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									                  A PPLE H ILL N OTES                                                              SPRING 2007

                              APPLE HILL CENTER for CHAMBER MUSIC

                                                                   Architect’s model of Auditorium from the west.

Apple Hill needs your support for the new 

John & Jean Hoffman Community  

Auditorium & Learning                                                                            View from the east.

Center     We need to raise $60,000
I  n January, 2007, Apple Hill was
   awarded a grant from the NH
Community Development Finance
                                        to match the grant
                                        awarded for this exciting
Authority for $180,800 towards the      new year round facility.
construction of a Community Audi- Your donation is needed                       programming office space. The audi-
torium & Learning Center. This                                                  torium will be accessible from the
year-round facility will seat up to 60 now! See details inside.                 front and back, as well as from the
people for music performances, re-                                              Farm House and the Rehearsal Barn.
cordings, community events, work- existing “Link,” which currently sits         New bathrooms (handicapped acces-
shops and conferences.                 between the Farm House and Re-           sible), parking, and a New England
                                       hearsal Barn. In addition to the audi-   cape exterior will make the building
For those of you who know the cam- torium, the basement will house              comfortable, accessible, and match
pus, this building will replace the    four rehearsal rooms and education       the local country style.

    PO BOX 217, SULLIVAN, NH 03445-0217      800/472-6677         INFO@APPLEHILL.ORG             WWW.APPLEHILL.ORG
From the President 
Friends:                                                 All these opportunities have associated costs. While
                                                         we always welcome regular yearly contributions to
These are exciting times at Apple Hill.                  Apple Hill, this year we ask that you consider in-
                                                         creasing your annual gift to address some of these
   We are pleased to announce that the new audito-       special projects.
   rium and community room between the farm-
   house and the rehearsal barn will be named in         We must raise an additional $60,000 over and above
   honor of John and Jean Hoffman. John has been         our regular budget to fund the building project. In
   president of the Board of Trustees for the last six   addition, we need $10,000 to upgrade the web site,
   years and, both Jean and John are enthusiastic        another $10,000 to electrify a yurt, and additional
   supporters of Apple Hill. The project comes as a      leadership gifts to fund tours.
   result of being awarded a grant from the Commu-
   nity Development Finance Authority.                   Apple Hill needs the facility improvements in order
                                                         to continue to attract both domestic and international
   We have had successful AHCP school concerts in        participants.
   Keene, Nelson, Sullivan, and Marlow/Stoddard
   with others being planned for the fall including      The Board of Trustees diligently reviews policies that
   Marlborough. In addition AHCP have performed          make Apple Hill safe and compliant with state and
   at the Colonial, at the United Church of Christ for   federal regulations, addressing safety and health stan-
   Martin Luther King/Jonathan Daniels celebration,      dards and protecting Apple Hill and its participants
   and at St. Paul’s School, the Congregation Aha-       with appropriate insurance coverage.
   vas Achim in Keene and others.
                                                         These policies and regulatory changes support a more
   We have increased the number of summer Tues-          creative environment for all participants to enjoy the
   day concerts from eight to ten, including two spe-    special community that makes Apple Hill. As a re-
   cial evenings – the Brandenburg Gala and a new        sult, the process of conflict resolution through the
   Pops Concert.                                         study and performance of chamber music can evolve
                                                         more easily.
   We anticipate having a full complement of par-
   ticipants in the summer sessions.                     Members of the Board of Trustees and the Staff share
                                                         this vision and support it with their dollars, time, ex-
   We have a three-year concert schedule and plan        perience, talent, and participation in the programs.
   Apple Hill Chamber Players recordings.
                                                         We hope you will join us in making Apple Hill an
   We have proposed two international tours for          even better place to learn and enjoy music.
   2007, Ireland and the Middle East, and several
   domestic tours.                                       I look forward to seeing you at Apple Hill this sum-
   We are stabilizing our finances, cutting waste and
   committing to activities only if fully funded.        Sincerely,

   We are planning house parties to foster new donor
   relationships and to celebrate Apple Hill’s music
   and mission of Playing for Peace.

   We have a strong board working to make limited        Alfrieda J. Englund
   dollars stretch and balancing the needs of a          President, Board of Trustees  
   changing organization focused on the transforma-       
   tive power of music.                                   
From the Executive Director 
    In the Middle East, in the US, in the Greek and                 ishes all sides positively and simultaneously, and
    Turkish communities of Cyprus, in the Transcau-                 in a way that heightens our collective humanity?
    casus, in the Protestant and Catholic communities
    of Northern Ireland, indeed in all the conflict ar-             At Apple Hill, we acknowledge and respect the
    eas of the world where all parties simultaneously               past. However, we focus on these questions: What
    think they are right, conversations with words                  are we going to do together today? What are we
    alone do not resolve the differences which prevent              going to do tomorrow? If we can be close friends,
    reconciliation. Playing for Peace inspires connec-              and if we can play beautiful music together, what
    tion across barriers of race, gender, ethnicity, gen-           else is possible? If we want tomorrow to be differ-
    eration, politics, and economics, using the lan-                ent from yesterday, what are we willing to do dif-
    guage of expressive, transformational music.                    ferently today from what we did yesterday?

