Pack 442 Cub Bucks Program by keara


									Cub Bucks Program

Note: Below incorporates some modifications to the program to reflect the way that we ran the Cub Buck program in our den. Just do a Google search for Cub Bucks if you would like to see how other packs did it, without my revisions. Introduce and start the program at your first den meeting in September. Rob L. What are Cub Bucks???
Cub Bucks are a way for Cub Scouts to earn Cub Money for attending any scout function, such as den meetings, pack meetings, den and pack trips, Cubmobile, Pinewood Derby, camp-outs and other activities through participation and hard work. Each Scout was responsible to hold onto their Cub Bucks – the assistant leader tracked how many Cub Bucks each Scout earned, just in case a Scout lost a significant amount over the year. However, we impressed onto the Scouts that they are responsible to keep the Cub Bucks in a safe place (like a Cub Buck wallet) and to treat it like real money.

Cub Scouts can earn Cub Bucks in many different ways.
You can adjust this to fit your den, but we allowed each Scout to earn multiple Cub Bucks per event, depending on what was involved. (1) Cub Buck for attending the event (1) Cub Buck for participation and good behavior; (1) Cub Buck if he wears his uniform; (1) Cub Buck if he brings one or more of his parents; (1) Cub Buck for being on time and prepared; (1) Cub Buck for having any homework completed; (1) Bonus Cub Buck for meeting ALL of the above requirements. Therefore, it is possible to earn several Cub Bucks for each event. Cub Bucks should be given out at the end of each event so that the scouts are given an instant reward for their efforts.

Cub Bucks can also be awarded for selling popcorn. A scout will be given 25% of his popcorn sales in Cub Bucks. For example, if a Scout sells $100 worth of popcorn (our goal), he can earn 25 Cub Bucks. Note: Our den did not do this, but it is a good idea. Service projects are another way to earn Cub Bucks. Fifteen (15) Cub Bucks will be awarded for participating in each project such as Scouting For Food and Good Turn. Note: Our den did not do this, but it is also a good idea. Also, a Cub may earn (10) Cub Bucks for recruiting a new Scout.

Where can I spend my Cub Bucks?
Cub Bucks Auction - In the spring, at our last den meeting, we hold a Cub Bucks Auction. We have numerous prizes that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The more activities that the Scout participates in, the more Cub Bucks he will have to use at the auction. Also, just like a real auction, it is held whether everyone is there or not, so attendance is mandatory. Make sure this is well announced to all scouts and parents when the auction date is determined. Some leader tips on the auction. We used all of the leftover dues money to purchase items for the auction. If you just have a few dollars left over from dues, then ask the parents if they could contribute a little ($10 - $15) toward the auction. We typically spent about $100 on items for the 6 boys in our den. You’ll need to shop wisely and look for specials and clearance items, or ask for discounts for scouts. Some gift ideas (max $10 - $15 for most expensive gift): models, camping accessories, model rockets (depending on age), craft projects, sports cards, pool toys, paint-by-number drawings, board games, puzzles, knot booklet, fishing rod, Frisbees, waffle ball & bat, sling shot, candy and treats, and dollar store items. We tried to have one “big” gift per boy and started the auction with those gifts. After the first big gift is auctioned off, then that person sat out until the next big gift is auctioned off. This continued until all of the big gifts were gone so that each boy received a “big” gift. Then the remainder of the gifts are opened up to everyone and it is a free for all until all of the gifts were gone. Before the auction starts, spread out all of the gifts on a table and allow the boys to review. Explain how the auction works, and warn the boys not to over-bid unnecessarily. Give them the “going, going, gone, sold to the gentleman in the back”, just like a real auction.

What do I do with leftover Cub Bucks?
All Cub Bucks must be spent at the auction. Unused Cub Bucks are collected after the auction and used for the next Scouting year.

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