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					Georgia Legal Services Program
Ms. Simons, 65, obtained a credit card in 1997 from Chase Manhattan
Bank, which she used for about a year. Sometime thereafter, she became a
victim of identity theft.

In September 2005, Ms. Simons was sued by Chase for almost $5,000
charged to that eight-year-old credit card. Chase failed to serve her with
the lawsuit for over four years, until October 2009. By then a senior
citizen, Ms. Simons nonetheless filed her own Answer denying that she                                       2.
owed any money to Chase and stating that she was a victim of mistaken
identity. Chase’s attorney filed discovery and motions against Ms. Simons
to which she did not know how to respond properly. At that point, Ms.
Simons found Georgia Legal Services and we agreed to represent her. We
entered the litigation on her behalf and were able to negotiate a complete
dismissal with prejudice.

The mission of the Georgia Legal Services Program® (GLSP) is to
provide access to justice and opportunities out of poverty for
Georgians with low-incomes.

Georgia Legal Services Program® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1971. Client stories in
this report are used with permission. Photographs and names do not necessarily represent actual clients.
Evidence of the impact of the
economic downturn on Latinos
is reflected in our Latino case
statistics, especially for the first
half of year 2008 compared to
the first half of year 2009, in
which we experienced a 111%
increase in cases.
All of us have been affected by the recession of the last two years, if only because our savings have diminished,
and our plans for our futures deferred or scaled back. For Georgians with lower incomes, the challenges have
been much more immediate and concrete. Our goal is to make sure no one is left behind in the recovery.

We worked to protect seniors from predators. We defended clients who never had a credit card but who
had a common name, who were sued for huge sums by debt collectors who didn’t bother to check whether
the defendant was the true debtor. We helped to protect exempt funds, such as Social Security benefits, from
garnishment. We helped frail seniors stay in nursing home placements and others to obtain Food Stamps so
they could eat.

We worked to secure unemployment benefits for low-wage workers. We handled claims for hundreds
of laid-off workers who faced trumped-up allegations of rule violations or absences advanced by employers
seeking to avoid paying benefits. Weekly UI benefits enabled them to keep a roof over their families, food on
the table, and a bit of security while they looked for new work in a very tough economy. We assisted limited          Phyllis J. Holmen
English speaking clients who have unique problems in navigating the claims process for benefits.                                             4.
We worked to keep people in their homes. This recession has resulted in massive threats to housing,
for both home owners and tenants whose landlords faced foreclosure. We helped clients with mortgage
modifications, and we defended erroneous or unlawful foreclosures.

Volunteers have helped. More private attorneys across the state stepped up to help with cases, and we
worked with local bar associations and Sections of the State Bar to implement new programs to match
volunteers with critical legal needs. We thank you for your work
                                                                                                                     James W. Boswell, III
Donors have helped. Even in these tight times, the average gift to GLSP has increased, although the number
of donors dropped slightly. Many lawyers realize that access to our system of justice to all who need it is a core
value of our democracy. We thank you for your gift.

We look forward to an economic recovery that leaves no one behind, and will continue to work to help
those who are most vulnerable and most critically in need of legal services.

                                                                    Phyllis J. Holmen       James W. Boswell, III
                                                                   Executive Director            President
Mr. Farmer was living frugally and managing to pay his $407 monthly mortgage
payments. He was disabled from injuries from an accident and his only income was
from Supplemental Security Income. He had no phone and no heat other than
firewood. His water came from a well.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determined that his property
was in a flood zone and required flood insurance. The mortgage company
purchased a flood policy at a high price, sending Mr. Farmer’s monthly payment up
to $712, which was more than his monthly income. Although Mr. Farmer continued
to send in his $407 payments monthly, the mortgage company put the property into

A GLSP lawyer negotiated with the mortgage company to rework the loan and
lower the mortgage payments. Mr. Farmer was able to buy his own flood insurance
at a significantly lower rate. The foreclosure sale was cancelled.

