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Benefits Pack
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Introduction                                          2

Civil Service Benevolent Fund*                        3

Civil Service Insurance Society                       4

Civil Service Motoring Association                    5

Civil Service Sports Council Sports & Leisure         6

Employee Assistance Programme                         7

Gym Equipment and Membership*                         8

Health Care
        1.   Beneden Healthcare Society                9
        2.   Civil Service Healthcare                 10
        3.   The Dreadnought Unit                     11
        4.   Simply Health (Previously HSA)           12

Seafarers Benefits Advice Line                        13

TH Salary Sacrifice
        1. Child Care Vouchers                        14

THLS AVC Scheme and Stakeholder arrangements*         15

Civil Service Pensioners Alliance*                    16

Civil Service Retirement Fellowship                   17

Those marked with an * are not applicable to members of the Corporate
Department of Trinity House.

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As an employee of Trinity House you are entitled to a whole range of benefits. The more
obvious benefits such as Pension, Performance Related Pay, Annual Leave etc can be
found in your terms and conditions of service and are also detailed in the various HR

This booklet has been put together to make known the less obvious benefits available to
you due to your employment with Trinity House. It has purposely been kept brief and you
are advised to visit the appropriate websites or telephone the various providers directly
for more details.

The benefits listed range from health care to support groups, child care vouchers to
discounted insurance premiums, and are available to current staff (except the
THLSAVCS and Stakeholder arrangement which are only open to active pension scheme
members) with some also being open to former employees and pensioners (see individual
section for eligibility details).

Most benefits are a result of special rates having been negotiated for civil servants, and
due to the history and nature of Trinity House our employees can also take advantage of
these favourable terms.

This booklet is giving an idea of the different benefits available. We will try to ensure
that it is updated as and when appropriate. It does not, however, make any promises of
what is available from individual organisations/providers. Before you sign up for
anything you are advised to check with the organisation first to ensure you are happy
with the contributions due and the benefit/service being provided.

No benefits detailed in this booklet are contractual.

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Civil Service Benevolent Fund (CSBF otherwise known as “the Fund”)

The CSBF can give financial assistance to people depending on their particular
circumstances. Applications are treated solely on the basis of need. In some cases a
payment can be made within 24 hours.

They offer a care placement and advisory service which can provide help with
information, advice and possibly financial assistance on short and long term care options.

There is a freephone service offering confidential basic advice and information on a
range of subjects from where to find local community support and practical help to
helping apply for financial assistance.

An information service gives access to a range of information sources. They aim to give
information over the telephone straightaway and send any further details direct to home.
They can provide contact information on voluntary and statutory organisations and
nursing, residential, respite and convalescent homes anywhere in the United Kingdom.
Their work is carried out by both salaried staff and volunteers.

Trinity House is an associated employer and as such all serving, former and retired staff
and their financial dependants are eligible to apply for free help and advice. You do not
have to be a donor to get help.

The fund however is a charitable organisation reliant on voluntary donations and fund
raising initiatives. Forms are available from HR should you wish to make a regular
contribution direct from salary.

Further information
Their website can be found at This contains details about their
history and what the CSBF can offer and also provides links to other benevolent societies
and information sites.
Telephone number for assistance: Freephone 0800 056 2424

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Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS)

The CSIS are an independent specialist insurance intermediary arranging insurance on
behalf of the customer.

Insurance can be taken out in respect of cars, home, caravans, pets, breakdown cover,
golf, boats, motorcycles and ID theft.

The CSIS operates a UK based team and also assists with resolution of claims, when

They are a company limited by guarantee, without shareholders or other owners. They
operate on a not for profit basis, normally being paid by commission on business handled
with no additional fees.

Special rates have been negotiated for all serving and retired civil and public servants.
These rates are also available to Trinity House employees and pensioners.

