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									         URBAN DWELLER
              November 2010 - Volume 28 - Issue 11                           A Publication of Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Inc. (CHUN)

IN THIS ISSUE:                                                                              A Letter from the Executive Director:
 •   Colfax Fights Hunger
                                                                                       CHUN November Neighborhood Assemblies
 •   Letter from the Executive Director: November Neighborhood Assemblies
                                                                            As a member of CHUN you may know that every November, as per our By-
 •   East High School Update                                                Laws, each of our 10 neighborhoods hold an assembly to elect delegates that
                                                                            will represent your neighborhood in the coming year. Delegates are the eyes
 •   2nd Annual Buy Local Week
                                                                            and ears of your “pocket” of Capitol Hill and they work hard to keep abreast
 •   News from CBID                                                         of issues and activities that are current and may affect you and your
 •   Community News, Events, and Public Hearings
                                                                            You may be wondering what issues may arise that affect you and your
                                                                            neighbors. As a Registered Neighborhood Organization, CHUN receives
                                                                            official notice from the City of Denver regarding new development,
                                                                            modifications of existing buildings and properties, new liquor licenses, variances
                                                                            for a different use of a property and many similar issues. As an advocate for
Plans are underway for the 2nd annual community food
                                                                            historic preservation we get notice regarding the preservation of older
drive benefiting Denver Urban Ministries and Metro
                                                                            structures or the re-use of a historic structure. CHUN also has the
CareRing! “Colfax Fights Hunger” officially kicked-off
                                                                            opportunity to participate and encourage neighborhood participation in city-
Saturday, October 30 at the Boo and Brew on Colfax Avenue
                                                                            wide issues such as the recent overhaul of the Denver Zoning Code, the City’s
Halloween event. This food drive is aimed at helping to
                                                                            Admission Based Special Events Policy regarding fees for special events in
replenish inventories at the food banks of two Greater
                                                                            Denver Parks, the creation of new ordinances and laws regarding medical
Capitol Hill Communities.
                                                                            marijuana dispensaries, growing marijuana in residential neighborhoods and a
The “Colfax Fights Hunger” tour will then continue                          variety of public safety issues.
through the end of December, 2010. All donated items will
                                                                            These issues can be very large. For example, the recent plan to re-develop the
be shared for distribution by Metro CareRing and Denver
                                                                            former Children’s Hospital Campus which will affect neighbors for years to
Urban Ministries. Those interested in making a monetary
                                                                            come. They can also be much smaller such as the construction of a new 7-
donation should contact the non-profits directly
                                                                            Eleven at Race and Colfax and another at Josephine and Colfax Avenue. They
( or
                                                                            can be even smaller such as your neighbor constructing a small addition to
Participating locations where food/non-perishables may be                   their house that may affect your view or natural light. Regardless, CHUN
dropped off include Paradise Cleaners (Colfax and Adams),                   usually receives notice and we believe that neighborhood input is critical.
Atomic Cowboy (Colfax and Adams), Annie’s Café (Colfax                      When an issue does arise and its impact is big enough, we typically hold a
and St. Paul), Tiger Kim Academy (Colfax and Steele),                       neighborhood meeting to ask for your input. It offers residents and neighbors,
Hooked on Colfax (Colfax and Steele), Encore Restaurant                     property owners, developers and city officials an opportunity to openly talk
(Lowenstein CulturePlex), The Bad Kittie Salon (Colfax and                  about how to best accomplish a goal that suits everyone’s needs but ultimately
Fillmore), Caffe Sanora (Colfax and Lafayette), UMB Bank                    preserves the integrity of our beautiful neighborhoods.
(Colfax and Gilpin). As more locations become available, we
will update the list on the CHUN website:                                   As a CHUN member, I encourage you to be involved. Come to your                                                         November Neighborhood Assembly and learn how you can be involved. Your
                                                                            participation is greatly appreciated. The schedule for these is Neighborhood
For information on “Colfax Fights Hunger” Tour please                       Assemblies is listed in this month’s Urban Dweller or you can always go to
contact Andrea Furness (CHUN/303-830-1651) or Don                 
Novak (Propaganda Labs/720-306-8236 x1). For information
or to contact Metro CareRing, please call Lynne Butler at                   Thanks for your participation!
303-860-7200 ext. 3616. For information or to contact Denver
                                      Urban       Ministries,               Regards,
                                      please call Tammy
                                      Mulligan            or
                                                   Amanda Baker at
                                                   303-355-4896.            Roger Armstrong
                                                                            CHUN Executive Director