GLSP’s foreclosure cases increased 300% over 2008.
Mr. Smith was 64 when he suffered a heart attack at his home. His wife called
911, expecting an ambulance to come to take her husband to a local hospital. But
instead, Mr. Smith was flown by helicopter to an Atlanta hospital, against his wife’s
wishes. The Smiths applied for Medicaid to pay the medical expenses, which it did,
except for the $13,716.23 charged by the helicopter company. Medicaid said there
was no proof that flight was medically necessary.

The helicopter company harassed Mrs. Smith on the telephone about the unpaid bill
and filed a lawsuit. The Smiths came to GLSP for help defending themselves from
the debt they couldn’t pay for services they hadn’t requested. A GLSP lawyer used
Georgia Fair Debt Collection Act and Fair Business Practices Act and cited unfair and
deceptive business practices toward the elderly in achieving a settlement of the case.

The helicopter company was forced to drop the case, notify credit bureaus to remove
the lawsuit from the client’s record, and send a letter of apology to the Smiths.

“Seniors are the fastest growing segment of our society and the most at-risk for unfair and
deceptive business practices. GLSP’s high impact, high quality legal assistance changes the
outcomes for seniors who are vulnerable and need protection. We empower seniors to
protect themselves against consumer fraud and scams that strip them of their security and
                                                          – Phyllis Holmen, Executive Director
When Ms. Baker, a hardworking mother with two young children, came to GLSP,
she was working 12-hour shifts, often overnight, trying to support her family and
make up for lost income after being fired from her previous job. Her previous
employer had disqualified her from receiving unemployment benefits, claiming she
had excessive absences. She had appealed that disqualification on her own, but the
appeal was denied because the hearing was held on the same day she started her
badly needed new job.

A GLSP attorney was able immediately to file a petition to reopen the case, then
conducted an investigation. At the new hearing, the attorney submitted payment
records showing that Ms. Baker worked on many of the days her employer had
said she was absent. Also, the documents included statements from Ms. Baker’s
doctor explaining other absences, and copies of the employer’s own policies which
contradicted its allegations.

The hearing officer quickly reversed the initial determination and awarded Ms. Baker
the full amount of her unemployment benefits. She was able to pay bills that had
mounted during her unemployment.

We are seeing more clients falling further into poverty due to job loss from plant closings,
company layoffs, and more. GLSP’s legal assistance helps to keep clients relatively financially
stable through these storms, and we look at possible barriers to employment to help clients.
Ms. Cantrell had lived in her modest mobile home for 17 years when her
husband died after three years in a nursing home and a year in hospice,
paid for by Medicaid. She received a notice from the Department of
Community Health that, under Medicaid’s estate recovery program, the
department would place an $8,000 lien on Ms. Cantrell’s home, which was
worth only about that amount and was all she had. She considered selling
her home to pay Medicaid, because she didn’t know that Federal law
prohibits Medicaid from placing a lien on an estate unless the entire estate
is worth more than $25,000. A GLSP lawyer requested an exemption and
saved Ms. Cantrell’s home.

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured housing, are an important housing
option for low-income households. GLSP handles critical legal problems for mobile
homeowners in rural areas of Georgia. Our cases involve homeowners who have
construction problems, repair problems, or financial problems that virtually hold
them economically captive in their communities, because they have significant
investments in their homes.
Ms Walker, 80, was physically abused by her 81-year-old husband for many years.
When he threatened to burn their house down with her in it, she finally fled to a
local shelter. The staff there helped her obtain an initial temporary protective order
(TPO) and a final hearing was scheduled. A GLSP lawyer represented Ms. Walker at
the hearing.

Mr. Walker hired an attorney and denied all the allegations against him, including
service of the TPO. Our lawyer subpoenaed the sheriff’s officer who had served Mr.
Walker. During the hearing, Mr. Walker finally admitted he had broken into Ms.
Walker’s home and had continued to call her after the initial TPO. The judge ordered
him immediately arrested. The judge ordered support for Ms. Walker in the amount
of $800 per month and gave her possession of the car and house.