Further Information
Their website can be found at or telephone: 0845 6077 444

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Civil Service Motoring Association (CSMA )

The CSMA is the UK's largest private home, motoring and leisure association. The wide
range of benefits available are negotiated exclusively for the CSMA, and developed with
the aim of helping members to get more for their money, and more out of life.

It is a non-profit motivated organisation owned and run by its members, for its members,
and any money made is invested back into member benefits.

Benefits include:
Free motor legal expenses cover,
Free telephone legal advice on any private motoring or personal legal matter,
Britannia Rescue's breakdown and recovery service at exclusively low rates.
Highly competitive car insurance, online life assurance or critical illness/income
protection (with Frizzell),
Specially negotiated rates of flexible travel or caravan insurance (Caravan Guard).
15% discount on holiday home insurance (Towergate Holiday Homes).
Negotiated discounts on all areas of holiday needs.
Access to over 60,000 used cars and up to 25% can be saved on selected new cars.
Independent financial advice at negotiated rates (Lighthouse Temple),
Special rates on certain attractions.
Club magazine ‘Motoring & Leisure’

There are various committees covering camping and caravanning, motoring and
motorcycling with a wealth of experience in organising rallies and events at home and
abroad and also providing advice and guidance on a range of related subjects.

Membership is £15 per year to both current and past Trinity House employees.

There is a Club magazine available free to members.

Further Information
Their website can be found at or telephone 0845 345 7444
9am-6pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm Sat

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Civil Service Sports Council Sports & Leisure (CSSC)

The CSSC plays an important role in improving the health and welfare of its members
through encouraging teamwork and commitment within their working and leisure lives.

It aims to provide a wealth of sporting and leisure opportunities. They stage local and
national competitions. Members are able to take part in a huge variety of sports and
leisure pursuits at whatever level preferred.

A regular leisure scene magazine is issued to members and member’s discounts have
been negotiated with a huge variety of companies including travel, hotel and attractions.

The CSSC is owned and mainly run by its members. Hundreds of volunteers run clubs
and sports grounds, plan and organise sports and social events, manage area and
departmental associations. The CSSC is divided into 12 regions each divided into areas.

Subscription is at the rate of £3.50 (£3.15 pensioner) per month or £7.00 (£6.30
pensioner) for ‘membership plus’ (includes aviation and sailing). Membership can
continue on leaving service.

Further Information
Their website can be found at or telephone number: Customer Services
01494 888444 (Mon – Thurs 9am -5pm & Fri 9am - 4.30pm)             .

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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

This is a 24/7 confidential service which provides free access to a range of specialist
support and information for any work, personal or family issue. The service is operated
by Workplace Options, an expert provider of such services and is completely independent
of Trinity House.

The EAP provides practical information, resources and counselling to help you balance
your work, family and personal life. Topics include, but are not limited to, relationships,
childcare, debt, disability and illness, bereavement and loss, stress, elder care, family
issues, education, consumer rights, etc..

Help can include telephone information, fact sheets, information packs or short term
counselling. The programme can save you time and legwork by searching for services in
your local area, such as childcare and elder care providers.

Support is also available on the EAP website: Here you
will find extensive resources, including high-quality, up to date articles, searchable
databases, regular online seminars and time-saving links. You can instant message an
EAP professional through the LiveCONNECT service. Just log on using username:
trinityhouse and password: employee.

Who can use this service
The EAP is available to employees of Trinity House and their immediate family
members, who live in the same household, (eg spouse, partner, parent, brother, sister).

The cost of this service is provided in full by Trinity House.

Further information
A leaflet is available from HR or from the leaflet displays within your work area. To
make use of the service ring 0800 243 458 (freephone), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
or email You will need to quote Trinity House as a

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Gym Equipment
This has been supplied by Trinity House and is available to use on TH Vessels Galatea
and Patricia and at the Swansea depot. At Swansea depot the gym may be used during
lunch time only, between 1230 and 1330 Monday to Friday.

Before anyone can use the equipment they have to undertake an induction by the
recognised trainer and complete a physical activity readiness form.

