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									Are You Worried About Money?
• • • • • • to “catch up”. 70% live paycheck to paycheck. And 55% are “sometimes” or

“always” worried about money.
Wall Street Journal More than 40% of American families spend more than they earn. Federal Reserve

50% to 60% of divorces are caused by money issue. Family Court Statistics 25% of current mortgages are held by people 65 + due to refis


Nearly 1 in 519 homeowners received a foreclosure filing during April 2008.

• •

US Foreclosure Market Report from RealtyTrac
The typical household has $38,000 in credit card debt. Consumer Reports Money Book

• •

Home equity values dropped 46.2% in the first quarter of 2008, a
level not seen since WW II. Associated Press Regarding money, are you setting the example you desire to set for your children?

• •

Forbes: “400 Richest People in America”: 75% said the #1 key to building wealth is: GET AND STAY DEBT FREE! We have been brainwashed to believe we can have it now and pay for it later. “Later” becomes “forever”.


“INSANITY: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


“We can‟t solve problems with the same thinking that
created them.”

What’s In It For Me?
• What if you had NO MORTGAGE payment?

• • • • • •

And ….. NO other DEBTS, credit card, car loans, etc.?
What if this service saves you at least $50,000 and 5 years off your mortgage? And fires your other debts? WHAT would that BE WORTH to YOU? Also, never refi again? And, same monthly payment? And, same lifestyle and spending habits? WHAT IF …..?

• • • • • Works with ANY loan, ARMs, Neg Ams, Interest Only Handles with ANY income pattern (W-2, spotty commissions, combination of regular and irregular, etc.) Pays off your mortgage and/or other debts at “wholesale” instead of “retail” Is not a bi-weekly or debt-rolldown/consolidation program Creates better family relationships

Money Management Solution
• • •

What‟s your situation today?
What are you doing currently? What do you want to achieve financially? How could you improve your financial situation right now?


Your Financial GPS to ZERO DEBT!

Principle #1: Strategy: Location and Timing
• SMART INVESTORS and BANKS move money DAILY. Banks have always relied on math and timing to make money work for them • • PEOPLE deposit income into a checking account and it stagnates there WHICH GROUP makes more money?

Principle #2: Leverage “OPM”
• SMART INVESTORS and BANKS leverage “Other People‟s Money” to help them make money. They borrow YOUR cheap money and make money with it


PEOPLE can borrow cheap, short-term money to pay off
expensive long-term loans. This cancels huge amounts of interest. But most people don‟t know or do this


WHICH GROUP makes more money?

• Andrew: 30-yr interest only loan, 8.5%, 27 yrs to go, a second mortgage and no equity, 6 large maxed credit cards, new Cadillac with 6 yr loan, and a student loan. Income is $4650, discretionary of $150 per month. Pays off ALL in 12.3 yrs and saves over half the lender‟s interest. • Ron: New 30-yr $380,000 loan, full $100,000 HELOC, 2 rental properties run at a loss. Sample software starts at 17.5 yrs. Real software starts at 15.5 yrs and 7 months later the payoff is 8.1 yrs. • Lisa: 15-yr loan, 9.1 yrs to pay. Sample software starts at 7 yrs. Real software starts at 5.7 yrs. Paid off all in 23 months.

Credibility of UFF
• Ernst & Young awarded the 5 owners of UFF “Regional Entrepreneur of the Year 2008” Award, and they will compete for this Award nationally, in November. • Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine (May-June 2008) did a comparison of the MMA and the 4 other most popular

programs, and fully endorsed the MMA as the best.
• Douglas R. Andrew, author of Missed Fortune 101 which says, “Don‟t pay off your mortgage. Borrow all the equity and invest”, now says he has changed his mind and advocates using the MMA to build equity.


Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup series) spoke at the annual Convention June „08 and said he fully understands

the MMA system and enthusiastically endorses it.
• UFF was the cover story of a recent issue of Broker Banker Magazine as “Outstanding Company of the Month”. Brian Topor, Executive Publisher, said, “I have never personally and/or publicly endorsed any product. I‟m endorsing this one. It‟s the Real Deal.” • • In “Debt Cures” Kevin Trudeau recommends the Money

Merge Account.
UFF is debt free.