    It is interesting to compare the intractability of the      Don’t ever underestimate the power and the effect of
    Transcaucasus, the Middle East, Northern Ireland,           your individual acts of reaching out. There are no un-
    and other conflict areas of the world, including            important gestures.
    areas of the US, with the intractability of US So-
    viet relations during the early and middle 1950's.          Happy Spring!
    At the height of the Cold War, human contact be-
    tween Americans and Soviets was almost incon-
    ceivable. Yet it was the artists—musicians in par-
    ticular—who inspired and delivered cross-cultural
    contact. In so doing, they were central in the proc-
    ess and in the events which culminated, some forty
    -years later, in peaceful relations between Ameri-          Eric Stumacher
    cans and the peoples of the former Soviet Union.            Executive Director/Pianist

    Playing for Peace offers insight into this core
    question: How can we celebrate individuality and
    diversity in our human society in a way that nour-

Sdeq, Iraq, cello   Eric, USA, Executive Director, piano   Vicky, USA, Program Director
    How to Support the Hoffman Auditorium 
                                                                                                 How to give: 
                   his wife, Jean, the Apple Hill Board of Trustees is nam‐
                   ing the new building the John and Jean Hoffman Com‐                           Donations can be mailed to: 
                   munity Auditorium and Learning Center. John’s leader‐                         Apple Hill Ctr. for Chamber Music 
                   ship at Apple Hill spanned six years as president, during                     P.O. Box 217 
                   which the organization grew dramatically, both finan‐                         Sullivan, NH 03445 
                   cially and programmatically. 
                                                                                                 or on‐line at www.applehill.org 
To continue John’s work on behalf of the organization, the construction of 
this facility will allow Apple Hill to better serve the community and the                        For more information,  contact Edie 
students whose lives have been touched by the Playing for Peace mis‐                             Powell, Advancement Director at 
sion. We invite you to honor the Hoffmans and the hundreds of domestic                           603/847‐3371 or edie@applehill.org 
and international students who will benefit from the Auditorium by giv‐
ing an additional gift to Apple Hill this year. All donors will receive spe‐
cial recognition on a plaque in the new building:                                                              Apple Hill Mission 
        Apple Seeds              $100                                                            The Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music promotes 
                                                                                                 peace and understanding through the transformative 
        Saplings                 $500                                                            power of playing and teaching chamber music 
        Blossoms                 $1,000                                                          around the world. 

        Orchard Circle           $5,000+                                                                         Vision Statement 
                                                                                                 Through the creation of an inspirational environ‐
                                                                                                 ment at its concerts, workshops and annual Summer 
                                                                                                 Festival, the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music 
Named Gift Opportunities                                                                         cultivates friendship, community, peace, and under‐
Support these components of the building and receive permanent recognition on the item.          standing among people of diverse backgrounds, ages 
Auditorium Chair with small plaque (75)                    $250 each                             and cultures— at Apple Hill and throughout the 
Rehearsal Room—small (2)                                   $7,500 each                            

                                                                                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 
Community Deck                                             $10,000                               Alfrieda Englund, President 
Rehearsal Room—large (2)                                   $15,000 each                          Sherry Barndollar Rock, Vice President 
                                                                                                 Sandie Phipps, Secretary 
Music Education Room                                       $15,000 
                                                                                                 Drew Landry, Treasurer 
Building & Grounds Apartment                               $20,000                               Juliana Bergeron 
                                                                                                 Jack Calhoun 
Green Building Component                                   $20,000 
                                                                                                 Arthur Cohen, M.D. 
Technology Services                                        $40,000                               Mary Delisle 
                                                                                                 Robert Sargent Fay, Ed.D. 
For more information: Edie Powell, Advancement Director, 603‐847‐3371                            Anne Richards Havill 
or edie@applehill.org.                                                                           Donall B. Healy 
                                                                                                 David E. Howe 
                                                                                                 Sean Kerwin 
                                                                                                 Leonard Matczynski 
Keep the Music Playing with Your Estate!                                                         Donald Primrose 
                                                                                                 Janice Kos Weekes 

                  M       ANY OF YOU HAVE GIVEN GENEROUSLY to support the mission of 
                          Apple Hill.  In doing so, we hope your lives have been enriched.  
                  The old adage that “it’s better to give than to receive” also holds true in 
                                                                                                 Albert H. Weeks, Esq. 
                                                                                                 Winston Yu 

