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Volkswagen Golf voted 2013 European Car of the Year The top result in the quot; Car of the
Year quot; competition was preceded by numerous awards at home and abroad: quot; Best cars
of 2013 , quot; quot; Auto Trophy 2013, quot; quot; Auto der Vernunft ( Car of Reason) quot;
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mileage if i put a Hydrogen Fuel Enhancer in my truck? been doing a little read up on hydrogen
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mlm software Fresno Will the USA go into another great depression but many millions of times
worst? "President Barack Obama proposed on Monday boosting funds for clean energy research
and deployment in his 2013 budget by slashing subsidies for fossil fuels such as oil, gas and
coal.""The budget would double the number of energy innovation hubs to six to bring scientists
to work on topics like rare earth elements, energy storage and batteries and development of smart
grid technologies designed to make electricity transmission efficient." scientificamerican
/article.cfm?id=obama-2013-budget-provides-8-billioEdit:"The White House asked for $36
billion in federal loan guarantees to help finance the building of nuclear power plants, as it did
last year. The loan program already has $18 billion in authority."You see, he's put a bit of money
in for nuclear, but its a major hassle to get one built.I'm really 15 Jerry, sure if you say so. Why
do you have a problem with that? @Al no doubt about it, but we have to keep pushing.@Jerry
No companies have been trying for decades, they just can't get all the funding together. It takes a
huge effort to get thru all the regulations and so much effort to put one together that the attemots
die before they even get started. That problem isn't there for renewables cause you don't have to
be a huge company to do it. So it allows ever country and company a crack at it, thats why
renewable energy is and will succeed.@Rio in the 60s, first of all they didn't have the technology
and knowledge we have today. Also in the 60s they would have a very hard time to compete
against cheap oil.Now soak in some modern day news, renewable energy production in the US is
at 10.5% of our energy. Nuclear is 11% of our energy. I didn't make that up. Do you still think
renewables are getting no where? Plus the whole world is in on it and some produce a higher
percentage of renewables than we do.Edit2:"Globally, renewable energy made up 18 percent of
the world’s electricity supply in 2013, according to the report, while 80 gigawatts of
renewable energy capacity was added worldwide in 2013, including 31 GW of hydroelectric
power and 48 GW of non-hydro capacity." "The REN21 report states that more than 85 countries
had renewable energy policy targets last year, a number that is up more than 50 percent from
2013." “Favorable policies in more than 100 countries have played a critical role,” says
Mohamed El-Ashry, chairman of REN21. “For the upward trend of renewable energy growth
to continue, policy efforts now need to be taken to the next level and encourage a massive
scale-up of technologies.” "China was a key player in the renewable energy market in 2013,
adding more green power capacity than any other country in the world. China added 37
gigawatts of renewable energy sources last year, bringing its total to 226 GW. The Chinese also
produced a major portion of the renewEdit:Solar has been getting more and more efficient and
cheaper. Wind is free energy and wind farms are being put up all over the place. Energy directly
from the atmosphere that has tooo much energy in it because of us. Not a thing wrong with that
and they can be put anywhere, including your roofs/.@d/dx You can find better ways of doing it
than by using land or using food. Algae can be grown anyway and also absorbs CO2 in the
process of growing. You can grow them on your roof tops.Convert landfill trash to energy.
Convert human and animal waste to fuel. All is needed is ingenuity in doing it in a way that
doesn't compete with the resources we need to survive.Did you know GM is going to go Hybrid
on all their vehicles? We have become much more energy efficient than a few decades ago cause
our appliances and cars are so much more efficient. Just cause there's a downside to a technology
right now does not mean that we cannot improve on it!We are humans after all and we all have
b@d/dx Wind and solar intermittent, so what, store the energy on the grid. Its not about relying
on one energy source the way we did in the past. Its about using a combination of everything that
makes sense, including geothermal and hydropower. Beggars can't be choosers.@d/dx sorry
didn't read the rest of your paragraph. I agree but I really doubt nuclear is feasable anymore. It
died for over 30 years for a reason, it takes way too much effort and money. We don't have the
nuclear experts anymore they've all retired. I know, my father is one of them.@d/dx Wow! I'm
impressed! Thanks for the great info. Your kind of expertise and innovation is definitely what we
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Helens Craigavon, Victoria Colorado Springs Orkney. Lubbock World Maritime News - ACS:
Cleaner Fuel for Cruise Ships (USA) ACS: Cleaner Fuel for Cruise Ships ( USA ). Posted on ...
ships, usa . Scientists described development of a new fuel mixture to ease the major air
pollution and cost problems facing cruise ships, oil tankers and container ships. Lismore
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