“Some judges refuse to award child support in domestic violence cases, telling survivors
to file for divorce. This is not possible for many victims of domestic violence who cannot
pay retainer fees required by private attorneys to file a divorce. We strive to obtain income
security for survivors of family violence who want to start new lives away from their batterers.
If there’s no financial support to help them care for their children, many victims will return to
their batterers just to keep their children fed and housed.”

                                             -- Vicky Kimbrell, Director Family Violence Project/
                                                                 Health Law Specialist Attorney
The Joneses had paid off the mortgage on the home they had lived in for more
than 30 years. But when they took on the rearing of their grandchildren, they took
out a $55,000 equity loan with a payment of $534 per month. The loan, however,
was sold to a new company, which informed Mr. Jones, a 57-year-old veteran, that
his payment would increase to $650 to include taxes and insurance, unless he paid
those costs separately. Mr. Jones wrote to the mortgage company that he would
pay those costs himself, as he always had. And he did so.

Mr. Jones never missed a mortgage payment, but he began receiving delinquency
notices. He wrote several letters to the lender to dispute the notices, but the
company did not respond until it sent out the notice of the foreclosure sale. A GLSP
lawyer contacted the attorney for the mortgage company and provided the letters
Mr. Jones had written and his payment history. The mortgage company rescinded
the foreclosure sale.

GLSP partnered with the Georgia Department of Consumer Affairs to provide foreclosure
prevention services to clients facing foreclosures who were referred to our offices by
approved Consumer Credit Counseling agencies around the state. Clients benefited from the
high quality legal assistance provided by GLSP lawyers, and the critical financial counseling
Ms. Sarahlyn U. Argrow was unemployed and divorced when she sought GLSP for help in
establishing a non-profit organization for women who were struggling just like her. GLSP
provided legal assistance in helping Ms. Argrow create Assisting Working Women in Need
(AWWIN) almost 10 years ago.

“She had that special something,” Senior Volunteer Attorney Robert Simonton noted when
he first met Ms. Argrow. As a volunteer attorney with GLSP, Simonton’s mission is to translate
people with good ideas into strong organizations on a sound legal footing.
AWWIN is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that assists the single working woman who is
displaced due to divorce, illness, domestic violence, temporary loss of employment, and more.
AWWIN has served nearly 700 families in the Savannah area.

Ms. Argrow realizes that the women she serves are not looking for a handout. The foundation
of the organization is a 30-week computer and job readiness training class that prepares women
for future careers. AWWIN’s mission is to help working women move from jobs paying hourly
wages to salaried positions.

                       “While you are going through your own problems,
                      it does not mean that you can’t help someone else.”
                                         – Sarahlyn U. Argrow

GLSP has provided transactional legal services to more than 75 organizations in 50 counties since 1994.
                     2009 “And Justice for All” State Bar Campaign for the Georgia Legal Services Program ®

A Salute to our Friends! We are grateful to our loyal supporters who give generously to the Georgia Legal Services
Program. The following individuals and law firms contributed $150 or more to the campaign from 4/1/2009 – 3/31/2010.