Free – all equipment supplied by Trinity House. Induction performed by a TH employee.

Gym Membership
Trinity House has an agreement with Tendring District Council (TDC) to provide
employees with discounted gym membership when opting for the Premier card scheme
for 1 August 2011 to 31 July 2012.

The Premier Card allows access to use the facilities at the following leisure centres: -

Clacton Leisure Centre
Dovercourt Pool / Harwich Sports Centre
Frinton and Walton Pool
Brightlingsea Pool / Brightlingsea Sports Centre
Manningtree Sports Centre

TH has negotiated a 20% discount of the annual membership cost, bringing the cost from
£385 to £308 per annum (£25.67 per month) for the year 2011/2012. This arrangement
will be reviewed annually at the end of July each year.

TH also subsidises the fees by £11 per month. This subsidy is subject to Tax and NI
deductions at an employee’s normal rate as it is a taxable benefit. Therefore, taking into
account the adjustment to tax and NI, as an estimate, an employee will incur the
following total costs: -

£14.67 plus £3.34 per month for those within the 20% tax bracket. Total payroll
deduction - £18.01 per month
£14.67 plus £4.62 per month for those within the 40% tax bracket. Total payroll
deduction - £19.29 per month

That’s a total saving of £168.88 (or £153.52 for employees within the higher tax
bracket) per year!!

To be eligible for the discounted rate of 20% saving, we must have 15 employees signed
up and contributing to the scheme for 12 months. If an employee leaves during the 12
month period, the balance of the full annual fee will be deducted from their final pay.

Further information & application form
See Imanage document 153391

Further information about the facilities at each centre can be found at

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Health Care

There is a range of health care including private medical insurance available to Trinity
House employees at discounted rates. Details are summarised below.

1. Beneden Healthcare Society

Beneden is a mutual not for profit friendly society run by members, providing low cost
back up healthcare.

The following services are available from day one of membership:

        24 hr 7 days a week GP confidential telephone consultation service provided by
         Medical Solutions UK Ltd.
        Long term care advisory service to help find suitable arrangements for members
         and relatives via a specialist company ‘Grace Care’
        Health concern advice line to point members in the direction of other
         organisations that can provide support, care or advice
        Discounts at health clubs (Fitness first and DC Leisure) and health screening
         (with BUPA Wellness)
        Free magazine

Services available after 6 months of membership:

        If the NHS waiting list is considered to be too long, diagnostic consultations can
         be arranged with either a consultant recommended by a GP or a Beneden
         Consultant, up to £1,000 for any condition.
        Minor outpatient treatment, up to £1,000, which can include such procedures as
         an injection or removal of a mole.
        Treatment and surgery performed at specially selected regional surgical centres
         or at Beneden hospital.
        Physiotherapy up to £200 if recommended by a GP or consultant
        Financial support for members living with cancer or TB to help meet extra
         expenses that come as a direct result of the illness ie help with costs of home
         help, travelling to/from hospital, prepayment prescription, hiring special

The current rate is £1.50 per person per week (£6.50 per month, 19.50 per quarter, £78.00
per year). There is no increase in charges as the member gets older. Family members can
be added at the same rate.

All contributions work for the benefit of its members. There are no shareholders. Services
are not restricted and there are no extra charges for current or previous medical

Further Information
Their website can be found at Telephone 0845 052 5733

Existing members: 0845 052 5701 Lines open 8am - 8pm, Mon-Fri (excluding bank

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2. Civil Service Healthcare

A health insurance specialist offering fully comprehensive health insurance, covering
the costs of your hospital stay or a low cost cash plan, providing cash back towards
dental, optical and other everyday healthcare needs.

Different needs are allowed for and the fact that circumstances can change. In this respect
a flexible health insurance plan called ‘your choice’ is offered. This offers a menu of
cover options so that a personal package of health protection can be offered. The health
care plan can be created depending on how much cover is required and how much the
applicant wants to spend.

