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Round Table India Presents

              A Charity Drive to Explore Nashik
                                    SUNDAY 09 DEC 2012
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The car rally for the blind is a rally which is based on the concepts
of a professional TSD car rally. However the rally has been modified
slightly where the sighted driver is 'shown' the way by his blind


The rally has multi-fold objectives :
To provide the participant with a feeling of adventure and fun. It
also provides satisfaction of trying to understand the challenges
faced by visually impaired people and their skills in reading Braille.
It gives an opportunity to the blind navigator to show his/her skill.
Rally - A mind game

                                                                            THIS RALLY IS NOT A RACE !!!

                                                                            While the race is all about speed, rally is a much
                                                                            more complex sport. The skills required in a rally are:

                                                                            > Acute sense of direction.
                                                                            > Ability of mental arithmetic.
                                                                            > Good driving skills.
                                                                            > Good reflexes.
                                                                            > Fast Coordination of skills like listening,
                                                                              calculating, visualizing, driving etc.

                                              ROUND TABLE BLIND PEOPLE CAR RALLY 2011
                                              Round Table India is associated with Blind Peoples car rally since last 13 years.
                                              Nasik Round Table Proudly organized it’s first BMR last year with 75 participants
                                              on Jan 09, 2011.The rally was conceptualized by RTI and we are proud to say our
                                              city has now taken up this cause. To highlight the difference between ‘Sight’ and
                                              ‘Vision’, the rally has a driver who can see but will be guided by a blind person who
                                              can visualize the route through a chart which is given to him only in Braille.

                                              We donated a Braille Printer to Blind Welfare Association from the proceedings of
                                              the event..

                                              Such a rally builds the confidence of the blind people to rise above their limitation of
                                              visual impairment. The rally is aimed at creating public awareness about the potential
                                              of the visually impaired and developing a feeling of competition among them. It also
                                              promotes the affection towards the visually impaired amongst all the family members
                                              including the children.

                                              Sounds Interesting?
                                              Want to have some fun while being part of a good cause?
                             Round Table India Presents

For Participating as a Player You need to.....

Minimum Donation per car          `. 2500/-

07th Dec. 2012                    Closing of entries for the event.

08th Dec. 2012                    Draw for starting order for drivers.
                                  Draw for starting order for navigators.
                                  COMPULSORY participants briefing,
                                  pairing & issue of number Stickers &
                                  trial at 16.00 hrs.
                                  (Any change in the schedule would
                                  be declared on the website.)

VENUE : Nashik City Centre, Nashik
9th Dec. 2012, Sunday 8.00 hrs. : Start of 1st car at start point.
9th Dec. 2012, Sunday 11.00 hrs. : Arrival of First car at finish point.
9th Dec. 2012, Sunday 17.00 hrs. : Prize distribution.

For Participating as a Sponsor you need to.....
Be seen doing good....
Your involvement covering CSR initiative will make a difference and be appreciated

This event is a unique combination of marketing tool from the perspective of a dynamic
marketeer to reach the elite of town directly, at the same time it gives opportunity to
cover CSR by way of donation in such great philanthropic activities.

Platinum Sponsor             :                `. 5,00,000/-
Gold Sponsor                 :                `. 2,50,000/-
Silver Sponsor               :                `. 1,00,000/-
Co-Sponsor                   :                ` . 50,000/-
Goodies for Participation :                   `. 5000/-
Banners                      :                `. 3000/-

Exiting Coupons for first five winners from Jumpin Heights, Rishikesh
                                                                                          Media Coverage

Tr. Jignesh Goda : 098230 33809 National Car rally convener   Tr. Akash Agarwal : 099233 83838
Vardhmaan Paint Industries                                    Anil Printers

Tr. Vivek Singh : 093739 65676 Chairman, NRT 107              Tr. Saket Johri : 093739 06062 Vice - Chairman, NRT 107
Hind Tools Pvt. Ltd.                                          JP Enterprises

Tr. Manoj Motwani : 093700 37799 Secretory, NRT 107           Tr. Ajitabh Agrawal : 098220 58320 Treasurer, NRT 107
Vaishnavi Electricals                                         Krishna Writing Instruments

Tr. Shitij Agrawal : 099233 02407 IPC                         Tr. Shagun Arora: 093739 29191
Citi Bank                                                     Arora Ferros Pvt. Ltd.

Tr. Gaurav Gupta : 097663 38666                               Hon.Tr. Bobby Arora : 093702 19191
Kent Introll Ltd.                                             Arora Ferros Pvt. Ltd.

Jw. Mayank Tandon : 098224 52340                              Tr. Dr. Ashutosh Sahu : 099229 96149
Freshtrop Fruits Ltd.                                         Wockhardt Hospital

Tr. Shailendra Avasthi : 094206 95062                         Tr. Ricky Gujral : 098904 19333
Supreme Equipments Pvt. Ltd.                                  Marble Zone

Sq. Lg. Kishore Thakur                                        Sq. Lg. Vinod Adwani
Sq. Lg. Rahul Nigam                                           Sq. Lg. Naren Bhinge
Sq. Lg. Sunil Kotwal                                          Sq. Lg. Prashant Dabri
Sq. Lg. Yogesh Modi                                           Sq. Lg. Rahul Malhotra
Sq. Lg. Girish Poddar                                         Sq. Lg. Chandan Nanda

Cr. Archana Arora, Chairperson, NLC 119                       Cr. Neha Agrawal, Secretary, NLC 119
Cr. Rashmi Agrawal, Tresurer, NLC 119                         Cr. Bhumika Singh, IPC
Cr. Shilpi Avasthi                                            Cr. Ranjana Arora
                                                              Cr. Bhumika Motwani
Cr. Meghna Goda
                                                              Cr. Megha Gupta
Cr. Sneha Johri                                                                                                         weavingbird design studio, nsk

                                                              Cr. Dr. Angana Sahu
Cr. Ankita Agarwal

                 Round Table India Presents

     Office : Vardhmaan, Shrihari Narayan Kutey Marg, Chandak Circle, Nashik 422002
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