 2009 Honor Roll of Contributors
PATRON’S CIRCLE                                     Michael N. Loebl                                 Eugene S. Hatcher                    Catherine A. Hora Anderson              L. Travis Brannon, Jr.
($5,000 & UP)                                       Macon Bar Association                            James I. Hay                         Paul H. Anderson, Jr.                   Brent M. Bremer
                                                    Katherine L. McArthur, LLC                       Philip C. Henry                      Janet M. Ansorge                        Deborah A. Brian
Anonymous Donor (1)                                 Jenny K. Mittelman & William C. Thompson         Clifford G. Hoffman                  Margaret L. Argent                      Andrew I. Brown
Business Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia    Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.                          Hoffman & Associates                 Christopher W. Armstrong                Kristine E. Orr Brown
Hawkins & Parnell, LLP                              Pursley Lowery Meeks LLP                         Phyllis J. Holmen                    Robert L. Ashe, III                     Sylvia F. Brown
The Legal Division of The Coca-Cola Company         Sell & Melton, L.L.P.                            N.E.H. Hull                          Robert W. Ashmore                       William A. Brown
Sutherland                                          Tonia C. Sellers & Seth Weissman                 Sharon Jordan                        Douglas G. Ashworth                     Jamie M. Brownlee & David G. Russell
Westmoreland, Patterson, Moseley & Hinson, LLP      Silver & Archibald, LLP                          Elena Kaplan                         Milton M. Avrett, III                   Jay D. Brownstein
The Wilson Family Foundation                        Smith, Hawkins, Hollingsworth & Reeves, LLP      Dorothy Yates Kirkley                Sana M. Shoaib Ayubi                    Robert C. Buck
                                                    Charles Surasky                                  William H. Kitchens                  Richard J. Azar                         Sheryl L. Burke
BENEFACTOR’S CIRCLE                                 Eugene S. Taylor                                 Linda A. Klein & Michael S. Neuren   The Honorable Jeffrey S. Bagley         Ginger R. Burton
($2,500 - $4,999)                                   William A. Trotter, III                          Knott & Lemon P.C.                   Emily S. Bair                           Burton Law Firm, P.C.
                                                    Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta   Timothy S. Lanier                    Marcus S. Ballew                        L. Daniel Butler
Andrew M. Scherffius, III
                                                                                                     Troy A. Lanier                       E. Noreen Banks-Ware                    Ivy N. Cadle
                                                    LEADERSHIP CIRCLE                                Harold & Leslie Lewis                The Honorable W. Leon Barfield          Maureen A. Cahill
PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE                                  ($500 - $749)                                    Long & Holder, LLP                   Patricia T. Barmeyer                    Elizabeth C. Calhoun
($1,500 - $2,499)                                                                                    Long County Law Library Fund         Sharon C. Barnes                        Samuel A. Cann
                                                    Anonymous Donors (2)                             Angela K. McGowan                    Charles W. Barrow                       The Honorable Edward E. Carriere, Jr.
Atlanta Bar Association Construction Law Section
                                                    Anderson, Walker & Reichert, LLP                 Richard L. Menson                    Ansley B. Barton                        Michael C. Castellon
James W. Boswell, III
                                                    Thomas J. Anthony                                Richard C. Mitchell                  Rhonda L. Bass                          Robert P. Catlin, III
Peter J. Daughtery
                                                    Alvan S. Arnall                                  Kimberly L. Myers                    Henry R. Bauer, Jr.                     B. Chan Caudell
David H. Gambrell
                                                    W. David Arnold                                  Kimberly J. Prior                    The Honorable Dorothy Toth Beasley      Bryan M. Cavan
Eve Biskind Klothen
                                                    Anthony B. Askew                                 Rome Bar Association                 David H. Bedingfield                    Verner F. Chaffin
Strickland Brockington Lewis LLP
                                                    William D. Barwick                               Michael J. Rust                      Jacob Beil                              Thomas C. Chambers, III
Weiner, Shearouse, Weitz, Greenberg & Shawe, LLP
                                                    Joshua C. Bell                                   Thomas E. Scanlon                    Frank J. Beltran                        Douglas V. Chandler
                                                    Paul R. Bennett                                  Kenneth L. Shigley                   Bentley, Bentley & Bentley              Lisa E. Chang & William W. Buzbee
EXECUTIVE CIRCLE                                    Phil Bond                                        William G. Snider                    Michael R. Berlon                       Michael L. Chapman
($750 - $1,499)                                     The Honorable Alice D. Bonner                    Thomas W. Talbot                     Joseph J. Berrigan                      Sandra G. Chase
Anonymous Donor (1)                                 Phillip A. Bradley & Catherine A. Harper         Patrick F. Walsh                     Bennie H. Black                         Harold J. Choate, III
Joel S. Arogeti                                     Carroll F. Bray, Jr.                             Alex L. Zipperer                     Evan J. Black                           James C. Cifelli
Aussenberg Waggoner LLP                             John D. Christy                                                                       The Honorable James G. Blanchard, Jr.   Naeemah Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron L. Buchsbaum                       Randall A. & Jacqueline S. Constantine           SUSTAINER’S CIRCLE                   Martin J. Blank                         Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.
Chambless, Higdon, Richardson, Katz & Criggs, LLP   Harold T. Daniel, Jr.                            ($250 - $499)                        Charles & Lisa Bliss                    Edward W. Clary
John A. Chandler                                    Mark F. Dehler                                                                        John W. Bonds, Jr.                      John L. Coalson, Jr.
James A. Clark                                      Dorough & Dorough, LLC                           Anonymous Donors (3)                 Emmet J. Bondurant                      Philip S. Coe
