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iNTrOduCTiON and iTEMS TO iNCLudE                                          1
Introduction and premise for the competition including this year’s items
to include in your film submission

CATEGOriES, WOrKSHOPS, JudGiNG and PriZES                                  2
Details about our ‘Introduction to digital filmmaking’ workshop, as well
as the judging panel and prizes information (including website links)

APriL FOOLS’ SCrEENiNG and AGE GuidELiNES                                   3
The low-down on this year’s April Fools’ Screening event on 31st March
2012, as well as age guidelines for both entering the competition and
attending the screening

TErMS, PrOMOTiON and THrEE GOLdEN ruLES                                     4
Details of the competition’s terms and conditions and re-iterates the
three golden rules: make it in 48 hours, show three items and make it
no more than five minutes in length

TECHNiCAL PrOduCTiON, CrEdiTATiON and COPYriGHT                             5
Specifics concerning the technical production and output of your film
including creditation and producer’s responsibility over copyright

dELiVErY and PurPOSE                                                        6
Details about the delivery of your film and what you should
include with your film submission

WHAT YOu’LL NEEd                                                            7
Hints and tips about things to think about when making your film,
includes links to pre-cleared music tracks

WHAT YOu’LL NEEd TO KNOW                                                   8
Hints and tips about technical aspects of filmmaking

OrGANiSErS, FuNdErS, SPONSOrS and SuPPOrTErS                                9
About us and the funders, sponsors and supporters of the competition

2dLAuGH12 ENTrY FOrM                                                       10
the Entry form for this year’s competition, to be included with your
film submission

2dLAuGH12 MONiTOriNG FOrM                                                  12
To be completed to include every person involved in the film and
to be included with your film submission

                                                             iNTrOduCTiON and iTEMS TO iNCLudE

You think you’re funny?
Funny how?                                             This year’s Topics / Elements
Ok, so we’re paraphrasing Joe Pesci in                 Your film MuST contain THrEE of the
‘Goodfellas’, but here is another opportunity for      following topics or elements:
you to set the big screen ablaze with the sound
of laughter.                                           The Phrase:
                                                       “i’m too tired to do that again!”
Beeping Bush Productions are the team behind           It is not acceptable as a title/tagline and must
the international "as seen on BBC" 2 Days Later        be incorporated into the script, even as a
Short Film Competition. Now we bring you the           “one-liner”. Non-dialogue submissions must
incredibly successful fifth year of 2 Days             use their imagination!
Laughter Short Film Competition.

We want you to tickle the audience’s funny             Current Political Event
bone with a short narrative film or sketch, or         Yes we mean current, not something
a comedy performance, on film of no more than          three months ago
five minutes in length.

You are allowed time to develop your idea and          unusual Sports*
script – in fact, we recommend that you do.            Bed racing, wife carrying or extreme ironing
However, this is a challenge and, once you have        anyone? Feel free to make up your own.
a script (or something like it, if you’re taking the
Mike Leigh/Whose Line is it Anyway approach),
we want you to shoot and edit that film in just        A Mouse (rodent not computer accessory)
48 hours.                                              Real or fake, squeaky or clean

                                                       A Wedding dress
                                                       Something photo (or) something real

                                                       A rubber Glove
                                                       For grime or crime

                                                       Be as creative as you like with the above –
                                                       extra brownie points for ingenuity!

                                                       *Note: If you’re thinking of referencing the 2012
                                                       Olympics be aware about copyright issues, i.e. do
                                                       not show the 2012 logo, mascots or traditional five
                                                       rings, as you will be in breach of their copyright
“ This is a rare and free                              laws. For more info see
opportunity for comedians                              about-us/our-brand/frequently-asked-questions.
and filmmakers alike to actually
see how an audience reacts to
their work in a friendly and     “
relaxed atmosphere.