                                      This newsletter is printed on 35% post-consumer recycled paper.
                                                      Join CHUN at
                                                                            URBAN DWELLER
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         GREAT NEWS TO SHARE                                                  Denver Water Taps Baker for Information
                                                                      Denver Water, the public agency that provides water to 1.3 million people in
    Phase I of the East High School Entry Plaza is Complete...        Denver and surrounding suburbs, is looking for single-family residences in Denver
                                                                      with lead service lines to participate in a study required by the Environmental
As students returned to East High School this August, they were       Protection Agency (EPA) and Colorado Department of Public Health and
greeted with a new Entry Plaza to their historic and storied          Environment (CDPHE). To qualify, the house should have been built in 1910 or
institution. East High Principal John Youngquist calls the Entry      earlier.
Plaza “The Gateway to Learning.” Youngquist describes the plaza       Participation in the survey is a two-step process. First, a representative from
as a "gathering place for students; it is where they connect. With    Denver Water performs an inspection to determine whether or not the home
                                                                      contains the original lead service line. If it does, the resident is given a bottle to fill
its renovation and expansion, the plaza creates an atmosphere of      with tap water after the water lines have been still for at least six hours. The
welcome for students and visitors alike."                             Denver Water chemistry lab then tests the water sample and the results are
                                                                      provided to the CDPHE. Data collected is part of a multi-year survey of
Bricks and pavers with thoughtful quotations grace the redesigned
                                                                      residential water service lines the EPA is conducting across the country.
entrance to this historic Denver Public School. Nearly three
                                                                      Participants in the program who provide a water sample will receive a $50 credit
hundred thousand dollars were raised by Project Angel Pride to
                                                                      on their water bill. Denver residents who would like to apply for participation in
fund the design and construction of this project.                                                                      this program, or who have
                                                                                                                       questions, should contact
The money raised came from gifts of $10 to $25,000. Nearly 900                                                         Water Quality Investigator
families, individuals and organizations have purchased more than                                                       Ryan Gregg at 303-628-5967.
800 bricks and 70 pavers of various sizes to date. A number of
graduating classes and sports teams are participating in group
pavers, enabling them to share their pride and commitment.                     2nd ANNUAL BUY LOCAL WEEK EVENT:
                                                                                         Celebrating our local economy
Project Angel Pride will continue fundraising until all bricks and    The Mile High Business Alliance and Swallow Hill Music announce the
pavers are sold. If you would like to purchase a brick or a paver,    second annual Buy Local Week Event on Friday, December 3, taking
please go to:                                                         place at Swallow Hill Music. The event is a holiday celebration and fund-                                             raiser for the Mile High Business Alliance.
                                                                      Swallow Hill Music and the Mile High Business Alliance have partnered
Project Angel Pride will continue to add engraved pavers and          to present an evening of live music, food, drink and fun for the benefit of
bricks to the plaza, providing future opportunities for individuals   Denver’s local economy. Local business owners, community leaders and
and organizations to participate, and creating an ongoing source of   lovers of all things local will gather to celebrate Buy Local Week
funds for East High School. Phase II construction is scheduled for    (November 26 – December 4) and the holiday season. The event will be-
the Summer of 2011.                                                   gin with an invitation-only reception for local notables, and will then pro-
                                                                      vide catered food and drink to ticketed attendees, including a silent auction
If you have questions regarding this project, please contact:         with amazing deals on local products. The evening will conclude with live
                                                                      performances by Paper Bird and Bela Karoli.
Susan Bardwell at 303-399-1155 or               Local band Paper Bird has a unique folk-Americana sound that is as much
                                                                      an homage to 1950's American Bandstand as it is a testament to the
                                                                      growth of youthful, folk-inspired music in today’s indie-rock scene. Paper
                                                                      Bird is charged by their signature vocal harmonies and knack for capturing
                                                                      a Roaring 20's flare in a contemporary way that is pleasing to the ears.