Cobb & Gardner, LLP                                 The Honorable William S. Duffey, Jr.             Alfred B. Adams, III                 David W. Boone                          Katherine M. Cohen
Murphy A. Cooper                                    H. Mitchell Dunn, Jr.                            The Honorable William P. Adams       Mary B. Boone                           Peter M. Cohen
Damon Elmore                                        Vickie Louise Arp Ford                           Adams, Hemingway & Wilson, LLP       Lynne Y. Borsuk                         The Honorable Susan S. Cole
C. Ben Garren, Jr.                                  John P. Fry                                      Tara L. Adyanthaya                   Gerald R. Boss                          Arlene L. Coleman
John V. Hogan, V                                    Emmett L. Goodman, Jr.                           Thomas Affleck, III                  Jesse G. Bowles, III                    Jeffery T. Coleman
Richard & Mary Katz                                 William S. Goodman                               Andrew H. Agatston                   Julie P. Bowling                        Steven M. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kilpatrick, Jr.                     Susan S. Graddy                                  Douglas W. Alexander                 Catherine M. Bowman                     Daniel R. Collopy
Kipler S. Lamar                                     Edward J. (Jack) Hardin                          Robert L. Allgood                    David G. Brackett                       Christopher S. Connelly
Lawler Green Givelber & Prinz, LLC                  Harris & Liken, LLP                              John J. Almond                       Jeffrey O. & Nancy Bramlett             Steven A. Cornelison
Honor Roll of Contributors
Miles S. Cowan                        Timothy W. Floyd                   Harry C. Howard                           John B. Long                                               Yingjun F. Peaden
Thomas A. Cox                         Peter A. Fozzard                   Neal H. Howard                            Virginia L. Looney                                         Albert M. Pearson, III
The Reverend John L. Cromartie, Jr.   Dorothy B. Franzoni                David E. Hudson                           Sarajane N. Love                                           Darren W. Penn
Delia T. Crouch                       Murray A. Galin                    Carolyn R. Huggins                        Kyllan Cornwell Lowe                                       Del Percilla, Jr.
Raymond L. Crowell                    John K. Gallagher                  W. Stell Huie                             Linda S. Lowe                                              Clifford C. Perkins, Jr.
Rebecca R. Crowley                    Robert B. Galloway                 The Honorable Willis B. Hunt, Jr.         J. Rodgers Lunsford, III                                   Patrise M. Perkins-Hooker
R. Alex Crumbley                      Robert W. Galloway                 Howard O. Hunter, III                     Charles W. Lykins                                          Jerry G. Peterson
Thomas W. Curvin                      E. Reid Garrett                    Jocelyn J. Hunter                         John F. Lyndon                                             The Honorable Guy D. Pfeiffer
Charles M. Dalziel, Jr.               Catherine L. Gaylord               Charles D. Hurt, Jr.                      Daniel I. MacIntyre, IV                                    Michel Phillips, III
Marc E. D’Antonio                     Georgia Hispanic Bar Association   John M. Hyatt                             Leonard T. Marcinko                                        Kenneth S. Piernik
Peter S. Dardi                        Kevin B. Getzendanner              Thomas B. Hyman, Jr.                      Andrew H. Marshall                                         Calder F. Pinkston
Vincent M. D’Assaro                   James A. Glenn, Jr.                Ronald S. Iddins                          Representative James C. Marshall & Ms. Camille L. Hope     Jonathan A. Pope
Hugh M. Davenport                     Nancy Glenn                        Jennifer N. Ide                           The Honorable Beverly B. Martin                            Carmen V. Porreca
Gilbert H. Davis                      Richard G. Goerss                  R. William Ide, III                       Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance Day Association, Inc.   Warren R. Power
Lee C. Davis                          Walter J. Gordon, Sr.              Robert D. Ingram                          The Honorable Johnny W. Mason, Jr.                         Jeffrey N. Powers
Peter H. Dean                         Patricia A. Gorham                 J. Scott & Tanya Jacobson                 Marie E. Massey                                            Jill A. Pryor
Tracey L. Dellacona                   Shelia M. Govan-Ugbesia            Marshall H. Jaffe                         Caryn R. May                                               Bonnie C. Puckett
Foy R. Devine                         Ronda K. Graham                    Mary B. James                             Larry S. Mayfield                                          Lisa M. Putnam
Mary Irene Dickerson                  Mark P. Grant                      Scott James                               Thomas E. McClamma, Jr.                                    Mary L. Webb Pyrdum
Gregory J. Digel                      Elise O. Gray                      The Honorable Sallie R. Jocoy             Julian B. McDonnell, Jr.                                   Mary F. Radford
Melissa S. Dillon                     Kevin C. Greene                    Forrest B. Johnson                        Kenneth P. McDuffie                                        J. Marbury Rainer
Nikola R. Djuric                      Richard G. Greenstein              Frederick W. Johnson                      Christopher J. McFadden                                    Lynn Rainey
Peter H. Dosik                        Gina G. Greenwood                  Billy N. Jones                            Brad J. McFall                                             Marie T. Ransley
Sharon E. Dougherty                   John W. Greer, III                 Pamela M. Jones                           James R. McGibbon                                          Kimberly A. Reddy
Derrell Dowdell                       William H. Gregory, II             Stan Jones & Bobbi Cleveland              Daniel R. McKeithen                                        William D. Reeder
Bertis E. Downs, IV                   Charles C. Grile                   G. McGregor Jordan, Jr.                   A. Montague Miller                                         The Honorable Mae C. Reeves
William M. Dreyer                     Kay E. Gross                       Judith A. Keeler                          John B. Miller, Jr.                                        Michael G. Regas, II                            20.
Lucia B. Duncan                       Divida Gude                        Kirk W. Keene                             Martha A. Miller, PC                                       David F. Reid
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10,371 Clients Served
We handle the most urgent and critical cases.                              “We provide high quality, high
impact legal services that help clients achieve economic security for the short-term, to enable them to
sustain or regain hope for future opportunities.” – Phyllis J. Holmen, Executive Director