                                                      CATEGOriES, WOrKSHOPS, JudGiNG and PriZES

Categories                                               Judging
Your film may be produced in any comic style             Each year we endeavour to include influential
for example:                                             members of the film and media industry on our
                                                         Judges’ Panel, so that increasingly, competition
Short narrative film                                     participants are offered an opportunity to show
Comedy sketch                                            their work professionally and take ownership and
                                                         pride in their own creative talents.
Stand-up                                                 The Judging panel votes for:

                                                             Best Short Film/Comedy     Sketch

                                                             Best Stand-Up              Best Director
                                                             Best Comedy Writer         Best Editing
Beeping Bush Ltd is the Kent & Medway                        Best Cinematographer       Best Sound
Community Network Film Delivery Partner,                     Best Actor                 Best Actress
supported by the National Lottery through the                Best Student Film
British Film Institute and Creative England.
Beeping Bush will host a one-day Introduction            The attending live audience will be able to
to digital filmmaking workshop and networking            vote for Best Popular Film from both the Just For
drop-in event for all who are interested in how          Laughs and Judges’ Shortlist Screenings. Full de-
to produce a micro-budget short film or                  tails of the prizes will appear in updated bulletins
documentary.                                             at
Through practical “hands on” professional

camera, lighting, sound and editing demonstra-
tions; and screening Q&A discussions of previously       Prizes
made local films, participants will learn how to
make best use of their own and hired equipment.          Each year there is a wide selection of prizes
                                                         from the Film Industry for the 2 Days Laughter
Further details of the workshops will appear on          competition. All category winners will win the
the 2 Days Laughter Short Film Competition 2012          prestigious 2 Days Laughter certificate, an A2 film
website (                poster of their entry, and 2 Days Laughter t-shirts
workshop/workshop.html) as soon as the courses           and a variety of comedy DVD boxsets.
are confirmed.
                                                         The full sponsors’ prize package has yet to be re-
                                                         vealed for this year’s competition. Full details of
                                                         the prizes will appear in updated bulletins on the
                                                         website ( /compete/

“ Thanks for such a great night,                         prizes/prizes.html).

we had an awesome time - what
fantastic prizes and well made
and thoughtful posters and cer-                   “
tificates! Really made our year!
EddiE GrEEN, AmAzing PeoPle: The mAn
wiTh The wobblY hAnd (Winner of four
awards including Best Film 2009)

                      2DAYSLAUGHTERSHORTFILMCOMPETITION2012                                                     2
                                                     APriL FOOLS’ SCrEENiNG and AGE GuidELiNES

April Fools Screening Event
We have a fantastic screening event for you held
at the Theatre Royal, Margate on Saturday 31st
March 2012. Full details will appear on the 2 Days
Laughter website (
screen/screen.html) in the forthcoming months
but it is expected that doors will open
30 minutes before the 15.00 Just For Laughs
screenings and 19.00 Judges’ Shortlist
screenings. Admission to all performances are
free of charge.

A shortlist of no more than 20 films will be shown
in the evening screening. It is hoped that all
other submitted productions will be shown in the

Where possible, all film entries are shown to
public audience and shortlisted films are judged
by a panel of film and media industry
professionals competing for prizes.

There will be an after-party event for
the over 18s following the April Fools’
Screening and Awards, details to follow on the
website (

Age Guidelines
Film Submissions
Any age group can enter a film into the
competition, but a responsible person over 18

must sign the Entry Form as the Producer of
the film entry.                                       “ 2 Days Laughter is essential for
                                                      any aspiring comedy filmmaker.
Screening Event Attendence                            The evening itself is great too,
The screening is only open to persons aged            there’s a great fun feeling that’s
18 YEArS ANd OVEr ONLY. The reason for this is        striped of the superficiality you
that because of unknown potential adult content
of the submitted films, we are unable to allow        get at some festivals. We had a
under 18’s to attend, in accordance with local        great evening and will definitely “
authority film censorship legislation.
                                                      be back again next year!
                                                      MArK BOWSHEr, bRendA
                                                      (Winner of 3 awards including Best Film 2011)

                                                     TErMS, PrOMOTiON and THrEE GOLdEN ruLES

Terms and Conditions                                   The Three Golden rules...
By completing the entry form and delivering it         Make in 48 Hours
to Beeping Bush Ltd (operating as Beeping Bush         The video must be shot and edited in a total
Productions), the Producer has applied to enter        of 48 hours total production time: No more!
the proposed film in the 2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short         We rely on your integrity in this matter. You can
Film Competition 2012 and related events and           choose when your 48 hours start and end. You can
accepts that the conditions contained in this          also spread your 48 hours out over an extended
form apply to the Producer and Beeping Bush            period, for example, you could work eight hours
Productions.                                           a day on five separate days. Remember, there is
                                                       no time limit to develop your ideas and script – in
The Producer must be at least 18 years of age,         fact, we recommend that you take full advantage
and ensures that all details in the entry form         of this.

and monitoring forms are correct.