                                                                      Also taking the stage is Denver band Bela Karoli, acclaimed in the local
                                                                      music scene with music that has been described by Ricardo Baca from the
                                                                      Denver Post as “haunting, jazz-inflected electro acoustic tunes that ooze
                                                                      with grace.”
                                                                      "Swallow Hill Music is thrilled to again be a part of supporting Buy Local
                                                                      Week," says Gwen Burak, Swallow Hill Music's Director of Marketing,
                                                                      "Through our concert presentations and school education efforts we are
         BEFORE                              AFTER                    committed to supporting local musicians and creating a vibrant community
                                                                      that local businesses are so much a part of establishing."

     We would love your support...                                    "The holiday season is a great time to think about directing spending to-
                                                                      wards locally owned businesses," says Mickki Langston, Executive Direc-
          Don’t forget to follow and FAN CHUN and the                 tor of the Mile High Business Alliance. "This event celebrates the connec-
          Capitol Hill People’s Fair on Twitter and Facebook!         tion between locally owned businesses and the community."

          @PeoplesFair @CHUNDenver                                    Dozens of local businesses and organizations are participating in the 4th
          @Denver’sCapitolHill Peoples Fair
          Help us reach           5,000     FANS     and
          FOLLOWERS!                                                                                                 (‘buy local’ continued on page 3)
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                                                                                       ‘buy local’ continued from page 2
     CBID Upper Colfax November 2010 News  
                                                                                       Annual Buy Local Week campaign with special promotions and neighbor-
                                                                                       hood-oriented events throughout the holiday season. For a detailed sched-
                                                                                       ule of this event, or to read more about "Buy Local Week" please visit
Victorian Holiday Home Tour, Nov. 27, 2010:                                  
If  stained  glass  and  sugar  cookies  sound  more  appealing  than  shopping        For more information on the Mile High Business Alliance, visit
and stairs at the mall during Thanksgiving weekend, then the Victorian        For more information on Swallow Hill Music
Holiday  Home  Tour  is the perfect way for you to celebrate the                       classes and concerts, please go to
season!  On November 27th, guests are invited to share a holiday‐themed 
tour with friends and family as they peruse a collection of historic bed & 
breakfasts  and  homes  while  enjoying  holiday  entertainment  and  decor 
during  a  daylong  walking  tour/event  to  benefit  the  Denver  Children’s 
Home. Admission includes a full tour of properties not normally available 
for  public  tour  (especially  during  a  holiday  weekend).  For  details  on 
tickets please visit  

Upper Colfax Photo Contest: 
Attention  shutterbugs!    Get  your  camera  ready!  The  Colfax  Business 
Improvement District Holiday  Photo  Contest started on October 1st. We 
are  looking  for  pictures  that  capture  the  rich  heritage  of  arts  combined 
with  the  everyday  retail  and  dining  environment  (and  classic  neon 
signage)  that  is  a  part  of  Upper  Colfax.  Photo  content  should  be  within 
Upper  Colfax  boundaries  (from  Grant  St.  to  Josephine  St.  and  between 
14th  Avenue  and  16th Avenue).  Submit  your  best  shots  via  email  to  Entries  will  be  posted  online  at  and  voted  on  by  visitors  to  the  site.    The  winning 
photographer  will  receive  a  gift  certificate  to  the  Cheeky  Monk  and  will 
have  their  photo  featured  as  part  of  the  CBID  Online  Holiday  Greeting 

Welcome Denver Film Society!                                                                            Festive Brunches & Lunches
                                                                                                           Unique Holiday Gifts
On Oct. 6, The Denver Film Society (DFS) announced plans to relocate its 
film center in to 2510 East Colfax, across the street from East High School                                        Find it all at:
and  the  former  site  of  Neighborhood  Flix.  The  new  Denver  Film  Center 
will  join  neighborhood  businesses  in  creating  a  cultural  arts  and                      CHRISTMAS AT OUR HOUSE
entertainment  destination  on  Upper  Colfax!    The  grand  opening  is 
scheduled  for  Thurs.,  Nov.  4,  the  second  evening  of  the  33rd  Starz 
Denver  Film  Festival  featuring  two  red‐carpet  premieres.  More 
information at: 