Case Closings 2009                                                        Other Services
                                                  Education - 143
                                                                          Landlord Tenant Helpline
             Miscellaneous      Consumer               Employment - 108   4,343 individuals were assisted with verbal
                      1,218     Finance                1%                 information, brochures, handbooks, and
                      12%       1,284                                     agency referrals

     Income                                                               Community Legal Education
     Maintenance                                                          109,732 individuals were provided with
     2,184                              Family
                                        2,643                             presentations, legal education brochures, and
                                        26%                               legal education materials

              Housing                                                     Referrals
              1,446                                                       25,844 individuals were referred to other
              14%                                                         agencies or the private bar

                                                Juvenile - 219
Individual Rights - 20                          2%
                                2009 Financial Overview
2009 Income
Legal Services Corporation                                                                                   $     7,483,581
Georgia Bar Foundation                                                                                       $     2,218,701
Judicial Council of Georgia                                                                                  $     1,327,844
Older American Contracts                                                                                     $     1,364,212
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council                                                                        $      110,367
State Bar of Georgia Campaign for Georgia Legal Services Program                                             $      554,281
Georgia Department of Community Affairs                                                                      $       76,719
Other                                                                                                        $     1,057,202
Total                                                                                                        $   14,1925,907

2009 Expenses
Salaries                                                                                                     $     7,931,099
Fringe Benefits                                                                                              $     2,887,426
Space                                                                                                        $     1,011,086
Equipment                                                                                                    $      160,831
Contract Services                                                                                            $      353,529
Travel                                                                                                       $      506,230
Telephone                                                                                                    $      168,474
Supplies                                                                                                     $      230,246
Library                                                                                                      $       56,743
Audit                                                                                                        $       41,475
Professional Liability & General Insurance                                                                   $       45,175
Litigation                                                                                                   $       57,294
Other                                                                                                        $      358,618
Total                                                                                                        $   13,808,226