History of UFF & MMA
      Skylar Witman and John Washenko opened Accelerated Equity & Development (mortgage company in Utah) in 1997 In 2002, found 1/3 of mortgages in UK, Europe and Australia were using the basic concept They invested $2 Million in the creation of Software 2005 Field Test with 400 families in Denver, 18 months Software OUT-PERFORMED expectations! Created UFF in April 2006 to market the MMA


Thousands of Clients and Agents

A Smart Money System
 Manipulate the lender‟s amortization schedule….. in your favor


Build wealth and cancel interest concurrently
EVERY PENNY moving through this system either cancels interest or earns you interest, every second, 24/7


MMA Software figures exactly how much to borrow, and exactly
what day, in order to save you the most TOTAL interest on ALL loans


At the same time, the software can build wealth for you by also focusing on returns on investments

So Who Uses This?
     The mortgage payment usually is the biggest payment in the

monthly budget, for most families
And by the time they pay the car payment(s) and the credit cards, cash can be a bit short Some people have figured out how to PAY ALL those debts OFF FAST on the same monthly budget, usually in just a few years So who does this? ANYONE who “GETS” it and who is willing to move forward!

Story: A $15 Raise
  

Julia got a raise of $15.18 per paycheck, every 2
weeks What do you think usually happens? But she told her MMA Software about the raise Result: their mortgage pay-off time dropped one whole year!

Your Mortgage and/or Debts
• • • •

“Mortgage” means “Death Pledge”
Compound interest, expensive You must pay back the principal, but not a set amount of interest Industry advertises interest rate as the most important factor, but TERM, not rate, matters most MMA Software will make your monthly payments more

effective, in your favor

The “Third Party” Account
• A Line of Credit; can be a HELOC (home equity line of credit), a PLOC (personal line), a SLOC (secured personal line), BLOC (business line), or CLOC (commercial line) OR a personal + savings accounts + credit card combo which we call an ASL (advanced savings line) No equity nor credit score needed Simple interest (cheap) based on the Average Daily Balance Pay off credit card balances when due, pay no interest and get rewards, points and miles and use the bank‟s money for free YOU control it, not the bank


• •


Best Way to Use the “Third Party” Account
       Deposit the maximum amount of money every month, including all income Keep it there as long as possible Pay all bills when due, not “early” Pay your expenses and spend the least Leave all extra money there Don‟t have money stagnating anywhere Your deposits pay back the cheap, short-term loans

The MMA Software
1. Meshes all of your issues and their variables simultaneously: your income, your outgo, your mortgage(s) and/or debts, your “third party” account, your goals, your wealth-building investments, every second, 24/7 A financial coach Convenient…pay your bills just like you do now Multiple reports and budget folders of your choice Tells you the best way and time to buy something, the true cost, and which financing option to choose Gives you 1-year projections on your goals Lifetime license to use it Unlimited free client service on a toll-free number, for life Intelligent, smart, intuitive

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. • • •

A Typical Loan John and Rebecca
6% $1,199.10 x 360 $431,677 -$200,000 *$231,677* Principal loan amount Interest Monthly payment Months (30 year loan) Total repayment Principal loan amount Total interest paid

John and Rebecca
Amortized Loan: $200,000 @ 6% = $1,199.10 payment Total Years Principal Interest Balance Equity Payments Mo. 1 199.10 *1000.00* Mo. 2 200.10 999.00 1 Yr. 210.33 988.77 197,543 2,457 14,389 5 Yr. 267.22 931.88 186,108 13,891 71,946 10 Yr. 360.44 838.66 167,371 32,628 143,892 21 Yr. 696.23 502.87 *99,878 100,122* *302,173* 30 Yr. 0 200,000 *431,677*

If John and Rebecca Move in 5 Years:
Conventional: Have to Pay Off $186,108
Equity is $13,891
They Paid $71,946 They Take $0 Cash With Them

MMA: Have to Pay Off Only $121,081
Equity is $78,919 They Paid $71,946 They Take $61,528 Cash With Them

John and Rebecca’s Monthly Budget

Monthly income
Living expenses (regular mortgage payment, car payment, entertainment, utilities, etc.) Discretionary income


Program will work with $1 or small amounts of discretionary in many cases. We also have a book that helps find or create more discretionary income.