    This is the only part of ‘your choice’ which has been made compulsory.
       The Essential option offers a core level of coverage for surgery, accommodation,
       and specialised scans, including MRI, CT and PET scans, pre and post-operative

Expert Diagnostics
This option gives peace of mind when investigation for an injury or illness is required.
Tests and consultations would be arranged quickly at a hospital convenient to the

Therapy & Care
The Therapy & Care option offers cover for a range of traditional, complementary and
alternative therapies with a qualified Therapist. A member will also be able to gain access
to services which aid and support recovery after a spell in hospital.

Heart & Cancer
Due to the potential complexity and duration of heart and cancer problems these can
often be some of the most expensive conditions to treat. For those affected, and for those
looking after a loved one, it can also be a very stressful and emotional period. The Heart
& Cancer option gives peace of mind if the member, or an insured dependant, needs
treatment for an acute heart or cancer condition.

Cash Benefits
The Cash Benefits option can help alleviate the occasional costs of everyday healthcare
expenses with cash back to help pay towards treatment for dental, optical and health
screenings. For example, the member can receive cash reimbursement, up to agreed
limits, for visits to the Dentist, Hygienist, Optician, for prescription contact lenses, and
towards a full health screening.

Obtain a quote by telephoning 0800 917 4325.

If health insurance is wanted for the family, extra savings can be made – payment will
only be for one child under 18 years of age, and nothing for children under 1 year old,
the rest are covered free.

Further Information
Their website can be found at
The booklet ‘Your Choice Health Insurance’.

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3. The Dreadnought Unit

The Dreadnought operates from St Thomas’ Hospital, London, as a NHS-funded contract
to treat merchant seafarers. They are given priority treatment when possible, to ensure
that they can return to work quickly.

Patients are treated according to clinical need and placed in the ward most suitable for
their medical condition.

Referrals come into the administration office and prospective patients are sent a patient
information form to establish whether they are eligible to use the Dreadnought facilities.
The form gathers such information as confirmation as to whether the patient’s treatment
is urgent, soon or routine, and when the patient is available for an appointment to avoid
cancelled or missed appointments for times when seafarers are away at sea.

Accommodation may also be arranged due to the distances that may be travelled by
seafarers from home/ship.

Who within TH is eligible for treatment?
The following are eligible for elective priority treatment at the Dreadnought Unit:

       Active SVS employees
       Employees essential to the function of the fleet
       Dependants where the illness of the spouse or child (under 18) causes the SVS
        employee grave concern.

The following (but not their dependants) are also eligible to be considered for elective

       Retired SVS employees

Funded by the NHS

Further Information
Their website can be found at
Telephone: 020 7188 2049

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4. Simply Health (Previously known as HSA)

Simply health offers various plans to suit the needs of most individuals.

Simply Cash Plan - to help you plan for the cost of visits to the dentist or optician,
incidental in-patient stays, complimentary therapies including physiotherapist, osteopathy
and chiropractic treatment, whether it's for a check-up, treatment or an emergency. A
simple monthly payment, from £10.20 per month, means you get cash back on your
health costs, up to your annual limit. There are four levels of cover with a range of
benefits on offer. Tel. 0800 197 6999 (Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to

Simply Dental Plan - to help you manage the cost of routine visits to your dentist and get
insurance for the unexpected. A simple monthly payment, from £7.50 per month, means
you get money back towards your dental bills, up to your annual limit. There are two
levels of cover with a range of benefits. After a three month qualifying period you get
cash back on regular treatments, and have peace of mind knowing that you're covered for
dental accidents or emergencies. Tel. 0800 316 4794 (Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm,
Saturday 9am to 5pm).

Simply Private Health – There is Core Cover for consultation and diagnosis fees, plus a
choice of three additional levels of cover, from surgical procedures to cover for cancer
and heart conditions. You get access to the care you need, when you need it. All you need
to worry about is looking after yourself and getting better. Tel. 0800 980 6243 (Monday
to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm).