Buy Holiday Eclectic – all 5 weeks before Christmas! 
Make  shopping  more  fun  and  unique  this  holiday  season,  while 
supporting local businesses on Upper Colfax.  Preview a variety of holiday 
shopping ideas on  Starting Thanksgiving week, find 
photos and ideas organized by categories including Best Green Gifts, Best 
Gifts  Under  $50,  Best  White  Elephant  Gift  etc.    You  can  check  out 
merchandise online before you shop Upper Colfax!  
                                                                                                    November 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
Colfax Businesses ‐ Get your Free Web Page today!                                                          For information visit
Do you want to increase your visibility during the upcoming holiday                       
season? The Colfax Business Improvement District’s website is the place                         To purchase tickets call now 303-338-1014 or
for you. A FREE webpage is provided for each and every member of                                     email:
the district! Your FREE page allows you to list specials and events specific                 All proceeds go to support the philanthropic programs of
to your business or organization, as well as the ability to link to external                  Assistance League® Denver, a nonprofit organization.
sites. If you have not already set up your page, please visit today!  As always, CBID staff is on standby to assist. If 
you need a digital helping hand, please email  
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    Public Meeting Regarding the Proposed Exempla
        Saint Joseph General Development Plan
 The City and County of Denver, Department of Community                             House
 Planning and Development invites you to a Public Meeting                             Located on the north side of beautiful Cheesman
regarding the new application for the Exempla Saint Joseph                             Park, the historic Tears-McFarlane Mansion is
     Hospital (ESJH) General Development Plan (GDP):                                                                                                  Contact Nicole Anderson
                                                                                      an ideal setting for you meeting, party or event!
                                                                                                                                                        at the CHUN Office at
            Thursday, November 4, 6:00-8:00pm                                            We can accommodate groups in a range of                     303-830-1651 or by email at
             Russell Pavilion-Sterne Elder Room                                          sizes, utilizing the mansion as well as our     
         Entrance located at 1900 Lafayette Street                                                adjacent community hall.
               Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital                                          Host your Family, Company or Staff Holiday Party Here!
        Please RSVP to Deirdre Oss at 720-865-2950.                                         Non-profits and CHUN members receive a discount from the
For more information about this GDP submittal, please visit                                 standard rate on all rentals!                                     Visit our website:
                the City of Denver’s website.                                                                                          & click on
 For more information about the applicant, please visit the                                                                                     Tears-McFarlane House for more
                   applicant’s website at:                                                                                                            pictures and information.
                                                                                                Missing Civic Center EATS???
               Work Place Safety!                                                           The 2010 Civic Center EATS season may be over,
by Technician Mark Jacobson, Community Resource                                              but it isn’t the end of “eats” in Civic Center Park.
   Officer, Denver Police Department, District 6
                                                                                               Join us DAILY for breakfast and lunch in
Many people spend a good portion of their time at work.
                                                                                                  Civic Center through December 31!!
This means it’s just as important to use crime prevention skills in the
workplace as it is at home and in the neighborhood. Whether the