John and Rebecca MMA Month 1
• • • HELOC/Line of Credit $14,000 Pay living expenses $4,000 Deposit paychecks $5,000 Average Daily Balance for the month


The bank will charge interest on $2,500, @ 10% = $20.83 but ZERO interest on the $4,000 they used for their living expenses. They don‟t pay the $20.83 because they deposited $5,000 = THEIR PAYMENT.

John and Rebecca

Total Results of First 3 Months
Interest saved: $17,249 Interest charged by bank: $68.13 Term saved: 21 months

They traded $68 for saving $17,249!

John and Rebecca

Total Results of First 6 Months
Interest saved: $29,523.00 Interest charged by bank: $146.85 Term saved: 37 months = 3.1 years

They traded $147 for saving $29,523!

John and Rebecca End of Month 12: $3,921.35 LOC Balance
Principal mortgage balance: $184,811

balance as 6.4 years with their lender‟s plan)

Total Results of First 12 Months
Interest saved: $50,862.00 Interest charged by bank: $297.89 Term saved: 65 months = 5.5 years

They traded $298 for saving $50,862!

Summary - John and Rebecca
MMA 10.4 2.085% $70,420 $161,257 50 Lender 30 6% $231,677 $0 70

Years to pay off debts Effective interest rate Interest paid Interest saved Payoff at age

Sample Software Numbers (Real software runs 15% to 25% ahead of the sample software)

Future - John and Rebecca
Home is paid off in 10.4 years, saving $161,257 in interest, plus…... Now invest the available $2,199.10 per month for the remainder of the 19.6 year term and realize a potential nest egg of:

4% $814,711

5% $914,671

6% $1,030,179

$161,257 + $1,030,179 = $1,191,436

Mary Bender, Denver Test

Mary Bender, Denver Test

Mary Bender, Denver Test


$ 43.87

$156.92 .69

MMA Program Conventional Program $136,058 Balance in 4.7 years: $126,193 30 years $134,726

Starting balance

Balance in 1 year: $126,032 11.9 years $45,159

Repayment time Total interest paid

Total interest savings: $89,566

Loan amount: $136,058

What If Mary Had Tried To Do This Herself?
• • • • •
No Source of Emergency Cash $2272 - $1927 = $345 Discretionary Income Discipline to Send all $345 Every Month Pays off in 15 years instead of 11.9 years Saves $73,916 in Interest instead of $89,566 Pays off at age 45 instead of age 41 Doing it herself will COST her 3.1 years and $15,650 compared to using the MMA Software. More importantly, WILL she do this? For 15 years? What if she has to buy 4 tires in one month, or wants to take a trip? With 10 debts there are 3,628,800 ways to pay them off. Which way is best?

West Los Angeles Residence $400,000 @ 6.5% for 30 years
Home is paid off in 10.3 years, saving $361,203 in interest, plus… Then they invest the available $4,528.00 per month for the remainder of the 19.7 year term and realize a potential nest egg of:

4% $1,677,586

5% $1,883,416

6% $2,121,261

$361,203 + $2,121,261 = $2,482,464

Who Are You?
There are 2 types of people in the world:
1) Those who know, or learn, the secret of paying off their mortgage(s) and debts early, on the same income and outgo, and 2) Those who continue to be ripped off by the banks and lenders

Which group do you belong to?

Do You See Value Here? LOC Pays for Program Makes a Forever Loan Go Away It‟s Not About Just A Mortgage and Debts All Properties, Debts and Investments too, for Your Whole Life!

The Mortgage and Debts and the LOC ALL go to ZERO on the SAME DAY

The Next Step is…
• Get your Sample MMA Analysis and compare it with your current pay-off schedule • Get your LOC, with its special features, or use your personal account/savings account/credit card combo = ASL • Fill out the simple paperwork No SSN, No credit check • INVESTMENT: $3500 invested at 10% for 10 years = $9,513 $1795 (Express, under $80,000 debts with no mortgage) invested at 10% for 5 years = $2,959 • Financing options available • Will the software benefit you?

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