Cover Letter for Small Teaching College - Acsu Buffalo by wangnianwu


									                  Louisiana State University 
         Dept. of Philosophy       106 Coates Hall      Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3901


Prof. XXXX:

       Please find enclosed application materials for the philosophy job at XXXX College that
was advertised in Jobs for Philosophers.

       My areas of specialization are in contemporary analytic philosophy: epistemology and
philosophy of mind/cognitive science. I have served as the epistemology editor for the Internet
Encyclopedia of Philosophy since August, 2002, and have taught epistemology at both the
graduate and the undergraduate level. Sample syllabi for courses in epistemology and
philosophy of mind are enclosed.

       I also have experience teaching Logic, Ethics and Ancient Greek Philosophy. Because I
received my Ph.D. from Saint Louis University, an institution that focuses on the history of
philosophy, I am also competent to teach other courses in the history of philosophy. At Saint
Louis University I was required to complete a substantive amount of coursework in the history of
philosophy and to complete a comprehensive examination on the history of philosophy before
admission to candidacy.

        I also come from a pluralistic background that I believe will help me relate well to other
faculty at XXXX College. My dissertation director, James Bohman, was a Continental
philosopher of social science, even though my dissertation was in analytic philosophy. I also
studied a great deal of Continental philosophy at Saint Louis University—particularly the
philosophies of Jürgen Habermas and Hans-Georg Gadamer—and considered writing my
dissertation on topics in Continental philosophy. I believe my pluralistic background gives me a
broader vision of what good philosophy can be than many people who are trained only in one

        Having received my Ph.D. from Saint Louis University, a Jesuit institution, I believe that
my own vision of higher education would fit well with the overall vision of XXXX College. I
believe that my training and my research and teaching experience make me well suited for the
position at XXXX College.

         I will be attending the Eastern Division APA meeting. I can be reached at the address on
the letterhead or at:
         Home phone: 225-218-0706
         Cell phone: 225-803-2034
I will have my cell phone with me at the APA, if you need to reach me there.

       Thank you for considering my application.


James R. Beebe

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