Beeping Bush Productions reserves the right to         Show three items
reject the Producer’s film and will be informed        Each film must contain THrEE items from the list
as to the reasons why.                                 outlined on page one in the brief, as proof that
                                                       the film was shot solely for this competition.
                                                       The three items do not have to be prominently
Promotion and Marketing                                featured or shown in full, but could likewise be
                                                       used as a major feature in the film if desired.
All films submitted to the 2 DAYS LAUGHTER             For those who like more of a challenge you can
Short Film Competition 2012 may at the                 include all items (more brownie points)!
discretion of Beeping Bush Productions be
publicly performed at the April Fool’s
screening and related event activities from            Produce under 5 Minutes
31st March 2012 across all territories including       Maximum length of your film entry should be
the 2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short Film Competition             five minutes exactly (i.e. 00:05:00) including
website ( for an               credits. This is required in order to allow your
indefinite period.                                     films to be eligible for other short film festivals
                                                       and media screenings. it can be shorter!
The Producer, by applying for entry into the
2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short Film Competition 2012,
assigns absolutely to Beeping Bush Productions
the exclusive right to:

a) include the film in whole or part in promotion-
al activities for the 2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short Film
Competition or its appointed sponsors.

b) a collection or compilation of films seen in
                                                      “ Thank you for an amazing night.
public at any film festival conducted or consented
                                                       We totally enjoyed it and this has
to, by Beeping Bush Productions,                       given me the boost to produce
c) to communicate the film to such public by
                                                       more short films and write even
any means including, but not limited to, the           more - Watch out!
internet, cable, satellite and by any media yet
to be devised and at, from or otherwise in             LEE BOLTON, lesleY: Adonis
connection with any film festival conducted by         (Shortlisted film 2010)
Beeping Bush Productions.

                      2DAYSLAUGHTERSHORTFILMCOMPETITION2012                                                  4
                                            TECHNiCAL PrOduCTiON, CrEdiTATiON and COPYriGHT

Technical Production                                   Creditation
Output                                                 All entries MUST feature an accreditation of the
                                                       2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short Film Competition 2012:
We accept the following:                               i.e. “Produced for the 2 Days Laughter Short Film
                                                       Competition 2012”. This can either be at the
PAL VIDEO DVD                                          beginning or the end of the film.
miniDV Tape
Sony HDV Tape

Please ensure your finished film runs at 25fps.
If you are having problems delivering your             Copyrights are the Producer’s responsibility
film to the above formats then contact Chris           and may need to be obtained prior to the event.
( to arrange        Beeping Bush Productions, or any of its partners,
an alternative delivery format.                        take no responsibility for any breaches of

                                                       All films submitted must be an original work:
Sound Levels                                           Do not use part or all of a previous project,
                                                       or footage that has not been filmed during the
Final output levels should be set to average           48-hour period. Copyright free (or copyright
around -12db peaking at -3db. This is for continu-     owned by the producer) archive material is
ity across all film submission screenings as well as   allowed. Credit any sources/artists of ‘copyright
not damaging the Theatre speakers. If your film        cleared’ music that is used in your film entry.
constantly distorts it will not be screened.           Films must be copyright free (music, logos, etc.).

                                                       By applying for entry in Beeping Bush Productions’
recommended Standard dVd                               2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short Film Competition 2012,
Compression rates                                      the Producer makes the following warranty that
                                                       the Producer is the owner or licensee of the
DVD-R preferred                                        copyright in all imagery and sound recordings
Video Standard PAL (not NTSC) 25 fps                   to the film and the works reproduced in those
Encoding: Bit Rate 4-5Mbps -                           recordings for an indefinite period from
(Max Bit Rate 7-8Mbps), Two Pass VBR mode              31st March 2012.

dVd Compatibility

VidEO dVd
                                                       “ Thank you so much for Saturday
Please check that your DVD works in a DVD player
                                                       night. I had a brilliant time and
(rather than just your PC/Mac) before submitting       am obviously very delighted the
and that the DVD is indeed in PAL format.              film went down so well. I thought
dATA dVd                                               so many of the other films were
If you’re submitting a data DVD then check that        brilliant too.
the film is self contained on the DVD and that
no part of the file is linked to your computer. A      EdWArd HANCOCK, MIck: An Ex-PoLIcE HoRSE
QuickTime file is preferred.                           (Winner of 6 awards including Best Film 2010)