place of business is corporate headquarters, a restaurant, a store, an     Stop by Civic Center on your way to the office each morning or during
auto repair shop, or a person’s home, common-sense prevention             your lunch hour as several of your favorite Civic Center EATS vendors–
skills can make the workday safer for everyone.                           and some new additions– serve up delicious food in this beautiful setting.
The National Prevention Council provides a list of things people can
do to help stay safe at work:                                                   Follow Denver’s Civic Center Park on Facebook for more
                                                                             updates...including the return of Civic Center EATS in Spring 2011.
•     Keep your purse, wallet, keys, or other valuables with you at
      all times or locked in a drawer or closet.
                                                                            Art Institute Event and Road Closure Information
•     Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office. If
                                                                          The Art Institute of Colorado and Salomon will be hosting the 2nd Annual
      anyone makes you uncomfortable, inform security or                  Backyard Bang on Saturday, November 20, 2010 from 11:00 am to 5:30
      management immediately.                                             pm. The best up and coming professional and amateurs from the Rocky
•     Don’t stay late if you’ll be alone in the office. Create a buddy    Mountain region and beyond will compete in a snowboarding competition
                                                                          in their backyard.     Only pre-selected boarders will be allowed to
      system for walking to parking lots or public transportation
      after hours, or ask a security guard to escort you.
•     Report any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors,        The event is free, open to the public and will include food, refreshments
      broken windows, and doors that don’t lock properly.                 and a wide range of entertainment options. Games, giveaways, autograph
                                                                          signing with pro riders and a DJ booth will all be a part of the day’s
•     If you notice signs of potential violence in a fellow employee,     activities.
      report this to the appropriate person.
                                                                          The event will be located on 12th Avenue between Grant and Lincoln
•     Immediately report any incidents of sexual harassment.              Street, so they will be closing 12th Avenue beginning Friday, November
                                                                          19th from 6:00 PM to approximately 10:00 pm on Saturday, November
•     Know your company’s emergency plan. If your company                 20th.
      does not have such a plan, volunteer to help develop one.
•     If the company does not supply an emergency kit, keep your
      own emergency supplies (flashlight, walking shoes, water
      bottle, nonperishable food, etc.) in a desk drawer.
•     Keep a printed list of important numbers like your home
      phone number (surprisingly a lot of people can’t recall
      because “I never call myself”), your spouse’s work phone
      number, your child’s school phone number and do not rely
      entirely on your cell phone directory.
•     If you own or manage the business look at the—physical
      layout, employees, hiring practices, operating procedures,
      and special security risks. Assess the company’s
      vulnerability to all kinds of crime.
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City Council Contact Information:                                          2010 People’s Fair Merchandise Available NOW!!
Name:          District: Phone Number: E-mail:                                                     - Long Sleeve t-shirts
Paula Sandoval    1      303.458.4792
Jeanne Faatz      2      303.763.8562                                -Short Sleeve t-shirts
Paul D. Lopez     3      303.922.7755                                          -Frisbee’s
Peggy Lehmann     4      303.504.5781
Marcia Johnson    5      303.355.4615                                      -Magnets
Charlie Brown     6      303.871.0601                                        -Posters
Chris Nevitt      7      720.865.8900
Carla Madison     8      303.298.7641                                      Call the CHUN office for
Judy Montero      9      303.458.8960
Jeanne Robb       10     303.377.1807                                           details and prices:
Michael Hancock 11       303.331.3872                                         303.830.1651
Carol Boigon    At Large 720.865.8100
Doug Linkhart   At Large 720.865.8000

