2009-10 Bookstore Plan - Harding University by wulinqing


                                                    Harding University
                                                 Outcomes Assessment Plan

Institutional Mission Goal:                Administrative Objectives:                Means of Assessment/Criteria:

The University provides adequate           1. The bookstore will start offering      1. The bookstore will create a new
resources, a supportive environment        “e-books” as an alternative program for   sales category for e-books to track their
and effective management to support        students in the textbook department.      sales.
the University’s instructional and
extracurricular programs.

                                           2. The bookstore will increase store      2. The bookstore will work with Public
                                           security.                                 Safety to obtain a new camera security
                                                                                     system and will have the Public Safety
Bookstore Mission Statement:                                                         department conduct safety and security
                                                                                     seminars with store employees.
The Harding Bookstore is dedicated to
the support of Christian education by
providing textbooks, study aids, general   3. The bookstore will improve store       3. Bookstore staff will conduct regular
books, supplies and gifts to Harding’s     safety by minimizing tripping and         daily walk-throughs of the store to
students, staff, alumni and friends and    falling risks to customers and            clean walkways and remove items that
by providing literature and religious      employees.                                could cause a fall.
materials for churches and Bible school
programs.                                  .

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