                                                                              dELiVErY and PurPOSE

delivery                                             Purpose
All submissions to include final edited version of   The purpose of the competition is to foster and
your film, a still image, the completed entry form   encourage creativity, i.e. the idea of the film and
and monitoring form. The organisers reserve the      its execution, rather than the technology used to
right to refuse submissions if the conditions of     make it.
the competition are not adhered to.
                                                     We will not accept        any work that clearly
                                                     and unduly places the public, or the applicants
Film Submission                                      themselves, at risk from physical harm. We
(Maxium five minute QT FILE DATA DVD / PAL
                                                     accept no responsibility for the consequences

Completed Monitoring & Entry Forms
All film submissions must supply a tagline (10
                                                                Stick with the spirit!
words max) and a short film synopsis (50 words
max) for our marketing use of your film in press     Hope for the best but expect the worst.
releases and to other film festivals etc.

High Quality Still image (Cd-rOM)
All submissions MUST include a high quality still/
photo (preferably .tif or .png format) taken from
the final film or on set and be submitted on a       “ I’m still dead chuffed about
separate CD. The still is to be used for the         how well our film did. Thanks
Audience Vote and A2 prize posters on the            again for running 2DLaugh, it’s
Screening Night and for promoting your film
through our marketing material and website.          such a brilliant way to get people
Please take the time to make a good quality          actually doing stuff rather than
                                                     talking about it. This week we’re
All entries to be submitted to the Beeping Bush      starting a two month shoot for a
Office above The Community Pharmacy Gallery by
5pm Wednesday 29th February 2012.                    mini-feature that we’re
                                                     making. It’s a huge project
The postal address is as follows:
                                                     but we wouldn’t be doing it if
2 DAYS LAUGHTER COMPETITION                          we hadn’t come across 2 Days
Beeping Bush Ltd
The Community Pharmacy Gallery
                                                     Laughter last year. I can’t stress
16 Market Place                                      enough how much we’ve all
Margate                                              learned from the films we’ve
CT9 1ES                                              made for this and 2 Days Later,
England                                              so thank you.
Collection of the entry submission from Beeping      dAN THOMPSON, edd The duck (Awarded Best
Bush is the responsibility of the entrant.           Popular Film - Shortlist Screening 2009)

                      2DAYSLAUGHTERSHORTFILMCOMPETITION2012                                                6
                                                                                   WHAT YOu’LL NEEd

Hints & Tips...
Camera & Batteries                                     Headphones & Microphone
YES! If you don't have your own camera and             It is a good idea to have headphones to listen
would like to enter, borrow a friend's, hire or join   to the playback of the audio on your camera
a group who already have one. Don't forget extra       equipment.
fully charged batteries.
                                                       If you have a good quality microphone then use
Tapes                                                  it instead of the built-in camera microphone.
Not only will you need a master tape, but also it's    Weather constraints such as wind and rain may

a good idea to back up an extra copy. For quality      interfere with your sound quality, so have
purposes you should submit your video on miniDV        alternatives.
(including sony HDV although DVD is acceptable).
                                                       Your Team
Editing equipment                                      You can have as many people in your team as you
Similar to the camera, if you do not have editing      wish. If you wish to work alone you can, however
facilities then borrow or hire. Try local colleges,    it may be easier if you work in a team. This will
media centres, community centres, etc. Of              allow delegation, a useful resource given the
course there maybe basic editing facilities built      time constraints.
in to your camera equipment.
                                                       Wet weather gear
Actors                                                 It is likely to rain (Sod’s law), and some of the
You don't have to use actors, but it's ideal and       items on the list are outside. Make sure you not
recommended. Your best option is to bring along        only bring coverage for yourself, but for your
your friends, or double up with crew as actors.        camera and equipment as well!

