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Take Massive Action To Propel Your Online Business
by Ashley Smith | on April 8, 2013



                          Take Massive Action
What inspired an acting icon – then propelled him into the Stratosphere? Once Rocky knew his
outcome – he didn’t let ANYTHING get in his way. When the majority of people would’ve been
crushed by similar odds. Rocky did the only thing he knew… “Take Massive Action“. And the
rest is history…
This quick video is about Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) as told by his friend Anthony Robbins, it
touches on some of the obstacles that Sly had to overcome from early childhood up until just
before he got his big break.

                                              Take Massive Action
                              Who among us can honestly say that they’ve had a vision or a
                              dream and then continued to take massive action until that
                              dream was realized? Who can survive and persevere against the
                              critisizms, the rejection and the temporary failure that overcomes
                              most people?

What this video shows is how Rocky dealt with constant and continued rejection, how he
persevered until he got what he wanted and how he continued to take massive action until he
realised his dream.
What seperates the most successful people in this world is when they have an outcome that
they need to produce, then as entrepreneurs their job is to solve problems – “How do I get this
done?” “How do I make that happen?” Then what seperates them from everybody else: they
take massive action! Even when their not sure if it’s the right thing to do – they do it anyway –

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they just do “something“!

                   Take Massive Action
There’s something to be said for someone who didn’t even have
enough money to pay for heating (in New York) and then even
had to sell his best friend in the whole world (Butkus) for $25 to a total stranger. When a broke
and unemployed actor / writer turns down a quarter of a Mil – the man definitely BELIEVES in
himself! Then the absolute nerves of steel to make it happen. To make it happen No Matter
When you think of Sly you may think of a few cheesy flicks too. Pobodys Nerfect:) But this
tremendous display of courage and his unwavering train of thought is the stuff of legends.
When I listened to this I was in awe. But thankfully, the wheel has already been invented on the
subject of internet marketing. There are lots of reputable and profitable businesses already out
there for you to choose from.

                                   Take Massive Action
The only thing that’s left for you to do now is to choose a reputable business to pair up with. If
you’re new to internet marketing then you’re in luck as there is more training from the
Industry’s Top Earners for you to quickly wade through all the hype and sales puffery
straight to the most comprehensive nuts-and-bolts training Online.
If you already have some Online know-how then you’re perfectly placed to sharpen your skills
and start using the company’s highly profitable sales funnel to start making the BIG
Take Massive Action Now and sign up to get you’re Online business Movin’ and
Shakin’. >>>>>Click Here<<<<<

Kind regards,

Ashley Smith markets Empower Network full time at his website Look no further – the complicated world of Online
Marketing is simplified for the beginner at EN – and for the experienced online marketer who is
looking for a viable sales funnel then this is the perfect solution for you.

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                    About The Author: Ashley Smith
                    Hi, my name is Ashley Smith. I've been in a few traditional MLM companies over the
                    years, and, having no real success to speak of it w as about time that I embraced

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                    technology, got w ith the times and got Online, though it w as a fantastic learning
                    experience w hich gave me a solid foundation of know ledge. Now I have started
 marketing my Online business full time w ith the techniques and strategies I have adopted from the
 Top Producers in the Internet Marketing Industry. After years of struggling just to get by I've taken
 full responsibility to reach my financial goals, my dreams, by am now applying them to succeed in
 Online Marketing and then to help others succeed w ith their Online business. I w ish you all the very
 best in your venture and I am alw ays looking to be of value and service to others in the Online
 Marketing Industry and those looking to get into it. Sincerely, Ashley Smith You can also see me at
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Description: When starting your own Online Business - you have to know your goal - then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! Don't give up - no matter what the obstacles are.