                     FRAUD ALERT!                                                         Recycler’s Corner
                                                                                             November 2010 Issue
                From the Office of Denver
            District Attorney Mitch Morrissey                           Denver’s Graffiti Program Using Recycled Paint
      Furnace Inspection Imposters Blow Hot Air
                                                                     Denver Partner’s Against Graffiti (DPAG), a program of Solid Waste
As the nights get cooler and thoughts turn to winterizing the        Management, is on track to cover up five million square feet of
home, con artists who pose as furnace inspectors start               graffiti in 2010. That’s a lot of paint! That’s why DPAG is thrilled to
making an appearance. Dressed as utility company or city             announce that in August 2010 the City’s graffiti abatement
employees, they will often use scare tactics such as                 program began purchasing and using recycled paint for about
concerns about gas build-up, or fears about high carbon              five percent of all the work orders they complete.
monoxide levels as a ploy to get inside your house. There            The City’s efforts to close the recycling loop for latex paint came
are a variety of frauds and thefts associated with these             about through a partnership with Mix Paints, a local private
scams. Thieves may be trying to get in to steal valuables            company. Mix Paints offers interior and exterior painting services,
such as jewelry or cash. Others conduct bogus tests, and             but also runs a storefront on East Colfax where they accept for free,
                                                                     used latex paint from residents and contactors. The paint they
then charge a fee for their service. The most costly scam
                                                                     collect is then reprocessed and matched to any color and sheen,
involves those who fabricate a furnace problem, and then             and used by Mix Paints in their services for those customers
offer to fix or replace it, leaving you out money and a              wanting to use recycled paint. Residents and contractors may also
damaged furnace that will require further repair.                    buy the reprocessed paint at the store for $12 per gallon.
Sometimes energy companies must enter homes to read old              Denver Recycles began encouraging residents to recycle their old
meters and to inspect newly installed furnaces and water             latex paint with Mix Paints over the summer and the response has
heaters. Legitimate companies or city employees will have            been excellent. Residents are thrilled to have a local resource for
well marked vehicles and clothing, as well as identification.        recycling their paint and the company reports that they are getting
In the City of Denver, furnace contractors must be licensed          several calls a week from residents that want to make drop-off
                                                                     appointments and properly dispose of their latex paint.
in order to get a permit. To verify if a contractor is licensed,
contact the Denver Building Department at 720-865-2770.              The City’s graffiti abatement crews find the paint to be of a great
                                                                     quality. “This recycled paint is thick and covers up graffiti easily,”
Having your furnace periodically inspected is a good idea,           says Rich Villa, Graffiti Operations Supervisor for Solid Waste
but should be an action that you initiate. Reputable energy          Management. “We hope that we can continue to increase the
companies will usually conduct these inspections for                 amount of recycled latex paint that we use in our operations and
residents. Before letting them in, always verify that inspectors     that residents will continue to take advantage of the free recycling
are who they say they are. Call the company using a                  service that Mix Paints offers.”
telephone number off of a recent invoice, and never let              Recycling latex paint locally and buying recycled latex paint is an
anyone in until you’ve checked their credentials. Call the           easy way for Denver residents to support local business and help
Better Business Bureau at 303-758-2100. They can verify if           close the recycling loop.
the person is licensed and has a good business rating.               To learn more about Mix Paints or to make an appointment to drop
Finally, get a second opinion from a licensed contractor.            off your latex paint for recycling, visit or
For more information on winter appliance safety tips, go to:         call 1-888-9646-MIX.                    For more information about Denver Partner’s Against Graffiti visit
Winter-Safety-Tips.aspx                                     For more information about household
                                                                     hazardous waste and recycling visit
Or call Denver DA’s Fraud Line: 720-913-9179 for more information.
                                                                                       URBAN DWELLER
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CHUN IN ACTION                                   November 2010
Zoning Hearings The matters listed below are scheduled for hearings before the Denver Board of Adjustment (BOA) Zoning Appeal or the City and County
of Denver Department of Excise and License (EL) on the indicated dates. The hearings are held at the Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building, 200
W. Colfax Ave., in the second floor hearing room. The public is welcome to attend. All of the listed dates and times are current at the time of publication.
For a listing of all hearings and any updates, please visit our website -

