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									                           EVERGREEN VALLEY COLLEGE

“An educational program is an organized sequence of courses leading to a defined objective, a degree, a
certificate, a diploma, a license, or transfer to another institution of higher education” (Title 5, #55000).

Degree/Certificate Name:                                           Proposal No.

Degree/Certificate Objectives:

       All new degrees and certificates 12 or more units must be submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office
        for approval. Requirements are listed Program and Course Approval Handbook

       Degree/Certificates requiring state approval cannot be advertised until approved (state requirement).

       Complete the entire form.

       Include a copy of the major sheet as you wish it to appear in the catalog.

       Board approved certificate names for Evergreen Valley College
            Certificate of Completion (single course – no approval needed)
            Certificate of Specialization (.5-11.5 units) (no state approval needed – non transcriptable)
            Certificate of Achievement (12+ units – requires state approval)

       Types of Associate Degrees:

               General Studies with Area of Emphasis

               Career Technical Education Degree/Certificate
                (New Degrees/Certificate - Please include Enrollment and Completer Projections, Labor Market
                Information and Analysis, Employer Survey, List of members in Advisory committee as well as
                Recommendation summary of Advisory Committee.)

               Transfer Major Degree
                (New Transfer Programs -The CCC Chancellor’s Office expects 75% of the required units to
                articulate to four year institutions. Provide a side-by-side comparison of a combination of 2-3 CSU
                & UC institutions with the highest number of articulated units for the proposed program. Include
                the program courses, units per course and the total number of units that articulate to each

               Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)
                Beginning in Fall 2011, community colleges are required by Senate Bill (SB) 1440 (Padilla) and
                California Education Code (CEC) section 66746(a) to develop and offer “associate degrees for
                transfer” that require students to meet both of the following requirements:
                (1) Complete 60 semester units or 90 quarter units that are eligible for transfer to the California
                State University, including IGETC or CSU G.E. and a minimum 18 semester units in a major or
                area of emphasis
                 (2) Obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.0.” (It should be noted that title 5, section 55063(a)
                also requires that students must earn a C or better in all courses required for the major or area of
                emphasis. In addition, CEC section 66746, subdivision (b) prohibits a community college district
                from imposing any additional course requirements, in addition to these requirements, for a student
                to be eligible for the associate degree for transfer, and subdivision (e) prohibits allowing remedial
                non-collegiate level coursework to be counted toward the units required for the associate degree
                for transfer (AA-Tor AS-T).
Date Form Submitted:                              Proposed Date of Implementation:

Type of change to Degree/Certificate (Check all that apply):

 New A.A. Degree                          New A.S. Degree                        Revision to degree

 New A.A.-T Degree                        New A.S.-T Degree                      Revision to degree

 New Certificate of Achievement           New Certificate of Specialization      Revision to certificate

Degree/Certificate Name: (example - Automotive Smog Specialist, Certificate of Achievement)

Reason for Proposing:

Catalog Description:

Degree/Certificate Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

Proposed Method of Assessment for PLO’s: (Please attach PLO Assessment Matrix)

Relationship to the mission of the college:

Relationship to the Institutional Learning Outcomes (check all that apply):

   Communication: The student will demonstrate effective communication, appropriate to the audience
    and purpose.

   Inquiry and Reasoning: The student will critically evaluate information to interpret ideas and solve

   Information competency: The student will utilize information from a variety of sources and make an
    informed decision and take action.

   Social Responsibility: The student will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with people of
    diverse backgrounds and effectively function in group decision making.

   Personal Development: The student will demonstrate growth and self-management to promote life-
    long learning and personal well-being.

Similar Degree/Certificates at other colleges in service area:

Adequacy of resources (include additional needs including staffing, space, library and technology
resources, etc.)

Attach a copy of the major sheet indicating the requirements for your Degree/Certificate as you would like it to
appear in the catalog.
                                      TECHNICAL INFORMATION

Degree/Certificate Name:                                                        Units:

To be filled by Dean


TOPS Code: (no decimals)                  CID Code:              CIP Code:

To be filled by Articulation Office

Datatel Code:                                           Unique Code (If applicable)

To be filled by Curriculum Specialist

Date approved by Curriculum Committee:

Date approved by Board (if applicable):

To be filled by District Curriculum Office

MIS Degree Code (check one):           MIS Certificate Code (check one):
  A = AA Degree                         T = Certificate requiring 30-59 units
  S = AS Degree                         L = Certificate requiring fewer than 30 units
                                         F = Certificate requiring 60+ units
                                         O = Other Award
                       EVERGREEN VALLEY COLLEGE
DATE   NAME/SIGNATURE                        DEPARTMENT

                                             Division Dean

                                             Division ACCC Representative

                                             Vice President, Academic Affairs

                                             ACC Curriculum Chair

                                             ACC Curriculum Specialist

                                             Articulation Office

                                             Schedules & Catalog

                                             District Curriculum Specialist

                                             Academic Senate President



                                             Governing Board

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