                                                                                                 APPLE HILL CHAMBER PLAYERS 
                  estate planning. By leaving a legacy through a gift in your will, you can      Elise Kuder, violin 
                                                                                                 Michael Kelley, viola 
                  continue to help Apple Hill make a difference in the world.                    Rupert Thompson, cello 

                  This can be done two ways—by establishing a bequest by will, or                Eric Stumacher, piano 

                  through a living trust to the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music, with        STAFF 
                  the aid of your legal advisor.  If you have already prepared a will, your      Eric Stumacher, Executive Director 
                  attorney can help add a codicil to include Apple Hill as a beneficiary.        Joshua Cline, Operations Director 
                                                                                                 Sandy Hamm, Program Assistant 
You may make a bequest of a specific dollar amount or for a percentage of your estate.  
                                                                                                 Vicky Pittman, Program Director 
Not only are such gifts personally satisfying, a planned gift may help you minimize or           Edie Powell, Advancement Director 
eliminate estate taxes.   
    Playing for Peace 
    Building Friendships, Building Community 

                                              Reem Abu Rahmeh. Guest             Left to right, front - Sarah Kim, violin; Elise Kuder, violin;
                                              pianist and our host in Jordan.    Rupert Thompson, cello; Mike Kelley, viola.

                                          The 2006 Middle East Tour 
Violin instruction, Elise Kuder                                     We also traveled to schools in Marlow, Sullivan, and Nel-
                                                                    son, NH, enjoying the classroom atmosphere, complete
                                                                    with art project mobiles and Valentine's Day parties. Fi-
    By Elise Kuder, violin, Apple Hill Chamber Players              nally, we performed house concerts, graciously hosted by
    This past November saw the Chamber Players, with guest          Bob and Dita Englund and Harris Berman and Ruth
    violinist Sarah Kim, traveling the Middle East. We per-         Nemzoff.
    formed to an enthusiastic, sold-out crowd at the Zara Expo This March we are honored to perform with guest faculty
    Auditorium in Amman, Jordan, joined by Apple Hill alum, violinist, Movses Pogossian, on his Dilijan Concert Series
    Reem Abu Rahmeh. We gave a concert                                       in L.A., California. We will also share
    and class at the newly established music      We performed to an  with students at Antioch College (at both
    department at the University of Jordan.                                  L.A. and Santa Barbara campuses) our
    We also attended a concert by the Jorda-      enthusiastic, sold‐ experiences using music to build commu-
    nian National Orchestra and were thrilled                                nity and conflict resolution. Our trip to the
    to observe that at least a quarter of the en-
                                                  out crowd at the           West Coast concludes with a return to the
    semble were Apple Hill alums!                 Zara Expo Audito‐ Community Music School in San Fran-
    In Cyprus, we took part in a successful bi-                              cisco to perform a concert with Apple Hill
    communal workshop in the Troodos
                                                  rium in Amman,             alum , Peter Arvantely, raising funds for
    Mountains organized by Cypriot Apple        Jordan, joined by 
    Hill alumni, George Georgiou and Maria                                   There are also exciting things going on at
    Kasinou. Along with concerts in Istanbul, Apple Hill alum,               Apple Hill. We are building the Hoffman
    Turkey (including a school performance                                   Auditorium and Learning Center. This
    for students who enjoyed Bartok's 3rd      Reem Abu Rahmeh.  year-round facility will seat up to 60 peo-
    string quartet), we returned to Ankara, we                               ple for music performances, recordings,
    reunited with two more alums at the Conservatory.       community events, workshops and conferences. We are
    December, January, and February were filled with events thrilled about this opportunity!
    around New England. We held classes and a concert at St.        I am reminded of what a privilege it is to be a part of Ap-
    Paul's School in Concord, NH. We continued our partner-         ple Hill. It is the support of our alumni base that makes it
    ship with the Colonial Theatre in Keene, performing for         possible for the organization to continue to grow. Your
    200+ students sitting onstage. For the first time we worked     gifts, large and small, help us to reach you, and others with
    with teenagers at the Manchester School of Music, two of        the Playing for Peace mission. Thank you for your contin-
    whom will attend Apple Hill this summer.                        ued support.
         Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music
         Box 217
         Sullivan, NH 03445-0217
                                                           U.S. Postage
     Support Playing for Peace ‐                            Putney VT
Help build the Hoffman Auditorium &                         Permit # 1
           Learning Center 

       Please help support construction of the new
 Hoffman Auditorium with an additional gift to Apple Hill.
                    See details inside.

Architectural model of Hoffman Auditorium from the west.

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