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                                                                       Take the NetFlow Challenge!

Scrutinizer NetFlow and sFlow Analysis                          VoIP Analysis
Scrutinizer is a NetFlow and sFlow analyzer that provides       Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis is assisted in Scrutinizer by
incredibly detailed network utilization information about the   verifying:
users and applications that are on the network.
                                                                •   How much voice traffic is historically on the connection
Using both Cisco’s NetFlow Technology (an IOS software          •   What devices are involved with the most VoIP traffic
feature found in an ever increasing number of switches          •   What QoS is being requested
and routers) and industry standard sFlow, Scrutinizer is        •   Confirm the router is modifying DSCP values
able to retrieve the traffic details you need and present
them in a detailed graphical view. Flow vendors include:
Cisco, Enterasys, Extreme, Foundry, Juniper, Riverstone,                 What You See is What You Get
Packeteer, Nortel and dozens of others.

                                                                Visualize Global Networks with Google Maps
                                                                Scrutinizer offers advanced integration with the Google
                                                                Maps API, which allows users to plot routers, switches and
                                                                device groups on an imbedded Google map. This helps
                                                                make high level network navigation a snap and provides a
                                                                window into your Scrutinizer details.

Custom Report Filtering
Customer Reports allow the user to configure detailed
reports by filtering on fields such as:

•   IP Addresses, ranges and subnets
•   Port numbers and ranges
•   Defined Applications which include ranges of protocols      Interactive Network Maps
•   Combine interfaces from multiple routers                    Maps come to life in Scrutinizer where links change color
•   Any NetFlow exported field                                  and thickness based on utilization, and clicking on links
                                                                brings up the top talkers and conversations within the last
Network Behavior Analysis                                       minute!
Scrutinizer uses configurable algorithms to automatically
alert you when trouble is recognized.                           The Best Value in NetFlow
                                                                Regardless of your reason for choosing Scrutinizer, you’ll
•   Zero -day worms, SYN Floods and DoS attacks                 easily recognize the value it brings to your network equip-
•   Policy violations and internal misuse                       ment and your team.
•   Poorly configured and unauthorized devices
•   Unauthorized application deployments                        Take the NetFlow Challenge on the back!

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                                                                        Take the NetFlow Challenge!

NetFlow, sFlow & IPFIX                                                                         FloW
                                                                               SCRuTINIzeR                oTheR
Can they do it and put it in writing?                                                        ANAlYTICS

Flow View to see all fields in the raw flows.

Support for over 1000 exporters

support for over 1000 interfaces

Stacked Trends

Support for at least 9 languages

Define Application Groups using ranges of ports and IP addresses

Display data in bits, bytes, packets or percent

Trend in, out or both at the same time, in all reports

Configurable time frame for DNS caching

100% support for Flexible NetFlow by breaking out details per template

Support for cflowd, netstream, sflow (v2, v4, v5), jflow and IPFIX

Support for NetFlow v1, v5, v6, v7 and v9

Run reports to find rogue DNS, DHCP, mail, etc., servers on the network

Export data in csv format on all reports

Granularity down to the second it was received

Scheduled email reports

Save Filters on custom reports

include or exclude filters

Filter for “Host to Host” and “Subnet to Subnet”
Filter on any TCP flags

Filter for specific source or destination port

Abiltiy to add mutliple interfaces across different routers to single report
Run reports specific to an interface.
IMPORTANT: As a host may have multiple routes to the same destination
Keeps track of the Flow Sequence Number and trends

Tells what version of NetFlow, sFlow, etc. being sent

Listen for flows on unlimited UDP ports

Support for IPv6

                   Prosperon Networks - Tel: 0845 8331185 - -

                                                                       Take the NetFlow Challenge!

NetFlow, sFlow & IPFIX                                                                        FloW
                                                                              SCRuTINIzeR                 oTheR
Can they do it and put it in writing?                                                       ANAlYTICS

Tells what devices are miss configured when sending flows

Mapping of network with links that change color based on utilization

Ability to click on the links in the map to bring up the top conversations

Integration with Google Maps

Customize interface names and overwrite default SNMP ifAlias name

Customize interface speed, both in and out, with different values

SNMP v1, v2 and v3

LDAP support

Integration with any 3rd party NMS solutions (see

Search for specific hosts or ports

MPLS reporting

On-line technical video training

Company has thousands of customers

MyView: unique interface per login account

Group based user permissions

Report on VLANs, MAC Addresses, etc. via NetFlow (i.e. not SNMP)

Email reports on demand

IP Grouping support
Exclude transport protocols from being saved per interface, router or glob-
ally (very important feature)
Ability to view individual Flow templates (NetFlow v9 and Flexible NetFlow)

Ability to rename templates for future reference

Ability to select which NetFlow template to use in a report

Flows Report

Pair Volume (Volume of unique to/from address pairs)

Alarm for DDoS, DNS issues

Host Flows (volume of flows per host)

Host Volume (volume of unique hosts per second)

                   Prosperon Networks - Tel: 0845 8331185 - -

                                                                       Take the NetFlow Challenge!

 NetFlow, sFlow & IPFIX                                                                           FloW
                                                                               SCRuTINIzeR                   oTheR
 Can they do it and put it in writing?                                                          ANAlYTICS

 Alarm for unfinished flows and nefarious activities
 Top Domains
 Top Countries
 Detect network scans (e.g. SYN, RST/ACK, XMAS, FIN, etc.)
 Alarm on saved filters (e.g. total traffic or per row)
 Automated DNS Resolution
 Alarming for high interface utilization
 Alarms for excessive traffic from a single host or application
 Top flow senders, application, etc. across hundreds of routers/switches,
 while deduplicating flows
 Specify allowed subnets and alarm for rogue IP addresses
 Unique index per alarm
 Alarm: Identify internal hosts communicating with known compromised
 internet sites.
 Alarm for BitTorrent, Facebook, etc. use
 Support for NBAR via NetFlow (i.e. not SNMP)                                  Flow View Only

 Mitigate issues by turning ports off on switches or making ACL changes.
 Saves all the records, all the flows, all the time for as long as necessary     Limited to
 including indefinately.                                                         24 hours
 Filter for Nexthop
 Set permissions per interface *
 set permissions per router *
 Flow Expert in MyView for advanced, proactive awareness of anomalies
 Requires Expensive Microsoft® Database
 Company aquired millions in venture capital

* Requires Service Provider Module

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