Simply Accident Plan – You or your family could receive a tax free payment in the event
of an accident which results in a bodily injury. Up to four children under the age of 18
living at home with you would be covered for free. Payment starts at £4.95 a month for
up to £150,000 of cover. Tel. 0800 072 6720 (Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday
9am to 5pm).

Further details can be obtained from the telephone numbers given above, the general
helpline: 0800 980 7890, email or from the

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Seafarers Benefits Advice Line

A telephone advice service funded by the Seamen’s Hospital Society and operated by the
Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to provide advice to merchant seafarers, fishermen and
their families.

It can provide a full benefit advice service, so that, in addition to giving advice on the
phone or by post, it can negotiate on behalf of a caller with the appropriate authorities.

Help includes:
Benefit checks – Calculations to check the amount of state benefit and tax credit to which
there may be an entitlement.
Help with benefit appeals.
Letter writing – help with important letters, forms and legal documents.
Information – Thousands of pages of information is available to trained and experienced

Telephone calls are charged at a local rate from anywhere throughout the UK. The line is
open between 10.00 and 12.30 Monday to Friday. A message can be left out of hours or
by email.

Further Information
Their website can be found at       Telephone: 0845 7413 318 Monday
to Friday from 10.00am to 4.00pm

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TH Salary Sacrifice
A Salary sacrifice agreement is where an employee formally agrees to a reduction in their
taxable salary. Usually the sacrifice is made in return for the employer’s agreement to
provide the employee with some form of non-cash benefit. The ‘sacrifice’ is achieved by
varying an employee’s terms & conditions of employment relating to pay.

For example, with childcare vouchers the employee receives the amount equivalent to the
reduction in childcare vouchers which is exempt from NI and Tax contributions.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are a government initiative designed to help working parents pay for
childcare. You can convert part of your salary into vouchers saving the tax and NI you
would normally pay on that amount. The vouchers are ordered and issued through your
employer’s payroll and you have the choice of either paper vouchers sent to your home
address or e-vouchers which allow you to go online and make payments direct into your
carer’s bank account. Carers will need to be part of the Sodexho affiliate programme to
be able to accept vouchers as payment. If they have not registered they can do so by
completing a simple form.

You can convert salary of up to £55 per week (£243 per month) into vouchers. Vouchers
are valid for up to 18 months.

Further Information
Help line: 0800 328 7411
HR : 01255 245096
Leaflet ‘Information for Parents’ available from HR
Details of the scheme are contained in the HR manual which can be found on Worksite at
HR/Employee Relations/HR Manual/Section 9 Staff Benefits/9.2 Salary Sacrifice

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Trinity House Lighthouse Service Additional Voluntary Contribution (THLSAVC)
Scheme and Stakeholder arrangements

The THLSAVC Schemes are ‘money purchase’ type of arrangements which provide benefits in
addition to existing pension arrangements.

Trinity House currently uses two providers for its AVC scheme. These are Scottish
Widows and Standard Life. Alternatively anyone can take out a Free Standing AVC
(FSAVC) independently of Trinity House. Standard Life is the provider of the TH
Stakeholder arrangement.

An advantage of joining the THLSAVC Schemes is that some of the administration is
undertaken by the Trinity House pension administrator on behalf of Scottish Widows or
Standard Life. Scottish Widows and Standard Life also offer those joining the
THLSAVC Scheme reduced charges specially negotiated by the Civil Service which
THLSPS members are able to take advantage of.

The member decides how much they want to pay into the AVC/Stakeholder Scheme.
They can start, stop or change the level of payments at any time by writing to Scottish
Widows/Standard Life, who will then make the appropriate arrangements directly with
the Trinity House pensions administrator.

Payments made receive tax relief at the member’s highest rate. Tax treatment depends on
personal circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

The member chooses the investment route for their contributions. There is a wide range
of pension investment funds to suit the member’s needs.