Music                                                  Transportation
Don’t forget your score! Remember you may need         Having a car is advantageous. You don’t have to
to have written copyright documentation for            carry all your equipment and gear around - If it
commercial tracks! We encourage filmmakers to          rains, you have shelter and storage and you get
take advantage of the pre-cleared music tracks/        to places quicker. Always check the times and
loops for your contest videos, which can be            availability of public transport. You don’t want
found on the internet (i.e.,           to be caught short by those dastardly weekend,,                        engineering works.,, and credit

Mac people can use garageband/apple loops
                                                       “ It’s so crazy I wanted to enter.
whilst PC there is acid loops. If you have your
                                                       I thoroughly enjoyed the whole
own original music, use it! If you can play the        process of making my first short
guitar, keyboards, flute, or any musical
instrument just make up a tune. You can basically
                                                       film and this competition has
use anything to produce your musical score.            made a massive difference to
Pick up some sticks and bang them together, or         my life.
play the drums on a cardboard box. Be creative
and think differently.                                 JAY SOdAGAr, dieTARY insTincT
                                                       (Shortlisted Film 2008)

                                                                       WHAT YOu’LL NEEd TO KNOW

Scripting                                             Lighting
Pre-production is the key, start with a concept and   There are a few things to watch out for. Make
idea, create an easily adaptable script, one that     sure what you’re filming isn’t backlit, or in a
can change easily and quickly as you may need to      shadow, and avoid pointing the camera directly
allow for changes. Don’t block yourself in.           towards the sun or a bright light as it will flare up
                                                      the image.
Storyboarding (even drawing stick men) is a           Titles
process that visually orders your shots and action.   Some cameras offer titles, but if your camera
By consciously deciding what shots to use and         doesn’t, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to
which order they run in, this will make the whole     produce titles. Just write on some paper with a
production process much more efficient and save       marker, or use chalk on the ground. Try and work
valuable time.                                        the titles into the action!

Cinematography                                        useful Terms
                                                      Leading the action: Whenever a subject has a
Types of Shots:
                                                      definite movement toward the edge of the frame,
                                                      place the subject closer to the edge from which
Shots are divided into three basic categories - the
                                                      he is moving. If the shot continues for some time,
long shot (LS), medium shot (MS) and close up
                                                      the runner can advance in the frame (still leaving
                                                      room at the right) to suggest forward movement.
                                                      Similarly, someone in profile looking off screen to
LS: Includes whole body of the person in relation
                                                      the right should be framed closer to the left side
to the environment, usually taken from fairly far
                                                      of the frame, leaving space on the right.
away from the person.
                                                      Continuity: Continuity records the camera angle,
MS: The MS is not too detailed and includes part of
                                                      length, cast action, exact dialogue etc., so that
the subject and usually includes people from head
                                                      each shot is designed to be cut on either side will
to knee or from waist up.
                                                      match. Every aspect of the shot conforms to the
                                                      final edited sequence.
CU: The CU shows a detail of the scene; in the case
of a person, it is a head and shoulder shot.
                                                      The 180-degree rule (or Crossing the line):
                                                      Screen direction refers to the right or left di-
Other shots:
                                                      rection on screen as seen by the audience. If a
                                                      subject facing the camera moves to his left, it
Establishing Shot (ES) / Wide Shot (WS): A wide
                                                      is screen right. The 180-degree rule tells how to
view of landscape or a shot that defines the basic
                                                      maintain screen direction when different shots
space or locale where the subsequent events take
                                                      from the same scene are edited together. To help
                                                      plan your shots, imagine a line drawn through
                                                      the main line of action. If all camera shots are
Point of View Shot (POV): Is taken from someone's
                                                      on one side of the line, screen direction will be
or something's vantage point.
                                                      preserved from shot to shot. However, sometimes
                                                      crossing the line can be used as an effect known
                                                      as 'the jump cut'.

