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'Hitman' Howie Tee Joins 36 Production Music as Creative Director


									'Hitman' Howie Tee Joins 36 Production Music as Creative Director

36 Production Music, industry leader in innovative hip sounds, top quality real beats, and trending music
online, has announced the addition of celebrity music producer Howard Thompson, aka "Hitman" Howie Tee,
as the new creative director for the company.

Online PR News – 09-April-2013 – Los Angeles, CA - 36 Production Music, a leader in trending music, top
quality real beats, and innovative hip sounds announced that Howard Thompson, aka "Hitman" Howie Tee,
has joined the music production company as their new creative director.

"We can't say enough about what having Howie Tee on our staff as creative director means to 36 PM. He is
an amazing, accomplished musical talent with a renowned reputation for producing hits. He will help
tremendously in our mission to bring the highest quality music to our clients," said Perry Firoz, Director of 36
Production Music. "In addition to knowing his way around a music studio, Howie Tee is also well-known and
respected in the music industry, so we are understandably excited about him being a key part of our team,"
added Firoz.

Howie Tee brings a great deal of talent and experience to the position of creative director at 36 Production
Music. He will spearhead business operations and will continue the company's efforts to produce the highest
quality royalty free and buy out music at the best possible prices.

We can't say enough about what having Howie Tee on our staff as creative director means to 36 PM.

Howie Tee is a veteran music producer who has worked with such prominent artists as Color Me Badd, Paula
Abdul, The Real Roxanne and Madonna, but he still feels as if his career is just beginning. "I've got a long
way to go," says Howie with both excitement and a clear vision of what he wants to accomplish.

Born in Birmingham, England, Howie and his family moved to Jamaica before settling in Brooklyn, N.Y. It
wasn't long before Howard A. Thompson jumped into the local nightclub scene and soon earned the
nickname Howie Tee. This was to be the beginning of what became a storied career working with some of
the biggest names in hip-hop and rap music. His production efforts helped propel many musical artists to
stardom and record sales in the millions. Their hit songs could not have been possible without the input from
Howie "Hitman" Tee, as he would soon be known throughout the business.

Howie eventually branched out into other genres of music and it wasn't long before he had even more
success with groups like Color Me Badd, whose debut album was six times platinum. Howie now brings his
talent and experience to work for 36 Production Music.

36 Production Music offers the highest quality production music and innovative pricing that few others can
match. "36 Production Music is distinguished by our collaboration with A-List producers of Top 10 hits across
the US and Europe for artists such as Christina Aguilera, Real McCoy, Yvonne Catterfeld, Mariah Carey,
Paula Abdul, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, and many others" Firoz said. "You might not expect to find this kind of

talent in an affordable library and you'd probably be right. But not when it comes to the 36 PM library, and
there's a very good reason for that," he added. "Proceeds from every sale go to benefit the Ponheary Ly

The Ponheary Ly Foundation (PLF) was developed in 2005 as a way to help poor children living in rural
Cambodia. PLF helps to pay for a variety of essential items for these children including such necessities as
medical supplies, food, education and bicycles. Many big-name music producers like Frank "Quickmix"
Hassas and Anthony Mazza joined with "Hitman" Howie Tee to work with 36 Production Music to support PLF
by agreeing to sell their music on a "royalty free" basis.

The demand for 36 PM music is increasing across the globe and this means that "Hitman" Howie Tee will
play a significant role in advancing efforts by 36 Production Music to expand and enhance the scope of their
catalog. The entire 36 PM music library can be searched at

This exclusive production music company makes purchasing music online simple and very affordable while at
the same time giving their customers a unique opportunity to support impoverished children in Cambodia
through the PFL Charity Foundation.

For more information on 36 Production Music visit their website or call 855-336-3676.

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