* $384,681 was carried over to FY2010 for local office use, reserves, grant restrictions, and other needs.
Board of Directors 2009 - 2010
President                         Elena Bagger                           Mark Dehler                            Martha Lowe                            Kazuma Sonoda, Jr.
James Walton Boswell, III         Rockdale County Emergency              State Bar of Georgia                   Economic Justice Coalition             Georgia Hispanic Bar Association
State Bar of Georgia              Relief Fund
                                                                         Jennifer J. Dickinson                  Mary J. Macon                          Judith Stocker
Vice President                    Cicely N. Tabb Barber                  State Bar of Georgia                   Dougherty County                       Keysville Concerned Citizens
Lisa E. Chang                     Georgia Association of Black                                                  Neighborhood Service Center
                                  Women Attorneys                        Terence A. Dicks                                                              Tami Cosby Tyler
State Bar of Georgia
                                                                         The Edge Connection                    Brad J. McFall                         Rockdale County Emergency
Vice President                    Gwenita M. Brinson                                                            State Bar of Georgia                   Relief Fund
                                  NAACP – Waycross Branch                Damon Elmore
Annie Ervin
                                                                         State Bar of Georgia                   Morris J. McKinney                     Ruth White
Muscogee County Foster Parents
                                  Kristine “Kris” E. Orr Brown                                                  Georgia Clients Council –              Safe Shelter
Association                                                              Benjamin C. “Ben” Garren, Jr.
                                  Gainesville-Northeastern Bar                                                  Vice Chair
                                  Association                            State Bar of Georgia                                                          Leigh M. Wilco
Vice President                                                                                                  Dorian Murry                           State Bar of Georgia
Troy Lanier                                                              William H. “Bert” Gregory, II
                                  Sabrina A. Brown-Clay                                                         Gate City Bar Association
Augusta Bar Association                                                  Dougherty Circuit Bar Association                                             April Worthy
                                  Careers, Inc.
                                                                                                                Adelina Nicholls                       Safe Shelter
Secretary                         Thomas C. Chambers, III                Thomas H. Hinson, II
                                                                                                                Georgia Rural Urban Summit
Venzella Stowers                                                         Macon Bar Association
                                  Waycross Bar Association
Georgia Clients Council - Chair                                                                                 William C. Rumer
                                  Leonard Danley                         Elena Kaplan
                                                                                                                State Bar of Georgia
Treasurer                         Douglas County Bar Association         State Bar of Georgia
Mark Schaefer                                                                                                   H. Burke Sherwood
Savannah Bar Association          Peter J. Daughtery                     Angela Lingard
                                                                                                                Valdosta Bar Association
                                  Columbus Bar Association               Macon Coalition to End

