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									BorderLiners Orienteering Club Burnbanks Regional Event 6th September 2009
FINAL DETAILS (GR NY 511164 Car Park)
TRAVEL  From North; Leave M6 at J40, travel E on A66 for 1km, then S on A6. At end of Eamont Bridge, turn R onto road signed Pooley Bridge. Route will be signed from the L turn to Askham.  From South; Leave M6 at J39, travel W for 1km. Then N on the A6 to Shap village, follow road signed Haweswater and Bampton, route will be signed from here. Please note; both routes after the M6 are on minor roads, please take care and be considerate to other road users. Allow 25 minutes to the car park from either motorway junction. All vehicles must approach the car park from Bampton Village (the East) If you are planning to bring a coach you must contact the organiser (01228 548975) as no vehicles bigger than a large minibus will be able to access the parking field. PARKING  £1.00 for cars £2.00 for minibuses - please have exact money ready. Exit from the car park will be through the same gate that you entered the field. Please be careful when joining the minor road. Sunday afternoons can be fairly busy in this area of the Lake District. DOGS Are allowed in the car parking field if on the lead. No dogs allowed on the courses. TERRAIN Mainly fast, runnable open moorland. There are areas of bracken, that have spread in some places since the map was produced, but course planning has attempted to avoid the worst of it. Some new ATV tracks have appeared since the map was produced and are not mapped. With the recent rain marshes that were fairly dry in July are likely to be much wetter now. FOR YOUNG COMPETITORS; The path from the final controls to the Finish for the junior courses is, in some places, steep, rough and slippery. Please take great care when descending this path. MAPS Will be printed on waterproof paper. Maps will not be bagged, but competitors may wish to bring their own bags, to avoid the possibility of ‘staining’ if conditions are wet and muddy. CONTROL DESCRIPTIONS  These will be printed on course maps. (On the back of the map for Short Brown & Blue)  They will be pictorial for all courses except for White, Yellow and Orange , which will have written control descriptions  There will be loose copies available in the assembly field, as well as being available on the BL website ( after Wednesday 2nd September. CONTROLS.  Control flags will be hung from bamboo canes, the SI box being mounted on a plastic board laid on the ground. The control number is displayed on the board. A sample control will be displayed at Enquiries.  The SI boxes are programmed to 'wake up' automatically when visited by the 1st runner, who may have to leave his SI card in place for an extra second or two before the box beeps and flashes. Manual pin punches will be hung from the flag; should a box fail to respond, please use the pin punch to punch your map and report the problem to download as soon as possible after you finish.

REGISTRATION  Will be open from 10.00 to 12.00.  Pre–entered runners can go directly to the start.  But competitors on the White and Yellow courses must collect their maps from Enquiries before going to the Start. SI CARD HIRE AND EXCHANGE  Pre-entries who need an e-card must collect their allocated e-card from Enquiries and pay 50p hire charge.  E-card hire for EOD runners (cost 50p, lost e-cards £20) is available from Enquiries. Please hand in at Download after your run.  Competitors who own the latest version of e-cards (series 9) please note that they are not compatible with older SI Stations. We will loan you an e-card (free of charge) please collect from Enquiries before your run. ENTRY ON THE DAY (EOD)  Limited EOD on Black to Very Short Green; subject to availability of maps.  Light Green to White: Map numbers geared to EOD. EOD Fees: Adult Black to Very Short Green £10 (£8 with BOF Card), Juniors/Students £3.50  Adult Light Green to White £6 (less £2 with BOF Card) Juniors/Students £3.50 How to Enter; collect a Pink Registration card from Enquiries, complete it before going to appropriate registration car START AND FINISH

START PERIODS will be allocated after entries close on Tuesday Sept 1st. They will be posted on the BL Website ( as soon as possible after this. If lateness of publication of times causes problems please e-mail Avis Armer on or phone 016973 71579


ALLOCATED START PERIODS; A: 10.30 to 10.50 B: 10.51 to 11.10 D: 11.31 to 11.50 E: 11.51 to 12.10

C; 11.11 to 11.30 F: 12.11 to 12.30


START is 0.5km and 50m climb from the car park field. Please allow 15 minutes to get to the Start. The route to the Start will be signed and taped from the car park field. Please arrive at the Start during you allocated start period. Clothing may be left at the Start, which is only about 200m from the Finish. START CALLUP is -3 minutes and a punching start will be used. (There will be a CLEAR station at the Start) FINISH Follow taped route back to car park after your run. DOWNLOAD; Please remember to DOWNLOAD once you return to the Car Park after your run. Download is in the ar park at the tent close to the stile. Please leave hired ecards here COURSES WILL CLOSE at 2.30pm

   

SAFETY  In the event of bad weather cags and whistles may be compulsory. There will be a notice in the assembly field if this is the case. Please dress appropriately for open fell country. Shorts are allowed but, principally because of the bracken, are not recommended.  There will be no start list check, so to help us check that everyone is off the fell, competitors travelling on their own should leave car keys in envelopes provided at Enquiries. If travelling with others please use a buddy system. (Don’t leave with fewer passengers than you started with!)

RESULTS  Provisional results will be displayed at the event. Final results on the BL website; ( COURSE DETAILS (subject to final controlling) String Course; there will be a String Course in the Car Park Field. It is ideal for young children as you can supervise them from close up and afar!! Course Black Brown Short Brown Blue Short Blue Green Short Green Very Short Green Light Green Orange Yellow White Recommended Classes (Not mandatory) M21L M35L, M40L M18L, M20L, M45L, M50L, W21L, M21S M16A, M55L, M60L, W35L, W40L, M35S, M40S M65L, W18L, W20L, W45L, W50L, M18S, M20S, M45S, M50S, W21S M70L, W16A, W55L, W60L, M55S, M60S, W35S, W40S M75L, M80L, W65L, W70L, M65S, W18S, W20S, W45S, W50S M85L&over, W75L&over, M70S&over, W55S&over Scale 15,000 15,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 7,500 7,500 5,000 Length Climb (km) (m) 10.1 440 8.9 330 7.3 290 6.3 240 5.6 4.4 3.4 2.7 3.6 2.9 2.6 1.2 225 170 130 140 120 105 100 50

M14A, W14A, M16B, W16B, Light Green M12A, W12A, M14B, W14B Orange M10A, W10A, M12B, W12B Yellow M10B, W10B, White

FIRST AID  Equipment will be available at the Finish and in the Enquiries tent. Nominated First Aiders will carry first aid kits. Please report any injuries and first aid equipment used. FACILITIES  Water will be available.  Portaloos in the car park field. OFFICIALS  Planner: Alasdair Brock  Controller: Steve Burge LOC  Organiser: John Roelich, tel. 01228 548975. No calls after 10pm, please. e-mail

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