HEARING DATE & TIME                         PREMISES AFFECTED                           HEARING ISSUE
November 9, 2010 10:00am                    1040 Pennsylvania St.                       Appeal of an order to discontinue maintaining a mud room
                                                                                        addition, erected without a permit 1 foot 2 inches into the 5 foot
                                                                                        north side setback; and a 7 foot 7 inch high fence (6 foot height
                                                                                        permitted), also erected without a permit, in a G-MU-5 zone.
November 9, 2010 10:30am                    625 E. 4th Avenue                           Appeal of a denial of a permit to convert a single unit dwelling to a
                                                                                        duplex deficient the required 3 parking places, in an R-2 zone.
November 16, 2010 11:10am                   1200 Columbine St.                          Over height fence and shed in street side setback. BOA

                                                 Happy Thanksgiving!!!
          NOVEMBER 25 and 26 for

             THANKSGIVING!!!                                                    Meetings/Events
                                                                                 CHUN Neighborhood 1 Assembly - November 4, 6pm. St. Paul
                                                                                 United Methodist Church (1615 Ogden St.)
                                                                                 Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield November 5, SCFD free
                                                                                 admission day. 8500 Dear Creek Canyon Rd. Littleton
                                                                                 www.botanicgardens,org. 303-973-3705.
                                                                                 Happy on the Hill - November 10. Uptown Brothers Brewing
CHUN Committee Meetings                                                          Company (320 E. Colfax Ave.) 5:30-7:30pm
                                                                                 CHUN Neighborhoods 5&6 Assembly– November 10, 7pm. 1201
Zoning Committee                  CANCELLED FOR NOVEMBER                         Williams St. (19th floor party room)
                                     1201 Williams St.
                                                                                 CHUN Neighborhoods 9 & 10 Assembly– November 10, 7pm
Executive Committee                    November 9, 6:00 PM                       (location TBD)
                                       CHUN, 1290 Williams St.                   Denver Zoo November 7 and 13, SCFD free admission day. 2300
                                                                                 Steele St. 303-376-4800.
Board of Delegates                     November 18, 7:00 PM
                                       1201 Williams St.                         Denver Museum of Nature & Science November 14, SCFD free
                                                                                 admission day. 2001 Colorado Blvd. 303-322-7009
Dialogue and Action Group              Contact the CHUN office                   CHUN Neighborhood 2 Assembly– November 16, 6pm– Church in
Historic Preservation                                                            the City Community Room (16th and Gaylord)
Committee                              Castle Marne, 1572 Race                   CHUN Neighborhood 8 Assembly– November 16, 6pm Governors
                                                                                 Park Tavern (672 Logan St.)
Tree Committee                         Contact the CHUN office                   CHUN Neighborhood 4 Assembly– November 17, 6pm—Denver
                                                                                 Ted’s (1308 Pearl Street)
                                                                                 CHUN office CLOSED– November 25 and 26 (Thanksgiving!)

                                                       CHUN Committee Reports
Committee reports may be found on the CHUN website, If you do not have access to a computer, please
call the office at 303-830-1651 and request a printed copy, or stop by the CHUN office, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, and ask
to view the reports.
           URBAN DWELLER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 7

                                                     Important Phone Numbers and Resources
Mile High United Way                             211                                   Community Resource Officers (CROs) &
    Health and human service issues
Denver City Services                             311                                    Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs)
Emergency                                        911                  DISTRICT 2                                        720-913-1000
Non-emergency                                                         Technician Reyes Trujillo, CRO                    720-913-1094
                                                                      Sgt. Rick Stern                                   720-913-1079
    Police 720-913-2677                                               DISTRICT 3                                        720-913-1300
    Fire 720-913-2400                                                 Lieutenant Robert Garcia, NPO                     720-913-1170
                                                                      Technician Tony Burkhardt, CRO                    720 913-1231

                                                                      DISTRICT 6                                        720-913-2800
                                                                      Sgt. Dennis Bedenbender                           720-913-2817
                                                                      Technician Mark Jacobson, CRO                     720-913-2906

                                                                                                             CHUN BOARD OF DELEGATES
                        CHUN STAFF
       Roger Armstrong—Executive Director                               President—Dave Walstrom                                             Secretary—Amy Zimmer
                                                                        Vice-President of Membership—Caroline Schomp                        Treasurer—Brad Cameron
        Andrea Furness—Assistant Director                               Vice-President of Neighborhood Engagement—Randle Loeb
                                                                        Vice-President of Fundraising and Development—Annette Woodward
Cody Galloway—Community Relations Manager                               Vice-President of Tears-McFarlane and CHUN Community Center—Dick Kisseberth
     Nicole Anderson—Operations Manager
                                                                      Neighborhood Delegates                                                    At-Large Delegates
               Andy Hina—Groundskeeper
                                                                      #1    Randle Loeb, David Brown
                                                                      #2    Jim Peiker, Jill Locantore                                          Debra Adams                          Caroline Schomp
           Kristine Kayser—CHUN/PF Staff
                                                                      #3    Scott Spero                                                         Andy Baldyga                         Helen Shreves
                                                                      #4    Larry T. Davis, Sean Gilliland, Rob Weil, DJ Longo                  Dave Cook                            Jim Slotta
                                                                      #5    Brad Cameron, Kathleen Wells                                        Karen Duell                          Dennis Swain
              Urban Dweller is published by:                          #6    Pat Bridges, Michael Henry                                          Colleen Dyer                         Randy Swan
           Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Inc.                    #7    Shayne Brady                                                        Susan Gershwin                       Jamie Van Leeuwen
              1290 Williams Street, Ste. 102                          #8    Dick Kisseberth                                                     Rachel Griffin                       Dave Walstrom
              Denver, Colorado 80218-2657                             #9    Kathleen Reilly, Gisella Bassani                                                                         Dave Webster
            ADMINISTRATION: 303-830-1651                              #10 Annette Woodward, Ruth Starr                                                                               Amy Zimmer
              Online at

