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									 On the Move
              Matt Bell,                       Grant
              Blach Con-                       Ingersoll,
              struction                        LucidWorks
              Co.                            The Red-
               The Santa                     wood City
               Clara general                 provider of
               contractor                    enterprise-
               and con-                      grade em-
struction company named         bedded search develop-
Matt Bell vice president of     ment services appointed
marketing and customer          Grant Ingersoll chief
service. He spearheads          technology officer. He is
the company’s customer          co-founder of the Mahout
service initiative and          Project.
works with business devel-
opment.                                        Matt
              Kevin Biggs,                     DocuSign
              Serena                            The San
              Software                          Francisco
              The San Ma-                       electronic
              teo provider                      signature
              of orches-                        platform
              trated IT         company appointed Matt
              services ap-      Malden chief product
pointed Kevin Biggs senior      officer. He is founder and
vice president of world-        former chief executive of-
wide sales and profes-          ficer at Yield Software.
sional services. Previously,
he was a senior executive                      Keith
at Active Network.                             Rabois,
              Laura Bold,                      Ventures
              Blach Con-                      The Menlo
              struction                       Park venture
              Co.                             assistance
             The Santa                        firm that
             Clara general      focuses on sustainability
             contractor         and technology startup
             and con-           companies named Keith
struction company named         Rabois as a partner.
Laura Bold vice president       Recently, he was chief op-
of accounting and finance.      erating officer at Square.
She has served the
company for more than 16                       Brian
years.                                         Ramos,
              Bob                              mental
              Braham,                          Science
              SGI                              Associates
               The Fremont                     The San
               large-scale                     Francisco
               computing        environmental consulting
               company          firm named Brian Ramos
               named Bob        senior vice president
Braham senior vice presi-       and Northern California
dent and chief marketing        Regional Director. He is
officer. Previously, he         a former district office
served as vice president of     chief for cultural resources
marketing at EMC.               studies with the California
                                Department of Transpor-
              Karen             tation District 4.
              Sidley                           Stephen
              Austinis                         Tsuchiyama,
               The law                         LucidWorks
               firm named                     The Red-
               Karen                          wood City
               Cottle to its                  provider
Palo Alto office as senior                    of enter-
counsel. She is former                        prise-grade
general counsel at Adobe        embedded search devel-
Systems.                        opment services named
                                Stephen Tsuchiyama
              Neil              senior vice president
              Hudspith,         of worldwide sales and
              DocuSign          services. Previously, he
              The San           served at Nlyte Software.
              electronic                       Steven
              signature                        Unterberger,
              platform                         Carrick
company appointed Neil                         Capital
Hudspith chief revenue                         Partners
officer. Recently, he was                      The San
senior vice president of                       Francisco
human capital manage-                          private eq-
ment at Oracle.                 uity firm appointed Steve
                                Unterberger chief technol-
                                ogy officer. Previously, he
                                held positions at Exult.

 Bay Area News Group reports promotions of executives
 at the vice president level or higher. Send notices to With each announce-
 ment, we require a photograph in JPEG format. Please
 upload the image, which should be a head shot about
 1 megabyte in size, to http://mediafm.mercurynews.
 com. If this is your first time uploading the images, you’ll
 need to contact the newspaper at 408-920-5088 to
 obtain a pass code.

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