Regional Offices
Albany Office                            Columbus Office                                Piedmont Office                                Farmworker Rights Division of
131 West Oglethorpe Boulevard            233 12th Street, Suite 910                     104 Marietta Street, N.W., Suite 240           Georgia Legal Services Program
P.O. Box 2578 (31702-2578)               The Corporate Center                           Atlanta, Georgia 30303                         Central Office
Albany, Georgia 31702                    P.O. Box 176                                   (404) 894-7707 (800) 822-5391                  104 Marietta Street, N.W.
(229) 430-4261, (800) 735-4271           Columbus, Georgia 31901-0176                                                                  Suite 250
                                         (706) 649-7493, (800) 533-3140
                                                                                        Savannah Office                                Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Athens Office                                                                           6602 Abercorn Street, Suite 203
                                                                                                                                       (404) 206-5175 (800) 537-7496
525 S. Milledge Avenue                    Dalton Office                                 Savannah, Georgia 31405-5845
P.O. Box 1788                            1508 North Thornton Road, Suite 100            (912) 651-2180, (888) 220-8399                 Landlord-Tenant Housing Helpline
Athens, Georgia 30603                    P.O. Box 2004 (30722-2004)                                                                    (404) 463-1596 (Atlanta)
(706) 227-5362                           Dalton, Georgia 30720
                                                                                         Valdosta Office                               (800) 369-4706
                                                                                        1101 North Patterson Street
                                         (706) 272-2924 (888) 408-1004
Augusta Office                                                                          Valdosta, Georgia 31601                        The Pro Bono Project
209 7th Street, Suite 400                Gainesville Office                             (229) 333-5232 (800) 546-5232                  State Bar Headquarters
P.O. Box 2185 (30903)                    705 Washington Street, Suite B-l                                                              104 Marietta Street, Suite 100
Augusta, Georgia 30901                   P.O. Drawer 1337 (30503)
                                                                                        Waycross Office                                Atlanta, Georgia 30303
                                                                                        506 Isabella Street
(706) 721-2327 (800) 248-6697            Gainesville, Georgia 30501                                                                    (404) 527-8762
                                                                                        Waycross, Georgia 31501-3638
                                         (770) 535-5717 (800) 745-5717                                                                 (800) 334-6865
Brunswick Office                                                                        (912) 285-6181, (800) 498-9508
1607 Union Street                        Macon Office
Brunswick, Georgia 31520                 241 Third Street
(912) 264-7301, (877) 808-0553           P.O. Box 1057 (31202-1057)
                                         Macon, Georgia 31201
                                         (478) 751-6261 (800) 560-2855
GLSP Serves 154 Counties In Georgia
                    Dalton Office          12 regional offices provide
                                           services to Georgians with low-
                    Gainesville Office     incomes residing outside metro
                    Athens Office          Atlanta’s five-county area.

                    Piedmont Office        35 counties in GLSP’s
                    Augusta Office         service region have fewer
                                           than four practicing lawyers,
                    Macon Office           and six counties have no
                                           lawyers at all.
                    Columbus Office

                    Albany Office          According to the 2009
                                           federal poverty guidelines,
                    Savannah Office        a family consisting of two        26.
                    Brunswick Office       adults and two children
                                           would be considered “poor”
                    Waycross Office        with an income of $27,563
                                           annually or less. The
                    Valdosta Office
                                           average income of GLSP’s
                    Served by Atlanta      clients is $20,157.
                    Legal Aid Society

                    The Farmworker
                    Rights Division of
                    the Georgia Legal
                    Services Program
                    serves migrant and
                    seasonal farmworkers
                    in 154 counties.
GeorgiaLegalServicesProgram                                                                        ®

1971 - 2009
1971                               1976                               1981                                    1990

Georgia Legal Services Program     Georgia Clients Council is         Georgia Legal Services and the          Phyllis J. Holmen becomes the
incorporated by members of the     founded to serve as an advisory    State Bar of Georgia establish          fourth executive director.
Younger Lawyers Section of the     group to Georgia Legal Services.   the Pro Bono Project.
State Bar of Georgia.

1996                               2001                               2003                                    2007

Georgia Legal Services             Georgia Legal Services launches    Central Office of Georgia Legal         Georgia Legal Services opens
Foundation is established with a   capital campaign in Macon          Services relocates to the new           a field office in Athens-Clarke
$1 million cy pres award by U.S.   and successfully raises funds      State Bar Center.                       County due to the dire need for
District Judge Marvin Shoob        to purchase the historic Eagles                                            more and better legal services
from the remainder funds of a      Building for its Macon Office.                                             for the low-income community
national class action.                                                                                        in that area.

2008                               2009

Georgia Legal Services expands     Georgia Legal Services awarded $1M from the Goizueta Foundation
use of technology to improve       to support a Latino Outreach initiative to address the impact of the
services to clients.               economic downturn on the civil legal problems of low-income Latinos
                                   outside metro Atlanta.

                                                                      Georgia Legal Services Program®
                                                                                    104 Marietta Street, N.W. Suite 250
                                                                                                    Atlanta, GA 30303
                                                                                 (404) 206-5175 • TDD 1-800-498-9469
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