flinn
Steve Arnold                    Vicki Hopper                    John Gresham                     Gene Hogue
Hazel Case                      Mike Madden                     Doris Huitt                      Justin Pedigo
Joel LaReau                                                     Bernard Watts                    Diana Penrose
Carl Locke                      1999
Mike Scroggins                  Dane Galloway                                                    2008
                                John Hess                       2004                             Sharmane Arnold
1995                            Glynette Hubach                 Bruce Clemens                    Jason Bound
Judy Bradley                    Bruce Renner                    Phillip Duncan                   John Fishback
Jeff Jochems                    John Sunny                      Joseph Allen Freeman             Witt Salley
Jim Matthews                                                    Linda Kutz                       Marcia Wheeler
Shirley Nehrbass                2000                            Randy Phinney
Daphne Press                    Donita DePreste                                                  2009
                                Karla Gregg                     2005                             Barrie Talbott
1996                            Susan Kirk                      Nancy Dalton                     Lyndsey Fronterhouse
Reta Bruffey                    Kathleen Murnan                 Todd Daniel                      Kristina Bridges-Templeton
Gene Buyan                                                      Corky McCormack                  Debbie Carlstrom
Carol Curtis                    2001                            Billy Robinson                   Jason Ayer
Susie Doran                     Alice Jefferson                 Brenda Woods
Bera Nichols                    Linda Ramsey
Jim Orr                         Becky Robinson
Julie Ruengert                  Jimmie VanAlphen

                                                                                       Annual Report 2009
opportunities to give

Ways to Support the OTC Foundation
Making a charitable gift to the OTC Foundation is an important and personal decision. The satisfaction of giving comes from
knowing that you are investing in the lives of individuals, as well as businesses and industries that benefit from an OTC education.

We invite you to invest in the “Imagine. Invest. Inspire.” campaign by considering the following ways to make a difference. From
a tax point of view, gifts of property may be more advantageous than cash gifts because you can make a larger gift at less cost. The
information provided below may be useful, but you should not consider it legal or tax advice. You should contact your attorney,
tax advisor, or accountant for details. Only you can decide when and how best to contribute.

Ways to Give
   • Unrestricted Contributions: (Contributions can be made to the area of greatest need for student support at the college.)
   • Restricted Contributions: (Contributions can be made to a specific area of the college, such as a departmental, named or endowed scholarship fund.)
   • Named Gifts: (Contributions can be made to establish a new scholarship in two ways)
       o Donors can give an annual gift of $1,000 or more per year for multiple years. This may be done in one’s own name or to honor or
         memorialize another individual.
       o Donors can establish an endowed scholarship with a minimum initial investment of $10,000. The fund can be in your name, the
         names of you and your spouse or the name of another family member, friend or colleague. Each investment will support
         Ozarks Technical Community College students or programs for eternity.

Types of Contributions
   •   Cash, check or credit card
   •   Appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund distributions
   •   Personal property such as equipment, art, vehicles or furnishings
   •   Matching gift
   •   A planned gift, such as:
       o   Bequest
       o   Real estate
       o   Life insurance
       o   Retirement plan
       o   Charitable gift annuity
       o   Charitable remainder trust
       o   Charitable lead trust

Donors are recognized for their gifts to the College in the OTC Foundation annual report. Gifts and pledge payments received
between July 1, 2008, and June 30, 2009, are included in this report. Donors who have made a planned or endowed gift to
support Ozarks Technical Community College will also be recognized at our Donar Recognition event.

The OTC Foundation held its 2nd annual Golf Tournament – netting more than
$17,000 to assist with student scholarships.
                                Board of trustees
Mr. Larry Snyder, President                               Ms. Jackie McKinsey, Vice President
Mr. J. Howard Fisk, Treasurer                             Ms. Dolores Brooks, Secretary
Mr. Don Clinkenbeard                                      Dr. Maryellen Stratmann
                                Dr. Hal Higdon, President

                            Board of direCtors
                 Mr. John Q. Hammons, Honorary Chairman
Mr. Jim Moore, President                                  Ms. Jan Robbins, President-elect
Mr. Rob Baird                                             Mr. Bob Beine
Ms. Judy Breeding                                         Ms. Hattie Brown
Ms. Julie Turner Brown                                    Dr. Jerry Cash
Ms. Jerry Clark                                           Mr. Kim Day
Dr. Marshall Gordon                                       Mr. Jeffrey Gower
Mr. Sam Hamra                                             Mr. Tyler Hedden
Mr. Rick Hughlett                                         Mr. Jerry Jared
Mr. Bill Killian                                          Mr. John Lambert
Ms. Dianne Elizabeth Osis                                 Mr. Steve Plaster
Mr. Neal Spencer                                          Mr. Jim Towery

                         otC foundation staff
                                     Mr. Cliff Davis
                   Vice President for Institutional Advancement and
                      Executive Director of the OTC Foundation

        Ms. Pam Vokolek                                   Ms. Stephanie Brown
      Director of Development                          Director of Alumni Relations

                                    Ms. Beth Elliott
                        Secretary for Institutional Advancement

                                                                       Annual Report 2009
1001 East Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, Missouri 65802

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