  CHUN MEMBERSHIP FORM                                                                                Fill out the form below or join online at

 Name 1 _________________________________________                          Join an Action Committee!                           Membership Types and Annual Dues
 Name 2 _________________________________________
                                                                                                                              □ New           □ Renewal
 Business or Organization Name
 (if applying under one of these categories)
                                                                           ___ Historic Preservation                          □ Individual .................................................................$15
                                                                                                                              □ Household ...............................................................$20
                                                                           ___ Homelessness Dialogue and                            2 or more members (1 mailing)
 Address _________________________________________                             Action Group                                   □ Senior Individual (over 65) ......................................$ 5
                                                                                                                              □ Senior Household (over 65) ....................................$ 8
 City ________________ State______ Zip ______________
                                                                           ___ Land Use, Zoning,                              □ Church or Non-profit ...............................................$25
 Telephone:                                                                    Transportation and Liquor                      □ Business .................................................................$35
                                                                               License                                        □ Condo Association ..................................................$35
         Home ______________________________________
                                                                                                                              □ Apartment Building .................................................$35
         Work _______________________________________                      ___ Tree
                                                                                                                        Donations are always welcome!
         Mobile ______________________________________
                                                                                                                             □ CHUN General Fund ......................................... $ _____
                                                                           ___ Volunteer
 E-mail address: ___________________________________                                                                         □ Tears-McFarlane House Fund........................... $ _____

                                                                                                                        TOTAL ENCLOSED....................................................... $ _____

                                                   The Fine Print.                                                      To become a member, mail in this form with your check
 Voting rights are restricted to members who live and/or work within the CHUN boundaries: (Broadway to Colorado         made payable to:  CHUN
 Boulevard and 1st to 22nd Avenues.) Dues include $4 for one year’s Urban Dweller subscription. Membership                                1290 Williams St, Ste 102
 (minus $4 for the Urban Dweller) and all donations are tax deductible. We do not share our mailing list information.                     Denver CO 80218-2657
     URBAN                                                                           Periodicals
        A publication of
          Capitol Hill
   United Neighborhoods, Inc.

        Owner’s Statement
 URBAN DWELLER (ISSN: 1084-1644) is
  published monthly by Capitol Hill United
   Neighborhoods, Inc. (CHUN) at 1290
   Williams Street, Ste. 101; Denver, CO
80218-2657 and is distributed to all CHUN
members. Questions, comments or articles
   may be directed to the above address.
Telephone is 303-830-1651 and facsimile is
      303-830-1782. E-mail address is
  Periodicals postage paid in Denver, CO.
Postmaster, please send address changes to:
               Urban Dweller
    1290 Williams Street, Ste. 101
        Denver, CO 80218-2657.
 Total Circulation is 700 copies per month,
   with all circulation paid or requested.

          Mission Statement
 Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Inc.
    (CHUN) is an organization that
   brings people together to share in:
  Preserving the Past, Improving
   the Present, and Planning for
the Future of Greater Capitol Hill.
               CHUN will:
    Promote a sense of neighborliness;
  improve the physical appearance of the
          provide a unified voice;
      encourage representation and
    cooperation among diverse groups;
      work on specific neighborhood
    problems; develop CHUN’s identity
               and visibility.

                                                          CHUN Boundaries and Neighborhood Areas

                                              Building our community through strong neighborhoods

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