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QC Ordinance 2115-12. Approving the Subdivision plan of Bistek Ville II (Socialized Housing Project)


An Ordinance approving the subdivision plan of bistek ville II (Socialized housing Project) with nine hundred seventy seven (977) lots (924 Residential and 53 Commercial) located at lots 614 and D, Selecta Compound, Barangay Kaligayahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila,registered in the name of Ofelia G. Arce and covered by transfer certificates of title numbered RT-454344 (75105) and N-294617 of the registry of deeds of quezon city, Containing an aggregate area of forty eight thousand eight hundred seventy six (48,876) square meters, as applied for and represented by mr.tadeo m. palma, secretary to the mayor/chairman, LGU-QC task force housing, in compliance with the minimum requirements of the implementing standards, rules and regulations of quezon city ordinance no. SP-56, S-93 and batas pambansa bilang 220.

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