Further Information

Leaflets ‘The Trinity House Lighthouse Service Additional Voluntary Contribution
Scheme – A Brief Guide’ and ‘A Brief Guide to Stakeholder Pensions’

which can be found on Worksite at HR/Pensions/


(Standard Life)

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Civil Service Pensioners Alliance (CSPA)

The CSPA has made regular representations on behalf of Civil Service Pensioners to
Ministers, to MP's and to a number of Committees which have reviewed the future of
pensions. Sometimes it has acted independently, on other occasions it has made common
cause with other pensioner organisations.

It is not a Trade Union but is run on a voluntary basis by retired Civil Servants. It is the
only body recognised by Government Departments dealing with Civil Service pensions
as speaking solely for all such pensioners. They co-operate on issues of common concern
with other pensioner organisations such as Age Concern.

The CSPA speaks on behalf of all Civil Service pensioners. Membership expresses
support and gives the CSPA a stronger voice to defend and protect the value of Civil
Service pensions.

Membership is open to Trinity House pensioners and to active and former members who
remain entitled to benefits and are within ten years of their pension age.

Membership is not open to anyone whose pension is or will be from an insurance type
pension scheme such as the Personal Pension Account.

Other benefits include:
Magazine. A magazine is sent free to members' homes every quarter with news about the
CSPA campaigning activity and all issues affecting pensioners.
Legal Advice from solicitors Parker Bullen. The service is limited to "one-off" telephone
advice and is provided free of charge to members and is designed primarily to point
members in the right direction.
Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney. Parker Bullen also offer to members and their
spouses a cut-price service for preparing Wills and Enduring Power of Attorney.
Independent Financial Adviser Affinity Financial Awareness offer an individual
consultation, free of charge and without any obligation, for all CSPA members.
Travel Club. The CSPA Travel Club provides discounts off the brochure price of most
tour operators.
Reduced Telephone Calls. Sky Blue Telecom offers members discounted telephone
Funeral Services. Co-operative Funeral Services offer members £50 off their funeral pre-
payment plans and 10% off their traditional funeral services.

Individual membership is £1.00 per month if paid by deduction from pension or £12.00
per year if paid by direct debit.

Joint membership (with spouse or partner) is £1.40 per month if paid by deduction from
pension or £16.80 per year if paid by direct debit.

Further Information
Their website can be found at Telephone: 020 8688 8418

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Civil Service Retirement Fellowship

The CSRF is a registered charity concerned with the social welfare of retired civil
servants. Through a UK-wide network of volunteers they provide social activities, a
visiting service and regular communication for retired civil servants.

The CSRF offers support and companionship to all beneficiaries, helping them to enjoy
their retirement fully and provides additional benefits and opportunities for all

Anyone who has ever been employed by Trinity House is classed as a beneficiary, along
with their partners, widows/widowers and dependants.

Benefits include:
‘Fresh Ties’ is a way to get in touch with new people, particularly those living in the
same area.
CSRF volunteers run a home visiting service to help beneficiaries receive the support
and assistance that they need.
‘Complete World Travel’ provide a comprehensive travel service offering competitive
deals on package holidays, cruises, short breaks, flights and more.
‘My Book Your Book’ is an online co-operative library where members share their books
with others. The CSRF has negotiated a special deal for cut-price membership.
Magazine ‘Avanti’ is sent out quarterly to all subscribers.
Group Days Out organise group tours, varying from purely panoramic to those with high
levels of activity and originality. All tours are accompanied by a qualified guide.

Subscribers are those who decide to support the CSRF financially, by a monthly
deduction from pay or pension (minimum £2.10 per month as at 1/1/2011) or an annual
subscription (£25.20).

Further Information
Their website can be found at Telephone: 020 8691 7411
Monday to Thursday 0830 to 1645 and Friday 0830 to 1630.

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