                      2DAYSLAUGHTERSHORTFILMCOMPETITION2012                                                   8
                                                       OrGANiSErS, FuNdErS, SPONSOrS and SuPPOrTErS

ABOuT THE OrGANiSErS                                         ABOuT Our SPONSOrS
Beeping Bush Productions (                 The Westcoast Bar (
Beeping Bush Productions is the production arm of            Thanets premier live music venue and bars situated
Beeping Bush Ltd. It is a pioneering (Industrial and         at the heart of Margate Old Town a stones throw away
Provident status) digital arts & media organisation and      from the Turner Contemporary development
is the Kent & Meday Community Network Film Delivery
Partner supported by the National Lottery through            Gadds’, The ramsgate Brewery Ltd
the British Film Institute and Creative England              (
with Kent County Council Arts Investment Funding.            Brewing fresh, tasty, local ale for fresh, tasty locals.
                                                             Taste of Kent Awards: Best Kent Brewery, 2007. Best
                                                             Kentish Beer, 2008. Great Taste Awards: Double Gold,
ABOuT Our FuNdErS                                            2009
BFI is the British Film Institute. A world-renowned
archive, cinemas, festivals, films, publications and         ABOuT Our SuPPOrTErS
learning resources.                                          Theatre royal Margate
Creative England (                 The Theatre Royal Margate is a professional
Creative England supports the sustainable growth of          theatre that receives and produces 3 seasons of
independent creative businesses, and the talent that         professional work each year, featuring drama, comedy,
feeds them, in every part of England outside London.         music, dance, exhibitions and talks
We are the first agency to provide dedicated support
to Film, Television, Games, and Digital and Creative         university of Kent (
Services in the English regions outside London.              Higher education teaching and research
                                                             institution based in Canterbury and the
Kent County Council (                        Medway region of Kent
Provides residents, visitors and businesses with useful
information about Kent County Coucil and its services

                                                             “ We’ve entered four times
                                                             now and it’s not only been a
                                                             tremendous amount of fun for
                                                             us to make the films, but we’ve
                                                             also learned a lot about the craft
                                                             of filmmaking from watching the
                                                             films of our fellow competitors.
                                                             The competition provides the
                                                             opportunity to put yourself out
                                                             there and see your film on the                   “
                                                             big screen, which is amazing.
                                                             MArTiN WHiTE
                                                             One of the many competition returnees

                                                                                   2dLAuGH12 ENTrY FOrM

                 2dLAuGH12 Entry Form
Please fill in all details and post it along with your film submission and still image:

Title of film/video: _________________________________________________________________________

Tagline: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Synopsis (no more than 50 words):







Director: __________________________________________________________________________________

Producer: _________________________________________________________________________________

Contact Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone (h): _______________________________ Phone (mob/work): ________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Duration: _______________________ No. of cast involved: __________ No. of crew involved: __________

                       2DAYSLAUGHTERSHORTFILMCOMPETITION2012                                              10
                                                                    2dLAuGH12 ENTrY FOrM continued

Original Format: _______________________ Picture Ratio (i.e. 4:3, 16:9 widescreen): _______________

Where did you first here about 2 Days Laughter?:_____________________________________________
(ie: name of newspaper, name of website, google search, facebook advert, word of mouth)

For Student Entries:

Student name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Student course: _____________________________ University: ____________________________________

Press/Television Enquires:

Please tick the box if we can release your contact details to press/television enquires
about your film

Please tick the box that you have included a high quality still
relating to your film submission (see page six)

Please tick which THrEE options are featured in the film/video and the timecode
of where they are featured:

       The Phrase
       “ I’m too tired to do that again! ”           timecode: ___________________________

       Current Political Event                       timecode: ___________________________

       unusual Sports                                timecode: ___________________________

       A Mouse                                       timecode: ___________________________

       A Wedding dress                               timecode: ___________________________

       A rubber Glove                                timecode: ___________________________

I/We agree to all guidelines/rules and conditions as specified in
2 DAYS LAUGHTER Short Film Competition 2012 Brief.

Signature: __________________________________ Date: _____________

                                                            2dLAuGH12 MONiTOriNG FOrM

                        Monitoring Form 2DLAUGH12


    1. Diversity of Participants                                     Applies   No. of People

           White                    British
                                    Any other White background
           Mixed                    White and Black Caribbean
                                    White and Black African
                                    White and Asian
                                    Any other mixed background
           Asian or Asian British   Indian
                                    Any other Asian background
           Black or Black British   Caribbean
                                    Any other Black background
           Chinese or other         Chinese
                                    Any other ethnic background
                                    Ethnicity unknown

    2. Gender:

                                    Gender not given

    3. Disability:

                                    Disability information unknown

    4. Age:

                                    Under 18 years
                                          19-26 years
                                          27-40 years
                                    Over 40 years

                     2DAYSLAUGHTERSHORTFILMCOMPETITION2012                                     12

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